Kochs Secretly Fund the NRA, Chamber of Commerce, Religious Right and Club For Growth

Every Republican at every level of government spouts the same lie, the same twisted logic, to harm American workers

President Obama Fights For the American Workers Republicans Hate

Obama defends workers' right to earn the federal minimum wage and overtime protections; something Republicans believe is an abomination

A Stroke Of Obama’s Pen Will Lift 10.4 Million Workers Into the Middle Class

If the President simply adjusted the salary threshold for inflation since it was last raised in 1975, it would be a more significant income increase for over 10 million low and low middle-class American workers that raising the hourly wage to $15 per hour for the rest of the poverty-wage workforce.

NLRB Charges McDonald’s With Employee Rights Violations

The NRLB said that since last year, it received 181 complaints against McDonald's, not individual franchises, and found clear cut and universal unlawful conduct by the company in 86 cases proving that McDonald's does control individual franchisees as a "joint employers" of its "fast food workforce."

As a Regulation Violator Is Indicted For 29 Deaths, Republicans Plan a Deregulation Frenzy

The only protection Americans have against corporate predators are regulations that Republicans promise to eviscerate under the guise of "jobs bills" when they take control of the Congress in January.

Chris Christie Advocates For Election Rigging By Republicans Controlling The “Voting Mechanism”

Christie may not have the anti-voter credentials of some of his Republican brethren, but he does not support the right to vote for all Americans.

Always Evil Walmart Increases Profits While Cutting Employee Benefits

40% of America's wealth is not enough for the Walton's or their investors so Walmart took steps to increase their riches by taking more from their horribly underpaid workforce and subsequently American taxpayers; particularly those living in "Blue" states who will have to take up the slack.

Republicans Mocked Labor Day With War on Workers

Republicans, the Chamber of Commerce, and large corporations have made a mockery of the idea and purpose Labor Day was once celebrated regardless it is American workers that made America, and business, prosperous and successful.

The Supreme Court Has Given All Corporations a Gift That They May Live To Regret

When the Catholic conservatives on the High Court ruled that Hobby Lobby Incorporated and the Green family are one in the same due to "its" religion, they effectively tore away the corporate veil making owner(s), shareholders, employees and CEOs personably liable for anything the corporation does.

Republicans Label Obama’s Plan To Combat Climate Change a Terrorist Attack

. As usual they use mendacity as a fear-mongering tool to convince their stupid supporters that President Obama's attempt to assuage the health and economic devastation of climate change is a deliberate job-killing, economy-devastating, terrorist assault on Americans.

Irrational Republican Default Truthers Are Determined to Crash The Economy

The arguments of the Republican default truthers fly in the face of rational thought and economic experts who are predicting that a default will have detrimental effects on world financial systems.

Republicans Use Extortion In Their Latest Attempt to Transform America

The conservative movement has called for war on government to transform the nation to fit their vision, and they have used extortion to induce Republicans to use extortion to achieve their goals.

Obama Has Put Republicans In a No Win Position With Offer To Cut Corporate Taxes

President Obama is putting Republicans in a no-win position with the public by proposing to cut the corporate tax rate in exchange for reforming the corporate tax code.

McDonalds And Visa Give Republicans a Justification For Creating a Peasant Class

Fast food giant McDonalds teamed with Visa to provide them with a budget plan Republicans celebrated as justification for their drive to create a nation of peasants

Republicans Pledge To the Kochs That They Will Oppose Any Climate Change Bill

Republicans are signing on to a new pledge to Charles and David Koch to oppose any legislation relating to climate change unless it is accompanied by an offsetting amount of tax cuts.

The SEC Is In A Position to Deal a Major Blow to Citizens United

In what could be a major blow to the Citizens United decision, it appears it well may be the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that deals a body blow to secretive campaign donations

Mitt Romney Blames Obama for His own Outsourcing of Jobs to China

Mitt Romney is ignoring his own history of outsourcing of jobs to China while blaming President Obama for allowing the Chinese to take away American jobs.

The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Adds SOPA To Their List Of Lies

It is no surprise that the COC is pushing for passage of the bill, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) because the Chamber advocates censorship to protect Internet monopolies.