Thousands Protest Passage of Indiana Right To Work for Less Law


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  1. I strongly suspect this one is going to backfire! What better place to protest than the Super Bowl? Now the people have time to organize, mobilize, and sharpen their message. Should be interesting!

  2. I can only warn the rest of the country. Don’t let Daniels anywhere near the steering mechanism of the ship of state.

  3. Perhaps those greedy football players should decide “not to work” on Sunday. After all, they are all union members.

  4. Im just sick over this. so many worked so hard to stop this from happening. our democrats even fled the state to stop the vote! Mitch tried to ban people from the state house, didnt work. he tried to bury the discussion, didnt work, and now, his cronies have circumvented the law and tradition to cheat their way into the passing of RTW. enough is enough. REMEMBER REMEMBER THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER!!!!!!!

  5. “Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has, it never will”

    Frederick Douglass

    A Republican who would be ran out of the Party by the Confederates who control it.

  6. For all union haters in Indiana or elsewhere, look forward to less wage increases, less benefits, less shop grievance rules and say welcome to the take it or leave it environment. This will spread to non union positions in offices and other positions.

    So, whats the choice this week? Pay for all of your healthcare becuase your employer wont offer it to you or pay a far higher share of what you do have?

    Right to work states have much lower average salarys. Good luck to you.

    Indiana, arnt you so glad you voted republican? Seig Koch! I am quickly losing feeling for the states that vote republican and get treated this way. THINK people

  7. I try to remember the Democrats who voted against the Republicans and have mercy towards them.

    I just hope the Republicans like working off the clock, their long-planned vacations and other things suddenly canceled because their boss had a bad day, or even having a boss who likes to beat up employees who make him or her mad (like accidentally interrupting a non-business conversation). I’d ask them how they’d like to work in a stressful environment with NO vacations, NO sick leave, and NO benefits. Oh, and be fired for anything under the sun AND the boss can even require you to work weekends (you’re fired if you don’t – even if it was something important like a child’s wedding). Maybe even work in a shop where the owner locks the bathrooms when it’s not break time, and who has banned chairs from the work floor because “the employees will get lazy”. (I’ve seen all of those things, in fact, they were not uncommon.)

    That’s what they’ll get. That’s what a lot of poor people in this state experience – and if someone quits a job and ends up homeless because they can’t find another, the shelters figure that person has too much pride (that’s considered the reason they’re homeless) and literally insists on teaching them to tolerate whatever abuse heads their way, just as long as they have a job!

    I interviewed a caseworker one time whose position was teaching people how to keep and maintain a job – and that was exactly what that person taught!!! When I brought up having an employer who physically beat me up one time (when I was a kid), the caseworker blew a fuse that I’d dare suggest that the employers were wrong, and while that person finally did admit there were bad bosses out there, at the same time “People have to learn to put their job before their pride!”!!!

    I hope that we Democrats clean house thoroughly this fall!

  8. Can anyone believe that this clown is actually considered presidential material by the GOP? I sincerely hope the good people of Indiana take a chapter from the good people of Wisconsin, and I sincerely hope they send these two Teabagger governors packing as soon as possible. The Wicked Witch of the Southwest, a.k.a. Jan Brewer, is trying the same thing in Arizona.

  9. The tickets to the super Bowl are over$3,000.00 each.If you can buy one you could give a S*&^ about unions.

    Indiana has always been proud of the being a low wage state.

  10. These states need to take back their government, kick out these people, and re-instate their laws. I am quite sure, these people were not informed by the GOP, that they were working at the pleasure of the KOCH brothers and ALEC!

    I wonder if these folk are on the no-fly list, how more anti-American can these people get?

  11. Again I say, why would people elect a governor who was Bush’s budget director at the time we had a surplus from Bill Clinton and by the time Bush left office, we had an overwhelming deficit!!!! What makes this person Presidential??? That’s ridiculous! He sat there in his misleading and lying response to the President’s SOTU speech like a white ghost. Initially I thought the 2010 midterms were so bad because of all the Tea Party members elected to Congress and the impact of the obstruction was the worst thing taking place in our Democracy. But what seemed to slide through without as much fan fare was all these new Republican governors with this theme of busting unions, suppressing voting rights, taking away women’s and children’s rights, cutting education, reducing firemen and policemen and orchestrating racist immigration policies! The GOP run by the Koch Bros and other billionaires used the hate, racism and bigotry of the Tea Party to take over the power and democracy and civil rights of this great nation. Money has become the power instead of the people. The Conservative majority in our Supreme Court is trying to seal the coffin with Citizen’s United which puts the US out there to the highest bidder. President Obama was very humble this morning in the Prayer breakfast. Of course he talked about the poor. How could he not? But it was a very feeling compassionate President. Honors to our leader. People please get out the vote. The GOP is destroying America and trying to blame it on our President as they fight him every step of the way as he fights for us.

  12. Hey…in OHIO the majority of voters elected a WALL STREET REPUBLICAN whose bad investments busted a 400 million dollar hole in the Retirement Account.

  13. I was wondering when someone would address this. Union members yes but the almighty “sports” minded dollar is more powerfull. I support ignoring the super bowl. Go for it and hope people don’t go and the players don’t show.

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