Hope from the Wild West: Jan Brewer Vetoes Guns on Public Property

Just when you thought hope had died…

The Governor of the Wild West state where you don’t need a permit to carry a concealed weapon vetoes a gun expansion bill for the second time. Yesterday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) vetoed a bill that allowed guns on public property. Yes, Jan Brewer is the sane voice on gun rights in pro-gun Arizona.

Watch Rachel Maddow break it down courtesy of MSNBC:

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Rachel explained that what the conservative movement wants, it gets from the Republican Party even when it hurts the Party and that’s why we are witnessing an assault on women’s rights, expansion of Stand Your Ground laws, punishing social policies and constant filibusters. It’s gotten surreal in its craziness. Liberals watch in amazement as the Republican Party drives itself off of a cliff to appease the Koch funded conservative movement.

Except when they don’t get what they want, which happened yesterday in Arizona.

Maddow said that a perfect example of the conservative movement’s power over the Republican Party is the NRA’s influence on the Party. The NRA is against people on the terrorist watch list being prohibited from purchasing gun. The NRA has so much power that after the Virginia Tech massacre, the main change in the laws is that we got more guns on campus.

The NRA insists on absolute “orthodoxy” on the gun issue. This is the way it’s always been, until now. Until… wait for it…

Jan Brewer, papers first please Governor of Arizona, vetoed a bill sponsored by Rep. David Gowan, R-Sierra Vista, allowing guns on public property. This is the second time she vetoed this bill, a bill that could have let guns into city halls, police stations, county courts, senior centers, swimming pools and the state Capital.

Governor Brewer wrote in her veto letter:

“The decisions to permit or prohibit guns in these extremely sensitive locations — whether a city council chamber or branch office staffed with state workers — should be cooperatively reached and supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders, including citizens, law-enforcement officials and local government leaders,” Brewer wrote in her veto letter.

“While I appreciate the efforts of the bill sponsor … there must be a more thorough and collaborative discussion of the proper place for guns in the public arena,” Brewer wrote.

Governor Brewer was criticized for her veto by gun rights lobbyists, who claimed they expected more from an “alleged friend of freedom” and worried that people would now be deluded into thinking that a sign banning guns made them “safe”.

If you’ve been wondering why we can’t have a dialogue on sane gun control, you are probably shocked to see it come from Jan Brewer of all people. But it did. It happened in a state known as one of the most gun friendly states in the country.

Does this mean there’s hope for America yet?

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7 Replies to “Hope from the Wild West: Jan Brewer Vetoes Guns on Public Property”

  1. this is like voter fraud. The number of shootings in public places like the examples given are just about as minimal as voter fraud is.

    Carrying a gun doesn’t make you safe, but it does make you a target if someone already has their gun out and you don’t.and given the fact that in experienced person with a gun almost shot the person helping Gabby, you are probably more dangerous with a gun than you imagine.

    Gun rights people want the freedom to shoot people at will on a premise of false security. The wild West is exactly right.

  2. I think it’s perfectly reasonable…It allows carry in buildings that do not provide security like metal detectors. If a building has metal detectors that puts everyone on equal footing.

  3. Episodes in public buildings are about as rare as getting struck by lightning. Why do you feel you need to carry a gun in that situation?

  4. I gather someone got deleted. However, I noticed that Arizona had a nasty episode that involved shooting a female office holder. Governor Brewer is a female office holder.

  5. Law enforcement, university officials, and countless others in the public eye were against this bill. Even so, it’s shocking that Jan Brewer came down on the side of rationality. Is the world about to end?

  6. I don’t believe Jan Brewer came down on any side – other than self-preservation. She’s afraid that some rabid gun toter will hope to get famous by gunning her down. No problem Jan – you just get yur own gun & have a good ol fashioned shoot out in your office. Happy days for the NRA.

  7. Hey Janny, Bring yer’ Glock to town! I am surprised. Gabby Giffords was being a brave and concerned elected official actually meeting her constituents where they lived. She is the perfect example of a courageous person for lesser politicos on either side of the aisle. I wish more of these elected prostitutes would learn from her. An idiot with a gun and citizens with a wild west attitude will only increase innocent deaths. NRA should fight the real battles and not every single thing that comes along.

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