Draft Dodging Republican Senator Refuses To Believe That Bowe Bergdahl Was Tortured


On CBS’ Face The Nation Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss refused to believe that Bowe Bergdahl was tortured by the Taliban, and wanted the story verified he would believe it.




Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) was asked about the reports that Sgt. Bergdahl is saying he was tortured. He answered, “I think there are going to be a lot of things that Bergdahl tells the Army and the medical folks that he is talking to now that are going to be very difficult to validate, but that’s not to say they’re not absolutely true, but we weren’t there. We have nobody who was on the inside, so we don’t know what happened in his life over the last several years, except we do that he was he was captured and he was in the Taliban’s hands for these number of years, so I just suspect that you’re going to have number one rumors coming out about what he me maybe saying, but then other actual statements that he may make that are going to be very difficult to validate, and again, that’s not to say they’re not true.”

Chambliss’s answer should sound familiar because it is the same sort of language that Republicans used for years when they questioned President Obama’s birth certificate. Republicans spent years saying that President Obama probably was born in the United States, but they can’t be sure because they have never seen his original birth certificate. Sen. Chambliss was applying the same rhetoric in this case. Chambliss was suggesting that Bergdahl might be telling the truth about being tortured, but he doesn’t know because there isn’t someone else there to verify the story.

There are physical signs of torture that can be found through medical testing, but Republicans are still trying to discredit Bergdahl so they don’t want to discuss science and facts. It is unprecedented for a POW to have their claims of torture by their captors doubted, but that is exactly what Republicans are doing. The Taliban is infamous for their use of torture. Bergdahl’s claim falls right into line with what is know about Taliban tactics and behavior.


There is no reason to doubt Sgt. Bergdahl, and the source of this doubt lacks credibility. Saxby Chambliss received five student deferments to get out of going to Vietnam. Chambliss also swiftboated a triple amputee Vietnam veteran to win his Senate seat in 2002. He also said that he would have raised holy hell over the prisoner exchange to bring Bergdahl home.

No matter what the circumstances were that led to his capture by the Taliban, Sgt. Bergdahl put on the uniform and served his country. He has more courage than Saxby Chambliss could ever hope to possess. Chambliss is the lowest of the low, who made his Senate career by attacking veterans.

The more Republicans talk, the worse things get for them. Their attempt to smear and politicize Bowe Bergdahl is showing the real hypocrisy of the GOP’s stance on war and treatment of those who serve.

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  1. No one cares what this ignoramous thinks. He is still trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Pretty soon repubs won’t be able to hide. You will be able to identify them by the bite marks on their a**es.

  2. Your opinion is worth exactly the same amount of time that you served in the US Military. Draft dodger!!! Gee I wonder if Republican Draft Dodgers should receive the Death Penalty? What do you think Chris Wallace and Fox news?

  3. isn’t saying ‘we weren’t there’ about not believing Bergdahl was tortured the same as saying I don’t believe science claims that people and dinosaurs didn’t co-exist because I wasn’t there to not see it…

    and ‘I’m not a scientist’…

  4. The first amendment should stop with these draft dodging repigs speaking out or denying anything for veterans, if you never walked in their boots, STFU, you mental midget chicken hawk, I hope the people of the state of Georgia realize who you really are. And if they re-elect you it just tells all the veterans in the country that Georgia just don’t care about veterans. What a slimy snake you are, typical repug, everyone except oneself is guilty before innocent! You sir are a proven draft dodging coward by your own actions during wartime!

  5. Republican politicos rarely let reality undermine their rhetoric, and they certainly will deny the veracity of any evidence that conflicts with their inflammatory talking points.

  6. He was quick to believe those that are claiming Bergdahl is a traitor but can’t believe what the man that has lived it has to say. Hearsay and rumors must be the truth because the man that lived it is not telling the truth. A very sorry excuse for a human being Chambliss. May you and all like you,enjoy your place in hell.

  7. McCain is now saying the prisoners that were swapped were the ones that planned and executed 9/11.

    that is new to me and I wonder where he got that info, I hope someone questions him on it, then he will do the McCain thing and get mad at the question.

  8. How about we round up Chambliss, McCain and their cohorts and waterboard them to see if they’re telling the truth. They all seem to think it’s ok and not torture. Start with Cheney.

  9. Wow even bush didn’t make that claim. The POS is senile and needs to retire or at least censured. It is time that POW get out of stupidity card be revoked

  10. chambliss is full of t. if he were offered proof he would not attend the briefing, but would make time to speak to fox news reporters whining about how the obama administration has not offered proof of torture; all the while a briefing is being given that he chose not to attend to deny what is being done at that very moment- providing proof that bergdahl was tortured.

  11. Sen.Chambliss: Please stay silent and slide into the forgettable annals of political History/We remember what you did to Max Cleland and he did not ask for any deferment…. no, sir…!

  12. The idea any of these guys are not just Taliban POW’s but actual 9/11 War Criminals, seem to be brand new news to the Chief Gitmo Prosecutor who was in charge of putting together War Crimes Tribunals…

    Retired Air Force Col. Morris Davis, who was the former top prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay, told MSNBC on Saturday that the prisoners released in exchanged for Bergdahl were so inconsequential that he did not even know who they were.
    “My role as chief prosecutor was to review the information we had on the detainees to determine which ones we could potentially bring war crimes charges against,” Davis recalled. “When I saw the names of the five individuals, when they were reported last weekend, my first reaction was, ‘Who are they?’”

    “I never saw the names before, which means there was not enough information to even make it on our list of potential prosecution,” he explained. “To trade five of them for a U.S. service member, in my estimation, and I’m often critical of President [Barack] Obama, I think they struck a pretty good deal.”

  13. Without a doubt this entire Bergdahl affair is the lowest point in American history. So-called patriots eating their own, doubting our military and intel communities.
    Every day makes me want to vomit but my stomach has already been emptied.

  14. After what this slimebag did to Mark Cleland, a veteran who lost limbs in combat, I don’t put anything past him. What makes his words even more despicable is the fact that he is a draft-dodger who is in no position to make comments on what Bowe Bergdahl or anyone else over there endured, especially by calling them liars. I sincerely hope he loses his bid at re-election, but if he wins, it will tell me just as much about his supporters as it does about him. It will show me that they don’t see any depth of slime he could sink into that would prevent them from supporting him, because they think like him.

  15. He is not running. The candidates are for the Dems Michelle Nunn and for the teabaggers David Perdue and Rep. Jack Kinston in a runoff that’s on July 22

  16. The fact that he’s not running is good news. The bad news is that there are others only too eager to take his place, and a base that gladly aids and abets slime like him by voting them into office. I sincerely hope Michelle Nunn beats the pants off these Teabaggers, because they have done so much damage in the few years they’ve been on the political scene.

  17. “All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.”
    – George Orwell

  18. We can pretty much apply the same ‘we weren’t there’ “logic” to his 5 deferments to dodge Vietnam. “Senator”, you weren’t there, in Vietnam, so you really have no basis to speak on this. You were not tortured. You found ways to avoid service, 5 times. You are not qualified to speak on this subject. Be gone, sir.

  19. I think the repubs are just trying to muddy the waters on what released Gitmo detainees have been responsible for. Among the detainees that Bush released was Abu Sufian bin Qumu, who is suspected of masterminding the Benghazi attack of 4 Americans. I think George Bush should get a subpeona from the select investigation, as well as anyone who voted to cut funding for American Embassies. It is my opinion that Bush is responsible for 2 tragic 9/11 incidents!

  20. On the one hand, we have this, but on the other hand we have that, and again I’m not saying it’s not true, but you know that Obama. republicans should be so embarrassed they hide for months. What a moron.

  21. He refuses to believe it huh? I bet he swallowed the Jessica Lynch’s rescue propaganda story hook, line and sinker…and still believes it!

    Nothing but conservative PARTISANSHIP!

    And if it is PROVEN that Bergdahl was indeed tortured, I hope Bergdahl gets to do to Chambliss was he got…

  22. I haven’t forgiven or forgotten Chambliss yet for the shitty campaign he ran demeaning his opponent Max Clelland, a triple amputee from his Vietnam service. How a scumbag like this can be accepted in polite society is beyond me. He makes me hope there really is a Hell.

  23. It’s the Taliban. Of course he was tortured. Anyone with half a brain cell concludes he was mistreated far worse than has been made public yet. Put in a “shark cage” or dark box for weeks at a time for starters.
    The GOP don’t even pretend to be rational because no one challenges their filth. I didn’t watch Sunday shows but my guess is no one called out this garbage spewing hack.

  24. John McCain eventually succumbed to torture & read the scripts of his capturers if I remember correctly. Why didn’t we hang him by his balls in a village square for being a traitor? The nastiness & threats toward the Bergdahls makes my stomach churn. He hasn’t stepped foot on American soil yet after 5 years in captivity.
    Republicans don’t have the decency to allow him the time to arrive here & speak for himself. It’s a Republican ambush on the entire Bergdahl family. But why attack a conservative Republican family in a red state?
    It boils down to the parents standing with Obama on the podium. That’s all it takes for these jealous bastards. Anything remotely viewed as an Obama success has to be obliterated. To hell with the Bergdahls. They are just a casualty of the GOP’s war against Obama.

  25. The senator’s “we weren’t there” logic could be applied to Senator McCains recount of his POW experience. “We weren’t there”, why should we believe him? With the exception of MaCains broken arms as proof of the torture, for all we know he could have slipped on a banana peel…..

    How can they be so obtuse?

  26. He broke his arms while ejecting after being shot down because he didn’t follow flight protocol. He couldn’t even eject properly.

  27. This scumball Chambliss is not for soldiers and veterans. Remember how he trashed and lied about Sen. Max Cleeland, veteran and triple amputee, to get elected and fool the stupid redneck idiots in Georgia. This chickenhawk is true scum!

  28. This says a lot about the Bergdahl’s character
    Sergeant Bergdahl, who was released last Saturday to American commandos in Afghanistan in exchange for five Taliban detainees held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, remains in a military hospital in Germany without access to news media — and thus is oblivious to the raging criticism from some in Congress about the prisoner swap and even from members of his former platoon who say he deserted them. He has received a letter from his sister but has not yet responded, and objects when hospital staff address him as sergeant instead of private first class, his rank when he was captured nearly five years ago after walking off a remote outpost in eastern Afghanistan, the official said.
    When staffers call him “sergeant,” Bergdahl immediately says, “Don’t call me that. I didn’t go before the boards. I didn’t earn it.”

  29. The only reason Bergdahl is big news for the Republicans is that it’s fresh meat. They didn’t get any traction from repeating Benghazi as an excuse for anything that was thrown their way.

  30. You know? I’m surprised Saxby isn’t kissing Bowe Bergdahl’s ass. I mean, Bergdahl joined the military in 2008 but had a change of heart in 2009. Who was president back in 2009? This is an opportune time for the Republicans to say: See? Obama is a lousy President, it was so bad that he wandered off and was captured.

    This is an opportunity for the Republicans to snatch Bergdahl from Obama’s grasp and humiliate the POTUS…noooooooo. He’s a traitor and now we on the left can now say that it was Bush’s policy in Afghanistan that made Bergdahl change…boy the right is stupid.

  31. I really didn’t appreciate the comment made by Huckleberry that McCain should be waterboarded. Don’t you think that McCain went through enough as a Vietnam POW? I’m a registered Independent and I agree with everything else you wrote.

  32. Another phoney Republican bastard talking out his ass and saying nothing. This draft dodging sob has a lot of nerve and just should sit his ass down somewhere and be very quiet.

  33. this draft dodging coward shouldn’t even have bergdahl’s name on his lips! Because at the end of the day Bergdahl served his country and Chambliss(who I’m ashamed to say is my senator) hasn’t!

  34. Mccain’s broken arm was not from torture, but from the ejecting from his plane. He couldn’t even do that correctly, after ejecting from the other two planes he crashed. You’d think, he would have learned!!

  35. There would be no story if a member of the Totalitarian Party was president. Fox News would be promoting a parade for Bergdahl and the Medal of Honor. Chambliss would be suggesting Bergdahl should run for office.

  36. This draft dodging piece of human trash almost lost the 2008 election off the Obama wave that year. Because he didn’t get fifty percent he had a runoff against a true American hero who actually wore his countries uniform with pride in Vietnam. Saxby did what every other southern conservative politician does when they are in a close runoff election against a southern Democrat. Run a nice little commercial with him and his sweet little Christian family in front of the family Christmas tree saying “how blessed and humbled it’s been to serve the people of jarja”. They go to that frigging well every time and it worked once more. Apparently democrats felt they had enough wins and decided to sit this one out.

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