The Supreme Court Enjoins Republican War on Voting in Earnest

Vote Discrimination

There is a very obscure, and unofficial holiday in America that is observed by some schools in America that is normally celebrated on or around the last school day in September. The holiday, officially named “Ask a Stupid Question Day” was created by savvy school teachers during the 1980s to encourage students to ask questions regardless if they think other students will ridicule them for being “stupid.”  Although the holiday was meant for students, a North Carolina appellate court judge joined in the “fun” and asked what has to be one of, if not, the stupidest questions ever posed by a federal jurist because he already knew the answer.

The judge, part of a three-member panel for the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, was apparently baffled during oral arguments defending North Carolina’s rash of voter suppression laws specifically targeting African Americans and working people. Judge James Wynn is the only panelist who lives in North Carolina and could not comprehend why Republicans shifted polling places, including his own, far away from where voters live and demanded to know why “his vote” should be thrown out for originating from the wrong precinct. Obviously the state’s lawyer could not come up with an intelligent or reasonable answer for the judge, so Wynn was very specific and asked a follow-up question worthy of “Ask a Stupid Question Day” recognition as a doozy; He asked, “Why does the state of North Carolina not want people to vote?”

Let’s face it, the judge, like any non-comatose American already knew the answer even though the state’s lawyers refused to answer. North Carolina is in the grips of a racist Republican legislature, is part of the former Confederacy, and dutifully serves the Kochs, ALEC, and Americans for Prosperity. North Carolina’s assault on people of color’s, students’, and working Americans’ right to vote is not unique to the state, or the rest of the former Confederate states actively restricting voting rights of people they think may not automatically vote for Republicans. In fact, even the state’s anti-democracy laws are not unique primarily because around the country GOP-legislatures used American Legislative Exchange Council “fill-in templates” to, as Georgia Republican Fran Millar said, “put a stop to African Americans voting.”

There are several provisions at issue in the North Carolina case deliberately devised by ALEC with the sole purpose of making it more difficult for residents of North Carolina to cast a vote. One provision cut early voting by a week, another implements a harsh voter ID law, and a third put a severe restriction on voter registration drives.  Not only do Republicans want to put a stop to people of color’s right to vote, they intend to put a stop to efforts to register people of color to participate in the democratic process. Now, some pundits claim the North Carolina restrictions have a better than average chance of being struck down because the three judges on the court were appointed by Democratic presidents, but they fail to remember there are five Republican-appointed Justices on the Supreme Court who oppose voting rights for non-Republican voters. Don’t believe it?

Yesterday, the five Republican-appointed conservative Justices reversed a federal district court’s ruling that struck down Republican-imposed voting restrictions in Ohio after the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed in a unanimous order that Ohio residents could begin early voting today if they so desired. The Supreme Court’s anti-democracy wing; Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Kennedy issued an announcement that their decision was not on the merits of the case because they had not yet heard any oral arguments defending voting restrictions. They just believed so strongly that since Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted invested such an incredible amount of time and energy to disenfranchise minority and working-class voters, and labeled his “appeal” an emergency, that as good conservatives it was prudent to support Ohio Republicans’ efforts to block voting. Since the conservative-5 were appointed by Republican presidents, they felt duty-bound to honor their party’s anti-democracy crusade and make it official by judicial fiat.  Although the North Carolina case has not yet been decided, if the Appellate judges do strike down North Carolina’s anti-democracy statues, Republicans can rest easy a Republican appeal deemed “an emergency” by the state’s secretary of state will have the restrictions back in place well before election day.

There is no possible way any American can dispute that Republicans are “taking back their country” to an era that voting was restricted as a matter of course. The preponderance of Republican vote suppression laws are more strident than during Jim Crow simply due to the various demographic groups being targeted for disenfranchisement. It is true African Americans are the primary target, but coming in at a close second are working Americans likely toiling away at two jobs just to make ends meet, students, and the elderly. In fact, in Texas, and likely other former Confederate states, an official student ID is not a valid form of identification but an NRA or gun registration permit means a prospective voter is a Republican and a real American. Texas is also the state that passed a law requiring women’s voter registration to have their birth certificate name to restrict the women’s vote; even Republican women’s vote.

This is the new and improved American democracy that the United Nations noted was deliberately blocking people of color’s access to voting, and yet the mainstream media as well as Democrats were too terrified to expose to the American people that the entire world is now aware America’s storied democracy is a pathetically sick joke and not long for this world. Oh, there may be elections going forward, but they will be reserved for what in Republican parlance is known as “real Americans;” white Christians with a Jesus card, gun owners with an NRA card, or any southerner wearing a NASCAR cap (backwards of course). The conservatives on the Supreme Court certainly understand who the real Americans (Republican voters) are because they have been loyal puppets thwarting voting rights of any group Republicans, the Kochs, ALEC, or Americans for Prosperity deem unfit to participate in elections. It is too bad for America because no Constitution, United Nations, or appearance of being a democracy is going to stop conservatives from creating an environment that allowed a hated brutal dictator like Saddam Hussein to win elections. Saddam just used a different form of violence to block opposition votes than Republicans.

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  1. I’ll go one better Uncajoe! There should NEVER be another Republican elected to POTUS EVER!! And Democrats should control the House and Senate in perpetuity as well as ALL gubernatorial offices Mayors and all the way down to Dog Catchers!

  2. Never and ever are both long, long times. Rather than Republican vs Democrat I think Progressive vs Regressive is the key. No civilization can survive by consistently going backwards.

    Evolution is inevitable.

  3. It is Americans vs Republicans in my opinion also. My reasoning is because of the fact that Republicans have proven through their actions that they do not like the America established by the founding fathers of this country.

    The America Republicans want is geographically the same, but that is where the similarities stop, the rest of their agenda is as un-American as it can be.

  4. Yes TerryLF the Republicans and Corporate Conservatives want the R&R America.. RollerBall America where the corporations are like states and there is a national bloodsport(Christianity) And Robocop America where the corporations have usurped all democratic government in favor of privatized everything.

  5. This Nation is in grave danger of a SCOTUS-backed Christian-led Flag and Cross-bleating coup.

    Only an energized progressive vote can prevent it.

  6. verb
    prohibit someone from performing (a particular action) by issuing an injunction.
    Before you try to play Mr. Smarty Pants try the Google sometimes

  7. The republicans keep talk about the president serving a third term but that he would enforced that power himself but from all the court decisions that have been handed down those decisions will be made by these judges. They are on the making of start the worst war then the civil war between the states this time it will be between the people of this country. We have seen how republicans have used their language with words of hatred, racism towards the president and finally towards, women, lgbt and other people who do not agree with them. We have seen what those words have led to with the recent attack on the white house, remember it was republicans who talk about hanging the president for treason,all because he won’t resign from the white house to please them. Remember it was the teaparty who stage protest in front of the white house with ropes for hanging,now look what is happen and let us remind them they were warn to stop this but they kept it up.

  8. We have to have strong people to bring peace back to country and he will be one them along with others, but it will cause of to lose a party for the second time in history but yet give this country a chance to work on getting another party that will work with the e democratic party, a younger generation with new ideas, leaving the past behind forgetting the myths of the past and remember that we are country of diverse nation and our presidents should reflect that. Our young people should grow up know that one day that have the chance of becoming president whether they are male, female, lgbt, white, black other miniorties. We all know that this country is turning brown as every day go by, we are coming a mix nation, we can’t turn the clock back so we have to move forward and try to work together. We have to stop fighting each other and giving the enemies the weapon they need to conquer to overcome us. We must stand together, not apart,together we win, apart we lose.

  9. Is there any difference between the TALIBAN in Afghanistan seeing to voter supression by the force of small arms and mortars or RPG’s and these repugnant REPUBLICANS who fight very hard to supress the minority, non-Republican votes in this country? ! WTF is WRONG with these MF’ing Republican dolts? It’s admitting that they can’t win fair and square but have to cheat and tip the scales in order to win. What a disgrace to the country. The world watches and hears—-and shake their collective heads at these Republican American political hypocrites.

  10. Actually, the headline IS wrong. The sentence literally means that the Supreme Court has restrained or ordered a stop to the Republican War on Voting. Obviously, that’s not what the author meant. The court majority did the opposite of “enjoining” the Republicans.

  11. Huh? I don’t see where you get that seeing 1. He uses the definition of the word as applied to law and 2.See number 1

  12. To the wonderful commenters here on PoliticusUsa….I have a request.

    Your comments, insights and passion have been inspiring me since I learned of this site. (Also a source of comfort).

    I’m drafting a “kick some butt” letter to various Democratic/Progressive organizations, PACs, etc. I’d greatly welcome and appreciate your assistance in ‘customizing’ it for different areas, as well as helping distribute the letter to entities you recommend.

    I’m not sitting by in silence while the treasonous folks on the other side of the aisle continue their assault on our country. I’m not sure if this is permissible but I’d be glad to provide my email so this can be done.

    Our voices need to be heard. It’s not too late.

    Thanks for your time.

  13. I know there was a debate about “enjoin” and “voter suppression” versus “voter validation” but one issue that is entirely indisputable… there is no such thing as “anti-democracy statues…” unless, of course, there are some actual statues in North Carolina that are somehow against democracy, as determined by the subject matter.

    I almost always come down on the side of this blog’s politics, but I also almost always find multiple major grammatical and/or typographical issues in every article. So much so that I’ve often wondered if this is written by a conservative who is undercover, trying to make liberals look uneducated or unconcerned with the topics at hand.

    The presence of consistent mechanical errors in writing sends a message, intended or not, that the author either doesn’t care and/or respect the topic being written about, or doesn’t care and/or respect the readers. I doubt either of these is honestly the case, so it’d be highly appreciated if a little proofre…

  14. I think it’s the web. I’ve seen print sources with web-based versions have no problems with the text in print and numerous ones on the web. My local paper for instance. Also the Atlantic Monthly (comes to mind at the moment). The proverbial next day, however, the printed version is rife with problems.

    Lack of copy editors for the web? Of course, not many left for print either.

  15. I agree with your sentiment, but it need to be remembered that these are 1) blogs by contributing writers, and 2) comments by whoever wishes to comment, both of whom have no editor other than themselves to re-read and correct any errors in spelling, grammar, or syntax – that’s why it’s preferable to have someone else do the editing, if possible. We’re not looking to nit-pick each other over our English 101 mistakes, but rather to commiserate over such topics as the one above, or to enlighten each other so that we can collectively work towards making this nation a better place to live for those of us who truly believe that we are all equal, find it in our own best interest to help each other, and don’t live in the bubble of hate, fear, greed, hypocrisy, sexism, bigotry, racism, and dominionist exclusionism that appears to surround those on the other side of the debate. (Sorry about any mistakes, self-edited)

  16. The only possible way this would EVER pass is if the court has a left leaning majority with the Chief Justice on their side. Then the regressives would be howling for a constitutional change.

  17. Enjoin – verb –

    1 – To instruct or urge (someone) to do something.

    2 – Prescribe (an action) to be performed or adopted.

    Ex: “the code enjoined members to trade fairly”
    synonyms: urge, encourage, admonish, press

  18. Stating publicly they want to put a stop to any American voting, or restricting voter registration, is voter suppression and an anti-democracy statute. If you were targeted, “voter validation” would be the last thing you would complain about. Grow up.

  19. In a 2-1 ruling, a panel of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked provisions of a North Carolina voting law that would have ended same-day registration and eliminated the counting of votes cast outside one’s precinct. But it left intact a lower court decision that affirmed the law’s reducing the number of early voting days, expanding what can be done to challenge voters and eliminating the discretion of county election boards from adding an extra hour on election day in extraordinary circumstances.
    The Charlotte Post reports that an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court could happen as soon as Thursday.

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