Texas Governor Rick Perry Dreams of a Second Mexican War

Here we go again with the Republican warmongering.

Let’s recap (again):

  • Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants to invade Iran;
  • Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) opposes cuts in defense spending;
  • Jon Kyl (R-AZ) says Congress doesn’t have time to ratify the new START treaty with Russia;
  • Michele Bachman (R-MN) says Obama is going to let Iran nuke Israel and we need to do something about Iran; and,
  • Joe Miller (R) says that border security should be done like they did it in Communist East Germany.

And now for something completely….the same (yeah, fooled ya didn’t I?):

  • Rick Perry, Republican governor of Texas, says we ought to invade Mexico.

Is it sexual? I mean, there are a lot of violent, penetrative acts being recommended here by a very sexually obsessed and insecure party. Should we read something Freudian into all this? What sorts of deep, dark fantasies are lurking in Republican heads?

I’m not enamored with Freud but the GOP is beginning to make me wonder if he wasn’t on to something.

Rick Perry is a scary guy. He talked about secession as a real possibility before. Now he is talking about a Second Mexican War à la Zachary Taylor and the Halls of Montezuma. Maybe he sees himself as another Black Jack Pershing. Or maybe it’s belated revenge for the Alamo, though I thought we took care of that at San Jacinto back in ’36 – 1836 that is.

Apparently, there is no problem war cannot solve, in this case the drug war along the border, but also immigration reform. I’m not making this up; those are Perry’s justifications. Yeah, I suppose if you kill all the potential immigrants along the border they won’t be immigrating…or maybe he wants to create a zone of desolation, a no-man’s land no one can cross in case the Great Wall of America doesn’t work out.

Or maybe he’s just seen Mad Max one too many times. Those Republicans love apocalyptica after all.

The mark of a fanatic, of an ideologue, is an embrace of extreme solutions. There is no middle ground, there is no moderation; it’s always do nothing or do everything. Obama should be attacking other countries and since he is not, he must be apologizing to them. The modern conservative mind literally cannot see anything in between black and white.

Perry says Mexico would have to approve the invasion, of course. He doesn’t propose we get all Genghis Khan on our amigos south of the border. Of course, he is likely as deluded as he sounds if he thinks this sort of approval will be forthcoming. Mexico would be right in fearing that what Perry has in mind is another “Mexican cession” of ’48 – 1848 that is. You might remember that; it’s where we got the real estate to create the states of California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona, not to mention half of New Mexico.

Perry, perhaps, has been reading too many of those Texas textbooks. Perhaps he is unaware of the history of strained relations between the U.S. and Mexico. Or maybe he thinks the first Mexican war really was justified, and that therefore another one would be as well. After all, according to the Officially Revised Conservative History of the United States™ we didn’t steal any land from the Native Americans either. Those nasty Indians hurt white people!

I find it difficult to believe that there is no measure between surrender and conquer that we can embrace. The word diplomacy occurs to me – to any sane person really – which sadly leaves most Republicans out. Yes, the border is a problem – a serious problem. No, it’s not a problem that is going to disappear overnight. No there are no easy solutions, none that everyone agrees on beyond a consensus that something needs to be done. But is starting a war the solution to every problem?

Again, as with any invasion of Iran, you have to wonder where Perry proposes to get the troops for this invasion of his. We already have a war going in Afghanistan and 50,000 troops bolstering the Iraqi government, not to mention other commitments around the globe. Our military is overstretched and exhausted from our own personal Trojan War redux.  On the other hand, maybe these Republicans want to take advantage of the fact that the weak economy has boosted recruitment. Use ’em while you got ’em. After all, soldiers are just little pieces of policy to be expended.

But here’s the fly in the buttermilk: We’re not raising taxes; we’re lowering them, or that’s the plan at any rate. Everyone at least pays lip service to the idea of deficit reduction. The Republicans actually want to cut taxes for the wealthy, adding to the deficit. They don’t want to cut defense spending (and with all these planned wars how could they?). So where do we get the money to pay for all these foreign adventures? Borrow more money from an increasingly impatient China?

I know, maybe we can sell them Texas. It might be less bother in the long run. A reverse Mexican Cession.

This spring, you will remember, President Obama announced that 1200 National Guardsmen would be deployed along the Mexican border to bolster the Border Patrol there, and he requested an additional $600 million “in supplemental funds for enhanced border protection and law enforcement activities.”  The Republicans (led by John McCain) wanted 6,000 troops (presumably because President Bush deployed 6,000 troops on the border in 2006). Twelve hundred, they said, was insufficient. Apparently now, so would the 6,000 be, since a war would take a great deal more than that.

Or maybe Perry can borrow Sheriff Arpaio’s Freikorps. Sic Lou Ferrigno and Steven Seagal on them, that is, if real American hero Ferrigno can be bothered to take time off from selling foreign cars to American buyers. That will teach those cartels. At least it would kill two birds with one stone. Remember the Hulk!

12 Replies to “Texas Governor Rick Perry Dreams of a Second Mexican War”

  1. The Republicans seem to be against a balanced budget with their fears that if we had money, we might spend it on horrible things like well paid civil servants who actually have morale and do their jobs. Maybe unionized TSA agents who are actually good at their job and trained well. We can’t have that. How to spend all of the money we don’t have? Lower taxes on the rich and start a few more wars.

    Sure, they’re “small government” so long as big government no bid contractors don’t fall under the umbrella of “government”, because nothing says “free market” like a rigged system for the privileged with no oversight and no regulation sold under the phony guise of small government.

  2. Why don’t you tell us what you really think, Sarah? I agree, and you’re absolutely right. I wish people would stop to think about the kind of world we’d have if these clowns had their way…there is no benefit for anyone except the rich who would be making money off the rest of us while WE die in THEIR wars.

  3. the border with Mexico is a dangerous problem. But the biggest problem is we are doing absolutely nothing about it nor will we do anything about it.

    I think there’s a lesson here that Mr. Perry, and I use the mister part very loosely, is a word called insurgency. the Mexican police cannot find these people, although like Iraq and Afghanistan there is little doubt that many of the people who live there do know exactly who the people are in question. We could attack Mexico as Perry wants but what would we do? Would we shoot up to citizenhood or the neighborhood? who would we kill? Would we start bombing weddings? By the way wedding in Mexico is a wondrous thing to behold, extraordinarily fun. Those people know how to party. But I digress.

    Isn’t anyone in this country learning anything from the Bush years? You also forgot to mention our beloved Sarah Palin. She is all for doubling the defense spending and attacking Iran as well. Her big thing is increasing the number of soldiers who are fighting for our freedom. Well I’m afraid the woman is totally clueless. The only way I’m losing my freedom is right here in my own country. my freedom wasn’t fought for in Iraq or in Afghanistan. My freedom wasn’t even fought for when I lost the right to habeas corpus.

    One can only pray that by two years from now there will not be a vote cast for a Republican in this country.

    PS: you can just write Michele Bachmann off, she is even dumber than Sarah Palin

  4. I almost pee my pants every time a conservative says they can’t wait for “real conservatives’ like bachmann the farm subsidies queen and palin the socialist to get into WH and take their country back. Please, give us all money like Palin did! we can’t wait. if palin had been in office, she would have given general motors to the people, which would have rocked, except right after that she would have taken away our free speech, you win some you lose some.

  5. those people are totally mental. There is no such thing in these times as a real conservative. To me whenever someone says they are real conservative or a patriot it’s just disgusting.

  6. The other day an old friend sent me an email filled up with teabagger bs, naturally claiming to be “patriots” and rah rah sarah palin the secessionist (they left that part out). I am now down a friend because I hit reply all with a link to this site’s many take downs of palin. They’re not patriots they’re traitors at worst and dumb as box of rocks at best. with friends like that….

  7. I am not going to call these fruitcakes that calls themselves patriots traitors. I call them misguided. Anyone who wants to take the power of the federal government and give it to the states because they think the federal government is corrupt, is giving power to 50 states who then will be 50 corrupt governments. They want to do away with every standard of whatever level of excellence that this country can muster

  8. Rick Perry for President? I know he’s one of those who gets mentioned. Fortunately, like the rest of them, he’s shown us exactly how unfit he is. Aren’t any of them sane? And speaking of insanity, yeah, Palin should have gotten a mention as well, honestly.

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