Vice President Mike Pence Wants the Bible Taught As Science

The evangelical fundamentalists, all 13.2 percent of them, are appealing to vice president-elect Pence by petition and demanding that he, as head of domestic policy, inform president-elect Trump that it is crucial to immediately issue an executive order in"definitely banning” the teaching of evolution as science.

Religious Right Clergy at Capitol Hill to ‘Drive Out Satan’ Drive Out Freedom Instead

U.S. Senate Republicans

"[T]he serious enemies are the priests of the different religious sects, to whose spells on the human mind its improvement is ominous."

David Barton Claims Conservatives Want to Know All the Facts Before They Speak

David Barton who invents fact like nobody else, claims conservatives like him don't open their mouths unless they know all the facts

David Barton Lies That Lawsuit Which Did Not Take Place Proves He Doesn’t Lie

David Barton tried to refute his long history of lying by falsely claiming a lawsuit which never took place proves his innocence

David Barton Supporters Say Criticism of Barton Proves Barton is Right

David Barton's deputy Rick Green and the ACLJ's David French claim that criticism of David Barton proves that Barton is telling the truth

The Barton Lies: A Review of David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies

In the Jefferson Lies (2012), David Barton lets loose a barrage of lies and invents terms to turn Thomas Jefferson into a non-racist, clergy-loving Christian

Right Winger Sells Lies to Repurpose America’s Past for Conservative Agenda

David Barton's fundamentalist culture war agenda colors all he does and all his attitudes and it is no surprise that historians are his ultimate bogeymen