Regarding Iraq, New GOP House Majority Leader Has No Earthly Idea What He’s Talking About

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During an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the new House Majority Leader, showed that he is just another GOP mouthpiece that likes to talk smack about President Obama, but when pressed for any ideas or strategies himself, has nothing to offer. Wallace and McCarthy talked bout the present situation in Iraq and the fact that the President recently sent over 300 special forces troops to assist the Iraqi army. Wallace, ever the the GOP’s helping hand, tried to give McCarthy every opportunity to provide some ideas from a GOP perspective. Instead, he got nothing but endless double-talk and vague statements about the need for a strategy from the White House.

WALLACE: Welcome back to “Fox News Sunday.”

Let’s start with Iraq where as we reported, ISIS is still on the move. Was President Obama right to send these military advisers to help the Iraqi army? Or should he move further and authorize military strikes against is now?

MCCARTHY: I think the first thing he needs to do, because to me, this is not just about Iraq. This is about Syria, this is about Egypt, this is about the entire Middle East.

What is our strategy? Why do you send troops? What are they going to do?

If you don’t have an overall strategy, how do we push back this momentum of this terrorism that’s growing throughout the entire region? To me, the key part was, lay out a strategy, then we can see the outcome of what we need to do to make it happen.

WALLACE: But we cannot allow ISIS to have a safe haven.

MCCARTHY: We cannot allow it. I don’t have a problem sending the 300, but I think it’s more important, what is the strategy you’re going to have going forward. So what military options do you have? I leave everything on the table right now.

WALLACE: Including boots on the ground?

MCCARTHY: I put everything on the table.

But most people when you talk to them don’t think boots on the ground work right now. You don’t need it. But if you don’t have a strategy, what would the boots on the ground even do? That’s the question you have to have.

WALLACE: Does it make sense to authorize military strikes, airstrikes now, simply to degrade, slow down ISIS, which is moving across Iraq?

MCCARTHY: If you have a strategy that says the airstrikes have to go, then yes, that would be right. If you don’t have a strategy, why do you pick what you’re going to do next?

I think the key part is lay out what we want to do for the entire region, to stop the momentum of this growth, we cannot allow them to continue to grow. By not acting, now, they have half a billion dollars. They’re growing each and every day.

By our lack of action has allowed them to grow. So, build an overall strategy that moves that momentum backwards. Airstrikes could be a very good — big key part of it.


So, let me get this straight. Maybe we need to put boots on the ground, but only if we have a strategy. Maybe airstrikes are the answer, maybe not. All depends on having a strategy. Everything is on the table, but you have to have a strategy. We need to stop the momentum of ISIS and we need to have a strategy. Gee, thanks, Mr. McCarthy. Sure glad you were able to clear that right up.

Like his predecessor Eric Cantor, McCarthy offers up no ideas, no plans, no anything. It appears that he knows how to criticize the President and Democrats and that is about it. In that exchange between Wallace and McCarthy, there was not one concise, clear point of view offered. Not a one. The man just hemmed and hawed and essentially spouted off important sounding gibberish. That is all we get from the Republican Party anymore. They are a party of second-guessing critics who know how to say no yet never offer any solutions.

21 Replies to “Regarding Iraq, New GOP House Majority Leader Has No Earthly Idea What He’s Talking About”

  1. I didn’t know Charlie McCarthy the dummy had offspring. The Republican Party proves again, there’s no room for intelligence in their party.

  2. From Cantor to McCarthy. If the repubs were a basketball team they don’t even have a starting five.

  3. I could understand McCarthy’s words individually, but due to their peculiar haphazard arrangement, his sentences didn’t make a lick of sense.

    Has he been taking speech and foreign policy lessons from Sarah Palin?

  4. I have to agree with Molly Malone. Sarah Palin’s word salad was served up by Rep. McCarthy. That’s great.

  5. I can’t believe this demonstration of utter desperation won’t have a negative effect on the GOP’s chances of taking the Senate. They are going to get killed in the polls for this lack of vision, and inability to even suggest a strategy that doesn’t involve shipping troops to Iraq.

  6. When conservatives were warned of the Pottery Barn Rule, they ignored the warnings. Too bad they didn’t understand that they also “broke” American resolve for foreign intervention. That dog not only won’t hunt, it will turn around and piss on your leg.

  7. This was not an interview, this was Wallace trying to feed this Bozo the answers, and even THAT didn’t go well.

  8. You are so right, he sounds dizzy, as if he’s having problems focusing, totally out of it. Abbot and Castello exactly, haha! Never thought that as Americans we’d get to this point, of having an Abbot and Castello act in the White House. I guess the Koch brothers didn’t give him his lines and rehearse what he had to say, so he was just himself! You have made me laugh tonight…” whose on first?” haha

  9. New House Majority Leader has no earthly idea what he’s talking about…..
    gee, why does that NOT surprise me? LMAO

  10. It should surprise no one that these GOP nutcases in the House are interchangeable when it comes to cluelessness and downright stupidity. There was no way that any Republican who didn’t toe the line of idiocy would have been selected.

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  12. LOL I think we just got a glimpse into what a Palin administration would sound like…

    “You see Charlie, the plan is to have a strategy of how you’re going to stop the bad guys because that’s the questions you have to ask so you move forward with that, also too so that you don’t do anything without knowing the outcome of how the momentum moves backwards, and those jobs that are so desperately needed all falls under the umbrella of healthcare reform that this great country so desperately needs.”

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