Mama Grizzlies Stabbing Their GOP Big Daddies in Back

christine o'donnell stabbin' big daddy in the back

christine o'donnell stabbin' big daddy in the back

“Put Your Man Pants On” Christine O’Donnell Thinks Wife Should Submit to Husband

In yet another scathing moment of hypocrisy, The Washington Independent reported on a June 1998 CNN interview during which O’Donnell expressed her belief, in alliance with the Southern Baptists but not with the majority of other faiths, that a wife should be subservient to her husband as he is the leader of the household.

Christine explained her position as not being extreme:

“OK, this is not about merely a Baptist doctrine. This is a biblical doctrine. And the passage from the Bible the Baptist article is taken from talks about a submissive family. And yet, what the media seems to be reacting to is the word “submit” in the wives. But yet, even in, Mary, your introduction, you ignored or you left out where it says they graciously submit to a servant leader. And that is God’s design for the family. It is not about dominating and it is not about being a slave to your husband.”

O’Donnell’s claim that this is biblical doctrine is dubious, as most churches interpret this doctrine to mean a mutual submission of husband and wife to one another. When people like Sarah Palin claim that Christine O’Donnell is not an extremist, it’s because they share this world view, and so therefore to them, this is normal. Both O’Donnell and Palin share the view point that our laws should be governed by their interpretation of the Bible, so in this sense, if you want a Right Wing Theocracy, their views are not extreme. However, in the real word, this is extreme. Women do not want to submit to their husbands in 2010. They didn’t want to do it in 1998 either.

The notion that conservatives are trying to sell us is that they can be feminists and yet not stand for equality for women. What the conservative mindset utterly fails to grasp is that feminists do not want power OVER men, as the good girl patriarchal puppet wants. Feminism is part of a broader social egalitarian model, wherein all people are equal and treated with respect.

At the root base, at a very primal level, Palin and O’Donnell are no different from the GOP male, which is no surprise since the Republican Party is an inherently authoritarian power structure. They do not represent feminism, women, or social equality. These women may, however, be more ruthless than their male counterparts in the GOP, which tends to happen to any oppressed class trying to gain power but operating within an authoritarian world view.

What I find most hypocritical about this, however, isn’t the fact that they are trying to sell women being subservient as the “new feminism”, but that at the very same time they are touting this kind of good girl routine, sucking up to the patriarchs with their winks and cheerleader smiles, they are also engaging in highly emasculating behavior that would get a liberal woman called names I can’t repeat here.

Hilary Clinton was called “shrill” for voicing her opinion, after all. Imagine if she had called male journalists “impotent”. She would have been branded a Femi-Nazi, shrew and unappealing on a good day. Imagine if she had publicly told a male opponent to get his “man pants on”.

O’Donnell told Castle to get his “man pants on”. Palin calls male journalists “limp, gutless and impotent”. Both of the GOP’s Phyillis Schafly redoux “feminists” actively engage in taunting men as not being manly enough, while lecturing the rest of us about how we should give up our rights in order to be right with God.

Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin are no different than this type of woman has always been: A betrayer of her gender, a patriarchal lap puppy sucking up to big daddy while stabbing him in the back, and never ever being called on it because the men are ensnared by the little girl charm. This isn’t new, it’s not feminism, and it’s so yesterday.

It’s also so Southern Baptist, Southern strategy, and the Southern lady’s way of getting her way. It’s called manipulation via sex appeal. They use their charm to appeal to the massively overblown ego of the white patriarch, thereby exploiting the man’s power for their own purpose.

Which leads me to the conclusion that the entire white patriarchy of the GOP is being led around by their man parts by these two women; a notion the feminist in me can’t help but smile about, as they are already finding themselves in the same position as those types of men always do. Karl Rove’s public licking of Palin’s feet today is an example, but I suspect Rove will get her back when she least expects it; like, say, via a whisper campaign leading up to 2012. I’m just spit ballin’ here.

By no means do I want to any part of this, but it sure is hysterical to watch a bunch of old men get taken. Those Mama Grizzlies sure are risin’ up, but they’re not taking down Obama, Pelosi or Reid. They’re taking down the white men who thought they were using these Mama Grizzlies as puppets.

Let the games continue.

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