John McCain: Something is Afoot in Iran that can’t be stopped

Today on Meet the Press Sen. John McCain officially abandoned his call for regime change in Iran. Instead McCain pointed out there is now an internal movement in Iran. He said, “I believe that in Iran, something is afoot that can’t be stopped.” This is a big shift from last month when McCain was on Fox News calling for US action towards Iran.

Here is the video:

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McCain, “Look, this is one of the toughest challenges we face. Again, we all want to work with the president. Meaningful sanctions need to be imposed. But also, we need to tell the people of Iran who are struggling for a free democracy and an open society and elections that are fair that we’re with them morally. I’m not talking about sending arms, I’m not talk–I think the seminal event was the death of Neda on the street that was broadcast all around the world.”

He continued, “That will fundamentally change the future of Iran, because she was the symbol of an oppressive and repressive regime. And I think the winds of change will even blow through Iran. Now, whether it does quickly or not is hard to say. We didn’t predict the collapse of the Berlin Wall, but it happened; and I believe that in Iran, something is afoot that can’t be stopped.”

About a month ago, McCain said on Fox News, “The fact is the reaction of the Iranian people shows their discontent with this regime, but to think they’re gonna shake loose from it anytime soon would be a bit optimistic, but it is really a sham that they pulled off, and I hope that we would act. By the way, Sen. Lieberman has a proposal that we put sanctions on people who sell gasoline to Iran. Maybe we ought to think about passing this legislation.”

McCain did draw quite a bit of criticism from the left and the right for his original remarks, and judging from his comments today is seems that he has come around to the Obama position on the Iranian protests. I think that Obama’s position has worked to keep the internal pressure on the Iranian regime.
Could it be that McCain has finally seen the error of his neo-con ways?

Lasting change is going to have to come from within in Iran. It would still be the height of foolishness for the Obama administration to meddle there. I do agree with McCain that the genie is out of the bottle, as far as the Iranian protests are concern. I think that something has started there that the regime will not be able to stop. The seeds have been planted by the protesters. Now we have to see if it will take root and grow.

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  1. lol, Mr Mcain, if you are really worried about the democracy of Iranians, why you don’t cease interfering in to them, that will be biggest democracy to them, you should not oppose Iranian protesters, doing so they will enrage at you, and you know what will be derivation of this act, recently i’ve heard that UK army are going to march into Iraq, far more better, are you all looting them ? do they really need your protections ? Hah..

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