Morning Joe Rewrites History: ‘I Was Never a Trump Supporter’

Scarborough claimed that he was opposed to a Donald Trump presidency "from the very beginning."

Morning Joe Rewrites History: ‘I Was Never a Trump Supporter’

Even the most casual ‘Morning Joe’ viewer could have sensed Joe Scarborough’s affection for Donald Trump early in the primary season.

As The Daily Beast noted yesterday:

For the past year, Scarborough, and by extension his left-leaning co-host Mika Brzezinski, have repeatedly been accused of being Donald Trump apologists. Early in Trump’s unlikely bid president, Morning Joe was eager to host long, rambling phone interviews with the candidate, posing the type of softball questions that helped him rise above his more traditional competitors.

When most of the political world laughed Trump off as the buffoon that he is, Scarborough consistently elevated him – and it paid off in the ratings game.

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Now, when no sane adult could possibly support the spray-tanned billionaire, the MSNBC host is trying to rewrite history, saying he “was never a Trump supporter.”


When GOP Rep. Peter King essentially blamed Scarborough for Trump’s rise, Scarborough defended himself:

I said from the beginning that when Jeb Bush dropped out I supported John Kasich. I also said I couldn’t vote for Donald Trump. I also said I could never vote for Donald Trump all along from the very beginning because of the things that he was saying. So, anyway, please don’t revise history.

King shot back, saying, “I am not revising history. I’m just saying the climate you created, Joe, words have consequences. You certainly made Donald Trump out to be a very plausible, logical candidate.”

Scarborough was riding the Trump train hard for much of this campaign. As Trump continues to prove he is unfit to be commander-in-chief, the MSNBC host is trying to pretend it never happened.

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