Wendy Davis Could Be Catching Greg Abbott In Texas Governor’s Race

After a lackluster debate performance, Greg Abbott is launching negative TV ads against Wendy Davis, but experts in Texas suggest that Republican’s negative shift might be a sign that the governor’s race is tightening.

On TWC’s Capitol Tonight, Harvey Kronberg, editor of the Quorum Report, suggested that Greg Abbott is going negative because of the success of the Democratic campaign to register more Democrats. Kronberg raised questions about what Abbott’s internal polling is showing.


Kronberg said, “When you register people to vote for a specific election they actually do have a pretty high proclivity to vote – and you start seeing that the mechanics of what the Democrats are doing may come together and that may explain why all of a sudden Greg Abbott ran his first negative commercial. It raises questions as to what their own internal polling is showing.”

Ross Ramsey of the Texas Tribune also raised questions about what Abbott’s internal polls are showing:

Ramsey said, “You wonder what his internal polls are showing. Usually you don’t attack an opponent who is behind you. There is no reason to take any notice of them or to raise their name ID.”

The Abbott campaign consistently claims that they have an insurmountable lead, but they won’t release the polling to the public. Wendy Davis gained momentum after her debate performance on Friday. The Republican candidate had to bus supporters in to create a fake show of support for his candidacy before the debate.

The decision by the Abbott camp to run negative ads suggests that the election for governor is getting tighter. Candidates who are way ahead never would take the chance of alienating voters with negative advertising. Negative ads are used when an opponent has a higher favorability rating than the candidate. Abbott’s polling probably shows a post-debate bounce for Davis and a tightening of the race.

Something is up in the election for governor. The Republicans are acting worried as a Wendy wave could be building in Texas.

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  1. Look for the Abbot trolls to come and say the idiot is up 18 never mind they provide a link to these polls.

    He may win because, well you know its Texas. They will harp on all the fracking they do but go crickets when ask about that water situation.

    Wendy has ran a good campaign but it may not be enough. List the top 10 dumbest congressman I bet at least 6 of them are from that god forsaken state

  2. This is a race we should be watching.

    Scandal: South Dakota Republicans Profiting By Selling Visas To Rich Foreigners

    South Dakota voters are wondering how much of the $3,716,986 Rounds has scooped up so far comes from Vegas mobster Sheldon Adelson’s China casinos and their climate of money-laundering, prostitution and blackmail, how much of it comes from the Koch Bros’ billions devoted to tar sands-burning, pipeline-promotion and climate-muddying and how much of it comes from Joop Bollen and his serial frauds.

    Here’s more

  3. “You wonder what his internal polls are showing. Usually you don’t attack an opponent who is behind you. There is no reason to take any notice of them or to raise their name ID.”

    Abbott is starting to feel the heat! From what I heard about it, Abbott didn’t do so well. The debate, and one of his own people saying rape and incest are “minor issues” have not helped him. Instead of denouncing what the idiot stated, Abbott was silent, which speaks volumes.

    So yes, if Abbott and his minions keep making statements like this, Wendy has this race won

  4. There are polls and then there are polls… I wouldn’t give a red cent for any GOP “internal poll”. If their internal polls are so good, why did Romney lose by a landslide?

    The negative ads tell the story, not some junk wishful thinking poll.

  5. That’s internal RNC Poll that has her up an that was in August. It’s Sept. guys an she just finalized a debate Friday with him an he comes out four days later with Negative ad’s. It only raise’s her name reconition more. I like to see where she stands now after the debate!

  6. Article is long on conjecture, faulty assumptions, and wishful thinking. Kind of a “hope and change” mentality. RCP and Huffington Post polling have Abbott up by about 12, averaging various polls, and up by 8 by Rasmussen. Her performance in the debate was spirited but Abbott seems made of Teflon. Negative ads? Well, she’s been running them from the start. Guess he got tired of her whining.

  7. I am rooting for Wendy Davis, but the way Texans love to cling to their collective Wild West persona, I fear that they, as a state, won’t be able to help themselves from electing the Republican, traveling, snake-oil salesman.

    I sure hope I’m wrong.

  8. I have dislike Abbott for a long time. When he was injured, he took advantage of the tort laws to sue everyone he could, then when he got into office he started limiting other folks rights.

    Yep there are a lot of bad lawsuits, but there are other ways to stop the problem other than not allowing folks to sue.

    He has his, and that is what matters to him.

    Go WENDY GO show him the bottom of those pink sneakers

  9. Election Projection called it right for 2012. Unfortunate for those of us who work for a living and have a brain. Thankfully this is Texas. They have Abbott consistently between 12-13 points ahead. Give it a rest. She is NOT going to win. She never was. There is a place in California. It’s called Disneyland. Inside is Fantasyland. You can take your liberal ideas to California and live in Fantayland that Malificent has even a snowball’s chance of winning.

  10. Election Projection called it right for 2012. Unfortunate for those of us who work for a living and have a brain.

    People who believe that having Democrats win the WH, the Senate, and the House (by 1.5 million more votes than Republicans) in 2012 is “unfortunate for working” Americans, are in dire need of a brain transplant.

    Coddling fear of “others”, nurturing hatred, and embracing Mama and Daddy’s bigotry “cuz they do it, too” doesn’t put food on the table or create jobs or a roof over a family’s heads. Democratic policies do. Figures don’t lie. Liars only figure, James.

    So it warrants repeating … if you can’t see that Democratic policies, not Republican, policies have benefited the working and poor people of this country AND the already obscenely rich as well, you’re in dire need of a brain transplant.

  11. I agree. keep Texas uneducated, lowest wages, least amount of health insurance, most pregnant your single women.

    Anything to keep texas down.

  12. Don’t recall the Democrats winning the House in 2012. And they will probably lose the Senate this year, as the American people come to realize that Obama and the Democrat policies are failures. Wendy Davis will lead the charge to defeat.

  13. Please tell us what republican policies have been successes in the past 40 years? I know you wont answer because like the john you are you are hit and run without even a thank you

  14. Took a few minutes, but the usual personal attacks by liberals and or Democrats started following as soon as I opined that I might have conservative leanings. I still stand by my opinion of this article that it is pretty much “whistling past the graveyard” with no real facts to justify the conclusion, Wendy Davis COULD be catching Abbott. If the author had any real proof of that assertion, he would have presented it. I’ll just make an assertion in like manner that demonstrates such foggy reasoning to wit: “Abbott is winning by such a wide margin that the pollsters are not even bothering to poll anymore.” My proof? HuffPost polling hasn’t updated a poll in the past 12 days. So spare me the personal attacks and try to stick with the facts.

  15. Aw, does we feel a little huffed? Basing your argument on HuffPost? Shucks. You are not attacked for being conservative(otherwise known as a 3 cornered hat with no brain inside), you are attacked for being a low brow thinker

  16. But you still haven’t answered the question of what republican policies have benefited the American people in the last 40 years

  17. BTW jp, go to a conservative site and tell them you are a liberal. Your “usual personal attacks by liberals and or Democrats” will become “usual personal attacks by republicans and or Conservatives”

  18. You still haven’t told us what republicans have done for the average American. Do you even understand the question or are you just to stupid to answer?

  19. My comments are directed at this article. Your question seeks to engage me in a larger debate. May I respectfully encourage you to pound sand. Oh, and BTW, my condolences in advance over Wendy’s embarrassing loss.

  20. Never bet with your heart, in sports or politics. You Texas liberals just don’t get it. Piece of advice: don’t bet money.

  21. I agree. Davis would never keep Texas last in the nation in so many categorys. She should never be elected and try to do away with the current corruption

  22. Don’t phone polls only deal with
    land line phones whose owners tilt conservative? Don’t they miss the younger cell phone crowd?

  23. There’s already an issue with the 18 point lead poll: it only polled people who voted in 2010 and 2012. Texas has an incredibly low Democratic voter turnout. The whole force behind Wendy’s campaign is to get people to REGISTER to vote, or to get people who usually don’t vote to finally do it. New voters, such as college students and people who moved here from out of state. Those polls are not accounting for any of that.

    I doubt she’ll win. I wish she would, but I doubt it. Do I think she’ll lose by 18 points? Heck no. She won’t, I guarantee you. I think it’s going to be much closer than that. The closer it is, the better for the Democratic Party.

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