Open Carry Texas Activist Arrested For Shooting And Killing Husband And Stepdaughter



An Arlington, Texas woman is in jail, facing capital murder charges for the death of her husband and his adult daughter. Veronica Dunnachie, 35, is accused of murdering her husband and his daughter. The couple was having marital difficulties. The bodies were discovered when the police were conducting a welfare check on the home. Dunnachie was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon.

Dunnachie was apparently involved in Open Carry Texas and Open Carry Tarrant County, a Fort Worth based gun rights group. Her Facebook page features a number of photos of her at Open Carry events. It also has pictures of her aiming various guns, and the page includes one profile picture of her donning a  red, white, and blue colored Republican elephant necklace.

Dunnachie and her husband were experiencing marital discord. Each of them had put temporary restraining orders out on each other in November. Dunnachie’s cousin described her as an “avid gun user” who regularly posted about her gun use on social media.

The slayings are being investigated as domestic homicides, and the killings  had no direct connection to any “open carry” event. Nor should anyone argue that her behavior is typical for open carry advocates. Most open carry supporters are not open fire supporters. However, her actions do undermine the popular mythology within gun culture that presumes that “open carry” supporters are almost automatically virtuous law-abiding gun owners rather than criminals in waiting.

When individuals view guns as the primary solution to their problems, be they real or imagined, it makes sense that some disturbed individuals can carry that logic to its deadly extreme. A person obsessed with brandishing firearms as their primary means of security, who lacks sufficient moral filters, can view that weapon as a means to bring about security by ending a contentious divorce.

Sure, not every open carry activist is jumping to solve their problems with a loaded gun, but Dunnachie’s actions, if true, could cast a shadow over the open carry movement. Would you feel safer in a Kroger store with a woman like her openly toting a rifle through the aisles? It’s a loaded question perhaps, but not a completely unfair one. Texas, could follow the lead of other state’s and at least adopt something like California’s ”gun violence restraining order”. Such a law might have prevented the double slayings in Arlington.

Sure it is an infringement on somebody’s right to bear arms. However, if that person is exhibiting the potential to commit violence or showing signs of mental illness, it is an infringement that might be warranted to protect public safety. Rights carry responsibilities. One thing is certain. If Veronica Dunnachie is convicted of capital murder charges, her right to bear arms will not be extended to her in prison. The government will indeed take guns away. Not because they are tyrannical, but because other people’s right to life and liberty trumps her right to bear arms.

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  1. Open Carry advocates have yet to answer how we are supposed to tell them from a mad person coming into a business intent on violence, in the seconds before (potentially) violence begins. Someone coming into Target or Kroger or whatever with a semi-automatic weapon cannot be viewed as a gun advocate. Not with safety. Therefore ALL persons carrying in a store MUST be viewed as potential shooters. What this woman has apparently done merely reinforces that need.

  2. Since Texas is Number one in executions especially when it comes to the innocent and mentally ill will this murderer be put to death or being a gun toting Christian white women will it save her?

    We shall see but in the mean time “I CANT BREATHE”

  3. Doing a welfare check? What a surprise…..these RW nuts, Bundy ranch moochers, sucking on the gubmint tit! When the republicans decide to cut welfare, Foodstamps, disability, I hope all dems just sit back and let it happen, or walk out and skip the vote.

  4. So the morality the story is white people baring real guns with real ammunition, are arrested and jailed. whereas black males with fake guns are gunned down like criminals and do not get the justice they deserve.

  5. Nice rant, but “welfare check” in this context means a visit by police to a given address to check whether the occupants are OK.

  6. the NRA should make her the poster woman. shes what they want. shoot first and deny later…

    lets see if texass executes a white woman.

  7. All I know is if I see some idiot coming into an establishment I am patronizing with a gun I am getting out of there as fast as possible. I don’t know who they are or what their intentions are and I don’t want to find out. God these people are morons. Businesses beware, this is a good way to lose it. Allow this type of behavior and lose.

  8. Simply proves that anyone of these penis challenged people can snap at any time. For everyone that says responsible gun owner you get this crap.

    Thinks with a gun, lives with guns, no other way to solve problems except for guns. These people are so fracking off center its beyond belief

  9. LOL, good one, and as bereft of logic and thinking as is usual with anti gun advocates.

    You aren’t, sonny. Why? Well, how about because according to our constitution states have decided to arm many folks at their request AND NOT ASK THEM TO OPEN CARRY.

    There are over 10 million CCW (conceal carry) permits issued as of last year, nationwide.

    You ARE in the presence of armed citizens, you can be sure, nearly everywhere you go.

    But you don’t know it.

    Open Carry is NOT about self protection (though oddly I’ve not read of a rash of holdups by thugs where OC folks are present), it’s about a statement, and about helping you cure yourself of gun hysteria (referred to as Hoplophobia) by increasing your exposure to law abiding folks with guns that did NOT shoot you or misuse their gun.

    Give it time and you’ll hardly notice.

    Remember, you are about 11 times more likely to be shot by accident by a police officer than you are by an armed citizen. That’s data you…

  10. Sorry, but we dont have to get used to people with short dicks running around with guns. And if the cops are more likely to shoot you, which is an out and out lie, why do you need guns?

    Bugger off.

  11. Here in Colorado, we’ve had Columbine and the Aurora theater shootings, if I see someone carrying a gun in a grocery store, I’m running for cover.

  12. They do act like they can do what they please with their guns as if the 2nd protects them from taking responsibility that comes with having a gun.

  13. I will never patronize any establishment that allows patrons to carry firearms of any kind. I barely trust the police officers, i’ll be damn if i’ll trust any gun nut walking around with a gun.

  14. In this rights to bear weapons debate, the underlying basic mentality still remains an intent to kill no matter what is said. The basic definition of weapon is to inflict harm and to gain the advantage. Irrespective of what “all” gun advocates say in their justification of weapons ownership in this debate, they can not deny this basic fact of this infliction intent. Intentions of harm to animal or man/woman, the ownership of weapons (guns), legal or illegal, have no definable other use than to gain the psychological advantage just to do what they are intended to do. To kill or mane and nothing else, and in believing otherwise, is putting guns as thinking, breathing entities with a true mentality of their own. In simple words, people kill, guns don’t, and this lady is the best example of this “mentality of intent and advantage” up to this point.

  15. “Open Carry advocates have yet to answer how we are supposed to tell them from a mad person coming into a business intent on violence, in the seconds before (potentially) violence begins.”

    You should already know the answer to that. If the person is white, cringe and stay out of their way and don’t piss them off. If they are black, call the police who will shoot them dead without even verifying whether the gun they are carrying is real, a pellet gun or a toy. Unfortunately, that is the reality we face in today’s society. It needs to change.

  16. only in America where armed white killers are taken into custody ALIVE while black people who are unarmed are murdered by the cops!

  17. Agreed, so far, these open carry gunnuts have killed 2 cops, a spouse and his child. These gun-toting wingnuts have not yet shown themselves to be very responsible, sane individuals. They all seem to be followers instead of leaders, ripe for the gun cult as prescribed by the NRA(not real Americans). NRA members have shown themselves to be quite un-American. These idiots leave their homes to go defend freeloader, liar, outright scum Bundy, Dumb people should be restricted from owning guns – which is why they’re scared to death of background checks, we might discover their mental illness.

  18. I, too CANT BREATHE.

    Have a blessed day and pray for all those unable to breathe today and all days ahead.

  19. All these anti-gun comments are just ridiculous. The main point here is the fact that her husband was not sufficiently armed nor adequately prepared to defend himself. The fact that this woman was able to get the drop on him and take him and his daughter out with her weapon clearly shows she was the alpha-male in the relationship and most likely dealing with a guy with wimp issues and who could not defend himself or his daughter when push came to shoot. It’s his fault he’s dead and if his daughter were still alive, I’m sure she’d be embarrassed for how her father was taken out by a woman without even getting a shot off in defense of his life. More guns, more often, to more people for more protection…that’s the ticket. If we can’t shoot our way to freedom & happiness, how free & happy can we really be?

  20. Wrong, my right to life trumps this dipshits’ right to have a weapon and murder. She must not be a Christian. May her executed soul rot in hell.

  21. You need serious help. I guess you’ve just watched too many douche bag westerns and want America to go backwards 200 years with no law and justice. You are a joke.Your guns show us your lack of an adequate penis. Little man needs a big truck with a big gun to make up for little appendages. Drop the gun and grow some balls – real men resolve conflict with intellectual thought and deeds, not wimpy guns. You behave like a third grader(no offense to 3rd graders, they are clearly better people than this guy.

  22. These dipwicks are the same people demanding custody of my eggs and whether or not I control their fertilization.

    Can we just bring back codpieces? They serve the same purpose as guns without the lethality.

  23. Actually his lieutenant Governor was just elected to take his place in January of 2015, so I believe he is still Governor.

  24. Right you are, but these days its getting harder and harder to tell the difference. Could have sworn, heard this same rant during Bundy interviews with crazies.

  25. Once again the main NRA slogan, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” comes to mind.

    It appears that not only did a “person” kill those “people”, she used a “GUN” to do it.

    In fact, she was part of the 2nd Favorite NRA Slogan, “The only thing between a bad guy with a gun and being safe is a GOOD GUY w/ a gun”.

    Wasn’t she one of those GOOD GUYS with a gun? Ooops! Maybe those slogans aren’t so ACCURATE after all, hmm?

  26. Rey Rey

    How does one distinguish between a person that is law-bidding carrying a weapon out in the open and a person with ill-intent carrying a weapon out in the open? I know I cannot read the minds of those that feel the need to walk around with an weapon out in the open.

    There are almost daily instances of so-called responsible gun owners accidently shooting themselves or someone else. Most people would rather not be around these ammosexuals and become one of their statistics.

  27. you are in serious need of a mental evaluation..IMO, the only reason you would state this is,that your ashamed of yourself, because you are a bigger coward than the person you called out to be!!!!

  28. John,

    As a native Dallasite, multi-generational Texan who grew up in BLUE TEXAS with LBJ and Dolph Briscoe, it is my unfortunate duty to inform you that the Imbecilic Moron a/k/a GoodHair has been Guv for 14 years. He is being replaced in January 2015 by the AG of Texas, Gregg Abbott who is a disgusting liar and PIG.

    As more of the Mexicans and other Central American immigrants come out of the shadows, my beloved home state will be Texas Blue again.

    Get some facts. pRick is still Guv and Abbott is WORSE, for Texas.

  29. They make ’em, and you can order falsie underwear from a variety of kink catalogues. What do you think W was wearing when he landed on that carrier? And it didn’t stop him from playing with steel phalli, did it?

  30. I think everone is over looking that fact that no one person needs an open carry law to hide a weapon in their coat, walk into a store and start shooting. If you look at short history and where this world is heading ie.. ISIS failed attempt in England a few weeks ago to attack people in a busy street and cut their heads off… I tell you that can happen here. I want to be able to protect my family at any cost. So with that said what will you do if you had to protect your children and failed because you did not have a weapon?? I know some of you will reply with “another dooms day nut”, but before you reply remember the twin towers – can you live with the fact that you could have saved your family if you had the weapon you so strongly condemned?

  31. Despite what you are told, private use of guns for self defense is pretty rare. However if you suspect ISIS is coming to a theater near you, then I would move to the middle east where they are leaving to come here and cut heads off.

  32. I’m not worried about ISIS Army coming, I concerned about the loan wolf that is willing to act out ISIS acts of violence in “Mayberry” – we need to stop thinking we are safe in the USA and be ready, with the hope it never happens – so my question to you is “are you will to gambles your families safety?

  33. Please give me sourse where you got your statistic, i would like to verify validity. By the way did you know more people are killed by knives then guns? Are you for banning then too?

  34. •Every year in the U.S., an average of more than 100,000 people are shot, according to The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence.
    . The Uniform Crime Reports made available on the “Crime in the U.S.” section of the FBI’s web site includes homicide data that breaks down killings by the types of weapons used. In 2011, the percentages for weapon types used in homicides throughout the U.S. were as follows:
    Firearms: 67.8%
    Knives or other cutting instruments: 13.4%
    Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.): 5.7%
    Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.): 3.9%
    Other dangerous weapons: 9.2%


    Facts you don’t need facts because people like you are immune to facts. You choose to live in idiotville

  35. 8500 gun homicides in the US during a year committed by “armed citizens” compared to a few dozen police shootings. Its not even close.

  36. You mean more people are murdered with knives than with long rifles. More people are murdered by guns than with all other weapons combined. By a margin of 2 to 1.

  37. If only a good guy with a gun had been in one of the Twin Towers he could have shot down both planes and prevented that from happening. Or then again, maybe not. I’m sure somebody in the building was armed, but a revolver versus an airplane full of fuel is a bit of a mismatch.

  38. Your information is interesting, but why must you stoop down insults. Having discussions is good and can be educational for both parties, but when people stoop down to insults nothing changes, barriers are set and discussions end with no resolutions. May you have a blessed Merry Christmas.

  39. Simple. Criminals neither open carry nor use holsters, according to a 5-year FBI study published in 2006. This case was not a criminal, but a mentally disturbed individual, having marital issues, and was not out to rob or spree shoot.

  40. Not only was the answer a non-sequitur, its pretty silly.
    One thing we can agree, it isn’t about defense. What it is is completely redundant.
    Why should anyone else have to become accustomed to open carry because you just want to show off?
    Just because your constitution allows you to be stupid, it doesn’t mean you have to be.

  41. So, a terrorist (or terrorists) who states he is affiliated with the Taliban/Islamists and then takes people hostage/blows up the place is not a terrorist and shouldn’t be lumped with all the other Islamists, but one unstable female who shoots her spouse and his daughter is supposed to make ALL gun owners out to be crazy and apparently “ammosexual”? Yup, makes perfect sense. Guns bad all around but terrorists are misunderstood and shouldn’t all be lumped under one religion. Talk about a double standard.

    We don’t yell to remove all cars from the roads when someone is stupid and runs over another human being.

    BTW, I am not a fan of open carry. I think it brings out the crazy people who are afraid of guns.(Not that there is anything wrong with being afraid)

  42. Tell y’what, Bonnie. You get through this once. Next time, you make your case without trashing whole demographics, or oportet aqua.

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