Rachel Maddow Explains Why the MA Senate Race is Not about Obama

Tonight on her program the Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel Maddow and guest Joan Vennochi delivered some clear analysis of the factors that are contributing to the close nature of the Massachusetts US Senate race. They pointed out that the race is more complicated than Obama and healthcare.

Here is the video:

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Maddow said, “I feel like the more national the source the more likely it is that they describe this race as all about healthcare. It seems to be a more complex picture in terms of the Massachusetts media and the way it’s being talked about in state.”

Vennochi agreed, “Yes, I think it is more complicated than that. Yes, the polls show that people here in Massachusetts are not happy with the national healthcare legislation that Washington is grappling with, but President Obama is still really popular in Massachusetts. We’ve had a year of. Our governor isn’t very popular right now for one thing. Deval Patrick’s favorability rating is about 39%, and we’ve had a year of shall we say, little bit of corruption on Beacon Hill from ex Speaker of the House and various state senators, and people have kind of focused on that, and I think they’re channeling a lot of anger over what’s gone on here locally and Scott Brown has really successfully harnessed some of that anger.”

Opponents of Barack Obama want to frame the US Senate race as a referendum on his presidency, but it is a great deal more complicated than that. Obama and much of his agenda remain popular in the state, which discounts the theory that voters in Massachusetts are angry at Obama.

There are a multitude of factors that have come together to make this election as close as it is, and virtually all of them have nothing to do with Obama. As much as the GOP does not want to hear this, a Coakley defeat, speaks volumes more about the shortcomings of candidate Martha Coakley than it does about the future of Barack Obama.

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  1. […] Rachel Maddow Explains Why the MA Senate Race is Not about Obama http://www.politicususa.com/en/Maddow-MA-Senate – view page – cached Tonight on her program the Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel Maddow and guest Joan Vennochi delivered some clear analysis of the factors that are contributing to the close nature of the Massachusetts US Senate race. They pointed out that the race is more complicated than Obama and healthcare. […]

  2. Only the right can speak for Americans….Don’t you think you’d better let them run this through their Pro America speech decoder, so they can tell us what it means in the heartland?

    They can see the heartland from their kitchen windows, you know.

    And while this race may not be in the actual heartland, the right still knows what the American people want more than the American people do.

    That election in 2008? It didn’t mean anything. The people voted in a mixed race “Muslim” by a landslide not because they were desperate for change and he was a brilliant and the best candidate, but because they are center right and really love the failed principles of the conservatives.

    Doesn’t that make sense? If you say it every day on TV, it does! And it’s also true. Please note my flag pin, so you knows all I say is true! See, I got a heartland decoder for real Americans in my fruit loops and let me just say, I see things so differently now.

  3. This is so frightening and so true.
    I just keep praying that Obama stays focused in spite of these right wing nuts and continues to deliver what he promised for the American people…. even those without a heart or a brain. I just did not realize that there were so many of them. I can’t imagine what other countries must be thinking when viewing our news. Here you have world wide respect for the vision and ideals of this president. And this president’s own countrymen treat him like crap. He is trying to fix the awful mess that he came into. Now he is being accused of creating it. What I respect about Obama is that he has taken it on as what he must deal with as the leader of our country. Bush created the massive debt with 2 wars and an economy that fell off the cliff and he and Cheney and their Goldman Sachs treasury secretary quietly snuck out of office as true fat cats. The rest of the GOP will do the same.

  4. People who voted for Obama bought the whole “change” schtick. What they got was more of the same, budget busting, arrogance from the left side of the Democratic party.

    What’s hilarious is how tone deaf sycophants like Maddow are. Anyone who thinks this election isn’t a referendum on Obama and the Democratic leadership is whistling past the graveyard. The people are speaking, but all Rachel can do is parse our reaction in an effort to tell us what we should be thinking. This top down arrogance pervades the liberal elite. They won’t get it until they are all voted out, which is exactly what is happening.

  5. Coakley ran a horrible campaign, from the misspelling on the states name to the lack of visibility. She thought it was a slam dunk but is Mass. you need to win an election not just show up to one. You would know this if you pulled your head out of your ass and followed what was going on, but a teabagger like yourself is only bother by facts when it convenient for youto do so. Go die in a ditch somewhere and save us all for your incompetent and insane ramblings you do not know what you are talking about and you never will. Before you subject us all to you illogical and uninformed opinion please does some fact checking first, or at least read a newspaper or watch a news program and no Fucknews does not count!

  6. The one thing that stood out the most in this comment is the part about “this president’s own countrymen treat him like crap.”

    Um…what do you think people like you were doing to George Bush? Oh wait, you were doing it in your own post, blaming Bush for the way our country is right now.

    I didn’t vote for Bush in 2000 or 2004, and he made a mess with the war in Iraq (the war in Afghanistan was fully justified, but not the one in Iraq), and Bush did start the bailouts, but Obama has done nothing but make it worse.

  7. I wonder if people are still going to be blaming Bush in 3 years. First everyone was saying give him at least 6 months. Now we are at 12 months and we have had unemployment over 8% for a while.

    Remember when Bush took over right around the dot com bubble bursted. People speculated and invested in companies that were poorly managed, then 9/11. Bush was able to pull out of it by offering tax cuts so working people had more disposable income to spend or higher people. He didn’t hold a gun to peoples head and say he needs more of your money because he knows how to spend/redistribute better than you do. In fact, I would trust him more with my money than Obama. Obama has never even run a lemonade stand, must less any type of business.

  8. I love how neocon’s rewriter history, “And the stock market? Even after discounting for the overvalued stock market at the end of the Clinton Administration in January 2001, the stock market has still declined, in real terms, as President Bush leaves office in January 2009. That’s eight years, no gain in Dow”. ” lack of legitimate engines of growth (new sectors), and the continuing march of globalization, low- to moderate-job growth — job creation inadequate for sustainable U.S. GDP growth — was almost guaranteed, as well, and this is exactly what transpired during the Bush years. President George W. Bush presided over the creation of fewer jobs in the U.S. economy in the modern era than any president since President Herbert Hoover, according to U.S. Labor Department data…Bush’s refusal to build on President Clinton’s successful earned income tax credit (EITC) policies — which literally lift millions of working poor / lower income adults and families out of poverty annually — further prevented the bulk of society from benefiting as much as upper-income groups during his years”.
    all this data can be found at most market websites this is from BloggingStock it was written by Joseph Lazzaro and here is the link for further reading http://www.bloggingstocks.com/2009/01/15/the-bush-economic-legacy-the-u-s-s-decade-of-descent/ so good luck on lying to yourself.

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