Rachel Maddow Takes On and Levels Bill O’Reilly

Last night Bill O’Reilly tried to take on Rachel Maddow criticism of Fox’s Shirley Sherrod story by boasting about FNC’s ratings. Maddow responded tonight by taking him apart, “You were trying to take the attention off me saying that your network Fox News continually crusades on flagrantly bogus stories designed to make White Americans fear Black Americans.”

Here is the video and a partial transcript via MSNBC:

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After playing a clip of Bill-O bragging about Fox News’ ratings, Maddow said, “Here Mr. O’Reilly has a point. You and Fox get great ratings. It is so awesome how great your ratings are. Here’s the score card from last night. It is in TV ratings speak, but I think it will be clear enough. Here’s Mr. O’Reilly that 757 would be him at 8:00, and that 245 would be me at 9:00, different hour, but you know same point, and don’t tell Susan’s mom whose actually pretty sensitive about these kinds of things, but we’re actually outrated by all kinds of shows. “Deadliest Catch,” that’s about fishing. We get killed by a show called “The Closer” about which I know nothing about except it kills us in the ratings, and we get smaller ratings than WWE wrestling…. Of course, all of those shows also kill Mr. O’Reilly’s show in the ratings as well as everything else on Fox, as do Sponge Bob, reruns of NCIS, and Hannah Montana, Forever, which is totally understandable. They are all more watched than The O’Reilly Factor which is totally irrelevant.”

Maddow addressed O’Reilly’s straw man directly, “When you got all kicked your butt, and Madame on me, you really weren’t trying to tout your network’s ratings. You were trying to take the attention off me saying that your network Fox News continually crusades on flagrantly bogus stories designed to make White Americans fear Black Americans, which Fox News most certainly does for a political purpose, even if it upends the lives of individuals like Shirley Sherrod. Even as it frays the fabric of the nation, and even as it makes the American Dream more of a dream and less of a promise.”

She concluded, “You can insult us all you want about television ratings and you’ll be right that yours are bigger for now, and maybe forever. You are the undisputed winner. Even if nobody watches us except for my mom, my girlfriend, and people who forget to turn off the TV after Keith, you still would be wrong about the facts, your highness.” If you get into a discussion with any defender of Fox News undoubtedly at some point when they can no longer disputes the facts about FNC, they break out the ratings diversion. Bill O’Reilly tried to do this to Rachel Maddow, and she not only called him on it, but she also dismantled the Fox News ratings straw man diversion.

Ms. Maddow was one hundred percent spot on. Even O’Reilly’s supposedly huge ratings get dwarfed by tween programming, reality television, and cartoons. O’Reilly knew that he could not defend his network on the Sherrod, so he changed the subject as quickly as possible. If Maddow seemed absolutely giddy to be mentioned by O’Reilly, she was. Not because it will boost her ratings, but because her show is getting noticed, and having an impact. Rachel Maddow is one of the rare people in television who aren’t about ratings. As she pointed out, something matter more, like facts for instance. Bill-O would be wise to leave Rachel Maddow alone. She is too smart, and when he tries to take her on, he is in way, way, way, over his head.

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  1. FNC is not a news station. It is a 24/7 Howard Beale (re movie Network) show and Bill O is just one hour of that perpetual Howard Beale show.

    When Murdoch’s station consistently makes stuff up and consistently produces a hard political slant to everything, that isn’t news, it is propagandized entertainment for their audience. In short they do little else than preach to the choir.

  2. I would love to see Rachel rip Oreilly apart. She has so much she can use against any one of the MANY LIARS on FOX! So so much amo! Why doesn’t anyone BOYCOTT FOX & MURDOCH and HIS MINIONS?? They do a serious disservice to this country with their divisive dirty HATE AND RACE BATING work IN OUR COUNTRY ON OUR AIR WAVES!!!!

  3. I love the way she responded to him. The fact that FOX gets higher ratings than MSNBC does has nothing to do with the quality of either show. FOX Noise is a propaganda tool that spews hate and lies 24/7. Maddow does her homework and deals with facts, which is not always particularly interesting, while FOX thrives on
    manufactured drama. The only thing that matters to me is the truth of matters, and I have watched shows on FOX enough to get sickened by their non-stop negativity.

    It’s interesting to learn that all those other shows she named have higher ratings than even O’Reilly’s show, and helps to put things in perspective. O’Reilly HAD to attempt deflection because there is no legitimate defense for FOX’s conduct in the Sherrod affair, which has brought the ugliness of the network’s agenda into full focus.

  4. Bill O: Nananana, mine is bigger than yours!
    Rachel: Yes, it is, Bill. And you’re still wrong.

    What scares me about this is that there are people out there who buy this bully baloney– who cares how big his ratings are? That has zero to do with the veracity of his reporting.

    Also, too, 27 percenters, BillO! Lots of LIVs!

  5. I love Rachel..at least she tells the truth and has been a ‘boots on the ground’ (Afghanistan & Gulf Oil Spill) for MSNBC. Can we say the same for Billo?

  6. The “Fox News has #1 ratings” argument only fools the unwise. Let’s do some math, shall we?

    Let’s pick 800 for Fox, 8 million viewers, for show X at any news time (say, 6 pm).

    Every Conservatwit will ONLY watch Fox, so they know what to think and since it’s the only “truth” in news (ignoring the fact that when you have a dozen+ opinions and one is the only in disagreement, it’s most often wrong.)

    So, ALL 8 million Cons watching Fox. Check.

    Now, Progressives and Independants want to watch the news. However, they think for themselves. They have different levels of belief, tastes, etc. Where do they turn for news?

    ~250 for MSNBC.
    ~400 for CNN.
    ~600 for CBS.
    600 for

  7. Oops (bumped my iPod, hit publish.) DOH!

    So as I was saying,

    ~250 MSNBC
    ~400 CNN
    ~500 CBS
    ~500 NBC
    ~500 ABC
    ~150 BBC
    ~150 Other News Sources (excluding Fox)

    So we almost hit 2500 with random samples of ALL options on TV for liberals for the same timeslot on Fox making 800.

    25 million liberals spread out, vs. 800 brainwashed Fox drones sucking in propaganda.

    Fox has high ratings as a symptom of Conservatwits being unable to think for themself, and distrusting the massive majority of news over a handful willfully spinning it to scare them.

  8. Rachel Maddow handed O’Reilly is you know what last night. I don’t think he’ll take her on again anytime soon if ever. She is the best journalist on television.

  9. you know I checked Glenn Beck’s ratings every night and I never once looked at the facts the way you explained them. Which does absolutely prove that Fox news does get crushed by the vast left-wing conspiracy!

    Except the ratings I looked at show MSNBC usually beats CNN, especially when Keith and Rachel are on.

    As I pointed out in another thread, this Sherrod thing has really cracked Glenn Beck’s ratings up, he had went from 2.6 million to about 1.9 million. Of course I would imagine that they will come back down when this is over. he is running between 2.3 and 2.4 million right now.

  10. she is a journalist because unlike Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, she uses facts to back up her commentary. She also goes on to the field and does investigations.

  11. I just show and heard your comments about the outstanding job our President has done over the past year. The massive tax break for America- I earn just over $45, 000 and my tax break is $51.42 a year. Lets party. This year I did not get a raise because everyone in my income and up will not get a raise until my company is able to determine the COST of Health Care. They are having trouble making that determination because the government is not supplying the information they need to make that determination.
    The President said we would have 8% unemployment without the Stimulus- we ‘ve had nearly 10% instead. I feel he is getting exactly the credit he deserves.

  12. Shiva, you’re an idiot. This “reporter” does the exact same thing as those on Fox except she caters to your perverted world view. MSNBC is a joke and if you want facts you should look up the CEO of GE and his ties to this administration. If you want facts, you’re not going to find it on pMSNBC or Fox. That is because journalism as we used to know it is now dead, and all these networks have an agenda and an audience to play to. Wake the hell up.

  13. I’m sure, at any given moment there are more people listening to a Hannah Montana recording than Patsy Cline. This does not make young Hannah a better singer.

    Popularity is a measure of accesibility, not quality or factual content.

  14. I am glad that someone finally called FOX News on their great ratings. Popularity has nothing to do with excellence. I mean, didn’t Miley Cyrus recent CD outsell the critically acclaimed release by Paul McCartney? Enough said about popularity and FOX News.

  15. While MSNBC surely has an agenda (like fox), i don’t think anyone can dispute that Rachel Maddow is the winner here. Bad choice O’Reilly. He worries too much about his ego and the ego of his network when he should be focusing more on his ”no spin zone”. What a joke.

  16. Comparing Sponge Bob & WWE to watching political programming is like comparing ice cream with mashed potatoes and rice. Of coarse I want to watch sponge bob square pants over the O’riley factor just like I would want Ice cream over mashed potatoes. The fact is her show sucks, end of story! And this is the perfect example of why. She’s an idiot.

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