NRA Reacts To Nine Year Old With Uzi Shooting Her Instructor: Kids Just Wanna Have Fun


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Every day the headlines contain a few stories about gun related deaths.  Occasionally the stories about gun related murders are punctuated with the unusual, like the story about a man who was acquitted after he murdered a man who was drunk and ran over the first man and his children.  More frequently, we are seeing stories involving children with guns.  In some cases, the death was intentional, at least as intentional as it can be understood by a child.  Other cases involve children, in some cases toddlers, killing someone by accident.

On Wednesday, the focus was on the story about a 9-year-old girl who was learning how to use an Uzi.  She shot and killed her shooting instructor by accident. What child really needs to learn how to use an uzi?

Reacting to a story @NRA Women tweeted,

Even Joe Scarborough lapsed into temporary sanity to recognize that there has to be some limit when it comes to the NRA wish of handing out guns to children as if they were candy.  It’s truly a bizarre moment when I quote Scarborough with a straight face. More typically, I want to follow up with a punchline or at least throw something at the television set.  But like I said, this was a momentary lapse into sanity for ole Joe.

“A man is dead and they’ve ruined a little girl’s life,” Scarborough passionately stated. “I say this as a father of an eleven year old girl. Who would put an uzi in the hands of a nine-year-old girl? What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with this culture?…What right is advanced by doing that?”

The NRA headed by Wayne Lapierre with Ted Nugent on its board of directors doesn’t see a problem with giving 9 year olds Uzis or giving domestic abusers as many guns and bullets as they want.  They are on record saying they believe in forcing children to shoot their way to the next grade.  We already know that Lapierre’s real job is to promote gun sales in the name of pleasing his only real constituency: the gun manufacturers.  It’s also taking what’s good for gun manufacturers is good for the NRA to unimaginable levels of the macabre and the absurd and to the detriment of responsible gun owners who are members of the NRA.

The notion of training a nine year old to use an automatic weapon or a machine gun is crazy to most people, but not the NRA.  Life isn’t complete unless you are surrounded by the whole spectrum of guns.  And hey, let’s not make such a big deal about this story.  Kids just wanna have fun and there is no fun unless it includes a warm and fuzzy uzi.

The NRA has its followers believing their every freedom is threatened unless a nine year old can have fun accidentally shooting their Uzi instructor.  Yet it begs the question, even if we accept that life is incomplete without a gun to share it with, how does a child learn to live with a moment of “fun” that took someone’s life?

It isn’t like the NRA or its followers will care and it isn’t like lawmakers who are afraid of the NRA will dare to contemplate the question.  Someone has to take the first step to reign the NRA in and someone has to take the first step to pass reasonable gun laws.  No one is talking about taking everyone’s gun away. But seriously, does freedom really mean giving a nine year old an Uzi?

h/t Media Matters

Image: Screen Shot from Video by Fox 10

44 Replies to “NRA Reacts To Nine Year Old With Uzi Shooting Her Instructor: Kids Just Wanna Have Fun”

  1. ya know… I really gotta say this… I live in California and I live in the SF Bay Area… I’m a pretty responsible liberal up to the point where someone tells me I can’t do something…

    like I couldn’t drink when I was 18 even tho the Gov wanted to ship my ass to VietNam or I shouldn’t smoke weed with the threat of life in prison when I was in Texas…

    I did both because its the Libertarian part of me kicking in… I get the penalties but I’m doing it because you told me not to…

    same thing about a gun… make it hard or tell me I can’t have one… I go get one…maybe no use for it but don’t tell me I can’t…

    having said all that… there are people who CLEARLY should not be allowed to own a gun… poster child George Zimmerman for instance… this dad who thought it was a good idea to let his daughter handle this UZI…

    I feel the same way about dogs and kids… there are clearly people unqualified to have either… even tho they’re allowed… same with …

  2. Madness is rare in individuals – but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule.

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. Isn’t this just further evidence that, if it is alright for 9 year olds to wield automatic weapons, in Arizona, then, they should be able to vote, drink, drive, and serve in military combat?

    Heck of a job, Arizona!

  4. When the NRA uses pink guns and posters of young girls aiming them to sell more guns, the USA has lost its way. We are not Somalia. We are not (yet) run by a junta or a theocratic dictator (although Ted Cruz is applying for the job.) We are supposed to be civilized. Smart even. The only thing that will stop this is when people around the world go elsewhere on their vacations. Pull that money, and people will start screaming. Frankly, I choose not to visit places with unlimited access to guns; I just never thought it would include half the 50 states. The only saving grace here is that the GOP is now killing themselves off with their nifty weaponry. Please proceed, LaPierre. And may your grandkids live to be 20 without shooting anyone.

  5. Please I don’t want to see the parents on TV with their runny noses wanting some body to feel sorry for the daughter.They should be charged for the shooting.This little girl will be scarred for life knowing that she killed some body.This country has some of the dumbest thinking people.

  6. That tweet was sent out TODAY?

    Are you freaking kidding me?????

    How brainless are these people to send out THAT tweet right now?

    Honest to Pete, what the hell goes on in their heads? A NINE YEAR OLD CHILD killed a man with an Uzi at a GUN RANGE and you’re going to tell me that there are 7 ways for kids to have “fun” at a gun range within days of it?????

    These NRA people are just out of their minds.

    I don’t care if people own a gun – you want a gun, have one, don’t care. But don’t be taking that gun out in public and don’t be taking CHILDREN to the damn gun range and putting Uzis in their flipping hands.

    Guns are deadly weapons. Period. End of story. They do not belong in the hands of a child. Hell, they don’t even belong in the hands of half the adults that have them.

    This is nonsense, allowing CHILDREN at a gun range. Sorry, but it is. You can rail against me all you want, but it’s NUTS.

    And it’s time for it to stop.

  7. I was in Las Vegas recently and walked though a shopping area of circus circus. A white father was smiling that his 3 year son was holding a toy pistol. It was as if he was so proud his little boy was holding a gun. To me it was disgusting that he glorified his little child with a replica of a killing weapon.

    Now I remember having a toy gun that was a western gun and we played cowboy and indians. But the gun this little child had was a realistic looking gun. If a black youth flashed this gun he would have been shot in today’s America.

  8. The idiots say its good to train kids to be around guns.

    I say its just another outlet for them to use at school if things dont go their way. We already know the NRA is all for gun deaths to convince people they need to be armed, why should they care about kids?

  9. Until we have a room full of ADULTS to get this straightened out, the top idiots at the NRA will continue to obstruct all reforms pertaining to reasonable gun laws, until this changes I guess more people will be killed, physically or mentally scared forever, just for the NRA gun clubs selfish ways, and for this nine year old little girl, she will forever be tragically changed. Oh by the way NRA you will never be an adult in the room.

  10. You can’t vote tell your 18, but you can give a 9 yr old a Uzi? Your not responsible enough to drink tell your 21, but we give Uzi’s to 9 yr olds??? Has this country gone completely crazy. Use to be parents used some common sense. I started using my first 22 rifle at age 8 or 9, but I had to spend a year learning how to care for the gun, an what was proper to shoot in animals an what was not. I learned it was a responsiblity an I need to respect the gun for a dangerous weapon that it is!Then I finally got to go hunting an shot my gun under my dad’s supervision for the first time! If he was alive today, he’d tell you this NRA is a FAKE program compared to what it was when we were young kids! America has changed in Gun sense, gun laws an how we no longer protect our children from them!

  11. It has NEVER been “hard” to purchase a gun in America, or has anyone been told (convicted felons excepted) they can’t have a gun.
    Now, you’re just making things up.

  12. I am just waiting for when the responsible gun owners reclaim the NRA from the crazies. Seriously, it’s people like the ones mentioned in this story that give gun owners a bad name. I am not going to rail about taking away everyone’s guns, I just want to take the NRA away from the crazies.

    Until the responsible gun owners stand up and DENOUNCE the insanity at the NRA, this kind of insanity will continue.

  13. The tweet should have said 8 ways, I mean if blowing your own or an instructors head off is your thing.

  14. So the NRA says buy your grade school daughter a big bad gun so she can have some fun, and the shooting range owner says that it was something that was high on this 9 year old’s “bucket list”. Am I just out of touch with reality, or does this not seem totally insane to most rationally thinking people?

    The only way that any typical 9 year old girl would ask to be able to do this, or even be that obsessed with guns at such a young age, is that her incredibly ignorant parents raised their daughter this way. Way to go you morons, because now your young daughter will forever have to deal with the fact that she killed someone. Of course, I would never expect any two people this unfit to be parents, to even think about their daughter being forever psychologically screwed up over killing someone, because their obsession with guns, and teaching this young girl to be just as obsessed, are what caused this tragedy.

  15. Stating that you live in SF Bay area, is what? Are you pretending to be some sort of far-left progressive?

    Well, guess what? You are not a LIBERAL. I am and I am from Dallas, now living in Tennessee

    Liberalism is a mindset, not a geographic location. You ain’t no Nancy Pelosi!

  16. I too was thinking this child may be scared for life. Lets hope it’s in a good way. Like becoming a life long advocate against guns!

  17. This is what happens when the people are given more power than the government in the name of the Second Amendment. Common sense may not have been mentioned in the Amendment, but I’m sure this is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

  18. The gun nuts are running amok in this country and the nra qualifies as a domestic terrorist organization. Gun stores are popping up everywhere. They even put in a gun shop in the grocery store where I buy my food. The whole thing is disgusting. The gun carnage is increasing exponentially and it appears as though people don’t even notice it anymore; it has become so routine.

  19. Ever since Moses (the charlatan Heston) and LaPierre joined together the NRA seemingly departed as a base for legitimate hunters and target shooters and started pimping for gun manufacturers and gun sellers and the descent to Wild West days and hell accelerated . The NRAs current Gun in every pocket , purse, home, work place, school, park, church and bar is obscenely destructive and only adds to our national divide. Hunters and target shooters have approved of reasonable gun law changes with no 2nd Amendment threats but with LaPierre and crazed directors like Ted Nugent and Grover (no tax) Norquist only the idiotic open carries seem to flourish. Hopefully hunters and tar get shooters have had their fill and clean house of the accumulated debris and take their organization back. Just a remote chance I agree but it sure would be a huge plus for the organization and the nation.

  20. I feel sorry right now for that little nine year old girl. She will be needing counseling for a loooong time. She will freak out at the sight of guns. She will have nightmars….all because her parents thought it would be nice to have her go feel a UZI. And the remarkeably foolish rules that allows children to use high performance sub-machine guns! The gun loving culture sees nothing wrong with that. That little girl should have been taken to a ranch and thought how to ride a horse, how it feels to clippity-clopp along…Not experience Brrrrrrrp !!!!! Know what I mean? I am sorry for that nine year old girl. Really.

  21. You cannot buy a gun legally if you are under 18 and you cannot buy a gun if you are or have been accused of domestic violence. For the writer.
    That being said I would never let a child shoot anything but a 22 or maybe a 20ga shotgun. The Uzi is the parents fault. The instructor made the fatal mistake of breaking protocol and standing beside the girl. Also, in every range the instructor generally hold the gun from behind the shooter to help them maintain control.

  22. Her ignorant ‘parents’ are responsible for this horrible tragedy! How stupid to allow a 9 year old to shoot such a powerful weapon!

    This poor child will pay the price for the rest of her life.

  23. Really,america as a nation lol, stupid stupid,, tv zombies believe everything your government says has no knowledge of outside world dumb as fuck really!!! Giving a child a gun says it all.well done again America

  24. The NRA is interested only in selling weapons. While their tone-deaf callousness and stupidity are no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention, they have taken these traits to a whole new level with their flippant response to the killing of an instructor by a 9-year-old girl who had NO business with an Uzi. That child is horribly scarred, as a direct result of the foolishness of adults who placed her in this position. No child should be forced to endure the pain and guilt from accidentally killing someone, and the NRA–which should be ashamed–once again proves that it has none.

  25. I agree with almost everything you said.

    An Uzi in the hands of a 9-year-old is a bad idea.

    A single shot rifle can be handled safely by a child with proper instruction and supervision.

    My father was a gun collector. No Uzis, no automatic rifles, no military-grade weapons, nothing that today’s gun nuts masturbate over. He collected modern hand guns and rifles, but also antiques, including a couple of 18th century flintlocks. Everything he owned was kept in good working condition.

    With two children in the house, he made damned sure we knew everything there was to know about gun safety. He only ever kept one loaded gun in the house, and that was kept in his night stand in case of a burglar (and was strictly off limits to me and my brother).

    Sadly, the majority of today’s gun nuts don’t have the same level of respect for weapons (which is what they are, not toys) that my father had.

  26. Holy crap, guys. I’m a Canadian citizen, and THIS is the main reason that I am proud of that. All you commenters can post hate or stereotypes against Canada, but you would NEVER see a case like this up here. Plain and simple; gun laws NEED to change. It is insane that they haven’t changed yet. The only reason you should ever need to fire a gun is if you are hunting (yes, we do that in Canada) or if you are a police officer. Period. End of story.

  27. FRY the parents. They are to blame for the death of this man. They should be found guilty of pre mediated murder. Who the hell puts a gun in a child’s hands? Oh yea, only an IDIOT would.

  28. While it is true that most accidental deaths in this country are caused by doctors (around 125,000 annually), it is very true in this case and apparent to everyone, including the NRA, that this range needed at least one more adult involved in the decision making process. I don’t know a single rational adult who believes that a nine year old should be allowed to hold an Uzi. I don’t even know one who thinks a fully automatic Uzi should be legal. But this argument is just like the one for abortion in my mind. Neither side will compromise and the outcome is many more deaths per year than would be happening if the situation was tempered with a little common sense. Maybe we should dig up Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) and prop him up in a chair and have him read to us.

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