According to Fox News the Left Invented Violent Dissent

According to Fox News the Left Invented Violent Dissent
In the eyes of Fox News the left invented violent dissent.
In a desperate attempt to explain away the violent actions of the Tea Party, Fox News contributor Liz Trotta claimed the left wing invented violent dissent. No, really, Trotta said, “You know the left wing virtually invented violent dissent during the 1960’s.” In the bizzaro world of Fox News people like Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy invented violent dissent.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Trotta was trotted out to blame the media for exaggerating the Tea Party violence, but first she started off with this doozey, “Well, you know, the left wing virtually invented violent dissent going back to the 1960s, so to hear everybody wildly exaggerate and embroidering everything that has happened in Washington is really laughable, and the media has been suckered into it.”
According to Fox News the fact that African American members of Congress were spit on, and had racial slurs hurled at them is an exaggeration perpetuated by the foolish media because we all know that angry white people would never do.

There is no historical precedent for that at all:

It is not like the left was led in the 1960s by a man who preached non violence:

Once again, Fox News tried to whitewash history in order to cover up for the deplorable behavior of their angry white mob. The media has not exaggerated these stories, and by trying to explain them away Fox is not only condoning the violence, but also setting the stage for more to occur. Even if it was possible for the left wing to have invented violent dissent, it still would not justify the recent actions of certain members of the Tea Party. Fox News and the GOP have tapped into the worst elements on the right, and they have no amount of revisionist history can erase their responsibility for enabling hate.

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17 Replies to “According to Fox News the Left Invented Violent Dissent”

  1. Wow…the level of delusion and/or desperation on FAUX News has just reached an all-time low. Even if they picked Malcolm X, who did advocate use of violence, that was using violent protest as a way to get black people equality under the law. Teabaggers are using violence to protest a black man being in power.

    I guess the one thing that remains constant in America is the small-minded, hateful, fearful, all-raging mentality of the angry white man.

  2. I take it you libtards don’t understand what protesting is unless your doing it or helping illegal immigrants march all over the place. Our founding fathers fought against the very same things u people and Comrade Obama advocate and believe in. When conservatives protest its violence even when its not. Yet if you all protest we have to take it without saying nothing. It amazes me how one-sided you libtards are in everything just have to control everything its always ok when you guys do something.

  3. @,

    I’d respond to your words, except that they speak so clearly for themselves.

    How’s it feel to marginalize yourself? Pretty soon you’re going to be a minority, and an unpopular one at that. And it will be the fault of every one of you who listen to Rush and Fox and Palin and believe what they’re selling you.

    It’s sad to watch you guys give it all away….but you’re so nasty to anyone who doesn’t agree with you, that it’s hard to maintain sympathy.

  4. @, Stop your misinformation now “Our founding fathers fought against the very same things u people and Comrade Obama advocate and believe in” the founding fathers fought the King of England not against as you now have described it using the word comrade communism protesting is peaceful not violent. Today’s violence is a not a protest movement but a movement of hatred, drummed up by people who have no ideas so they resort to violence. Here are some quotes to chew on; “Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived”. ~Abraham Lincoln. “Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him”. ~Martin Luther King, Jr. “Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary”. ~Gandhi “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster”. ~Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil.

  5. So I guess no matter who invented it, that means that whatever the tea baggers did, that was ok? This is all too laughable from the party of taking personal responsibility

  6. @srjones, how are you people any different. Ive never seen Olbermaann have anyone on his show that doesnt share his views. National news anchors grill the hell out of conservatives but share a laugh with the liberal. How much more of the propaganda do u have to keep tryin to sell to the public.

  7. @Oldsun, taxation without representation= the bailouts, the stimulus bill, the lousy heathcare bill. i mean our founding fathers are rolling over in there graves right now. I suppose you all think the Fed is a great entity too and doesnt need to be audited or removed from power.

  8. Gotta love “Anonymous'” WAY overgeneralized response!

    As far as no taxation goes…um, you douche bags had representation. They lost the vote.

    But you’re right about one thing: the founding fathers would be rolling in their graves…if they could see the angry, theocratic, hateful nation you teabaggers have turned this country into.

    Now do us all a favor and go home and cry some more. And don’t respond with your vague generalizations anymore.

  9. @, Your right, out of control corporations hiding under the guise of capitalism, mass of mob mentally of tyranny trying to deny the country the betterment it deserves, the disagreement of the helping out the economy to avoid a disaster, and no tranquil debate only the violence against its leaders your founding fathers would spinning in their graves.

  10. @, And yet not once did Obermann ever say grab a gun like Beck did, or call a black Senator a nigger, or a gay Representative a faggot like the tea parties did. Only the GOP and tea baggers feel the need to use violent rhetoric.

  11. Yea, anonymous, the spewing of oh-so-creative aspersions such as “libtard” really serve you well to further your legitimacy and argument, if one can call it that.

    Rachel Maddow has conservatives on her show and has been on Meet the Press with conservatives and I am always amazed, not only at her restraint, which admittedly I would have none of, but her facile and unrelenting search for the truth and her unashamed way at pointing at possible hypocrisy.

    On the contrary, Fox and friends is a self-serving arm of mind control, samethink, derision and revisionist history. It’s Mike Judge’s movie Idiocracy come to life – watch it: it’s a movie about the world you and your tea baggers are working to make reality.

  12. @,

    Well, how about the fact that I didn’t call you any names? How’s that for different? Every time one of you far rightists leave a comment, it always includes the juvenile name “libertards” along with a barrage of other unimaginative names best left to the pre-school playgrounds of America.

    When you start conducting yourselves with a modicum of civility and stop buying the trash lies you’re being sold, you might realize that you’ve been played to hate a certain segment of the population for the Big Man’s purpose.

    Until then, you risk alienating yourself from society with every insult.

  13. @,

    The bail outs were Bush’s idea.

    Or, “bell outs” as Palin calls them.

    I love how you guys blame Obama for this…and how you forget who brought us the stock market crash of Oct 2008.

    The Bush Market Crash; courtesy of deregulation and willful denial.

  14. Have any one of you been to a Tea PArty? Or, are you relying on news reports of what goes on there. I challenge each of you to see for yourself rather than to listen to ANY news station and then judge for yourself. Look at how things can go so very wrong. The writer of this article, not the video (listen for yourself by scrolling up) mentioned MLK, Jr and civil rights. Fox news did not compare radical left to either. You read the article and assumed the ladies shown said a word about it because there are several links to MLK and the Civil Rights Movement. Then John proceeds to say FAUX news (when in actuality it is the writer on this page who has written false accusations!) John has made a fool of himself based on false information. John, I challenge you to attend a tea party and ask genuine questions and listen to see for yourself (don’t go with a picket sign, but ears knowing you have the right to leave and still disagree.) Right now the joke is on you. Then, Anonymous creates defensiveness by using words like libretards and accuses John of being one sided, while virtually approaching him in a way that even if you are right, he will not have room to change his opinion without losing his pride.Which you can sense in srjones reply. Still anonymous keeps the barrier up. If you want to reach people with womething you feel is good for them, making the medicine bitter will NOT work! Oldsun, just as accusations were made in the above article which are inaccurate/skewed to make it see the right claims MLK Jr was violent- the left has made an accusation (which they cannot prove) of racial and sexual slurs. IF anyone can prove it, please post the footage, audio or provide witness from the barrage of police which were present and I will change my tune here. I think it is a divisionary tactic to keep the left and right fighting each other rather than examining truth.) srjones and John, please- enough with the name calling. IT is no better a defense for you than it is appropriate for Anonymous in his rant. Neither bring forward the truth. The truth is that while the Tea Party has been characterized as “right” it is neither. Their members are fed up wtih both parties. Go hear for yourself and quit letting these political pawns fill you with misinformation and fuel anger among the American peoples. We do not have to agree on everything to unite. What we must do is uncover the truth beneath all the left and right slant. Read the Bill of Rights. Listen to links when posted. See for yourself which line you are being sold when these reporters speak/write by measuring it with the real deal. Quit listening to media telling you what the other side is doing- OF COURSE they are slanted. Look for yourself at the constitution, your state’s constitution, listen to fox news Glenn Beck for yourself. Watching doesn’t mean you agree, but it does keep you from being used by media to accomplish the goals of whichever party owns that reporter. PLEASE- quit fighting each other and talking using rhetoric, slams and insults and REALLY discuss the issue. Start by listening to the video of Ms trotta and follow that by investigating every other person mentioned in every article you read to find out if that person really said and did what is being claimed…ON BOTH SIDES! Then, and only then , can any of us be of any use to ourselves, the truth, this country and each other.

  15. @THowe,
    I also meant to poist out that from one little comment saying Ms Trotta accused MLK of violence, which most know he was not guilty of, it started a war here online- this is how it is done. Don’t let media use you as weapons in a war that hurts only those who don’t have truth. Go get truth. No one on this angry, namecalling, insult hurling thread has done that. The only sources you have are other media persons- none have gone to the sourse. I think the real truth is that we are all closer to one another in our beliefs and wants for America than we may EVER know if we keep letting media pit us agains each other by finding hot point issues and feeding a little lie here and there. They know that as long as we are divided we are not a threat to those who are truly crooked. But, if we quit eating our news like babies from the bottle of mixed bs from the mama channel we choose, and begin to seek the meat of truth for ourselves we Americans will crucify them that are hijacking our nation. NOW- the real test is for YOU, yes YOU, to find out for yourself…is it the left? or is it the right? STart here and now- go to a tea party for yourself- or give up the right to judge them – read the transcripts or watch the show for yourself- or quit parroting what some somebody told you. Quit letting somebody do the hard work of digging up the info for you. That gives them alot of power. If you don’t believe me- just look at this one thread and the emotion behind each side.

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