Lyin’ Paul Ryan Applied For Obamacare Funds To Help A Family Planning Facility

Every Republican says they hated the stimulus, but they have held out their hands to grab the goodies to bring home and create jobs. Paul Ryan’s family made a fortune because of government spending partly building the Dulles Airport in D.C. and Wisconsin roadways.

Now, thanks to the Nation and the Freedom of Information Act, we now know that Paul Ryan dipped his hands into the Obamacare funds to improve the lives of the citizens in his district.

Nation Paul Ryan Letter

The money Paul Ryan applied for was made available by Obamacare, and he wanted the funds to be used for the Kenosha Community Health Center’s expansion called the Belle City Neighborhood Health Center.

Here is the shocker. This community health center provides family planning. So not only is Paul Ryan hypocritically denouncing ObamaCare while dipping his hands trying to extract the benefits of it for his constituency, but he is also funding a family planning facility.

After speaking with the facility, they told me they do not perform abortion services, but they do provide birth control, like the pill and all other family planning services.

If you remember recently, there was quite the uproar over birth control and tax dollars “paying” for it. Even though that isn’t true. The section mandates all insurance companies cover birth control. Period.

Many religious people do not believe in birth control and that their tax dollars should not be used to supply it.

Paul Ryan has spoken on this issue but decided to still specifically fund birth control and all different forms of family planning with your tax dollars by funding this facility, thanks to his hand in the Obamacare funds.

The Republicans will never admit the benefits of Obamacare for obvious political reasons, but they sure do enjoy them.

The biggest problem is that Paul Ryan is willing to hurt the very poor people he was trying to help by repealing the law. He is putting ideology and partisanship ahead of people and country.

It is the direction of the Republican Party’s move for power, and they will run over anyone who gets in their way.

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