Ann Romney’s ‘Leave Mitt Alone!’ Moment

A wounded and yet staunchly unafraid and brave Ann Romney took to CBS this morning to tell Americans how evil Obama wanted to kill her husband but not on her watch!

Cue the red, white and blue tissues, as Ann erases the July 4th picture of Mitt and herself on jet skis at their 8 million dollar vacation retreat with this, “Early on, we heard what their strategy was, it was kill Romney. That was the memo that came out from their campaign. It’s like, not when I’m next to him you better not!”

This hearty American mama grizzly sentiment was met by her husband’s gun-fire cacophony of down home, easy going laughter. Ain’t we all just so American?

CBS reported:

“I feel like all he’s doing is saying, ‘Let’s kill this guy,” she said, seated next to her husband, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, in an exclusive interview with CBS News chief political correspondent Jan Crawford. “And I feel like that’s not really a very good campaign policy.

“I feel like Mitt’s got the answers to turn this country around,” she continued. “He’s the one that’s got to bring back hope for this country, which is what they ran on last time. But the truth is, this is the one that has the hope for the – for America.”

As of yet, I am unable to locate this email wherein the Obama campaigned cited killing Romney as his plan, but I did find an email of a Democratic strategist allegedly aligned with the White House (but remained anonymous in the Politico story), who wrote last August, “Unless things change and Obama can run on accomplishments, he will have to kill Romney.” (Apparently a metaphor, as in kill his character.)

Lucky for Romney, Obama can now run on accomplishments as ObamaCares was upheld by the Supreme Court — not to mention the very successful auto bailout, unemployment benefits extended, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, he’s done a lot for veterans, created The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, got Osama, ended the war in Iraq, slated the draw down of troops in Afghanistan and much more. Obama did complete 85% of his first term agenda in the first two years, after all.

Ann said, “I feel like all he’s (Obama) doing is saying, ‘Let’s kill this guy.'” Only, Obama didn’t say that. He didn’t say anything like that. See how Ann just attributed to Obama directly via her “feelings” something done by a strategist? Sorta like if I said I felt Romney wanted to kill Gabby Giffords because of what Sarah Palin did with her crosshairs. Not exactly fair or honest. But still, jet skis!

Ann seems to mean for us to take this threat literally, or else why did she say, “Not while I’m sitting next to him!” as in, she’s going to take the bullet for him or defend him from the Obama fire because she is sitting next to him… Oh dear.

Though we’re told that words are just “rhetoric” by Republicans — we won’t, we won’t we won’t take responsibility for anything! Nah-nah-nah! Both sides do it! One bad apple! Target shooting with your picture is funny even after real people get shot! — some of us harbor the idea that words matter. Sure, it was a private email and yes, it was a metaphor and war metaphors are used in politics, but still. Doh. Wake up people. ‘Kill’? Bad, bad person who wrote this email.

That kind of talk is better left to Republicans, like Ted Nugent, whose support Romney chased down like a tea stalker. Rmuse wrote, “Nugent is notorious for saying that Senator Barack Obama “suck on” his “machine gun,” while pleading with “worthless bitch” and then-Senator Hillary Clinton to “ride” his machine gun” along with “worthless whore” Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).” Yes, that Ted Nugent. The one who was investigated by the Secret Service after his latest stunt, and who claimed that the Romney campaign showed support for his violent rhetoric.

ABC reported, “The no-holds-barred Texas rocker told CBS’ “This Morning” that Romney’s campaign told him to “stay on course” and not to tone it down after Nugent said he will “either be dead or in jail by this time next year” if President Obama is re-elected.” Stay on course, sir!

Still, none of it is right, and yet Ann grasps at the last remaining Palin straw of using self-pity and “they’re all against us!” to rally the base. An anonymous email that was allegedly written by someone associated with the White House isn’t quite the same as the President saying it, or anyone from his campaign saying it publicly, let alone using it for campaign donations or saying it on national television. It’s not as if they put Mitt’s “district” behind crosshairs, because we all know THAT’S OKAY.

Point being, it wasn’t being said to rile up the base – it was in a private and then leaked email, and was obviously metaphorical unlike Nugent’s mad ramblings. But seriously, we’d have Mitt’s emails if he hadn’t taken all of the computers and servers with him when he left his roped-off for the Emperor Governor’s office, and I can bet there are some juicies. Course, we’ll never know, ‘cuz Mitt so Caymaned those.

Still, who can fault Ann Romney for accusing the President of wanting to kill her husband? After all, death vernacular is so Republican. It’s just quaint and cute. It’s sort of all-American, red, white and blue!

Leave Mitt Romney alone!

He’s not weird, he’s not strange, he’s not aloof, he’s not! Obama wants to kill him just like he wants to kill everyone else! See! LOVE MITT! LOVE HIM OR DAMN YOU TO HELL WITHOUT AN ELEVATOR FOR YOUR CAR! Stupid Americans. Didn’t you see the color of Ann’s shirt? She IS America!

Here’s hoping Michelle Obama goes on Oprah to tell Americans that Mitt Romney wants to kill Barack, but not while she is sitting next to her man, ‘cuz she’s gonna grizzly it up against evil, mean, dangerous, axe-wielding, weird Mitt.

34 Replies to “Ann Romney’s ‘Leave Mitt Alone!’ Moment”

  1. This will become another one of those unproven rumors that Republican ideologues will cite months from now to “show” that President Obama is a violent person. Like him quoting dialogue from The Untouchables and ideologues parroting the talking point that it was original, violent text from Obama.

  2. Michelle has far too much class to do a “stand by my man” tirade. She will just continue as she is with her upbeat personality, making people smile just to see it, and encouraging what’s best in America. That is far more effective than Ann’s whining.

  3. Ann is frustrated. She had no idea how brutal campaigning could be, but that’s no excuse for saying that PBO wants to kill her husband. It’s the sorriest lie I’ve heard in a long time. Romney and Ann thought they’d be able to sail into the WH without opposition because it’s ‘their turn.’ These tools even had the hubris to tell PBO and FL Michelle to ‘pack their bags.” Romney can quit campaigning any time he wants. And, why is Ann talking about Romney bringing hope to Americans? Doesn’t she know that the word hope is a derogatory word to republicans?

  4. Scam Romney can lie about this…a supporter of President Obama says she’s full of horse shit. Whine Whine Whine, Scammer..’cause that all you have.

  5. What does she do with her time? Does she volunteer? Does she speak out on any issues? What does she DO?

    More importantly to me is the fact that her husband wants to repeal the law that requires insurers to cover preventative health services – including mammograms. A mammogram that caught HER cancer and helped save HER life. Why does her husband want to take that same care away from other women? Why does she not speak out about this, suggest alternatives? Oh right, because there are no alternatives according to Republicans. The 30 million uninsured don’t matter.


  6. PS – I’ll leave her husband alone when he packs his bags and heads home, tail between his legs, after he loses in November.

  7. Obama cares. The Romneys don’t have one compassionate subatomic particle between the both of them. “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”

    Cue a Democratic landslide.

  8. Did Anne Romney tell Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum the same thing? Did she tell those two GOP stalwarts who unloaded truckloads of slime on Mitt to leave him alone?

    No she did not, mainly because Mitt was dumping on them even more. Now Anne wants to have her cake and eat it, too.

    She wants Mitt to continue to say whatever he wants- true or not- about Obama, while not a hair on Mitt’s head should be allegorically ruffled.

    Obama will run his record: ending two wars, passing health care reform after sixty years, and tirelessly championing the average American.

    Anne Romney and her husband, Mitt, in contrast will continue to demonstrate that they are sincere, likeable and well meaning people, who are entirely ineffective and out of their depth.

  9. Anne Romney should be frustrated. We all are, why shouldn’t she be too?

    Mitt Romney has some awesome talents and great connections. But to win the Republican nomination he has had to act like Barney Fife with a hangover.

    Younger people, check out Andy’s deputy, Barney Fife, on Nick at Night retuns of the Andy Griffith show.

    Worst of all, this image of fecklessness and ineffectuality suits Mitt very well.

  10. When I heard this comment I was furious. Ann is out of touch and evil to boot. This was a talking point she had prepared and using the word kill was undignified and uncalled for. Cyndy McCain and Laura Bush had more class in their little fingers than Ann has in her whole body. An out of touch elitist who never worked a day in her life and was given everything. I will look forward to Ann going back to her many homes wearing her $900 T shirts and STFU.

  11. I’m beginning to believe that Romney and wife Anne are running scared with this kind of talk. And well they should be, as voters are disgusted with the financial industry, the bankers, the Romney Bain people. They have all brought our economy to a standstill, and they want to give us more of it? NO
    The financial companies have us on our knees and I don’t see many of them helping. The government cannot continue to step in, the citizens have to have a belief in the American capialistic system. Aye, there’s the rub.

  12. As a woman who has been on this earth more years than I like to admit I am a shrewd judge of people, especially women.
    I know a lot of others will relate to my take on Ann Romney.
    She is a lady who sits beside Romney with a sweet expression on her face all the time she is stabbing someone with a knife, twisting it – then continuing her innocent look.
    Don’t be fooled, she is just as much a money grabber as her husband, anyone who would have a horse druggged up to make it appear healthy before she sold it is vicious and cruel.

  13. It is my firm belief that you can tell an awful lot about people by the way they treat their pets. I saw a picture of a homeless man who had a dog – the man is sitting on the ground but he has his dog curled up in his lap.

    I can honestly say I would rather have that homeless man over for dinner than the Romney’s.

  14. This woman is a phony and a very good actress. She is so insulated from everyday life she could never identify with the rest of us. I swear these two think they are royalty. They have been handed everything and the thought of really working to win the White House must be quite the shock.

    When you realize you have to work at something and you got nothing is when you resort to catty shit like this. She should be ashamed of herself but I doubt she or Mitt have ever had to face up to the things they have done. Money buys alot but not morals and character. These two are prime examples of that thought.

  15. Today with the not so good jobs report, Mitt and the repubs all rushed out to say Obama’s policies are not working
    I would say that might be because every job creation bill Obama has put before them they have blocked, they have not considered the american people, they would ruin the economy rather than do anything to help the people or Obama.
    The did say, of course that if he would lower taxes for the job creators the economy would grow.

  16. POTUS …. not unless something is done about Voter ID
    in the swing states. Republicans are scared too death. The ballot box is their last stand. We need help Eric Holder. SHCCCC

  17. What an idjit, the Obama campaign doesn’t care what you think is fair campaigning, Anne. Who the h3ll do you think you are anyway?
    Somebody better tell Anne her husband’s running for president of USA not for girl scout cookies camp leader, what a narcisistic dumb arse.

  18. What about him dodging the draft, taxes, and impersonating a police officer, a felony. The guy’s a fraud, apparently his wife defends that.

  19. How can they say Obama’s policies aren’t working with a str8 face whne they refuse to pas his jobs bill or raise taxes, this is still GOTP economy, when do these bloviating blowhards ever take responsibility. N/M, I forgot I was talking about the Nixonian clan.
    If they care so much, how about passing BO’s jobs plan, then they can say his policies aren’t working. How an they say his policies aren’t working when they obstruct his policies? Where’s the damn meia to out these lies, hello,, hello, any media people left in the USA besides this site?

  20. Not an ounce of truth, or decency spouts from this woman’s privileged, elitist mouth! Much like her lying bully of a husband,Puppet Mitt.
    They feel so strongly that they have a RIGHT to the WH bc it’s “their turn now”, that there is NOTHING too low for them to attempt to achieve their..what appears to be perceived entitled ‘rights by this greedy selfish set of 1% pigs! The Book of lies! They’ve got a million of them. Ann D Romney’s about as ‘nice’ as a nest of vipers!

  21. Wow. Mitt Romney actually allowed his wife to purposely lie about the President.

    I’m convinced it’s the republicans who will destroy America.

  22. Both of these Mormon morons are fake phony fraudsters, they make me want to puke every time I see their pictures or hear their latest lies. How people could vote for this scheister slimeball defies all logic.

  23. It appears that John Boehner has admitted that nobody loves Mitt Romney, and that therefore the Republican hope of retaking the White House depends on making the voters hate Obama.

  24. The more Ann Romney puts herself, front and center of her husband’s campaign, the more scrutiny she will have to undergo, so when the facts about her start to come out, hopefully she won’t play the victim, but of course, she will. She has some very shady business deals concerning selling doped-up show horses, even while knowing the horses were in bad health. Family members should be off limits in campaigns, except when they get on the stage and start lying about the other side, she has opened the door, so she better be ready for the storm.

  25. “I feel like Mitt’s got the answers to turn this country around…” into an oligarchy ruled by the one-percent cronies.

  26. It’s not that he lies (well, no more than your average politician!), it’s that he cannot remember what he just said!

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