The Koch Brothers Used Cliven Bundy as Part Of Their Plan To Seize Public Land


A cause célèbre is a notorious person, thing, incident, legal case, or episode that excites widespread attention that interested parties often rally around to either support or oppose the “cause.” In the information age, such a cause can easily be manipulated and used by partisan media outlets to advance a political agenda by garnering public support for a policy to benefit an otherwise unpopular idea. It is beyond dispute, except among extremists panting to overthrow the federal government, that conservative cause célèbre Cliven Bundy was seized upon by Republicans and conservative media to sway public opinion against the federal government owning and managing public land.

The problem for the Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Republicans, and conservative media is that they aligned with a cause célèbre (Cliven Bundy) steeped in racism, conspiracy theories, god delusions, and a tendency for pathological lying. It is not that any of Bundy’s ardent supporters were unaware of his 67-year religious-driven racism, they just assumed the crazed Mormon would keep his hatred toward African Americans to himself; particularly while he enjoyed his notoriety as an anti-government patriot inspiring conservatives to war against America. As it turns out, if the Koch brothers, ALEC, and Republicans expected Americans to rally behind Bundy and support their attempt to force the federal government to cede its land to states for the Koch brothers, they chose the wrong lunatic for their cause.

To briefly review the real reason Republicans, conservative media, and the Kochs’ supported Bundy’s armed confrontation of federal agents executing a federal court order; one just has to consider Rand Paul’s comments when he scolded Harry Reid. Paul attempted to justify Bundy and armed militias actions as opposing government overreach and not as Harry Reid asserted “domestic terrorism.” Paul criticized the BLM and federal endangered species laws he called “government overreach, government gone amuck with this Endangered Species Act. There is a legitimate constitutional question here about whether the state should be in charge of endangered species or whether the federal government should be.” Paul, conservative media, and Republicans beholden to the Kochs contend the federal government has no right or claim to public land.

The Koch brothers’ paid ALEC to create several pieces of “model legislation” for Republican states to “demand that Congress extinguish title and government jurisdiction over public lands that are held in trust by the US federal government” such as ALEC’s “Eminent Domain Authority for Federal Lands Act.” In 2012 Utah’s Mormon governor, Bundy and ALEC supporter Gary Herbert signed “The Transfer of Public Lands Act” mandating the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management relinquish their domain to Utah Republicans no later than 2015 or the conservative Supreme Court will do it for them. It is important to remember that Cliven Bundy’s primary assertion was that the federal government had no right, or claim, to public land it had purchased from Mexico and why the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity and Republicans fell over themselves to support Bundy’s claim of “government overreach.”

Once a state seized federal government land, they were free to sell off the land to the Koch brothers to “unleash the energy” under the ground conservatives claimed the federal government had “gone amuck protecting with this Endangered Species Act” and “environmental protections” they had no authority to impose. ALEC has a wealth of legislation giving states authority to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from overreaching to prevent Republican states from flaunting environmental protections the Koch brothers want eliminated. This was why Cliven Bundy was heavily promoted as a conservative hero by conservative media, the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, and Republicans beholden to the dirty energy sector. The revelation that their “cause célèbre” was a lifelong racist put a damper on the face of opposition to federal land ownership, and as Bundy and his supporters’ lunacy continues being revealed it is likely they will rue the day they chose him as their land grab hero.

According to a reporter with Esquire, Bundy’s demand that sheriffs across America disarm and confiscate weapons from federal agents came from a revelation from god inspired by his close association with fellow Mormon and Oath Keeper Richard Mack. Bundy spoke to militia supporters after BLM officials released his cattle, and reprimanded them for disobeying the word of god that was delivered through him. Armed militias failed, for example, to follow his explicit instructions to tear down the toll booths at Lake Mead and disarm the Park Service. Bundy said, “The message I gave to you all was a revelation that I received. And yet not one of you can seem to even quote it. Here, something I delivered was inspired by God and yet we haven’t even carried it forth for even a couple of days.”

Apparently, even though armed militias stopped the BLM, they failed to do it “within one hour” as the revelation from god demanded. So, Bundy, emulating Mormon founder Joseph Smith, received another revelation. “It come to my mind real plain, and I heard a voice say, ‘Sheriff Gillespie, your work is not done. Every sheriff across the United States, take the guns away from the United States bureaucrats.'” This is the man conservatives, the Kochs, and Republicans backed to facilitate seizing federal land for the Koch brothers to mine, frack, and drill without interference from “government overreach.”

Bundy’s militia supporters are as plagued by lunacy as their patriot hero. One of Richard Mack’s Oath Keeper militiamen explained the real force behind the BLM’s mandate to manage public land. “The assumption is that the BLM is part of the federal government. The BLM doesn’t work for the government, they work for the United Nations. No one should be surprised when we find out money’s being exchanged between Harry Reid and the Chinese government.” Another Oath Keeper, an alleged self-trained lawyer, said that “federal bar-certified lawyers who prosecuted Bundy have sworn loyalty to the British government whose statutes encourage sex with clients. That’s what they do with all their clients.”

A former law enforcement officer from New Mexico lamented that “everything wasn’t against the law, way back when” as he related a hilarious story of a sheriff who was reprimanded for chaining a “carload of illegals around the necks and padlocking them to a tree” where he left them overnight. The militiaman then said it is “proven the BLM acted on direct orders from Troy and Harry Reid” according to a Fox News segment he saw “explaining how the federal government is trying to put people out of work.” Another Bundy supporter said the problem is that “Obama, a Muslim Kenyan, doesn’t let kids say the pledge in school anymore,” and another blamed regulations preventing America from being “like it was growing up in the fifties.”

The Kochs, Americans for Prosperity, Fox News, and Republicans failed to properly vet their conservative hero for their crusade to seize federal land for oil and gas unfettered by environmental and endangered species protections. Bundy as racist destroyed their portrayal of a patriot fighting for his land rights, but his delusion as a Mormon prophet receiving revelations from god defines him as psychotic lunatic. One of Bundy’s earliest supporters, Nevada Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore, said after addressing the crowd of crazies, “When you really look at this, it’s not about the environmental stuff — it’s a lot deeper than what’s coming out in the media.” She is right; it is about the Kochs, ALEC, and Republicans backing another group of maniacal conservatives as insane as the teabaggers and religious right.

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  1. This piece is written as propaganda just as you are accusing the republicans of doing! This piece is meant to support the idea that there is no legitimate claim to The Federal government’s overreaching tactics are not un-constitutional. You also have followed the rhetoric of extremist and domestic terrorists. Very disappointed Political. I used to read you but you seem to be more and more propaganda all the time.

  2. Hey dummy how can it be unconstitutional when the property clause in the Constitution make it so? Step away from the keyboard and read and learn

  3. That’s why FOX News carried the full Bundy Ranch Riot live. Fox is controlled by the Koch Brothers!

    Look at the East Coast Federal Land:

    Connecticut 0.4%
    Rhode Island 0.4%
    Iowa 0.8%
    New York 0.8%
    Maine 1.1%
    Kansas 1.2%
    Nebraska 1.4%
    Alabama 1.6%
    Ohio 1.7%
    Illinois 1.8%

    It’s our Western Federal land they covet:

    Nevada 84.5%
    Alaska 69.1%
    Utah 57.4%
    Oregon 53.1%
    Idaho 50.2%
    Arizona 48.1%
    California 45.3%
    Wyoming 42.3%
    New Mexico 41.8%
    Colorado 36.6%

    OUR National Land, OUR Parks they want to plunder!

  4. Been screaming it from the rooftops all over the Intertoobz the moment Bundy hit the Fox limelight:

    Koch/ALEC/Ron Paul push to privatize public land! and P.S. white supreamcist sovereign citizen.

    Even got myself banned from Daily banter for sayng it too many times (worth it). But I can’t say I’m unhappy with the way the story unfolded. Finally, America got a good look at the real face of the Tea Party, a bunch of armed white supremacists claiming a divine stamp of approval for their vile agenda.

  5. Idiots who do not live anywhere near the “western or southwestern states” are CLUELESS as to how little the population of these states are in comparison to most of the USA. Also, Idiots, where in the HELL do you think the US MILITARY does it war training, pilot training, flying exercises, jets, helicopters, stealths? IN THE FEDERAL AIRSPACE OF NEVADA, NEW MEXICO, ARIZONA!

    The MILITARY does not have Majick Wand that CREATES WAR MACHINES.

    Utah is mostly owned by the Mormons.

  6. P.S. That entire schtick is Ron Paul to the letter.

    READ THIS: Cliven Bundy – Chrisitan Identity, violent white supremacist militia movement – ideology mainstramed by none other than Glenn Beck via Fox “News,” as if we didn’t know:

    “EXPOSED: The Source Of Cliven Bundy’s Crackpot Constitutionalism”

    Ron Paul’s involement: “Ron Paul Calls for Public Lands to be Sold Off to Private Owners” (Think Progress has video from 2011; Paul reiterated it during the Bundy fiasco):

  7. Each day I wake up with the positive belief that people will learn something before they just spewing idiocy off cable teevee and RWNJ websites.

    For crissakes, educate yourselves. Take a road trip, get out of your area and see the rest of the USA.

  8. I was saying right from the start that this whole Bundy fiasco was manipulated by the Kochs in order to stoke anti government sentiment so they could waltz right in and take it over for their own evil purposes.

    Does anybody still think that the Kochs are not a malevolent, selfish, destructive force on the US?

    God help you.

  9. As someone who works in media, I have learned to recognize a cover story. So I took a look around and came to the very same conclusions as this article, and have been screaming about it since. The paper trails are all there, it’s open agenda not a conspiracy. There are direct links to ALEC writing BLM management policy for them, so for Koch it’s a win win situation. I’m glad to finally see someone start to make the connections.

  10. What we are talking about is a small group of individuals attempting to take over a major portion of the US for personal gain. The amazing thing is that no one seems to be able to make anything really stick to these bastards. They just keep chipping away at the nation’s common. Like a woodpecker the tree will eventually fall.

  11. I think it’s absolutely outrageous what took place with this Bundy fiasco! The fact that they can draw guns on federal authorities and say they’re going to put their women and children on the front lines to be shot at first is domestic terrorism. Bundy is a racist, extremist, tax dodging jerk of the worst kind who has been benefitting off US taxpayers for years at no cost to himself! He needs to be fined and arrested. This should not be happening in this country!

  12. Beg to differ— the government DOES overreach sometimes, but ranchers with REAL issues have fought the agencies and won… in court. For example, see the story of Wayne Hage who was REALLY wronged by a federal agency and proved it by winning a $14,000,000 award in federal court.—three-years-after-he-died/

    Unlike Bundy, Hage had an actual case to present. You wild-eyed lunatics (and that IS the most appropriate term) have done absolutely NOTHING to help Bundy. Why aren’t you out raising money for a lawyer for him to fight his case in court? Because you’re all of you so interested in shooting someone. So quick to run for the gun.

    People like you are all bile and mouth. I for one am getting more than a little sick of it

  13. Fine mess. What exactly does Bundy advocate? These radical and irrational loudmouths always have complaints but never solutions.

  14. The Feds need to go after the Koch brothers as they would terrorists. Taking up arms against law enforcement is a joke and I can’t believe the Feds still have not taken action regarding this outlaw action by organized militias against the United States of America. I am sure if the NSA uses their unlimited resources that they will find that this is all connected to the Koch brothers. Those Koch brothers need to go to prison and ALL their wealth seized. The same goes for all those militia boys who came armed to shoot federal officers.

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