Mitch McConnell May Have Committed Two Felonies With Illegal Voter Intimidation Tactics

Mitch McConnell

Senator Mitch McConnell appears to have committed two separate felony offenses with his voter intimidation flyers, and that’s just under Kentucky state laws. The Kentucky GOP is beginning to look like a band of lawbreakers.

Per Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo, the McConnell flyer violates state law KRS 516.030. KRS 516.030 is Forgery in the Second Degree, which is a Class D felony for intent to deceive with falsely designed “official” “public” documents designed to trick voters into thinking they are government documents.

A second felony is possible for violating a KRS 119.155; unlawfully preventing or attempting to prevent a voter from casting their ballot or intimidation or attempts to intimidate any voter so as to prevent them from casting their vote. That’s another Class D felony. There is a reason why it’s a felony crime to interfere with democracy, and any “lawmaker” who is willing to break these laws to win an election is not someone who is suited to their job.

If this isn’t concerning enough, the Republican Party’s statement alone should be of concern to voters, frankly. Republican Party of Kentucky spokeswoman Kelsey Cooper (she of the DUI arrest by Lexington Police – something Texas Republicans say indicates a person must resign immediately, but up in Kentucky, it’s all good) dismissed Grimes’ concerns.

“Alison Lundergan Grimes spent hundreds of thousands of dollars smearing Mitch McConnell and his wife, but she’s upset about a mailer that holds her accountable for her blatant falsehoods.” Realizing she left out her biggest talking point perhaps as a result of her internship at Fox News or as the communications coordinator for the 2012 Romney for President campaign, Cooper added that Grimes is part of the “Obama campaign machine.”

Fearing that associating Grimes with a black President won’t get the job done, Kentucky Republicans have resorted to intimidating Democratic voters. If it walks like GOP Southern Strategy and it talks like GOP Southern Strategy…

Based on their statement, the Kentucky Republican Party would like voters to believe they do not understand the difference between legal and illegal tactics. This isn’t saying much for someone running as an alleged “lawmaker”, other than that Mitch McConnell knows what he can get away with and so he did it, gambling that it would suppress enough of the vote to be worth the bad press.

Perry County Clerk Haven King says you should not worry if you received one of these. “This means nothing; I don’t know what people are trying to do. There’s nothing fraudulent to my knowledge going on and the people in Perry County if you are registered to vote, you will be able to vote and you will be able to vote at your precinct.”

I’m not sure that was clear enough for voters. The facts are the McConnell campaign paid for these flyers, they take credit for it on the flyer and additionally issued a statement akin to sticking their tongue out at Grimes for being upset that they are intimidating voters. The election clerks need to be bold and accurate about who is behind these flyers, otherwise they risk enabling the intended deception. It is not electioneering to be accurate. The clerks need to say that the McConnell campaign put these out and they are wrong, voters need to dismiss them.

Mitch McConnell doesn’t want Kentucky coal country to vote, unless they vote his way. In order to accomplish this, McConnell appears to have committed two felonies with the purpose of intimidating, and suppressing through that intimidation, Democratic voters.

That’s not American; it’s despicable. It’s an act unfitting of a sitting U.S. Senator.

Reading the fearful notes from Kentuckians who received these flyers is heart breaking. Mitch McConnell needs to be held accountable for this, his greatest act of contempt upon the very people he represents.

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  1. It seems to me that if fraud is proven and the mailers were actually mailed using the USPS then federal mail fraud should apply as well.

  2. Typical behavior of the republican crime syndicate. There are no patriotic Americans in the GOP. Just organized criminals.

  3. I had no clue the ties McConnell has to drug money through his wife and her family. They pretty much bank rolled his political career to start out. Talk about dark money and political influence from overseas.

    Google McConnell and boat drug shipping, how this is not more widely known is surprising.

  4. I can’t stand it! I feel like doing cartwheels! The old fart has ruined his re-election bid! In his desperation to keep his seat, he may have disqualified himself. Hhhmmmmm, maybe we should ask Todd what he thinks! lol

  5. If this proves to be true, could he lose his voting rights? Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot!! His beard – er – wife might have to move on to another old fart. If ol’ Mitch loses his influence, he is useless to Cho and her Daddy.

  6. has some detailed info on the Chao family and McConnell connection. A very good read!

    Also the site has some excellent info on the supossedly “non coordinated” connections between political campaigns, ad/marketing agencies and pacs.

    Give the site some clicks, comments and pass it around. I just found it yesterday. Very good reading.

  7. I would love to but am having trouble on my ipad capturing the link and pasting it. Sorry, the last upgrade seems to have messed that option up.

  8. I’ve not a single doubt of the strategic timing of this being in the works for a long time. You can file all the injunctions and lawsuits you want, but the cake’s been baked. The mailer’s been sent.

    And in the sick, twisted “I’m-rubber-you’re-glue” deflection zone of the GOTP, they’ll try to capitalize on the KDP pushing back.

    The worst part is, it just might work. We’ve known for decades that Mitch is an unscrupled bar-brawler of a campaigner – this is what he does when he really has to bring out the big guns. I really hate this part about living in Kentucky – the people who support this human toad are far too common.

  9. Is there anyone in the media, or Kentucky
    government offices who is doing anything to
    tell the voters in Kentucky that received these mailers that they were fraudulent and to disregard them, it should be put on radio stations and perhaps ads on local TV.
    Does anyone know?

  10. Both my husband and I received the letters with our full names on them. We are in Elliott County. They look official, no doubt about it. They make it seem that if we vote for Allison Grimes, that we will be commiting a crime. No way they won’t fool people. People will be scared off from voting.

  11. The mailers were only sent to Democrats registered in Eastern Kentucky, which is coal country. Thid is voter intimidated and suppression. The county clerks offices in that part of the state. McConnell timed this perfectly. Frankfort (the capitol) is closed until Monday.
    So Beshear can’t do anything until Monday. I am just going to sit back and watch as Mcconnell brings down his own re-election campaign.

  12. The flyers are not fraudulent, and there was no voter intimidation nor any attempt at voter suppression.

  13. Okay a flyer was sent out that if not read properly may intimidate some people. So what should be done.
    And ad bringing out that your right to vote is secure even if you received one of these fliers.

    A letters and phone calls to local papers in KY pushing the fact that the flyer is FAKE.

    Phone calls to Democratic Party voters telling them the flyer is a fake. There are things that people can do. Facebook pages, tweets so on. Decide which you are willing to do or better yet do all of them the more action against the flyer the better. The louder you get the better! Inform all you know that the flyer is a fake! Here ya go list of KY newspapers hit them with all you got people do something besides complaining!! and VOTE!!!

  14. Which raises an interesting question: would RICO apply? And since AG Holder has already announced his retirement….

  15. And who is surprised by this? Mitch McConnell is well known for engaging in sleazy, fraudulent election tactics. This time when he loses this election and his power we may well have the pleasure of seeing Mitch in prison.

  16. Another looming story is the source of the McConnell family fortune has been his wife’s money through her father’s shipping company, Foremost. In Santa Marta, Columbia, a ship from this family business, the Ping May, was discovered transporting $6.7 million in cocaine shipments in 40 bags. Unless the family have a good explanation, it is highly possible that the political and family fortunes of the McConnells were at least partially paid for with drug trade money or other criminal transactions.

  17. Mitch has done this before. In the primary against Matt Bevin, he sent out a mailer that said “FRAUD ALERT” making it seem like your information had been stolen.

    Here is a link to it.

    This isn’t his first rodeo. And it’s not just Mitch. Republicans everywhere are using this illegal tactic. Someone please help me spread the word.

    “This past week the McConnell campaign sent thousands of mailers to Kentucky residents marked “Fraud Alert” without any identification as to who had sent the mailers. Kentuckians, concerned that their identities or credit card information may have been stolen, opened the mailers only to find that it was a political mailing from the McConnell campaign containing the same old mudslinging accusations that Senator McConnell has been trying to push for months now.”

  18. What planet are you living on. The man broke the law and should be jailed. Where is Issa the scandal finder when you need him? Come on Kentuckians, vote this old bastard out of office and send him packing.

  19. The land of the crooks and the home of the fakes. That is the America of today. Where one political party criminal politicians are glorified and those that are not are criminalized for doing what is right.

  20. Just saw this announced on WKYT in Lexington. Also on the Louisville Courier Journal website, was on MSNBC’s “All in With Chris Hayes” (according to the CJ article)……. crazy stuff. Just saw this announced on WKYT in Lexington. Also on the Louisville Courier Journal website, was on MSNBC’s “All in With Chris Hayes” (according to the CJ article)……. crazy stuff. The KY Attorney General’s office has been asked to investigate but says it may be a Federal case, although Conway could still investigate as well. I’ve always been for Grimes but will be ecstatic when this election is over!

  21. One day when Ron realizes that he was on the wrong side, he will be totally ashamed and disgusted. White people act like this is their country and no one can take it from them. I am white and feel so disgusted with many white folks in our country. I work 24/7 to prove I am not like them.

  22. I really dont know why all of yall are sooo frigging surprised!!! All of the behaviour that is being displayed by the GOP is business as usual. Theyve been doing this for years. Its sad that it had to take a black man in office for yall to see how corrupt the Republican party really issss!! It wont end here….they do not have a worthy opponent for the POTUS seat in 2016 and when the Democratic party wins again, we will truly see the criminally gifted perform the most devious behaviour against America…dont change that channel….

  23. I would like to see the indictments if this is true. If the flyers exist and it proves a felony, indict the S.O.B. otherwise, you are just spreading more lies.

  24. And who is going to prosecute him?

    McTurtle would like nothing more than to play a victim of the “overreaching Obama administration”. The RW cashews would like nothing more than their majority leader standing up to the hated Obama.

    This flyer is disgusting and we shouldn’t be surprised but nothing is going to come of this.

  25. Well, actually by making it appear that people would be committing a crime by voting for McConnel’s opponent and by appearing to use federal documents, the McConnel campaign committed 2 crimes. One was to forge federal documents and the other was to intimidate people to the point where they would not vote. As a Republican, you lack a sense of right and wrong and common decency, so you would not notice or understand these points.

  26. hIS FATHER IN LAW IS A SHIPPING MAGGOT WHOSE ships are not registered under US laws, avoiding paying US taxes. One of the ships carrying coal was found to have millions of dollars in drug packets hidden in the shipment,!!! Is this the first time drugs have been part of cargo??

  27. This creep will get away with his rather questionable shenanigans because the morons who voted for him don’t seem to want to pay attention to anything but his “hate Obama” campaign. The man is a menace to our American way of life.

  28. Are you really that clueless? GOP must have you on the payroll because the flyers are voter intimidation and against election law. Cannot help if if my former party doesn’t believe rules and laws apply to them. The rules are still there and they apply to Mitch McConnell and the Kentucky GOP so live with it! Your GOP has become totally corrupt in recent years when they sold out to the wealthy.

    McConnell has been scum for years! Glad to see people seeing just what a scumbag he is!

  29. Why is any one surprised? The GOP has degenerated in to a front for the 1%.

    This has been going on since Nixon. The last honest Republican President,a true American was IKE.

    Even he was tainted by choosing Nixon.

    Where is another Teddy Roosevelt to bring the GOP back?

  30. If McConnell prevails, even by a tiny margin, he will consider himself vindicated, piously declare that the people have spoken, and any talk of having broken the law will be met with a stern lecture about how Obama is just trying to get his enemies and the Dems are always about “criminalizing political differences”. This sort of disgusting scumbaggery must end, and I urge the people of Kentucky to threw this corrupted piece of shit out on his ear.

  31. I’d just ONCE like to see one of these asshats actually get tried, convicted and thrown in prison for all these offenses! They keep doing this crap and getting more and more blatant about it because nothing ever happens to them! They just keep getting away with everything no matter HOW many laws they break!!

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