New York Times Editorial Board Slams Netanyahu For Using Racism To Win Israeli Election

netanyahu address to congress

Shortly after it became apparent that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party had survived a close election and would retain power over the nation's government, the New York Times released a scathing editorial criticizing Netanyahu for going ugly and utilizing racism and anti-Palestine sentiment to energize far-right Israeli voters.

Trapped Rat Bill O’Reilly Completely Cracks Up As He Threatens New York Times Reporter

In an interview with the New York Times Monday evening, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly personally threatened a reporter over the paper's coverage of the controversy surrounding O'Reilly's claims that he was in a war zone when he covered protests in Buenos Aires in 1982.

Republicans Embrace Bizarre Conspiracy That Obama Is Behind Immigrant Surge

During the Thursday broadcast of his radio show, right-wing mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh discussed the possibility that President Obama is responsible for the surge of immigrants coming in from Central America in recent months.

Some Clarification And Background Regarding Japadog and Racism

An article of mine recently received a lot of comments from folks who feel that I was too sensitive or going overboard on my P.C. after I found a story by The Los Angeles Times titled: If your hot dog is topped with seaweed or noodles, it must be a Japadog.