Editorial Cartoon: Car Plates

At a recent Charlie Crist fundraiser in Tallahassee, Republican trackers took photos of car license plates driven by Democrats in a silly attempt to intimidate attendees. Here’s what those plates may have said:


3 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Car Plates”

  1. Reminiscent of the wedding scene from the beginning of the Godfather I movie, with the FBI writing down license numbers of wedding attendants………Skeletor has got to go!

  2. The tnag republicans are running scared ~ scott poll numbers are in a free fall and the republicans realize their guy is a real stinker ~ At this exact moment – every republican – TPublicans – conservative – right winger – Tea P artiest – TNag is behind rick scott 100% percent ~ And That Equates To 39% Percent of the overall vote – that’s it other then a few dead Federalist that will always rise from the grave on election day and vote – scott is tanked and you can’t squeeze one more vote in scott’s favor.

    The truth be had – it is the 16% Percent of undecided ultra liberal that supported Nan Rich ‘ who hold the keys to the governor’s mansion and not dick scott cronies and his obstructionist TNag rabble rousing minions – Just who do you think those 16% percent of undecided liberals are going to vote for? it sure ain’t dick scott!

  3. How about while we’re getting rid of Governor Skeletor, we also do something about ditching all of his Flying Monkeys in the state Legislature?

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