Opinion: Violence Against “The Other” Is What Trump’s America Looks Like

As four men approached their lone victim, Trump's acolytes shouted, "Hey snowflake! This is what a Trump America looks like, fag*ot!”

Anti-Gay Pastors Disgustingly Praise The Orlando Massacre, Say Not Enough Died

Gay flag

“The tragedy is — I’m kind of upset that he didn’t finish the job! Because these people are predators! They are abusers!”

New Progressive Pope Embraces Old Conservative Vatican Bigotry

What the so-called more "Christ-like" Pope has not done is rescind any of the Church's archaic moral policies his predecessors kept in place and apparently Francis has no intention of changing them anytime soon; regardless of his Fox-created "friendlier pope" public relations image.

John Boehner Is Trying to Emulate Vladimir Putin’s Assault on Homosexuals

John Boehner is doing his best to help the anti-gay movement increase their power in America and learn how to emulate Russian President Vladimir Putin's assault on homosexuals.