Stacey Abrams Will Ask Court to Force New Election

George Democratic governor candidate Stacey Abrams is considering a new legal challenge that may force the state to hold a new election, according to the Associated Press.

Such a move by Abrams would be highly unusual, and perhaps unique in the history of American politics. Such a legal challenge in the unresolved Georgia governor’s race would require that the Georgia Supreme Court decide whether there should be a new election for governor. read more

Georgia’s Tight Governor Race Points Out Kemp’s Voter Suppression

Republican Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp is demanding that his opponent, Democrat Stacey Abrams, concede in a race where all of the votes have not yet been counted.

Prominent civil rights groups, as well as Democrats all over the country, are urging her to stay in the fight. read more

Georgia Officials Kept Nearly 2,000 Voting Machines Locked in Storage

Nearly two thousand working voting machines sat unused across metropolitan Atlanta on Tuesday, as tens of thousands of African American voters suffered through extraordinarily long lines at the polls. In many cases they were forced to wait in line several hours in order to vote. read more

Trump Tries to Intimidate Voters With Bogus Voting Fraud Charges

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are attempting to frighten and intimidate voters by making false charges of voter fraud.

Both of them issued strong warnings on Monday about the threat of voter fraud in Tuesday’s elections. read more

Survey Shows Voter Suppression Is A Bigger Problem Than Voter Fraud

President Donald Trump, along with many like-minded conservatives, believe that rampant voter fraud is widespread in America. According to them, people not legally able to vote are actually voting and influencing elections unfairly. read more

Faith Communities On Front Lines Of Defense Against Voter Suppression

Faith communities are strategically and uniquely positioned to be on the front lines of defense against voter suppression in the upcoming midterm elections. By ensuring members of their community are registered to vote, know their polling place, and other voting rights, faith communities can ensure voter participation especially among persons of color and other minority groups. Faith communities can play a vital role in making sure every vote is counted.

Republicans Admit Trump Won Wisconsin Due To Voter ID Law

In the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump won Wisconsin by about 22,000 votes.  Much analysis has been done as to why Hillary Clinton lost Wisconsin, but most Democrats have agreed that one of the main causes for this surprising loss was the existence of a strict voter I.D. law that kept many Democrats from voting. read more

Obama Jumps Into GA Special Election Race To Slam ‘Shameful’ GOP Voter Suppression Tactics

Trying to use the popular former president to suppress the vote won't discourage Democrats in Georgia – it'll only motivate them more.

They Finally Found Voter Fraud in Colorado – And it Was the Former GOP Chair

“It seems to be, and correct me if I’m wrong here, but virtually every case of voter fraud I can remember in my lifetime was committed by Democrats.”

Trump Team Goes Full Racist in Defense of AG Nominee Jeff Sessions

To taint Cory Booker's testimony, Trump’s team presented the committee with a story accusing “black Democrats” of voter fraud.

Under Republican Rule North Carolina Is Not Classified As a Democracy

North Carolina does so poorly on the measures of legal framework and voter registration that it ranks alongside Iran and is not classified as a democracy.

League Of Women Voters Calls Out Voter Suppression And Intimidation That Helped Trump Win

The League Of Women Voters issued a statement on last night's election and the widespread voter suppression and intimidation that took place on election day in swing states.

Bernie Sanders Says What The Media Won’t: Trump Is A Gutless Political Coward

Sen. Bernie Sanders hammered Donald Trump for being a gutless political coward who is afraid to run on his own ideas after it was reported that the Trump campaign is working to suppress the Democratic vote.

As the GOP Suppresses Votes, Heritage President Admits It’s Helping Republicans

DeMint is not the first conservative to admit voter ID laws hurt Democrats, Republicans claim they will "make the difference” against Clinton.

Chris Christie Nixes 1.6 Million New Voters by Vetoing Democracy Act

Chris Christie just denied voter registration to 1.6 million people, claiming not letting people vote as a remedy for voter fraud

Sanders Rightfully Called Republicans Un-American Cowards For Trying To Suppress The Vote

Sanders said "What the Republicans are doing is so un-American, it is so outrageous, that it is literally beyond belief."

California Senate Makes Voting Easier By Passing Motor Voter Act

The California State Senate passed the California New Voter Act on a 24 to 15 vote.

President Obama Writes A Powerful Letter Defending Voting Rights Act

Obama right to vote

In a letter to the editor, President Obama made a powerful case for restoring the protections contained in the Voting Rights Act.