Angry Ann Romney Announces They Shouldn’t Be Questioned About Finances

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Ann Romney couldn’t keep the contempt off of her face in an exclusive interview with Natalie Morales excerpted from an upcoming NBC special airing Thursday. Her lip curled in Cheneyesque contempt as reporter Morales asked, “Are you angry that it’s been in the press? I mean, should you not be questioned about your finances?”

Mrs. Romney’s response was that since their finances are “attacked” (implying some sort of unfair questioning), they won’t be releasing them. This is like saying, hey, if you’re going to arrest me for stealing, I’m not going to show you what I stole. I mean, their finances raise questions because of choices they made, not choices the American people made, so it hardly seems fair to punish the people for asking questions.

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Natalie Morales, “Why not be transparent, and release more than the 2010 and the estimates for 2011?”

Ann Romney,”Have you seen how we’re attacked? Have you seen what’s happened?”

Natalie Morales, “It’s been in the press quite a bit. Are you angry that it’s been in the press? I mean, should you not be questioned about your finances?”

Ann Romney, doing a poor job of hiding her anger, “We have been very transparent to what’s legally required of us. But, (talking down to Morales as if she’s a child), the more we release, the more we get attacked. The more we get questioned. (Yes, because your one year of tax returns was still unclear and raised a lot of questions.) The more we get pushed. And so we’ve done what’s legally required. And there’s going to be no more tax releases given. There’s a reason for that. And that’s because how, what happens when we release anything.”

Apparently, in Mrs. Romney’s worldview, if America doesn’t respond to the limited information she wants to share, they will be punished by not getting anymore. This is Romney “transparency”.

… Mrs. Romney, “We don’t disclose anymore because we just become a bigger target.”

And then, the kill shot. Natalie Morales sums up why the Romney’s won’t release more tax returns, “So, it’s because you’ll just continue to face more questions.”

We have a winner.

Ann Romney turns the right to vet a Presidential nominee into a personal attack and tries to reframe it as persecution, “It will just give them more ammunition.”

She means their financials would raise more questions for the American people. Yes, I suppose that’s true. Why is it that the Romneys feel they are above answering questions? Why can’t they, or won’t they, answer questions? If there is nothing to hide, release the returns and man up – take the hits for being rich and stashing money overseas and move on.

But wait, we already know those things about the Romney money. So what else is in the returns that will give “ammunition” to the American people against the Romneys?

Natalie Morales, “To the American people though, when they hear that about perhaps accounts with your name on it overseas, in tax shelters, they feel like you may be hiding something.”

And we come to the definition of a Romney. The pronouncement from on high, expected to be taken on faith. “There’s nothing we’re hiding.” This was accompanied by much shifting in the chair.

Oh. Okay, because, you know when you use tax shelters around the world, and you have already lied about your tax returns before and told us to trust you, pardon us, but we’re a bit skittish.

We are to forget all that we KNOW about the Romneys and Mr. Romney’s promises to the people of Massachusetts that while he wouldn’t SHOW them the tax returns, they needed to trust him. When it turned out he had been lying to them, well, he did amend his returns retroactively to say what he told them they said before. So really, how dare you people question him.

It is, after all, the Romneys’ “turn”.

Mrs. Romney then tried to take refuge in the blind trust that they have, “We don’t even know what’s in there.” She probably shouldn’t have gone there, with their personal lawyer managing that blind trust and having invested in their son’s business – oh, coincidence! – but, the good news for Ann Romney is that among all of the other specious ducks and dodges, this one will probably pass by unnoticed. She ended it with an attempt at folksy, “I”ll be curious to see what’s in there, too.” Yes, indeed, surprise! It’s a huge investment in your son’s business! Of all the things…

Mrs. Romney is correct, the Romneys’ finances have raised a lot of questions, not only because they refuse to be transparent, but also because there are disclosures missing and funds that appear on one disclosure and not on another — funds of millions of dollars, not a few cents. We have only been given one year to date, and that year was amended and was not complete. And then there are the international financial dealings, like the funding for Bain coming from Salvadoran oligarchs’ death squad money.

If that isn’t worthy of a few questions for someone running for leader of the free world, I’m not sure what the they would qualify as a question that they find appropriate. It’s also of interest that they stash their money in tax free havens around the world and Mr. Romney is running for President. Some of these investments bet against the US dollar, so yes, we’d like to know where he stands on a few issues based on the little we have seen of his returns and disclosures.

We’d like to know not because we are “jealous” that he has managed to successfully exploit a tax code that benefits the 2% (who is engaging in a class war here?), but because the policies he would champion as President impact the rest of us. Are we to have no say in those policies? Are we not entitled to know about them, when they will impact each and every one of us? We already know that Romney supports raising taxes on the middle class to pay for tax cuts to the wealthy, so yes, we have something at stake in this “business venture” of hiring a President, and just like Mr. Romney would do if he were buying a business, we insist on seeing the financials.

Mr. Romney, as a business man, knows that Bain would never buy a business without seeing its financials. But Mr. Romney and Mrs. Romney want America to buy them without seeing their financials, and they feel entitled to this exception. They don’t want to play by the rules of the market, they want the market adjusted for them. They can’t hack the questions and the attacks, so they demand an exception to the rule that every other presidential nominee has played by since Romney’s own father ran for President.

Mrs. Romney clearly thinks that their finances are none of your business, and that the thing y’all did wrong was “attack” and “ask questions” after they released a few tidbits. It is the fault of the American people that we are not getting more info from the Romneys. This is your punishment for not responding appropriately (as they wanted) to Mrs. Romney’s finances. This is called freedom.

I hope you all have learned your lesson. This isn’t America “as you know it”. This is Romney Republican America, where asking questions gets you cut off, and another angry Red Queen will tell you what you are entitled to ask and what you are not entitled to ask. Until then, shhhhhh! They get mad when poked.

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  1. It doesn’t matter what Mrs. Romney says, she won’t dictate policy…it does potentially reflect her husband’s attitude, however. She isn’t helping his cammpaign. At all. There are a LOT of independents who, while they like Mr. O and would have a beer with him (or a nice cab) would vote for Mr. R because they are worried about the economy and our massive debt and hope (the H word) that he will fix it.

    The Romney campaign handlers need to put a Muzzle on Ann.

  2. The commentator misses the mark when Ann Romney claims that Mitt is honest and that we should take his word. She neglected to mention the fact that Mitt lied about his taxes when running for governor, claiming that he had been paying Massachutsetts taxes he refused to release the and later was forced and it was determined that he indeed had NOT been paying taxes in Mass. He was living in Utah, and living in Mass was a requirement to running. He was forced after the fact to pony up those taxes.

  3. Gee Ann,

    I don’t want to have to give a credit report whenever I apply for a job either, but I’m not going to get that job unless I do am I?

  4. If you look carefully, right off the bat, first question, Ann Romney is leaning forward and about to interrupt the interviewer’s question, she’s that angry. She reeks of anger through this whole thing, and smacks of a good deal of desperation too. Angry that “you people” should have the audacity to question her and her husband! How dare you!

    In case anyone’s missed the fine point: We haven’t even seen one FULL year yet, much less two. I don’t believe we’ll see that second year until after convention, IF EVER. I really believe they’ll try their best not to ever release it.

    A campaign shrouded with secrecy, from destroying hard drives from Mitt’s governorship to these secret tax returns, and everything in between…..and she has the arrogance to ask people to trust them? People with nothing to hide don’t shroud everything in secrecy like this.

  5. I don’t give a sh*t WHAT Ann Romney thinks or feels… SHE’S not the one seeking the office of the Presidency. Their tax returns speak DIRECTLY to the issue of whether or not they accept a citizen’s financial responsibility to the country that provides its laws and foundations so they may continue their “pursuit of happiness”! It really ticks me off when I hear well-off people bitch and moan about taxes and how they’re being unfairly targeted. I’m no where NEAR their stratosphere and I’ve never once complained about my taxes because I’ve always looked at it as my fair share for living in this great country. SUCK IT UP MILLIONAIRES… and pay your higher tax rates!!!

  6. Democrats do not hate capitalism; we love it. Americans are only demanding transparency and fairness. Romney will not be the first wealthy American to run for office; Michael Bloomberg has more money than Romney does and no one hates his wealth. Capitalism is not wrong, success is not wrong, wealth is not wrong but taking advantage of special tax code to enrich you is welfare and handout checks. Creating tax loophole to enrich you is wrong and unfair. Using your wealth to take advantage of working class Americans is wrong.

  7. “We have a blind trust; we don’t even know what’s in there. We’ve had it since before Mitt was Governor. I’ll be curious to see what’s in there, too.”

    Well, lady, for the 98% of us who live paycheck to paycheck or darn near close, who have lost jobs because of people like your “honest” husband who said to hell with workers here, ship the jobs overseas so I can have a better bottom line, and those who can only DREAM of eating with silver let alone being born with it in our mouths, I say: you are NOT transparent. If you want to hold the highest office in the country you have to tell ALL of the truth…not just that which you deem is the truth.

  8. Check how often Ann Romney glances to the right. Particularly in response to a question posed by the reporter. The brain is divided in two parts, memory is stored on the left side, imagination on the right. When someone is telling the truth and has to remember something that actually happened, they glance to the left in a subconscious attempt to retrieve the memory of an actual event. When they are lying, they will glance to the right in a subconscious attempt to engage with their imagination. Ann Romney glanced several times to the right when being asked about the blind trust and her knowledge of what was in it.

  9. I’m glad that Ann Romney stated that they will not release more tax returns because it keeps the issue on the front burner. The Romneys are one of the most arrogant couples I’ve ever seen. They refuse to play by the rules and submit to the request of 63% of Americans that they release more of their tax returns. It also reveals that they are cowards. They’re so afraid to deal with the repercussions of what is in their tax returns that they’re willing to defy the American people’s request to release more of them. I’m not surprised that they’re both cowards because Romney has demonstrated his cowardice in many ways. He refused to take a stand when Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut, he rejected the Blunt Amendment and supported it because he received blow back from republicans, and he caved to the far right by choosing Ryan as a running mate. He has no spine. Romney has a lot of nerve demanding that others be transparent when he’s not.

  10. I love the way Rmoney sends his wife to do his dirty work for him. One of his sons will be whining on TV next. Disgusting!

  11. Good article and it is spot on. The romneys are not the ‘royalty’ they pretend to be. Its quite evident the contempt they have for the average american. I can only hope that the american voter will see thru their attempts at campaigning and vote them back into obscurity in one of there 7 houses

  12. I should think that she really does not knwo anything about the taxes, and her fustration truly stems from ignorance. She is probably not Privey to the contents.
    She was certainly ignorant to the VP pick in thinking and repeatedly making statements that it was a female. I think this clearly shows, she has no idea of what her husband does, how he has made his money and the people Mitt has hurt along the way.
    Speaks volumes for her, but I guess her attempts at becoming the first lady, with her little websites on FB and woman of Mitt, only exhibit how out of touch she is to what is going on around her. Putting her on the spot, shows how she miseriable fails on all accounts.
    She takes the questions as attacks on Mitt, but perhaps she does not understand the impact of how his lack of willingness has become a torn in the side for many.
    Maybe the Koch brothers can buy this election with Mitt and the rest of the super pacs, but I doubt it. Ryan may have added momentum to Mitt’s campaign, but that very fact is a contributing factor in his slip in the poles. While the GOP thinks he is a good pick, his voting record alone and his perforance in Congress of one of the laziest people on Capital Hill speaks for itself. Sad that the GOP has this team to represent them. AS one of the undecided and one that voted GOP for 29 years, my vote will be with Obama in the Fall, not with the GOP. Their lack of willingness to work together in Congress and work on the Problems has truned my way of thinking.
    And when Ryan himself refused to nego with Obama and the house speaker on a lan to correct the problems and took it he step further, in undermining that effort by saying, “the correction of the problems would probably put Obama back in the White House for a second term”. I was further appaulled that he would make such a statement. He has no place in Washington. He and many like him, need to go. We need players in Congress that are workers, (perhaps with partylines) but players that can put aside partylines to correct problems. Not stonewall.

  13. Grace Oye, This is true… but I would suspect that Mitt will do exactly what Bush Jr did. He will make policy that will further advance his fortune many years after leaving office. And it will take years to straighten out once he has gone. Sad for many of us…we see this in the manipulation of the oil prices for the last 4 years. People think that is Obama, but is the oil industry and their manipulation of the Economy. If you do not think so read, Cheney’s manipulation of OIL industry. › Issues › Energy & Environment

  14. How utterly ridiculous this woman’s obvious “superiority” is… You have not been “attacked”, when you are in a job interview and are asked a question about your previous position do you consider that an attack? This is your husband’s JOB INTERVIEW, Queen Anne, and if he cannot give us the answers we need to make an appropriate decision, he will NOT get a return call.

    Secondly, you do not give 10% to “charity” every year, you give 10% to the Mormon church. Now, in s most instances, I suppose I would buy that a tithe is “giving to charity”, although I cannot say that for sure…giving to the Mormon church, however, with the history they have of giving (at a minimum) thousands of dollars to campaign for Proposition 8, to deny gay marriage. Ok, I’ll agree that the Mormons do a lot of charitable stuff (as an organization), but when they cross this kind of a line using church funds to involve themselves in a political fight…no matter what the gov’t says about this matter….I can no longer, in good conscious, let you slide with “giving to charity”. Plus, it is my understanding that this is not negotiable in the Mormon faith, that, in fact, if you are Mormon in Utah, the tithe comes straight out of your paycheck like a tax…that’s not giving to charity, not really.

    And Anne, please understand that I say this with the best of intentions: You come across as an out-of-touch, rich bitch. If you can your “honest and integrity…golden” hubby to be President, you’re gonna have to work on your attitude, and HIS transparency. Whether you like it or not, even Mitt’s own Daddy said a Presidential candidate should show at least 12 years of tax returns, so get to showin’.

  15. Put a muzzle on her, please let her talk. She sends the message loud and clear as to how he feels about women! He keeps her in the dark, and out of his affairs. That is clear!

    She does little for his Women for Mitt movement! whe has never worked for anything and can not understand the impact of legislation that does not protect us, the widowers that raised our children on our own, without the help of a man because their father’s were dead. Not because they were poor specimans of the male gender. She can not understand how hard that can be! Nor, how many of us would not remarry to “make that responsibility easier on us”. She exhibits no qualities that she would have had the backbone to have done that at all. SHE IS OUT OF TOUCH in that respect completely!

  16. Two things I have noticed:

    1. The more the Romney camp talks about whatever issue, the worse they sound;

    2. The right-wing doesn’t care, they perpetuate the lies.

    Along with “Robme”, “Robney”,”Mittster”, “Herman Mittster”(my favorite), “Mitt the Twit”, “Racist”, I think this walking Lie-O-Matic has earned another title:

    “The Pied Piper of Republicana”.

  17. Well Ann, guess what?

    You and your superiority complex DO NOT GET A TURN AT THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA~as is said in Texas:

    Adios, mofo~

  18. I found this in the comment section under PoliticusUSA’s article on “63% of Americans demand that romney release his tax returns”. I think it makes a Very Important Point! And, I’m passing it around..

    “John SFC RET USA”

    “There is a legitimate reason to see Romney’s tax records, and anything else the nation feels is important about his character. He is essentially trying to get the highest security clearance and he needs to be put under the microscope. This is more than just another glee club popularity event for the rich Prince.”

  19. Angry Ann Romney Announces They Shouldn’t Be Questioned About Finances

    ” . . . the more we release, the more we get attacked. The more we get questioned. The more we get pushed.”

    Don’t wanna get questioned about your finances/taxes, Ann?

    OK — fair enough.

    Instead, we would like to see

    – yours and Mitt’s long-form birth certificates
    – yours and Mitt’s elementary, secondary, and post-secondary school records
    – yours and Mitt’s draft/selective service records

    Then, get back to us on how it feels to be “attacked” . . .


  20. And, the following piece that was done as if Willard was actually applying for a job was seen in the comment section of the obama diary..

    “Earl Gray · Top Commenter · Sr. Controls Consultant at Honeywell

    Dear Mr. Romney,

    We have contacted you now several times regarding your missing tax returns for years ending 2000 through 2011. To date we have only received a partial return for year ending 2010 and a “projection” of taxes for year ending 2011. Unfortunately this is inadequate documentation to evaluate your financial history and allegiances, which are critical to understand your previous behavior.
    Given the disappointing Swiss bank accounts and Cayman shell corporations that we have previously discussed, these documents are now critical to better understand your past financial background.

    This understanding is in turn required in order to make an informed decision regarding your capability to perform the financially sensitive position that you have applied for.

    If you have recently released the tax returns for years ending 2000-2011, please accept our sincere apology and we will continue to evaluate your application. If however we do not receive your tax records for the years ending 2000-2011 , we regret that we will be unable to process your application, and unable to consider you for the position for which you have applied.

    If this is the case, we want to send our appreciation for your effort and application and encourage you to reapply when you are better able to meet with our admittedly high standards.
    Thank You and Best Regards.
    The American People.”

  21. Ann, honey, if it’s too hot in the kitchen, get out. It’s that simple. Or are you just finding out for the very first time that the world really doesn’t revolve around you, and the rules for this game are very, very different? Think about it, dear, as First Lady, you are going to have to mingle with commoners. People are going to critique your wardrobe, your hair style, your weight, everything!
    Bon chance, cheri.

  22. On another thread this sort of attitude is explained.

    In the Mormon cult, those in power are not questioned, and to resist or not obey them is the worst thing you can do (typical of all cults). They don’t have the mindset for the Presidency… not realizing that if he won the election, he would work for US… even for the lowest of the low and poorest of the poor.

    That sort of thinking doesn’t compute with them.

    They expect us all to be like their “Good Mormons” and take what they say without question or doubting… and it infuriates them when people don’t.

    (All I’d say to them is “Welcome to reality!”)

  23. Ann romney is a perfect match for mittens, they’re both emoty headed elitists who look down their evil hooked noses at the peasants in disgust. Neither mittens nor ann are “royalty” and neither warrant respect from a wal mart greeter, let alone anyone else!


  24. “The blind trust is an age old ruse, if you will, which is to say, you can always tell a blind trust what it can and can not do. You give a blind trust rules.” Mitt Romney – 1994

  25. I can’t imagine having this self-serving bitch as a first lady. She reminds me of Sarah Palin cloned together with Leona Helmsley. She’s a worthless liar, just like her worth less self aggrandizing POS of a husband. This TV interview will lower Romney in the polls.

  26. “Ann Romney couldn’t keep the contempt off of her face… Her lip curled in Cheneyesque contempt..”

    ;-) Ms Jones!

    Bless her heart. Bur under her saddle has her all up in a rash; you people wouldn’t understand.

  27. Ann, honey, if it’s too hot in the kitchen, get out.

    I’m gonna hazard a guess that Ann never sets foot in the kitchen — except to tell the staff what to do . . .


  28. Giving to the Mormon church is not the equivalent of giving 10% to charity. They must give that 10% to stay in good standing in the church. Do they really not give any other money to charity? Do they only give the minimum so that they can take it as a tax deduction? I give to my church, but I also give to many other great causes and I’m but a lowly teacher.

  29. Gee, now that the shoe is on the other foot, guess they don’t like it. It was ok to attack President Obama and demand he publicly produce a birth certificate (despite the fact that NO OTHER president has ever been required to do so) and it’s ok to CONTINUE to attack him even though he capitulated and produced a CERTIFIED copy of the birth certificate. But, now that we the people are asking Romney to produce nothing more than any of us has to come up with when applying for a mortgage, it’s NOT ok…..

  30. Cha…This is wonderful. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to share it on my FB page…I will give you credit even though I don’t really know who you are….

  31. When Mittens or Mrs. Mittens says that they don’t want to release anymore tax returns because we should “trust them” that there’s nothing in them that’s illegal, the media need to keep on reminding them of this quote, “an innocent man does not withhold the evidence of his innocence”. The “blind-trust” argument is ridiculous; in order for someone to prepare your tax returns for you, you have to “sign off” on them before they can be legally submitted …so, Mrs. Mittens, spare us the “blind trust” BS, because that’s exactly what it is: BS.

  32. ive always thought knit RATney was a man but i see he loves hiding behind his wifes pants i would say dress but she dont know how to wear a dress and if she ever put one on it would never look dignified the dress iam talking about

  33. There is a rumor going around here in the Northeast as to why the Romney’s will not release more tax returns.

    Mitt claims he voted for Scott Brown in the 2010 special election….while….drumroll, please…..while….he LIVED IN SON’S BASEMENT. Yes, they own 7 houses, but at the time a fellow republican needed a vote, Mitt just happened to be homeless enough to have to LIVE IN HIS SON’S BASEMENT.

    Now imagine if he releases his tax returns which shows he was living in a different state while he was voting for a fellow republican in Massachusetts. Could this be the reason the republicans are so worried about voter fraud? Or does anyone know enough about the laws of Massachusetts….would this involve an arrest warrant? Now that would be truly rich!

  34. This speaks not only to the imbalance in the way the very rich pay taxes, but to some other things as well.
    First, it shows there is a sense of entitlement to pay less on account of wealth/power.
    Second, it shows that they are VERY much aware that the public has a problem with this imbalance, but their solution is to hide it better.
    If you agree with this philosophy and methodology, this is YOUR man.

  35. I thoroughly agree, and I hope you’re right about his poll standing – up to and way past the election.

  36. The dude is dirty dirty dirty!I will be overjoyed in November when they are kicked to the curb.Good bye Mittens and good riddance.Take your elitist wife with you.Ans don’t come back.

  37. Interesting that most of the comments express shock and awe toward the Romney’s. People are not going to change their vote based on anyone else’s emotions. I will vote for the Romney/Ryan plan. Because I do not believe that the President has a good plan for economic development. I was laid off in the past 18 months from a very high paying job. I am not the 2%or whatever artificial yardstick has been set out. I pay my share happily but I also look to protect my income where I can because I do not believe the govt (doesn’t matter what party is in power) is a good steward of my money. I want less govt, less welfare for people who take advantage, while keeping assistance programs for those in need. The bottom line, like what I believe many Americans want, I want- a fiscally conservative and socially liberal government. Neither party offers me that now so I’m picking the fiscally conservative view and pray for the best for America.

  38. Lawrence O’Donnell just flayed both Ann Romney for her “victim schtick” interview, and Mitt Romney for his secretiveness and suspicious behavior regarding their income tax filings.

  39. You know what? Fuck Ann and Mitt Romney. He’s a lying, scheming, tax cheating prick who isn’t as smart as people say he is – if he were, he would have gotten his taxes in order before running this time around, and he would have done something aboot his over seas accounts. He thinks he is above the law, and his standards are anything but presidential – even his voice is smarmy. Do you know Ann Romney’s father was an atheist who hated organized religion. After he died, Ann and Mitt baptised him into the Mormon Church – obviously against his will, because he’s dead and he would never have stood for it when he was alive! They’re selfish shitbags. He has no chance in hell of winning this election.

  40. 18


    1) Once again, fuck you, Ann-Romnette and the dancing horse you rode in on.

    2) Why do Mittens and his incompetent campaign staff keep trotting her ass out to defend him? She had one MIDDLING interview (and even then, there was much pearls before swine over her ridiculously overpriced, ugly blouse), every other time has done nothing but raise more questions, shown the entire country she’s a snotty, thoroughly unlikeable bitch—oh and put the tax return issue front and center all over again.

    Every employee annual review typically has something about “learning from your mistakes”. You’d think brillient, super successful businessman Mittens would be able to do that. Especially since we’re apparently, “all just jealous of him”.

  41. If Harry Reid is correct, Mitt Romney has his own 9-9-9 Tax Plan. Federal Income Taxes – Nein! State Income Taxes – Nein! Local Income Taxes – Nein! (Pass it on.)

  42. You’ll come to regret that decision when “severely conservative” stripping of socially liberal (read: compassionate, Christian) government safety nets are law under President Romney.

    That’s just the start. The internet is their next target, to suppress Freedom of Information. Blogs like PoliticusUSA will find themselves targets. Then the Mormon Mafia will be busy recruiting Mormons to serve in the Cabinet and in every surviving Department and agency (there are already quite a few scattered throughout).

    Then most of the first 2 years will be spent in deleting from our history anything and everything “that black man” touched during his four years. Do you REALLY think Mormon hierarchy accepts blacks unconditionally? And when one is both a Mormon and a puppet of white supremacists, the answer is NO twice over.

  43. Except they aren’t fiscal conservatives. They’re backed Medicare Part D (unpaid for), wars that cost trillions (and the money was stolen from SS) and were hidden (and pointless), as well as other expensive, unapid for programs.

    They would eliminate your mortgage interest deduction, eliminate or severely curtail unemployment (which I bet you need these days), cut education funding, not to mention raising your taxes to pay for thier tax cuts.

    I also feel your pain, (I was there a year ago). It isn’t that there aren’t any jobs, there are just far fewer good jobs. Why? Because Mittens Howell sucked companies dry and sent those jobs overseas. Or companies found they could eliminate those position and get the remaining employees to take on those responsibilities for far less money.

    While you had a good job, you’re still clearly middle class. Thurston Howell and Eddie Munster do not have your best interests in mind.

    BTW, we’re far more outraged and shocked that Lovey Howell is such a complete snotty bitch, whioh many swing voters agree with

  44. Yes!! They keep repeating “2 years”, Mitt hasn’t even released ONE YEAR!! He showed PART of 2010. That’s ALL.

  45. My mother always said,”it will come out in the wash or the rinse.” what amazes me is the delusional thinking. Your husband is only running for the leader of our nation and you consider it a personal attack because those that can decide if he is the man for the job want to take a look at his tax returns. The rest of us apply for a job and they want to pull our credit score, conduct a criminal background check and God knows what else they look for. All of these supposedly speak to ones character. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. I think he(candidate Romney) has withheld the truth(tax returns)for too long now. It just smacks of dishonesty.

  46. You don’t realize it, but the republicans are the reason the economic recovery is so slow. President Obama had a jobs bill, but the republicans blocked it with a filibuster in the Senate. You’re doing exactly what the republicans want you to do–trust them and Romney to straighten things out. They won’t, and all you need to do is Google the Romney/Ryan Plan. Some very reputable economists have stated that neither plan creates any jobs in the short term. If you vote for Romney, expect to remain unemployed for at least another 3-4 years.

  47. You said that they need to put a muzzle on the wife? They need to do the same with Mitt too! Whenever he speaks he looks like an idiot!

  48. Come on…if it was known that he wasn’t paying taxes in Mass then you know he probably isn’t paying them in America! Every single time I hear about Romney he gets stupider and stupider! Do not even think of electing him! He is crazy!

  49. Hey, I think the Romney’s are billionaires! Whenever the one running for president is that rich they could care less about all of us averages! If neither can do what they need to do then QUIT running!

  50. Yes, we do need players in Congress that can get something done! It is unbelievable that nothing gets done! It would be a great idea to ONLY have the people who work come back. Everyone else is out of there! I seen something about all the people that work in Washington, DC that get paid for LIFE! That is something that should be ended right away!

  51. It is a joke that the Romneys act like they shouldn’t have to do anything when running for the U.S. President! It is just because they have been so rich and they believe they only should say what they want to say! Both of the Romneys act like they are spiraling out of control! It would be funny if it weren’t all of our lives!

  52. That’s a little harsh and more than a little prejudicial. Believe me, the words of this woman make me ill every time she opens her mouth. Your references to the Mormon religion as a “cult” is unfair, however. It will work against those who wish to re-elect President Obama to be connected with this type of verbage. Plus, it’s just not very kind.

  53. Mrs. Romney, in garbled syntax, says Mitt’s “integrity is golden.” If that is so, Mrs. Romney, why not release your records? We are expected to believe this because you say so? Prove it, by releasing tax records. As far as “giving 10% to charity”, LDS members are required to tithe to remain in good standing in their church. Your husband has yet to release even one full year. Yes, as you say, “there’s a reason for that.” Many observers suspect that you are hiding a felony offense. That would explain your inarticulate anger.

  54. Just a quick tidbit I find interesting amongst the entire ridiculous non-interview (how dare anyone ask questions that actually require answers rather than prompted double-speak!)…if one has so much money that they don’t even “know” what their account records show because someone else handles that trivial piece of their life; and “would like to know what’s in our accounts, myself” (insert snide-dressed-as-clever chuckle here)”…perhaps one is either extremely ignorant and out of touch with American financial reality, or just plain ‘mis-speaking'(most likely both). They’re afraid disclosure will lead to more questions and possible criticism…(why so; if they’re being forthcoming and trustworthty?)…just wondering: Can they see Swiss bank accounts from their back yard? (LOL)… you betcha…wink, wink ;-)

  55. **Her lip curled in Cheneyesque contempt as reporter Morales asked, “Are you angry that it’s been in the press?”**

    This is a great line. Unfortunately, didn’t seem to happen when I watched the video.

  56. I can not understand why people are surprised that Mitt lies. Just look to the morman religion, it’s filled with lies, deception,and making things up.

  57. Ann Romney is a repulsive and horrible lady, I can see her yelling at the Whitehouse staff and being shitty to people that work for her. The anger and hatred behind her eyes cannot be hidden. I thought Mitt was bad, I think his wife may be worse.

  58. All you little people,best shut your mouths,and stop talking back to your better! How dare you ask grown people to explain them selfs to you,who are you to damand anything of the hero of the republic,he is a man of means and substance,and all you have to offer is one vote, why if he want to he could buy the position of the presidency, All Mitt and the rest of the Republican party wants to do is rescue you from yourselves,to free you from the worry of–what you gone eat,where you gonna sleep the important things. Yous all has been highly disrespectful,and it would’nt surprise me one bit if the good master Paul Ryan did’nt start having loud mouth people who have a lot of guestion to ask of their better a public whoppn,for their dang smart a** guestion all of you best shuss yoll mouth and do what your told,you all better listen up to uncle T

  59. Didn’t you think it was rich hearing Mrs. Romney crying about that her husband is being attacked personally when her husband and his Bain money had just finished carpet bombing all other potential GOP presidential candidates with personal attacks….too funny!

  60. Plain and simply…if you want to be the first lady, get ready to be more transparent. They have not followed tradition, red flag. This was not reactive of the Romney. This was the initial action, and the response to not release the taxes is outrage. Attacked? You put yourself in the spotlight. In all honesty I do not know what they will prove, the tax law allows ways for people like this to pay 14 percent in taxes while 30 percent of my income goes t the fed. So I am sure they did their less than moral taxes perfectly legal. But since you think you are going to be my president and first lady – you better realize this is a contract to SERVE, and service requires humility and sacrifice. This what scares me, ANN seems to be ready to lead and not have questions asked. Greatest thing about America is that we have had great people with great questions – What is worse for most Americans is if Romney is elected the tax code will allow him to pay 2 percent of his income in taxes…most Americans will actually pay more in taxes as a result…well Americans making 400k a year break about even…which is unmanageable for MOST americans. Meanwhile – Obamacare is evil by saving people all over the country with better preventative care…and in 2014 the rest of these insurance companies will have to make a change. Props to Aetna for the CEO admitting the healthcare system is no longer about providing care, but making money, and that this is simply wrong. I love capitalism – but I a educated to know that Corporate values are not up to par with my moral values. When their funds flow into my healthcare and my educational system, my morals values flood out and corporate values replace them..and being a person making less than few million a year I KNOW that the only way I am not going to be handing these richest people a slavery contract is IF the FED can protect me. OF COURSE the other big sharks in the spender/job market sea – the corporations and larger wealth holders realize that eliminating that shark (The FED) – there is more fish for them. In other terms voting Romney means two things. You are not ethical enough to stand behind providing healthcare for your fellow citizens (please google these tragic examples), two – you simply are confused about who will cost you more directly in tax dollars the next four years.

    I don’t except this one – cheaper taxes for the mega rich will create more jobs. Ket’s start with it has not worked. And disregarding it most recent failure with BUSH Jr’s tax cuts…First and foremost the FED slowing spending will actually put Billions of people out of work. These people will be competing for your jobs, private sector. Making workers less valuable, and go figure, the corporations that can hire even more valuable. Also allowing the FED less power to regulate. This is where you google the progressive era and realize what conditions we had last time we let this single bottom line directed mobs have compete control. AKA please realize you moral obligation as a man woman or child and stand for something other than making a profit. Unless party voters can see the shift in where republican logic is crooked and their candidates too – the wheel keeps turning. Also – Ronald Reagans’s financial guy says the Ryan plan won’t work, so why do people still thinking giving these guys all our money is going to help us. WHY WOLD NOT SHOWING YOUR FED TAXES DO ANYTHING BUT THINK YOU ARE AS SHADY AS YOU LOOK TRYING TO EXPLAIN WHY YOU SHOULD NOT.

  61. No, it’s accurate.

    They’re a cult, just like the Assemblies of God and dominionist churches in general. They’ve been so designated for a number of good reasons, including their coercive nature (one of the prime characteristics of a cult).

    Cult is also a valid word to use, and appropriate. In fact, it was a cult that started the “don’t use the word Cult” movement because they didn’t want people to see what they really were.

    As far as being bad news for outsiders (they’re worse towards insiders)… well, I’ve already shared my experiences regarding them, and so have others. Just like dominionists… they’re “nice” until they realize that you will never convert, and then the mask comes off.

  62. Cant release what you dont have. They screwed the American people by hiding millions in offshore tax havens. RELEASE THE TAX FORMS!!!!

  63. Lawyer: Your Honor, my client has instructed me to remind the court how rich and important he is, and that he is not like other men.
    Mr. Burns: I should be able to run over as many kids as I want!

  64. this is what i’m hoping too. i want to believe that the majority of america is smarter than mitt & ann romney seem to think they are. but i can’t say that this election isn’t worrying me.

  65. What a ridiculous non sequester. Vote for a man with no experience running the economy who won’t declare what he’s do to fix it, except gather the credit for what the President has already implemented over GOP obstruction. The economy is recovering. Employment will lag. That’s just a fact, Jack. So tell me again why an Independent would vote for Romney. Just ’cause they are stupid? Just cause they expected instant gratification instead of a little shared sacrifice? Independents should vote for reason and rationality. That ain’t any part of the GOP ticket, especially not now.

  66. Oh, didn’t you listen!? Mitt’s honesty is “golden”!

    I’m curious though, the 10% given to “charity” she cites, is that over and above the required tithe to their singular Church? Oh wait, I’m being nosy perhaps jealous.

  67. oh people?! COME ON……..ask questions about the current prez too, if this is such a freakin’ big deal! all you guys should be worried about the next 4 years, not some PAST tax returns, since PAST verifiability of nationality, colleges, background in general, parental backgrounds, etc., wasn’t important enough in 2008?????!!!!!!!!

  68. No, parental background was already proven to be ok. Background in general was thoroughly picked apart. Nationality, American. That he went to college was verified.

    What was it you were asking? Did Obama hide his money overseas and then lie about it? Nope.

  69. Well, Horse Person, are you a horse or a person? If a horse, you’re betting on the wrong person unless you like the prosect of coming down with navicular disease, being nerved, being doped, being overworked, being sold for many times your worth, and then winding up in the glue factory. If you’re a person, I’ve seen smarter mules…much smarter.



  72. Well, Horse Person, are you a horse or a person?

    I think it’s a horse — more specifically, the horse’s ass . . .


  73. That is hilarious, and unfortunately true. If people like Mitt are allowed to dodge taxes to the degree which it seems they would, either the sales tax will reach 40%, entitlements and public education will be eliminated completely, or the military will be dismantled. I’m going to guess that the last one is the least likely.

  74. I hate to break it to Mitt’s trophy wife, but if I’m going to vote for you(which I won’t), I would like to audit you first to see what you’ve been up to, and determine what direction I think you’re going to take us.

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