Republican Governor Says We Shouldn’t Focus on Little Things Like Romney’s Welfare Lie

When you’re called out on your Presidential candidate’s lies whilst on the teevee, what’s a Republican to do but move the goal post? To this end, while admitting that Romney’s welfare to work ads are perhaps less than truthful, Governor Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) told us we shouldn’t focus on little things — like Romney’s lies, the truth or policy.

Yes! Shiny object debt! “Debt” is the Republican get-out-of-jail-free card that they used to ignore jobs for the last two years and are now using to shiny object their way out of being caught in a lie on matters of policy.

Initial transcript from Think Progress:

JANSING: But you agree that these claims that the work requirement has been abolished are false?

BROWNBACK: As far as I have seen, but I don’t know all of the basis to it. I do know the basis to this dependency on the government and how big the government is and how big the entitlement state is and how much of a debt we’re leaving to our kids.

Romney’s welfare to work ad has been proven false repeatedly.

But then this:

After nattering on about dependency and debt (why doesn’t anyone ever ask the Republicans just how we got that debt? Maybe they are unaware that their guy ran up the debt and told us not to worry about how we were going to pay for things like his two wars and Medicare Part D?), Brownback said “Let’s have a discussion about the major issues of the day, instead of little, small things. That um maybe you can move and motivate people on, but what we really need to talk about in the country are the big things, we need to major on the major things in this presidential debate.”

Yes, we do not need to talk about how the one ad that is working for Mitt Romney is the ad that is a total lie. Notice how he tries to infer that discussing the veracity of Mitt’s ad is politically motivated to “move and motivate people”? Yes, let us instead tarry on with the “major on the major things”, like debt! And dependency.

Very vague concern trolling from the Governor, but then, it’s obvious that he did not read the policy regarding the welfare changes, why else was he unaware of “the basis of it”? As a governor, it would probably behoove him to understand when his state is being given the option to create more flexibility in welfare work requirements so as to fit with the evolving career environment of this decade.

Sure, Mitt Romney is lying to the public about the one “policy” he’s willing to discuss, but this is not important! What is important is DEBT and DEPENDENCY (red meat!).

Commence your RNC trance now, wherein: Reality doesn’t matter, the truth is irrelevant and small, the word debt makes you forget about jobs and the word dependency makes you throw nuts at working African Americans and call them a animals, but Romney’s welfare to work ad and his birther nod are so not racist, you evil liberal elites!

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