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Fewer Than 70 People Showed Up to Mike Pompeo’s Christmas Party. He Invited More Than 900.

Hundreds of invitees chose to skip Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Christmas party. Pompeo invited more than 900 people, flouting CDC guidance on limiting personal gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. Fewer than 70 showed up after public health officials and politicians warned the potential “superspreader” event would worsen an already precarious situation. According to two…


Trump Declares Fox News is “Dead” After Allegedly Appeasing “Radical Left Democrats”

President Donald Trump claimed that Fox News is “dead” after allegedly appeasing “Radical Left Democrats.” The president said Fox, which has often come under fire for its fawning, often deferential reporting about him, is now “in limboland” following a decline in ratings. Can’t believe how badly @FoxNews is doing in the ratings. They played right…

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