Republicans Support Strip Clubs on Ground Zero Sacred Ground

Republicans Don't Mind Ground Zero Strip Clubs
Republicans Don't Mind Ground Zero Strip Clubs

While the Constitution forbids prohibiting a mosque from being built blocks away from ground zero (“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”), Republicans are salivating at the prospect of ignoring the constitution (again) and using this for political hay.

Apparently, the Family Values Party is not concerned with the strip clubs (like New York Dolls) that surround hallowed ground (after all, we all know that Hooters is a family restaurant and Fox News is not conservative day time porn), because nothing says Christian Values and Apple Pie like a strip club.

Yes, we will fight for our rights to strip but you can take your religious freedom, the very thing this country was founded on, and shove it! Hey, if you don’t like strip clubs, we have the Ground Zero Trashy Lingerie store. Or if you’re really feeling crummy about your inability to stir up religious hate, you can wander over to the Pussycat Lounge, described as “the place strippers go to die” and just blocks from so called Hallowed Ground, we can call this Ground Zero-Ish Strip Club.

You can Google map the area and find the strip clubs the same distance from Ground Zero as the proposed community center (and – cue scary music- MOSQUE) named the Cordoba House.

Reality check:

-The Cordoba House is two blocks away from the World Trade Center site, in a busy city district.

– Obama did not “walk his comments back” over the weekend. He remained clear in his support of the constitution, which does not translate to support for building anything in particular. Obama is not a NY city planner, although it seems the Right would have him do every single job in the country these days. Which is fine by me, as he is much more competent than the majority of Republicans right now.

I remain duly unimpressed by the modern day Republican Party. Tell me sirs, do you stand for anything? I think, in the interest of fairness, I’m going to GOP you folks and call this the Republican Ground Zero Strip Club.

I’m going to talk about how you don’t care about Americans’ feelings about Ground Zero, because you just want to get your rocks off. And let’s face it, boys, you don’t even have the constitution to back you up here – unless y’all made a new one in Texas over the weekend that has a special section protecting your rights to allow women and often times under age girls to strip nude for money.

As a woman, I’d like to voice my outrage over your allowing women to desecrate themselves on hallowed American ground. Oh, but that’s right. As a woman, y’all could care less what I think. But still…what’s more of an outrage? Abiding by the constitution or remaining silent while girls strip nude for money on hallowed ground? Oh, and I’d also like to point out in my best nice girl whisper that if y’all hadn’t been asleep at the wheel, there wouldn’t be any hallowed ground or Ground Zero. So, the fact that you’re using this for political gain, boys, is shameless.

Forbes chastises:

“The closest strip club to Ground Zero happens to be two blocks away, a fact that has nothing to do with our reverence for the place where so many Americans were killed by terrorists. As you’ve probably noticed, it doesn’t even make sense to call it The Ground Zero Strip Club.

But it makes no less sense than naming an Islamic community center “The Ground Zero Mosque”–as much of the media have done–because it’s going to be located a couple blocks away. Even worse, opponents of the project are opportunistically invoking the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, even going so far as to appropriate their imagery. “Join the fight to kill The Ground Zero Mosque,” intones a video advertisement released by a group called National Republican Trust PAC. “A mosque at Ground Zero must not stand. The political class says nothing. The politicians are doing nothing to stop it. But we Americans will be heard. “”

You know, when even Forbes understands that you’ve jumped the constitutional shark, it might be time to shut the heck up. Just stop.

Stop dividing this country for political gain. Just stop it. Stop trying to get us to sell our souls out of emotion and fear. Just stop.

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  1. Yes JUST STOP! And STFU and QUIT makin’ things up!
    The BIG MOUTHS of GOP…Sarah Palin, BOR, Hannity, Limpballs, JUST SIT DOWNAND SHUT UP! OR AT LEAST TELL THE TRUTH IF YOU WON’T SHUT UP! Is that to much to ask?

  2. More stupidity and hypocrisy from the Party of No. They can’t deal with a mosque two blocks from the 9-11 site on private property, but they don’t mind the strip club over the cremated remains of 9-11 victims. What a great display of “family values!!”

  3. Sarah, I’ve read a lot of your articles over the last few months, and I have to say that this one is probably your best. It’s not just the awesome level of snark involved or the best line ever (nothing says Christian Values and Apple Pie like a strip club). It’s the level of passion with which you’ve written it that makes for a powerful read. Love it, Sarah! Keep up the awesome!

  4. it’d be nice, wouldn’t it? i’d love to just see someone really lay into them to the point that their eyes got wide as saucers and they had to tuck their tails between their legs, never to be heard from again.

    the problem with them is that they’re so damn stubborn and dedicated to the destruction of real family values and the systematic destruction of everything this country has struggled, bled, and died to build in the last 200-something years. it’s disgusting. all they care about is power. they don’t give a crap about the people they supposedly serve.

  5. As a man, I have to give you kudos for pointing out what should be obvious.

    What still gets me is the apparent lack of intelligence of their ardent followers.

    As a Texan, I am ashamed of our Governor and our two senators.

    Hopefully we can retire them all come election day in November.

  6. “Stop trying to get us to sell our souls out of emotion and fear.”
    Don’t think they’ll ever stop. They’ve sold their own souls — either out of fear, or for some sort of gain — and so they can’t abide anyone who still has their own intact.

  7. Sarah, excellent article, as always. However, you need to be careful. You might confuse them with your facts, which frankly, we know have no merit in typical GOP discussions.

  8. I’m a little confused; I would understand if you opposed the building of a new strip club at ground zero (that would be a tad bit tasteless, yet to my knowledge, it hasn’t been proposed), but haven’t both of these establishments been around for approximately 20 years (as in at least 10 years before 9/11 occurred)? It is not legal or ethical to simply shut them down because a tragedy such as 9/11 happened nearby while these businesses were already legally renting the private property and operating. I’m a New Yorker and obviously the topic of 9/11 is still something I get upset about quite often, but it is wrong to shut down any and all businesses in close proximity to ground zero that may be a little risque or alternative.

    The real issue here is that our country was attacked by Islamic extremists who hate Americans, not exotic dancers who are trying to make a living for themselves (and I find it funny that you say these women are “desecrating their bodies”; slightly judgmental on your part, don’t you think? It’s actually something that Islamic extremists would say, but according to them, these women should probably also be stoned to death).

    To build a mosque at ground zero is to celebrate a belief system that prompted terrorist attacks against every American, you included. I’ll be the first to advocate freedom of religion in this country, as it is a great thing, but let them build a mosque somewhere far, far away from an area where thousands of Americans were killed by Islamic hands. Would you build a Hitler memorial adjacent to the former grounds of Auschwitz. Of course not, that would be ridiculous, right? That’s just how I see it.

  9. You know, I hear that Hilter memorial comparison from all of the Right Wing right now:-) I have to give points for staying on message or being a good sponge, but that comparison is only meant to evoke the horrors of Hitler and create knee-jerk reactions.

    In fact, the sort of intolerance you propose is the kind of thinking that enabled Hitler to perpetrate the horrors he did, so the argument is hypocritical at its core.

    Nonetheless, it’s utterly pathetic and ridiculous for the Right to be making this into an issue. I’m not even going to get into the facts, which you blew past in your desperation to hold onto the notion you’ve been sold about how it’s a Mosque.

    Even Forbes is with the American people on this one.

    You are arguing that we should abandon our constitution because it makes us feel bad to let the Muslims have a building near a place where extremists killed innocent people (innocent Muslims were also killed that day, by the way). The constitution was set up to guard against people like you reacting with their guts and asking the rest of us to give up the very values this country was founded on out of fear.

    I refuse to sell out the soul of America because you feel bad about this.

    You guys also felt bad a lot of things which enabled this country to engage in illegal torture and badly betray our values. You guys called it patriotism then, too.

    No more.

    By the way, they don’t make laws so we can break them when things are bad. They’re made to save us from ourselves when things are bad and we are tempted to give in, in this case, to religious intolerance. You don’t turn your back on the constitution when it’s inconvenient. In fact, that’s when you embrace it, and use it as the guide it was intended to be.

  10. Sydney, what is so ‘sacred’ about a former Burlington Coat Factory building two blocks away from GZ?

    It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, any religion can use private property (in accordance with local laws and ordinances) to build a religious center and worship as they please. The Constitution trumps anyone’s feelings. Obama is exactly 100% right and 0% wrong and he’s doing exactly what his oath requires, that he protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. I don’t care if 99.9% of the public likes it or not. The Constitution trumps whatever you, or me, Obama, or Fox News thinks. “Taste” is listed nowhere in that document. And to catagorize all of Islam and 1.5 billion Muslims on the planet as the same or part of OBL’s Death Cult is disengenuous, to put it mildly. This is just naked fearmongering, all that Republicans have left, since they have no ideas for actual governance.

  11. Hallowed Ground. Makes one think of a temple doesn’t it. But what is our Hallopwed ground going to be by the end of a couple years from now? A very high building dedicated to money. The place will have huge shopping malls. The Chinese will own 2 floors of it. Our financial owners. On our sacred Ground. The rest of the building is dedicated to money changing. Large corporations that of course will daily remind us of what the building stands for. Right?

    Wannabe republicans, your Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple didn’t he? Sacred ground? And now you applaud walking on the bones of our dead for money. But dont let a muslem near the place.

    I’m sorry, don’t tell me its sacred ground. Its owned by money. A simple memorial would have been nice don’t you think? But then I forgot, republicans are all about money arnt you? Go ahead, walk on the ashes of our dead.

  12. this whole post is excellent, sarah, but i especially enjoyed this smackdown. it is scary to see what the republican party is becoming.

  13. pathetic. the original article is bad enough – no attention to the facts or the issues, but plenty of what has replaced reporting these days – snarky attacks on those who have a different viewpoint. the comments are truly obscene – cheerleading the moral equivalent of Rush Limbaugh or graffitti. when are people going to start paying attention to issues and ceasing the arbitrary attacks? our entire political class (both sides of the aisle) has lost sight of issues and reality, and now apparently, so has everyone else. let’s stop the ideologically driven BS and focus on replacing our current elected reps with some who will do the Nation’s business and not their own. in the meantime, grow up, all of you.

  14. I love the passion you bring to these important topics. Even your smack down rocked! You are a must read/must share for me. Between your post, and special comments from Cenk and Olbermann today on msnbc, I have greater hope that the grownups will win.

  15. In other words, you’re a Republican. LOL. All you people say the same crap about how we need to get rid of our elected officials. Don’t know about you, but I’m darn happy with mine.

    As for your accusations, you’re the thing you’re accusing others of. You should probably just skip using us as therapy and talk to yourself in the mirror.

  16. That’s a little funny. Because no matter who you elect they will not do as they promise you.

    While you may not consider these things issues, and there are far more important ones, these “minor” issues do influence people. Look at the whole.

    Rush Limbaugh influences people and is a man producer of hate speech and lies in this country. Shall we just ignore him? You can, I wont.

    Obviously you didn’t read the article well enough to see there are facts there. And evidently you don’t like them. Your ploy to get people to stop talking about them doesnt carry water.

  17. I seem to be missing the news that Muslims are performing car bombings and widespread murder in this country daily. If we listen to the republicans and there are 1.5 billion muslins, the entire non muslin group of people should be all dead by now. You make a good point

  18. Not to take a stand on the mosque pro or con, but you kind of have your geography messed up. New York Dolls is farther away than the proposed site (about three or four blocks above the proposed mosque. The second listed on the flyer is on West Street, not anywhere near the WTC. And, not to put too fine a point on it, the strip club was there way before 9/11.

  19. lol’s at all of you. Just a bunch of self righteous idiots. Screw politics, all this blogging and “news” reporting will not change a damn thing. Enjoy that reality people.

  20. Keep apples to oranges, people. I know you all salivate at every opportunity to blast the right, but keep this in mind — strippers did not delcare religious war on America and kill thousands of innocent people — muslims did.

  21. Keep apples to oranges, people. I know you all salivate at every opportunity to blast the right, but keep this in mind — strippers did not declare religious war on America and kill thousands of innocent people — muslims did.

  22. Wow, your rebuttal comment here was the icing on one tasty cake of an article.
    Best thing I’ve read on this subject. Hope your post reaches more folks.

  23. Sydney,

    The comparison is ridiculous. First of all, where does it say “freedom of fornication”? I mean, people have the freedom, but is it specifically written out? Freedom of Religion is. Would you object to a Buddhist temple being built there? What about a church? A church is ok right? If you follow Native American History at all, there are some estimates of 84 million Native Americans killed during the European invasion (and that may be North and South America). If you know anything about the Native Americans, they are symbiotic with the earth so the earth itself is hallowed ground, yet there are churches all over this land. There arent enough Native Americans to make enough noise about it either. “But they are christian” yes, some are, through violence and attrition. “And we pushed freeways through their cemeteries and other hallowed grounds since then.”

    I am sure there are many Jews that would be offended that we are comparing losing thousands of people on one day to millions of people over years. I dont mean to offend or sound callous, I am just using the phrase to illustrate a point; its one thing to “be in the wrong place at the wrong time” versus being hunted down for years to be tortured and killed.

    And why is it the Religious Right are pushing for the family values strip club? Shouldnt we, on the “morally inferior/deviant” left side be pushing strip clubs? Yet we are not. But then again, we havent been using 9/11 to gain political ground.

    Oh, and Hitler blamed everything on the Jews and non whites. Bush blamed the Muslims. The GOP blames everything on Muslims and non whites. Yet the Hitler comparison should be made with Obama?? (The last one was made in general, not towards you Sydney.)

  24. No Muslims did not. A very very small faction of Muslim extremists did. There were also Muslim Americans who lost their lives in the attack not just Catholics and Jews.

    There’s already a Mosque in the pentagon that was established in Oct 2001 with W’s endorsement about bringing our cultures closer and realizing that Muslims are not out to kill everyone in this country. A very very small faction of them are. Besides there is already a Mosque 4 blocks from ground Zero and another about 12 blocks away. besides that there’s Middle Eastern restaurants and food carts all over the area? Should we extend the Ground Zero ‘bubble of religious intolerance’ to include all aspects of their culture and have them move 15 blocks away like Palin and others suggested?

    Back when the IRA was in full attack mode against English and Protestants was there an uproar anywhere to ban Irish Pubs or St Pattty’s Day? In Hawaii not far from Pearl Harbor are several Shinto Shrines (Shinto is the prevalent religion in Japan) and there was never an uproar about their right to build a religious center by the attack site.

    The people opposing this Mosque are not only intolerant of Muslims but they want intolerance to be accepted by the rest of Christian white America. What’s to stop 15 blocks from being 20 blocks? Would that make anyone feel safer?

    And on the other side why are the Americans who oppose this community center close to ground Zero still ok with Churches existing in location where priests have been molesting children. Hypothetically: If they found a priest to have molested 20 children over the years once the Church or the state takes care of that individual priest should the Church then also be torn down or moved 12 blocks away from the site of that atrocity?

  25. Here’s the deal I just got back from israel and at every site muslims had killed or destroyed a jewish structure or had some major victory they had built a mosque. Even the palestinian tour guides said it showed the islamic dominance over the jews. Its considered a way of showing power of their religion over others. Israel has a lot of these sites, the jews allow them because to take them down just incites more bombings.

  26. Children are not born with hatred in their hearts or an understanding of the Constitution, and as adults still do not. Unfortunately, before they reached preschool hatred and bigotry were taught at home by parents, or other caregivers, and by the time the kids got to school many of these kids couldn’t be changed and grew up to be people filled with rage. Look at the intensity of some of the posts you read. Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh have pyschologicical related to past addiction problems. Beck has to be haunted by the fact that his mother committed suicide and in his dark world probably blames Obama or Pelosi. I think they suffer from “Post traumatic drug addiction” and feel compelled to pump themseves up by doing what addicts do best. Lie to anyone who will hang on their every word.

  27. Good point, now, how to sanitize elections from the corrosive influence of politics and the money that controls it. Otherwise, all is for naught. Our system of choosing leaders guarantees those with ulterior motives and agendas, proficient at lying, largely devoid of a functioning moral compass and for sale to the highest briber (campaign contributor) will ultimately prevail over those with integrity and a desire to serve the public good. If some of the latter accidentally do get elected it is certain they will eventually be corrupted in time. Ideas, anyone?

  28. Yeah those damn Republicans, like Senate Majority leader Harry Reid?

    I think, as long as they obey the law, the islamic center should be allowed to be built (whether it’s wise given the sensitivities here, is another matter. But in any case, the stripper comparison is completely stupid. Strippers didn’t cause 9/11.

    I suggest you go back to studying Latin and Psychology.

  29. Right and that’s the issue….Oh, no, wait, the ISSUE is the GOP trying to use this as a scare tactic to get people like you to vote. I see it’s working.

  30. My son recommended this article, and it helped my sanity today. I live in Georgia so you can imagine the insane and irrational reaction to this NYC zoning question. So many of the comments were things I had been thinking. I feel better to know that not every person is giving into fear-mongering and hate.

  31. GOP is my favorite club (some call it a political party), so please do not say anything against them. after all, they are fighting for the right things. they are responsible for killing thousands of Iraqi people, but the lives of Iraqi people is not an important issue. Oh, I am sorry for digressing from the main topic – do not build an islamic community center 2 blocks from ground zero. Let me apologize upfront for digressing from the topic since I might do it again – I might talk about the fact that Saddam Hussain and Iraq were not even responsible for 9/11. I might even talk about the fact that Saddam hussain was helped by the GOP to topple the king of Iraq and take the command of the country in his hand. I also believe, but correct me if I am wrong, that it was Laden who was responsible for 9/11. and from my limited knowledge of history compared to the great historians and masterminds of GOP, I can recall that taliban was supported with arms by none other than GOP when they were at fight with the then RUSSIA. but again these are not important matters. we should defend the placement of a strip club at the same time when we are preventing the building of a “center for terrorists”, because Islam equals terrorism in the minds of GOP. so what if Dubya and Co., all faithful Christians, I assume, are responsible for killing of thousands of innocent iraqi civilians, destroying their country. they are not terrorists. the noble peace prize shd have gone to GW Bush and Cheney, combined. I rest my case….

  32. This piece is fantastic…I hope you don’t mind if I share it with several thousand of my closest (i.e. FaceBook) friends…

  33. And Harry Reid runs on family values and uses stupid fear tactics to get people to vote for him? /s

    The GOP made this up. And as usual, their base is stupid enough to fall for it.

  34. The conservatives are stiring up this anger for one reason and one reason only: votes in November. I find it completely disgusting.

  35. There are also supposed to be laws regarding “adult” entertainment in the vicinity of public schools. Please note the not only is Stuyvesant High School near this strip club, but there are some private day care centers and other schools around.

  36. Im a republican , and I believe they do have a right to build their mosque. The constitution gives them that right. However I dont like it, just like I dont like the westboro baptist church protesting soldiers funerals but they have the right to do that too. And yes I just made the comparison between muslims and westboro but in my mind muslims are to women as that church is to gays…..unacceptable and disgusting.

  37. to find a supposed true American could even consider defending building a mosque to honor the enemy is troubling. That is exactly the kind of thing the extremists wish to see. They will be celebrating exhuberantly if it is built proclaiming their successful mission against this country. The constitution is meant to protect “American” citizens, not those wishing us harm from other countries. That’s whats wrong with America; always making room for people/cultures who aren’t even our citizens. This will be downfall of this country. Just wait and see.

  38. It’s refreshing to hear from Republicans who are upholding the things that Party used to stand for: freedom and liberty and the rule of law. Thanks for being a voice of reason in this madness.

    And I couldn’t agree more: this isn’t about whether we like it or not. It’s about our constitution and the rule of law prevailing over inflamed hearts. I hope more people like you speak out against this. It wasn’t so long ago that the same tactics were used to urge us to give up other freedoms. It would be great if Americans would stand up together, for once, and unite over the truly great founding principles of this nation.

  39. Your whole point is moot because those businesses have been there a long time, long before 9/11. You libs are really reaching here and must be totally scared about the mid-terms. I wish more of you would join us in the independent moderate center. Calling Obama competent at anything is a joke.

  40. Where are all your references? This is nothing more than a 1 sided rant. But then again, what else are you silly liberals going to do with your time?

  41. I just want to point this out… you speak of Americans being forced to give up freedoms, and how we should stand together for once and unite over the great founding principles of this nation. Does “gun control” fit into this category? Or are we at the point where we should just pick and choose the appropriate principles to defend for each other?

  42. I’m basically a Conservative at heart. A Conservative with a worldly view. Not typically tunnel-focused like most Democrats like yourself that sit on the far left or those Republicans that sit on the far right. You get all defensive and call others hypocrites because they don’t take on “your view”. I highlighted “your view” because that is all that matters to you. If there is a lot of negative public reaction to a project; then perhaps it should not be proposed or built. If Republicans like to compare a Hitler memorial at Auschwitz; it’s a reasonable in their minds. Please check the definition of reasonable. Everyone has different views. I don’t like drugs and I don’t like same-sex marriages. Yet, a lot of the Democrats think it is fine. You love to make changes to laws to fit “your views” but it’s not Right for Republicans to suggest changes or keep the status quo. Who are the real hypocrites?
    And please stop with the illegal torture crap and the war in general. War is hell. period. No one likes it and we are all grateful when it ends. There are no winners in today’s wars. We all lose. World War II had a definable end with a lot less scrunity. No second guessing. Just destroy the enemy and make them submit. You didn’t care how many civilians were killed. Hundreds of thousands in Dresden and of course Japan. This can not be done in today’s wars. There is so much second guessing; so much lost time in long debates.
    Do I believe that Wall Street should be regulated? Absolutely. Absolutely no Short-selling anytime, anywhere. I would have other restrictions as well.
    Do I believe in any religion? No I do not but if you believe in a religion and it leads to practical belief in doing good for all those around you; then I won’t restrict it. But no religion should force it’s views on others. I’ve seen the word “Christmas” become negative because of others religious views.
    I Believe in Free Speech. I know the definition of libel but you should be able to make comments about anything in general without fear regarding sexual orientation, politics or religion, eg. the Muslim cartoon controversy. Generally, Democrats are cowards concerning certain aspects of free speech, ie. Free Speech is only free if it doesn’t offend someone
    I hate Affirmative action. It should always be the best qualified person for the job.
    I believe in Capital Punishment. Eliminate the criminal, no more repetitive crimes. If we can’t believe in our Justice system and DNA investigation; why have laws in the first place. You could clear up a 1/3 of the jails. Probably prevent 1/3 of the current crimes and force criminal lawyers to become decent members of our society! :)
    I hate Illegal Immigration. I would boot out all illegals; there are so many legitimate qualified people waiting on the sidelines to their chance to be a part of our great nation. There are supposed to be “laws” to enforce these rules but Democrats again like to change these to fit “your views”

  43. Who are you? and what credit do you have to say this? are you just a writer? do you have some sort of background that makes you an expert on the situation?

  44. You first say muslims did not then next sentence say they did. Make up your mind. The extremist faction of muslims is not small.

  45. Danny,
    Your comment on Obama is way off base. The Republicans had full control of the house and senate when Bush was in control and took the USA from a surplus from the Clinton era to record deficits. Check your histories. Obama has helped pass bills to protect the unfortunate and help clean up some of the Wall Street debacles. This recession is mostly the result of Republican practices of the past. But it’s global and it’s taking a lot longer to recover. It would have been a lot worse with Sarah Palin and the old guy(what’s his name).

    The Republican counterpart in Canada called the Conservatives have had record deficits since it assumed control. So no political spectrum; neither left or right can claim it’s politics are superior when it comes to a recession.

  46. Are you serious? You were so offended by the strippers “desecrating their bodies”, then you posted a picture of a nearly nude woman on your website?

    I don’t think the strip club is in good taste. And I don’t think the Mosque is in good taste. To defend one by attacking the other is a little hypocritical.

    Unfortunately strip clubs are legal, fortunately Mosques are legal. But, Muslims should respect the American victims and their memories. I should respect Muslims wanting to worship, but they should respect that putting a mosque there is easily (and understandably) construed by many Americans as being offensive.

    How is that showing the victims that they (the Muslims) are sorry for what happened, even if they are peace loving individuals who want to build the mosque? If they are peace loving, I’d expect them to try to avoid the conflict and controversy they have put everybody in.

    I believe the Muslims are taking advantage of American tolerance, knowing that we are tolerant, and wanting to gloat about the damage that was done. I assure you, the same thing would never be tolerated in Muslim countries.

  47. Your article is both spot on and entertaining. I agree wholeheartedly that this is a disgusting issue. They’re all about what’s constitutional and what’s not, so why is religious freedom even in question here? They’re so embedded in their Religious Tribalism that it’s almost embarrassing. Okay, it’s actually entirely embarrassing. They’re moaning about how “inflammatory” it is to build a mosque so close, but aren’t they being just as insensitive to the many Islamic CITIZENS who probably don’t even slightly condone the tragedy that happened there. GOP makes me sick, and slightly embarrassed to be lumped under the title of American with them.

  48. It’s. Not. A. Mosque.

    And for those of you who can’t get the stripper thing through your pinheads, go spend some time wishing you’d payed more attention in school and leave the thinking to the adults.

  49. I never thought I’d see the day, when a liberal would hide behind the constitution. The author is correct there is nothing Republicans/Independents/Americans can legally do to stop this Mosque. But you have avoided the real issue. Most rational Americans understand Muslims have a constitutional right to build this Mosque, their anger is based on their moral decision to build it so close.

    After 9/11, the majority of Americans understood that we were not at war with Muslims, we are at war with Muslim extremists. Non-Muslim Americans extended the olive branch to Muslim Americans. There were few if any Muslim hate crimes and no attacks on Mosques (that I know of). And we have waited unsuccessfully for Muslims to respond in kind. The majority of Americans see this Mosque as nothing more than a blatant slap in the face.

    Many of us hoped our President would reach out to the Muslim world and ask them to reconsider this site as it is insensitive to mainstream America.

    Instead our President gave us this:

    “As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the . . . right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in Lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances.”

    Thank you for such inspiring words Mr. President. Out of respect American Muslims should stand together and denounce the location of this Mosque, but they won’t.

  50. While I bear no love for any religious denomination–quite the opposite in fact–I tend to believe this whole affair is so far overblown that it’s replete with gasbags strewn across the horizon. A Islamic cultural center in the most culturally diverse city in the New World? How horrendous–particularly given that there’s already one in the area that’s too small to see to the needs of the community as it stands.

    And the notion that “ground zero” should be treated as some kind of holy ground shows the kind of backwards sensitivity familiar to those who use an instrument of murder and torture as a holy symbol. Remembrance is fine, but there are those who seem to want to make the whole thing a kind of shrine to death itself, to murder most cold and callous rather than a testament to the lives saved and those that continue now.

    Beware attacking another’s religion, for yours is likely equally stained with the blood of innocents. Perhaps not so recently, but religions that don’t militantly defend themselves (and occasionally attack their neighbors) don’t tend to exist for long. There are exceptions, of course, but yours is most likely not one of them unless your leader is currently a ruler in exile.

    You’re allowing the Goebbelish tactics of FOX News, and the other darlings of the right, split you into feuding factions to distract you from the simplest fact of all. You’re being robbed by the rich, your future and the future of your children and grandchildren, stolen by smiling bandits in silk suits, while you struggle to maintain a home on less and less money–subjectively speaking–and wonder where your American Dream has gone. It’s been sold for a lifetime of toil at barely more than minimum wage, given away to politicians in the direct employ of those who are picking your pockets through social prestidigitation.

    And as far as the “exploitation” of strip clubs… They’re truly an American institution, because everyone involved is being exploited in some way… Except perhaps the owner, who’s using the attraction of someone else’s promise of sexual release to take money from those who aren’t smart enough to know the difference between a false promise and actual sex.

    Nothing more American than allowing people to deceive themselves by way of commonly accepted pretense.

  51. Sarah, you completely combining two completely different issues. Although I may not agree with the Strip Clubs going up either it is not even close to the same as the Mosque issue. It wasn’t a bunch of strippers that high jacked planes and crashed them into the towers.

  52. As a Canadian resident, i salute your stance on this rather unfortunate subject (i find it sad that it has to go to the national level when its such a minuscule thing to bigger issues at hand).

    Amazing article, keep it up.

  53. Mike,
    Unfortunately, what you dislike about “Democrats”, you just did yourself. When one side lumps together all the opposition into a like-minded group, it’s not fair. People would say I’m a liberal Democrat, but I agree with some of your points, disagree with others. People are individuals; the herd mentality takes over in groups and individuals do or say things they wouldn’t individually. Black-and-white thinking is easy. Unfortunately, everything is gray, and more nuanced than the current political climate seems to allow.

    If people would respect the rights of others foremost, that’s a huge step in the right direction. When large numbers of people’s rights are at odds, that’s when we get the judicial system involved. If you win, don’t gloat; if you lose, don’t whine.

    I think you and I would agree on many issues. Just don’t assume that because I’m, for the most part, a Democrat, that you know what I’m thinking.

  54. I love how both sides pretend like the other side doesnt follow the constitution….lol YOU ARE BOTH RIGHT! Both the mainline Democratic and Republican parties have shat all over the constitution for decades. Mainline republican/democrat supporters, you all sound like stupid drones.

  55. except that half the strip clubs in the country you can get sexual release for a lil extra cash…this is pretty common knowledge, just like certain massage places.

  56. I support the religious freedom of anyone, and anyone can build a mosque wherever they want on private property, but lets not pretend the builders of this mosque don’t have an agenda to stir up anger and controversy, all you have to do is look at some of their previous statements.

  57. Saje,

    “You’re allowing the Goebbelish tactics of FOX News, and the other darlings of the right, split you into feuding factions to distract you from the simplest fact of all. You’re being robbed by the rich, your future and the future of your children and grandchildren, stolen by smiling bandits in silk suits, while you struggle to maintain a home on less and less money–subjectively speaking–and wonder where your American Dream has gone. It’s been sold for a lifetime of toil at barely more than minimum wage, given away to politicians in the direct employ of those who are picking your pockets through social prestidigitation.”

    Thank you for your comment. I don’t know why more people don’t realize this situation, especially on the Right. While the workers worry about abortion rights, gay marriage, and immigrants, the elites and power brokers of their party are enriching themselves and holding real power while feeding the people scapegoats and deceiving them into thinking the rich guys are on their side. And it’s not confined to any particular party.

  58. Well so what if they were Muslims or not. Are you suggesting that all Muslims are terrorists? I mean they were all men, should we ban men from being within 2 blocks of Ground Zero? They were also Arabs – should we ban them too? I can go on and on to demonstrate how just morally bankrupt, non-sensical, and un-American your argument is.

  59. Sadly, I don’t see that most Americans believe that we’re fighting Muslim extremists. I saw a comment somewhere denouncing the building of the “mosque”, referring to Muslims as “our sworn enemies!” Uneducated people tend to lump together everyone of a certain religion, though most religions have many factions with differing practices. It’s easier to lump. But wrong.

  60. I’ll assume you didn’t research the issue enough to know that it’s not a mosque or that its purpose is not to “honor the enemy.” It’s a community center. For the community. It’s a reaching-out to the community. You know, to “mend fences”, get some understanding between peoples? The more you know a people, the less you can consider them “the enemy.”

    American citizens come from all over the world. That’s what has created this country. That’s what makes it great. The rest of your comment is just xenophobia. And that’s what’s wrong with the current situation in America.

  61. But had it been a band of rednecks that had coordinated the WTC attacks, I doubt there would be any controversy regarding nearby strip clubs.

  62. People seem to forget this country was founded to allow for the maximum amount of freedoms possible so long as it isn’t at the direct expense of others. Religious organizations including including this Mosque (I am Muslim by the way) are inherently contrary to this objective. Their function is to teach/tell others how to live their lives. It is for this reason that it was decidedly segregated from our government.

    I have no problem with a Mosque being built at Ground Zero. I would be thrilled. It would indeed demonstrate that I do not need to fear being targeted for the horrible actions taken by disturbed individuals who happen to practice the same faith as myself.

    I however believe the federal government has no business deciding what is put there except that it must adhere to local people and their design for their city. If residents of New York City don’t want a Mosque or a Strip Club it is up to them. I wouldn’t want a strip club built next to my home it diminishes my property value and statistically increases crime-rates.

    Obama and the rest federal government have no business here unless they wish to purchase the land for government use or contribute funds for the purpose the building of a nondenominational Memorial. I am deeply saddened that the author of this article cannot see this and seems to think that a government sponsored Mosque is anything but offensive to Americans of the Muslim faith. This is not accepting us we are being treated differently because of fear all the same.

  63. Welcome aboard Mike we like thoughtful debate here and have been lacking a Con voice I hope you stay I will enjoy debating with you.

  64. My comment on obama is right on the money. This guy has no business running a burger king nevermind a country. Lets see: job creation=big negative, health care=big negative, oil spill=big negative and economy=huge negative. The surplus under clinton was because of the republican congress. Bush was a joke of a president and this guy in there now is almost as bad. We need leaders not clowns. As soon as obama was sworn in all the country’s problems became his as it does with every president. He has spent the last 16 months blaming dopey bush and campaigning instead of trying to fix the problems. Handing blank checks to people like reid and pelosi is borderline criminal.

  65. After listening to the president’s speech I have to modify my previous statement. I am sorry for being so critical of Sarah. The president appears to have said more or less exactly what I have. It is up to local ordinances and not up to him. I also do in fact see how the Mosque is offensive to the American public. I myself find it in poor taste. I believe once again federal government should have no part in this. I do personally believe if a Mosque is built it is an opportunity it is important that they remember the significance of the location and teach the truth. We are not to attack anyone, ESPECIALLY people of the book for religious reasons. I know history does not support this idea but neither does Christianity. It can if utilized correctly show the Muslim people that this is not a religious feud and use of Allah’s teachings to support it are shameful and sac-religious. However it can easier be misconstrued as a victory by the Islamic extremists who were behind the attacks.

  66. Mike, republicans have not enforced border laws either. So that part of youtr speach is moot.

    You posted that just to get your hate of Dems off your chest. Ty and best of luck to you

  67. You know you could just replace a lot of the words in this article with “pinko, comme, region hating, abortion artists, baby killing nut jobs” etc…. and It would sound like a republican wrote it attacking the democrats.

    You make me sick. You sit there for change and you play by the same dirty rules as the other party. Your candidates are no better you just think they are. Truth be told both parties stink of corruption. Both parties divide the country. Both parties are at the fault for the last 30 years of BS either way you look at it.

    To the writer… Your not helping your just wasting your diluted feminist mind in thinking that posting crap like this will make any sort of difference.

  68. Job creation a negative? Sorry Danny, wrong again. Obama stopped net job loss that he was given by the mass murderer Bush. Millions of jobs have been kept or created since the Stimulus. The fact that there are few jobs right now has far more to do with the banks you try to support.

    Healthcare will drop the deficit, you are just throwing out talking points there on an uneducated basis. Stock market up. Economy slow but gaining. Sorry Danny, but nothing you say makes any sense

  69. To say all Muslims are terrorists, then obviously you don’t even know enough about religion that they promote peace. Now a certain sect of Muslims might interpret the words differently, it would be like a certain Christian group took matters into their own hands. I would also note that Muslims and Christianity come from the same roots of the tree. So STOP like the author said discriminating people. If you say you are Christian then you are not allowed to judge only the Lord can do that. So STOP already.

  70. Since when did the fact that you didn’t stand up and protest something mean you are for it. Just because the GOP didn’t specifically oppose a strip club near ground zero doesn’t mean they support it. If you liberals spent as much time trying to fix the country as you do trying to invent things to hate about conservatives, you might have a small chance of staying in office for more than 2/4 years at a time, and we might actually not be in a recession… Oh wait, you tried that with Clinton, and consequently caused the housing crisis that started the recession, so I take that back. Get a clue and stop spewing vile bullshit.

  71. Danny first it is two blocks away, next this is the whole reason this country was founded Religious freedom. They bought the building they got the proper permits they showed the plans to the city council and it was approved. Lastly an Islamic center already exist near ground zero so what is the BFD here. Are you that scared and if you are then go hide under your bed and the let the adults speak.

  72. Also, blaming Sept. 11 attack on Republicans is downright laughable and shameful. Bush had been in office for 9 months before the attack. If you want to pass blame, again look at Clinton, who had years to root out the attack that had been planned for, according to actual facts (I know, you might not know what that word means, but bear with me), was planned for years before Sept. 11.

    Spouting off about issues is healthy, and I totally understand your position. It is admirable to be against stripping. Personally, I am a conservative independent male, who surprisingly, is against strip clubs. However, if you want to do so in a public forum, you need to collect some facts, and present them in an intelligent manner, that way you don’t come off as a whiny, idiotic, child.

  73. You miss the point and to bust your point an Islamic center had already existed at the site of the World Trade Center before the WTC were build.

  74. NO Muslims did not al-Qaeda did even W. knew the difference which is saying that W. was a hell of a lot smarter than you, sad really that you are that stupid probably so stupid you cannot even read these words. “sigh” so many dumb people so little time to educate

  75. It was the terrorist’s intolerance of the American way of life that caused them to attack us. We, as a country, need to take the high road and show tolerance. If not, we’re no better than the terrorists. Freedom from religious persecution is what this country was founded on. We should strive to support and grow a more moderate community of the Muslim faith.

    The strip club issue merely shows the usual hypocrisy of the “alleged” moral majority.
    The following link shows many, many examples of this:

  76. AH A bit fat no on that one a Mosque can only be a place of worship period. A Mosque has to have a minaret or two on the roof. Moreover, since Park 51 will have a cooking school and a social center and NO minarets then it cannot be called a Mosque.

  77. I’m sorry I was not aware that strippers overtook jet liners and Crashed them into the world trade center. Hmm must have missed that when I was watching Glenn Beck.

  78. While I thoroughly enjoyed this article, the one thing I noticed is in error, I must point out, is the claim that strip clubs are not protected under the constitution. Actually according to Judicial interpretation, I believe, stripping at a club is a form of speech constitutionally protected under the First Amendment, just like corporate money for ad campaigns during elections.

  79. You’re missing the point Phillip. It doesn’t matter what some people did. The Constitution, OUR sacred United States Constitution, prohibits the government from interfering with a religious building that is being built by private individuals on private property legally.

  80. Hoo-Ray for strip clubs! I mean, someone needs to entertain the married men in America. God knows the wives aren’t doing it. I think we should put a straight one and one gay one on either side of the Cordoba Center for Islamic Conquest. Then a liquor store, and a Jewish temple across the street while we are at it. Now That’s America!

    Come to think of it, Where are the Islamic televangelists? I can tune into pretty much every other “religion” broadcasting on late-night TV. What’s with the muslims? Don’t they get the program? I mean if they want us to “obey” (Doesn’t the word ISLAM mean Obedience?”) Why aren’t they getting the words in the Koran out? God knows I’m not going to step foot into one of their oriental rug laden mosques. I am probably too fat to bend forward the way they always do when I see them on TV. If they don’t buy their way into my living room the way Pat Roberts does, I’m afraid I’ll always be an ignorant American infidel. Tolerance my A$$. Islam has no tolerance. Islam is a violent ideology thinly veiled as a religion. What other “religion” teaches their young men to fly planes into buildings, blow themselves up, slaughter the innocent, as a path to eternal bliss? (Not that Christianity has such a squeaky clean past. )

    The biggest problem with the proposed mosque is that it will send a message to the rest of the Islamic world that America is a weak, decadent country that cannot even stop an offensive mosque from opening on the 10th anniversary of 9-11. Islam is an affront to everything America stands for. Let them open a mosque in Death Valley.

  81. Yes, Sarah, because being a lifelong democrat means you are so objective and we should listen to your blathering! If the GOP was saying something about the strip clubs, you’d be criticizing them for not complaining about the Mosque, or something else. Democrats: The Party of Contrary.

  82. Yes, Shae, because being a lifelong republican means you are so objective and we should listen to your blathering! If the democrats were saying something about the sky being blue, you’d be criticizing them for not complaining about the rain, or something else. Republicans: The Party of Contrary.

  83. I find myself wondering at this point what the religious/political affiliations of the dude that bombed that building in Oklahoma City some time back are. I’d be willing to bet he wasn’t an atheistic democrat.

  84. “I think, as long as they obey the law, the islamic center should be allowed to be built (whether it’s wise given the sensitivities here, is another matter.”

    I agree. I also think the mosque stands a pretty good chance of being bombed to hell by some “patriotic” group at some point. They may have the right to put it there, but it is a poor choice to make on their part, for sure.

  85. “This is nothing more than a 1 sided rant”
    And how exactly would you characterize that tripe we hear coming from Beck, Coulter, and Limbaugh? Do tell, I could use the laugh.

  86. First of all read what I wrote before making stuff up about what you think I might believe. Second I live and work in NY so I don’t need the geography lesson. Third if I let the adults speak they will keep mentioning it is a religious freedom issue when it isn’t and keep puking up liberal talking points. How about trying to actually have a discussion without being a douche and maybe concede you aren’t as smart as you would like everyone to think you are.

  87. Creating and saving government jobs does not progress make. Gets the facts. Private sector job creation is what we need and this dude has no idea what that means. What are you talking about hollowed ground? Health care will not drop anything. All of that is speculation until we know what it will cost. “We have to pass the bill to know what’s in it” says the speaker of the house, that’s the leadership we need. Nothing I said makes sense because you are in love with the guy. Try having an objective point of view. I have formed my opinion with what I have seen of his record. I love the blame bush stuff. It is going to lead to a slaughter in the mid-terms and we will finally have some checks and balances in the government.

  88. I can see faults in both Democrats and Republicans. I can also see some really great ideas from both parties. But I don’t care what party anything comes from. I only care about finding ways to help this country and its citizens. Ways to proceed.

    Democrats and Republicans are so busy trying to make each other look hysterical, stupid, greedy, racist, etc that for them the actual issues get pushed to the back burner. The focus is on who is right and who is wrong not how to solve the issue at hand. So everyone squabbles and exaggerates and misconstrues the words of the other and nothing is accomplished. I swear, it is like watching a bunch of 5 year olds argue over what TV channel to watch! Pretty soon they are calling each other names and screaming. The TV could be unplugged and they wouldn’t notice.

    I somehow doubt that the Republicans want to build strip clubs at ground zero. There are strip clubs near by and they are there because they are profitable. They are profitable because people choose to go there and spend their money. Should we make them leave now that ground zero is a sacred place to some and they find the clubs distasteful? Should we allow more to be built in that neighborhood? I do know that some wish to build a mosque there. If there was a mosque that had been near that same area before 9/11 would you ask that it be relocated? What might happen if a new one is built?
    This is what we need to think about rather than misquoting and taking things out of context to misrepresent facts to one another. Stop fighting and think for a change! Stop buying into hysterical nonsense! Name calling and fighting will not solve anything and we need to move forward.
    Americans shackle their country then gripe that they aren’t getting anywhere! This is just stupid!!

  89. The title of your article makes no sense since you don’t support it in the content. With the same argument you could say the Democrats are supporting the strip clubs. At no time in your argument have you have factually connected the republican party with the strip clubs; don’t you think politicians make enough empty claims that you don’t have to.

  90. Nobody is arguing they don’t have a right, people think it’s insensitive. Would you put up an American memorial in Hiroshima? It’s just not nice. They have every right in the world to build there, but they shouldn’t.

  91. Shae> If, if if… This is NOW and HERE. Not some ironic turn of fate that you’ve fantasized. It’s impossible to conduct a reasonable conversation based on fantasy and wild conjecture. We can only deal with the now and apply the lessons of history to what’s happening to try and find a solution. Welcome to reality, Shae. If you’re going to stand by your party so vehemently as to make sweeping generalizations about your fellow countrymen, you had better be ready to back them up for what they are or are not doing RIGHT NOW.

  92. Why talk only about Republicans and their support of strip clubs. Why not talk about Islam’s support for women in black boxes. Do you really want to show your support for such a religion? Being a woman, you should be ashamed of your veiled (pun intended) support for it.

  93. “They”? Oh, that’s right… the Muslims. I’ll save the fancy words and just label this one as I see it:
    Okay, I got some fancy words. I don’t see it as some offense, but as two things that I rather like: 1) It’s a test of American ideals. Can we as a country stand by our most sacred concepts of freedom and liberty and allow something that might be offensive? 2) A reaction by a faith of billions of people to both the events of 9/11 and to America’s reaction to it. By erecting a center of worship and community based on their peaceful vision of Islam sending a message to those who used their religion to commit acts of murder and terror.

  94. You are all right, I said “All muslims are terrorists.” My point was that sarah has connected two things that dont have any relation.

  95. I haven’t read all these comments yet, but what I do see from you Sarah is a fair amount of deflecting away the more relevant objections that you can’t, or at least choose not to, argue against. I’m sure some others have followed suit.

    A number of people have brought up a couple of relevant issues. Those issues being it wasn’t strippers who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks. Now, I understand that argument may sound a bit silly, but the point is that’s where the sensitivities of people lie who don’t want this to be constructed. It’s not about limiting or infringing upon freedom of religion. Let’s even say that “ok, it’s not a mosque.” Ok it’s a 13 story mosque and Muslim cultural center. That “Muslim cultural center” makes all the difference in the world. But the point being, it’s a Muslim center that has a mosque as part of it and there’s 30 mosques in New York City. Why do we really need 31, and why do we need #31 at that particular location?

    You can bring up the constitution all you want, but really some of my friends and acquaintances feel that if the president truly wanted to stand up for the constitution, he would have stayed out of the matter altogether. It’s a local issue best left to the city and perhaps state government. I wonder, could you imagine if the issue was someone wanting to build a Christian church in an area that might not be all that receptive to it, what would the reaction of Obama be? I wasn’t going to go here or use this example, because it is extreme, but then again the key point is that a lot of people see this issue near Ground Zero as extreme. Let’s say Westboro Baptist wanted to build a facility in San Francisco, in one of the more heavily concentrated or heavier “gay friendly” parts of San Francisco no less. I wonder if Obama would be so quick to cite freedom of religion? They claim to be a Christian church. Or, let’s even take Westboro Baptist out of this, but keep the Christian church. Let’s say someone wants to build a Christian church somewhere, anywhere, and there’s this element of “No, we don’t want a church there.” So Obama, or any president, comes along and says “That church should go there for reasons of the free practice of religion.” How long do you suppose it would be before some atheist somewhere comes along and says “You’re endorsing or favoring one religion over another”, whether they have an argument or not, I guarantee someone would make it somewhere.

    Second, as has been mentioned, the fact that a strip club or strip clubs happened to be present does not in any way equate to supporting them. Especially if in fact they were there before the 9/11 attacks, as has been mentioned, what are “Republicans” supposed to do? Order that these established businesses, morally right or not, be shut up and torn down just because of 9/11? That makes no sense whatsoever.

    Saying that “Forbes says this” as some sort of argument is as much a fallacy as my saying since as high ranking a Democrat as Harry Reid is against it, all Democrats should be against it. Or, since two Canadian Muslims coauthored a piece coming out against the construction of this facility, all reasonable Muslims should themselves be against it.

    People might want to check out this “moderate, Westernized imam” too, this paragon of tolerance who takes the side of those who attacked us by saying we instigated the attacks of 9/11 and others before and since that day.

    That is offensive jihad. It is buttressed by numerous other sayings of the Prophet, by the Qur’an, and by Islamic legal scholars. But Feisal Abdul Rauf puts it all on the West, and gets invited to Australia by Premier Bob Carr.

    The US and the West must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end, says an Islamic cleric invited to Sydney by Premier Bob Carr.

    New York-based Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who impressed Mr Carr at an international conference last year, arrives in Sydney today for two weeks of meetings and public talks.

    Speaking from his New York mosque, Imam Feisal said the West had to understand the terrorists’ point of view.

    In a move likely to cause controversy with church leaders, Imam Feisal said it was Christians who started mass attacks on civilians.

    “The Islamic method of waging war is not to kill innocent civilians. But it was Christians in World War II who bombed civilians in Dresden and Hiroshima, neither of which were military targets.”

    Imam Feisal said the bombing in Madrid had made his message more urgent. He said there was an endless supply of angry young Muslim rebels prepared to die for their cause and there was no sign of the attacks ending unless there was a fundamental change in the world.

    Imam Feisal, who argues for a Western style of Islam that promotes democracy and tolerance, said there could be little progress until the US acknowledged backing dictators and the US President gave an “America Culpa” speech to the Muslim world.

    Yeah you see, it’s really not their fault. They’re just misunderstood victims of us selfish, mostly Christian, Americans. It doesn’t matter that there’s a “convert or die” ultimatum within the context of their religious writings and beliefs. It doesn’t matter that when a Christian is martyred it’s almost always through persecution for their beliefs where they’re hunted down, captured, and murdered in cold blood. It doesn’t matter that when these guys become martyrs, it’s done by strapping a bomb to themselves or flying planes into buildings and taking innocent lives, so that they can go and they believe enjoy an afterlife attended to by these virgins. Where’s the emphasis on God there? No, but it’s all our fault, really. Because we’re too intolerant.

  96. Jim Reese posted.

    “The conservatives are stiring up this anger for one reason and one reason only: votes in November. I find it completely disgusting.”

    You fail to understand both sides of the issue. This is apple and oranges. Two totally different political philosophies. The country is split down the middle as recent polling would suggest. You will never get a left leaning Democract to change its stripes and the same goes for a right leaning Republican. All that is left for both sides to politically fight for is those sitting in the middle. Why does this location have to be a Mosque; it will be exclusive; muslims only. The problem with religion; it leads to exclusitivity. In a world where we are supposed to show tolerance and acceptance; religion seeks to divide us all. Democrats were so scared of the time where they thought Christian values would be forced on them; ie. Roe vs Wade. Wait for Sharia Islamic law; it’s coming. The continuing growing amount of Mosques and increasing muslim population; will eventually become very large voting blocks. They will push their agenda and bring in Sharia Islamic law. The Democracts are blind to this fact. So the country needs it checks and balances; the Republicans. No political party should have outright control of both houses. Compromise is key.

  97. It is not about supporting Islam. It is about freedom of religion. You need to understand that these rights are written in our constitution to protect minorities from the majority.

  98. Excellent article Sarah – it’s very convenient that the republicans forget about the founding principles of the USA whenever it suits them. Think you’d enjoy this Obama mosque cartoon I found on a South African news blog earlier this week – even South Africans can see the lack of sensibility in opposing the mosque… now that alone says something about the republicans!

  99. Let me extend this twisted logic asking AMERICAN Muslims to be sensitive to the feelings of others a bit further. When the Cartoon mocking Mohammed was published and the majority of AMERICAN Muslims protested peacefully, the whole world including here in this country stood against them claiming that freedom of speech given by the Constitution takes priority over being sensitive to the feelings of Muslims. Now those bigots out there want give sensitivity a priority over the Constitution. Nice try you bigots….

  100. It was not a bunch of Muslims who took down the towers either. It was a bunch of radical terrorists who have taken the teachings of Islam and made them their own. This is what infuriates me, Muslims and terrorists are two completely separate groups and to clump them together is like blaming all Jews for killing Jesus. Modern day Catholics did not slay thousands during the Crusades, nor did they take part in the Inquisition so should they shoulder the responsibility for it? For the love of God America was found on the principle of freedom, religious and otherwise, Muslims have every right to worship near Ground Zero as Christians do.

  101. Also what I believe Sarah is saying is that it is disrespectful to have a strip club so close to Ground Zero. Women are parading themselves on stage to earn money and in no way does that do justice to the memory of those who died that day, but we live in America and with the good comes the bad. There are probably also bars near Ground Zero which help fuel the fires of alcoholism and ruin peoples lives (I drink myself, part of my freedom) but in America you have the right to choose if you desire to drink or see a woman dance naked or build a mosque. Thats America.

  102. I’ve read alot of political news over the years, and this is the first time reading these stories has literally made me ill. Because it’s not something you can have even the slightest of doubts that a group of people who are supposedly for small government are merely using someone’s words as an excuse to try and win elections.

    Seriously, if the Republicans try to bring the mosque up in local elections that are nowhere near New York, all a liberal needs to do is ask the question: “And why should I care what New York is doing as if New York is the omnibus of all America? The locals here in (candidates home state here) are America too, and we’re running for them. If you want to work on New York’s issues perhaps you should move there and run.”

    And everytime I see an article claiming that it was Obama who made this a national issue, I start to believe that the nation has collective alzheimers. The first thing I heard of this mosque was when Sarah Palin an ex-governer from Alaska (almost as far from NYC as you can get) called upon Muslims to “Rebutiate” it. How the heck can you even forget something like that? After all ‘Shakespeare’ is so memorable ain’t she?

  103. “A number of people have brought up a couple of relevant issues. Those issues being it wasn’t strippers who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks. Now, I understand that argument may sound a bit silly, but the point is that’s where the sensitivities of people lie who don’t want this to be constructed.”

    Would it make sense to bar all Christians from the funerals of soldier because of the actions of the members of Westboro Baptist Church?

  104. If the memorial was to those that had died on that day, I wouldn’t see why they would be upset if we paid for it.

    Heck it’d probably be praised.

  105. Shae: So you’re saying that Republicans wouldn’t be complaining about the mosque if they were complaining about the strip clubs?

    Why must it only be one or the other? Couldn’t they do both?

    Or did you not think hypothetical through too much?

  106. ………It doesn’t make any sense to call it the “ground zero strip club”. Mostly because strippers weren’t the ones responsible for causing the death of 1,000+ American citizens. It makes sense to call it the “ground zero mosque” because islamic extremists were the ones responsible for the death of 1,000+ American citizens. The christians kept the nuns away from auswitch, why don’t the muslims keep the mosque away from ground zero?

  107. @ Tantroo,

    No it wouldn’t make sense to do that. But quite frankly I don’t really see the point or connection. I know where you’re trying to go with it. You’re trying to say should we punish or hold a grudge against all Muslims because of the actions of some of the worst of them. While I’m not crazy about some of the aspects of the Muslim religion, which is almost more of a cult to me in the way they go about it, the answer to that is still no. We shouldn’t punish everyone in a group for the actions of a few.

    That being said, I don’t see how not wanting this to go up does that. They’re not banned from anything or punished in any way. They still have other mosques to go to, there’s still other locations that something like this could be done.

  108. And before you reply again with nonsense, go to the CAIR’s website and see what they are calling it. Hell, go to any Muslim website and see what they are calling it. A “Mosque and Cultural Center”.

  109. The “Regressives” just can’t get it right. I know this administration and it’s followers would love to re-write the constitution- but it hasn’t happened yet. Until that time comes: freedom of religon refers to the freedom to PRACTICE one’s chosen religon: NOT to guaranteeing the right to build the temple, mosque or church on the specific tract of land that you desire. Do I hear any of you speaking up for the rights of the Greek Orthodox church that was already at ground zero when the planes hit- and the Port Authority will not assist them in re-building that church? Play fair…I know it’s hard…but you are the “enlightened ones” who are supposed to be showing all of us the correct and true way to live and breathe. Did it occur to you that the Constitution DOES give us the right to free speech- just as it does you- and we are exercising thus said rights! I do not have to agree with you- and I don’t.

  110. Blind faith and adherence to “freedom of religion” is no different than blind faith in Allah,Jesus,Krishna whoever else. Life is a subjective experience and this kind of textbook objectivity is no different thank religious fanatics trying to interpret the Kuran or the Bible in its literal language rather than in its spirit.

  111. This is RACIST. Against Asians, right? I mean, since Indonesia is the worlds most populous Muslim country that must be what you mean.

    Or did you mean Arabs? Because we all know all Arabs are Muslims. Except for the Christian, Zorastrian, Amadiya etc…

    Or maybe you mean to say that Muslim is now a race? Crap, I’m confused.

    Or maybe you’re throwing around the term racist without having a clue of what you’re talking about? Ignorant internet commenter ftw!

  112. Um… putting a Mosque at ground zero does in no way compare to putting an American Memorial at Hiroshima. A Mosque represents a religious group, of which there are many diverse members. Islam is large religion. Al Qaida is an extremest bunch of religious fanatics, not a country at war with the United States. And talk about insensitive comparing Hiroshima to 9 11 is about as insensitive as it gets. Neither Islam, not its wacked out extremist fringe members killed the 100,000 to 200,000 innocent civilians that the United States killed in Hiroshima. The death total from 9 11 was almost 3,000.
    Fringe religious groups, and not so fringe religious groups, do horrible things all the time. Ever hear of the Spanish Inquisistion? The Salem Witch Trials? The KKK? Saying that there should be no Mosque near Ground Zero is more like saying there should be no Christian Churches in the South in the United States because of the actions of the KKK there.

  113. the Right would have him do every single job in the country these days. Which is fine by me, as he is much more competent than the majority of Republicans right now.
    “Oh come on! Have you seen him paint?” Terrible!


  115. Our constitution is not there to protect minorities from the majority. It is there to identify what the government cannot do to the individual or to the states.

  116. Eh… nothing in the article above indicated actual Republican support for strip clubs. It simply asserted the presence of strip clubs. There is a single quotation by a single Republican about the nearest strip club being two blocks away, but I’m not sure how this translates into a Republican party position.

    Furthermore, there’s no consideration of how zoning laws work or when these clubs were built. Some may have been there prior to even 9-11; so far as those that were not, you have the NYC zoning commission to thank, not the Republican party.

    This is really very stupid commentary.

  117. You clearly missed the point, which was spelled out for you in a paragraph wherein I explain that I am doing what the Republicans and Fox News do, wherein they connect dots via nothing; e.g., “Pallin’ around with terrorists.”

    It’s called satire.

  118. Really this is just another person who is not smart enough to look up facts. The mosque is allowed to built and there is nothing in the constitution that denies this. There is also nothing that states that a strip club cannot be build. You obviously hate republicans from the beginning and because of this your opinion is flawed as are many of the people that will read this (myself included). I am neither republican, democratic, or liberal. I look at all sides and decide who is right in the situation. You have decided to show that republicans do not follow the constitution and are immoral to normal decisions. I read your work and cannot help but wonder where you got your so very non-republican views. You will lose hundreds of readers in the first couple minutes for stating your opinions and many will consider you wrong and click the big red X in the corner.
    Positive things about your work is that you stick to your guns, you have some supporting facts and i like your educated stance on the mosque. I favor obamas stance and believe that a mosque is allowed to be built.

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