Rush Limbaugh Claims Malaysian Airliner Was Shot Down In a Conspiracy To Help Obama

Well, that sure didn’t take long. On Thursday, conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh tossed around an insane conspiracy theory regarding the Malaysian jet airliner that crashed in Ukraine. Limbaugh suggested that the airline crash, which the US has confirmed was caused by a surface-to-air missile, occurred at the perfect time for the media to “abandon the Obama news at the border.” Limbaugh made sure to carefully parse his words and point out that this all was just “really eerie.” However, it was clear what the Republican mouthpiece was implying with his comments.

Below is from The Rush Limbaugh Show’s transcript:

RUSH: Holy cow, folks. Have you seen the news? A Malaysian Airlines flight has been shot down by a missile over Ukraine, at least according to an advisory to Ukraine’s interior ministry. The Interfax News Agency — which has nothing to do with fax machines. It’s what the Soviets used to call their news agency, Interfax. You didn’t know that, did you?

They even had a hotel chain called Interfax and everybody thought, “What? Is it fax machines?” and it had nothing to do with that. Anyway, it’s a Malaysian Airlines jet. You know, I’ve got the British Open on to the top monitor. I haven’t had CNN on all day. What do you bet they have broomed everything and are covering wall-to-wall the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down by a missile?

I mean, you talk about… I don’t want appear to be callous here, folks, but you talk about an opportunity to abandon the Obama news at the border? And, no, I’m not suggesting anything other than how the media operates. Anyway, it’s eerie. It is really eerie. A Malaysian airliner. It was on the way to Kuala Lumpur. Why would it be shot down? Over Ukraine? It was shot down by a missile.

This would lead one to believe that it is not an accident. It carried 295 people, and obviously there are no survivors.

You get that? Rush isn’t suggesting anything; he’s just saying that it all seems a little fishy. This tragedy comes at the perfect time for the President as it distracts everyone from the situation at the border, don’t you know? So it all is just very fortuitous for the administration. They are catching a break. But, maybe, just maybe, they might be in on it. Rush won’t put it past them. But, you know, he’s just pointing things out.

Throughout the show, Limbaugh allowed listeners to spout out their own theories about the airline crash. Rush also told his audience that he didn’t think Obama apologized to Vladimir Putin for the jet crash. The reason is that Putin was the one who called Obama and informed him of the crash. This seemed to be an odd statement from Rush — except when you realize he was helping to feed into his audience’s wingnut fantasies about President Obama. Basically, he lends credence to their thoughts that Obama may have had a hand in this tragic event, even as Limbaugh gives the opinion that Obama likely did not admit any culpability.

RUSH: It was Vladimir Putin who called Obama and told him that the Malaysian Airlines jet had been shot down. Now, Putin was scheduled to call anyway. He was calling Obama about sanctions, US sanctions on Russia. The call was therefore scheduled before the plane was shot down. The AP is claiming that Putin is who informed Obama. So I had some people asking me earlier today if they thought Obama apologized to Putin for the plane being shot down.

I doubt that since it was Putin who made the call.


I know we shouldn’t expect anything else from Limbaugh. But, can’t he at least wait 24 hours before he starts bringing out the crazy conspiracy theories?


63 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Claims Malaysian Airliner Was Shot Down In a Conspiracy To Help Obama”

  1. He’s taking a page out of Ales Jones’s handbook. I’m sick of this stuff because it minimizes the extent of the tragedy and the victims who lost their lives. Now all the pundits and the news here in the US will talk about is how this affects Obama–instead of what truly happened–a commercial airline was shot out of the sky. People died–and NO ONE should be using it as a political tool. Sickening.

  2. Enough is enough, this fat SOB should be taken off the air. This guy makes Sarah Palin look like a genius. He opens up his pie hole and nothing comes out but garbage. This hate filled balloon is the worst thing that God could have created. One of these days even God is going to get sick of hearing it and cut him off in the middle of one of his crazy rants. Then his idiot followers won’t know what to do, since he has been feeding them hate-filled Kool Aid all this time. With-out a doubt, they will blame President Obama.

  3. Rush “to judgement” must have a fairly wide bunghole in order to shove both his head and a Bogeyman up his ass.

  4. he needs commited but they just run around loose,and join the republican party now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. As long as Obama is President, everything that takes place in America, the world, and maybe even in the universe, Rush will try to make it into a conspiracy to make Pres. Obama look bad.

  6. I am sure that in the next 48 hours, Alex Jones and Breitbart will report that Obama was the triggerman!

  7. Rush appeals to the bottom feeders of the American political spectrum, the people who constantly populate the sewers of the body politic!!!

  8. Hey Rush what’s the new drugs you’re taking now-a-days? Seems to be working better than a 1960’s acid trip!

  9. It is beyond me why the media reports on anything that Rush has to say. Rush, along with Palin, should be ignored period. Making money is what these two are interested in, not facts.

  10. CLEVER!
    Much like a “Store-front Psychic”, Rush throws crap against the wall figuring SOMETHING>>>>
    Thereby reinforcing his “Persecuted” image.
    “I was SO right and those darn libs ripped me apart in the left wing Media. POOR ME!”

  11. I’m far more interested in the theory that the target was Putin, whose plane flew in the same airspace a mere 40 minutes before this plane went down. The networks seem to be ignoring this.
    I refuse to give Rush a single thought..he is just not worth it.

  12. A person?? if you notice, disagrees with your post by clicking the “No Way” button. Hope hes not a neighbor or relative.

  13. Shame on the media for even publishing this typically insane type of garbage. Limbaugh could less what effects his words have on anyone, anywhere. It simply boosts ratings. And anyone who listens and actually believes him needs immediate medical attention.

  14. Remember when Rush Limbaugh said that nicotine in cigarettes was not addictive?
    How many of his loyal listeners did that statement kill? And there are people who believe every word he says, minus those who died from smoking!

  15. And the Israelis were in on distracting from the border too. Right? What, is rushbo pulling a gohmert again?

  16. Excuse my manners ya’ll but rush limbum is a gasbag a$$hole! lower than life and the scum of the earth and I hope his demonic arse fries to a crisp in he//.

  17. Don’t know about recently, but in years gone by Herman Cain used to sit in for him whenever he took some time off. Birds of a feather.

  18. Give the idiot tea-baggers just a little more time and it will be the President who actually shot the plane down. I predict by Friday am they’ll be floating this insane idea.

  19. Just stating the facts when the rethugs start complaining

    This was reported in Tip O’Neill’s 1987 memoir:

    I’ll never forget that summer day in 1983 when Flight 007, the Korean airliner, was shot down by the Soviets. I was on Cape Cod, where Secretary of State George Shultz called me at 7 in the morning. After telling me what had happened, he said he was sending down a plane to bring me to Washington for an emergency meeting at the White House.

    “I’ll be ready,” I said. “But what does the President think about this?”

    “He’s still asleep,” said Shultz. “He doesn’t know about it yet.”

    “You’ve got to be kidding,” I said. “You mean you`re calling me before you’ve even notified the President?”

    “We’ll tell him when he wakes up,” said Shultz.

    That is all

  20. I don’t pay any attention to anything that Rush Windbag says. In my opinion he has never ever been relavent. I just wish the media would do the same for a change. He is not worth the media’s time.

  21. So the title of this reads “Rush Limbaugh Claims Malaysian Airliner Was Shot Down In a Conspiracy To Help Obama” Nothing in the article supports your claim that he claimed that.

    What Limbaugh said was “And, no, I’m not suggesting anything other than how the media operates.”

    In the article you write, “Rush isn’t suggesting anything; he’s just saying that it all seems a little fishy.”

    Good job. Really fine but of journalism.

  22. Limbaugh is a very sick person. Very scary that he has influence over people on the right. To suggest that this was planned to distract about what is going on at the border is insane! But he has his crazies that believe every lie that comes out of his mouth . He is a sick sick sick person!!

  23. In today’s world, nobody should just throw such a suggestion out “just because” of how wicked such an act is. What will help you understand what is happening is to acknowledge that there is a significant and powerful cabal of secret society satanists (the SSS) who are working together globally to create a “New World Order.”
    To build the NWO is a commandment given to Satanists in the Satanic Bible. These SSS like to use their secret numbers to stamp their secret agenda-promoting actions. Notice there have been many 32’s and 324’s associated with articles about this jetliner shooting. Those are Satanic numbers. 322 is Skull & Bones (Bush, Gore, et al); 32 is the secret number used by Masons, Templars, Jesuits, and high-level Mormons. All these are very likely, actually Satanists.
    More examples: Obamacare= HR 3200; AB 32 (Calif.): the “Global Warming Solutions Act.”
    When Putin shot down Lech Kaczynski’s plane (and most of Poland’s top tier), Putin went on TV to say…

  24. Oh, PS- I have always thought of Limbaugh as just another political tool, a liar for the establishment, the SSS.
    There is no difference between the Dems and Repubs. They follow the same secret agenda. The surface-only differences are just there to keep (the illusion of) the fight alive.
    Time to go independent.

  25. This has got to STOP!
    This guy has gone off the deep end
    and ANY publicity should CEASE!
    I’m not a ‘praying’ Woman, but tonite
    I PRAY that the souls of those 298
    passengers on board the plane visit
    him tonite in his NIGHTMARES! There is
    a very special place in HELL reserved for this scumbag! His HATE consumes him.
    All the money he has, earned by HATE!
    He sickens me………….

  26. Limburger uses an old fashioned desk phone that he dials into a hidden vault. If he dials t he numbers 1 through 0,it is a conspiracy based on ANYTHING Obama based.

    He doesn’t permit any other possibilities.

    May he rest in peace..SOON!

  27. Limbaugh seems to be searching for the most outrageous, stupid, ugly thing he can say to make even his most ardent supporters gaga and vomit before they disown him.

    What he is far too stupid to understand is that the cretins who follow him are even more insane than he is.

  28. So the fat racist turd thinks that Obama engineered downing of plane for a distraction for border crisis! Look Conservatives at your hero, bitter, resentful and callous lunatic who uses ANY tragedy for political attacks on the President and then you wonder why minorities, single women, gays, and anyone with a brain or heart thinks your political doctrine is morally bankrupted and your party is DOA!

  29. Rush is worried that Ann Coulter may be grabbing his crown as champeen a-hole. If he has to resort to such loony tunes conspiracy theories, he must be worried about her popularity in Tea Party circles.

  30. People is too inclusive a word. Only a very specific type of person would accept this nonsense as truth, and we must cut them loose so they can become undocumented immigrants on the moon.

  31. Limbaugh, a coward who is basically a glorified disc jockey groveling for free aluminum siding from radio station advertisers, dodged the Vietnam draft, whimpering that he had a cyst on his big butt. Who with any sense would even listen to this clown?

  32. I predicted this yesterday but predicting insanity from the ReichWing on current events is like shooting fish in a barrel, They have even managed to suck all the fun out of pre-cognition.

  33. Tell me something, if Bush had the scandals Obama has: unpopular law that is hurting the economy, rampant unemployment, crony capitalism, Benghazi, misuse of the IRS, and refusal to enforce border security which are all combining to destroy his political party, you don’t think you people would be the first to say Bush had this plane shot down on purpose? So when a radio talk show host jokes about it, it’s horrible because why? racism? You keep using that word. When all of the evidence contradicts your world view, it’s time to change it. Stop being such a zealot.

  34. LOL!~ Obamacare works and is not hgurting the country in any way. Benghazi is not a scandal, The IRS is not a scandal as its proven there was no misuse and no favoritism. And Obama refuses to enforce border security? LOL! You are simply hilarious! No wait, Gullible

    It is horrible on account of its stupidity. And worse, horrible that you are gullible enough to fall for it. Do NOT buy any rope in the near future

  35. THAT’S IT! ENOUGH! It is REAL…Rush Limbaugh is a bona-fide FAKE, charlattan and an IDIOT to boot. How does he come up with these Wild insane assumptions? !!!!!
    This man is definately not playing with a full deck. CRAZY and Loathsome. Why is he allowed to still be on the AIR poisoning the feeble minds of his audience further. Rush is contributing to the un-educating of the most hostile, ignorant segment of America. It is an outrage that he is allowed to continue with the dumbing down of the most vulnurable segment of the yahoos. Those who fail to read watch and listen to bright people… and get out of their ignorant bubble. His captive audience should be relieved from this Nut’s clutches. SAVE them! Remove Rush from the airwaves, or else we will be awashed with some very stoooopid people. And here’s the thing: They vote! (((Sigh)))

  36. The SAD part of all of this is the terrible distraction from pursuing real solutions to real dangers within our money oriented Society. Limbaugh is a worthless hack and side show clown but he serves the purpose of Distracting and Confusing. Of he actually believes what he says, he should be under observation , but I think that he is like Ann Coulter, just a cynical whore for $ who contrives outrageous comments with no purpose but notariety, and more $.
    Man from Modesto….oh my god you are so crazy!!! Get help.

  37. Yes, the tragedy that 295 souls lost their lives-including two infants-only to have Mr.Hate & loathing try to make the agony of so many into a sick fantasy. That piece of garbage needs to be beaten to a pulp and left rot in a filthy alley.

  38. Does anyone expect better from a known drug addict? He’s back on the stuff and living in his delusional world again. I blame Clear Channel and boycott their advertisers, they know he’s not right and are squeezing what money they can out of a man openly discusses killing the president on a near daily basis. Talk about sore losers, he and his “listeners” are certifiable lunatics. How does Rush know when and any call came into the WH? Oh right it’s all made up in his mind like he’s a fly on the wall of great power and he and Putin are best friends, and he’s really in the loop of what’s going on in Washington because you know he lives in a compound he never leaves in Florida, scared to leave with only his maids to glean pills and top secret info from. Clear Channel is the real enemy here folks, for providing a complete enemy of the state a soap box of insanity to blow his poisonous bubbles from.

  39. well said, but simply calling Limbaugh a piece of garbage is way too kind on your part, so, let me add that as long the corporate national media scum allows a pedophile, chicken hawk, draft dodger, war mongering, self hating gay, xenophobic racist to spew his bullshit, this will go on. I hope that the devil himself bangs Limbaugh in his ass over and over again once he arrives in Hell, which is no doubt where his no account ass is headed.

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