GOP Lie Debunked: Every President Since Eisenhower Used Executive Authority On Immigration

For any American who has been conscious over the past six years, the idea of a Republican, or any iteration thereof, displaying tenderness, compassion, and empathy for people is laughable if not a complete fallacy; especially people who are suffering or in some way distressed. If anything, Republicans and their cohorts are inhumane by choice, and next to being hypocrites, rivals their racism as major defining characteristics of the entire conservative movement. Since President Obama announced he was fed up, like a majority of Americans, waiting for Republicans to take action on immigration reform, Republicans revealed, in grand fashion, their inhumanity, racism, and hypocrisy in their outrage over executive action on immigration.

Even before the President threatened he would use his authority as head of the Executive branch to “reform” immigration enforcement policy if Republicans failed to act, all manner of conservatives called such a move unprecedented, outrageous, and a gross display of Presidential overreach. They have since threatened impeachment, a lawsuit, eliminating executive authority for President Obama, and force the government to shutdown if the African American President dared do what Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush did in regards to immigration; use executive authority in a humane act towards immigrants.

Now, Republicans will never admit it, but their man-turned-god, Ronald Reagan, was the first Republican president to take executive action on immigration to put a screeching halt to his party’s inhumane treatment of Hispanic immigrants. In 1986, Ronald Reagan signed the what would prove to be the last comprehensive immigration reform bill to pass Congress. The legislation, the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) granted up to 3 million undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship if they had lived in America “continuously” since 1982, or four years; nearly identical to President Obama’s proposal for comprehensive immigration reform Ted Cruz will not let House Republicans debate or vote on.

There was a problem with the new immigration law that bothered Reagan’s conscience because it did not include spouses and children of the 3 million immigrants the law affected. At the time, the Senate Judiciary Committee said that the “families of legalized aliens would be required to “wait in line.” This abomination of “split-eligibility families” also wore on the consciences of the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) that drove them to condemn the separation of families that conflicted with Reagan’s so-called “pro-family” bona fides.

A year later some members of Congress offered up a legislative fix to include the now-legal immigrants’ family members in the IRCA, but it failed. So when Congress failed to do the humane thing and keep immigrant families intact, Ronald Reagan took it upon himself and changed the policy under executive authority, and “prosecutorial discretion” to extend the protections against deportations. Not surprisingly,  there was no outrage, claims of presidential overreach, threats of impeachment, lawsuits against Reagan, government shutdowns, or summary elimination of his use of executive orders. Current Republicans are well-aware of Reagan’s executive action but it was a different story ‘then’ because that president was a white man.

The next white Republican president, George H.W. Bush, took nearly identical executive action in 1989 as his predecessor Reagan without the approval, or input, of Congress. The first President Bush agreed with Reagan, and President Obama, that immigration law “would be enforced humanely” without tearing immigrant families apart. Like his white Republican predecessor, the elder Bush’s executive actions were not unprecedented, outrageous, presidential overreach, and he was not threatened with a lawsuit, government shutdown, impeachment, or summary loss of his executive authority through the budget process.

The next white Republican president, and another less-intelligent but no less compassionate Bush, George W, in 2008 signed into law a humane immigration reauthorization to protect immigrant children from three Central American nations. The bill was co-sponsored by Republicans Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, and Chris Smith of New Jersey. The children get a fair hearing, are placed with family members or appropriate homes to ensure they are not victims of human trafficking.

This is the Bush-Republican law President Obama is following that has Republicans apoplectic and summoning armed militias, and national guard units to the Southern border.  There were no threats to impeach, sue, shutdown the government, or abolish Bush’s executive authority. In fact, Bush had said a couple of years earlier that “We’re a nation of immigrants, and we must uphold that tradition, which has strengthened our country in so many ways.” The only difference between what President Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush did in taking humane action on immigration is that one of those four U.S. presidents (the Black one) is taking unprecedented action and abusing executive authority. That one President is also being threatened with a congressional lawsuit, impeachment, a government shutdown, and loss of executive authority for the high crime and misdemeanor of taking the same humane executive action as three white Republican presidents.

It is noteworthy that every president since and including Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower has taken executive action on immigration without facing threats of lawsuits, government shutdowns, impeachment, or loss of executive authority; because they were white. No American dare ever say the current crop of Republicans, teabaggers, conservative pundits, and conservative media are not inherently racist, hypocritical, and living representations of vile inhumanity. Fortunately, history will portray them for exactly what they are; hypocritical and inhumane racists who hate immigrants just as much as they hate the African American man occupying the White House.

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  1. No attorney worth his own salt will impeach the President. There isn’t any grounds. Obama taught Constitutional Law, he knows that Boehner does not have a case.

  2. They will not impeach.
    They will not sue.
    They will not offer their own solution.

    They will do nothing
    Because that’s what they do

  3. I’m sure there are, and I’m sure that if they do try to impeach Obama with no grounds then both their political, and legal careers should be ended because impeaching a president with no legal basis, or standing is an unethical, and maybe illegal act.

  4. Boehner and the GOP are a bunch of flim-flam con men. They will keep throwing up impeachment and shut-Down to keep the people’s mind off their no legit plans for jobs and the economy. What you have is a bunch of loud mouth wanna-bees leading a flock of nay-sayers who follow the leaders and don’t really give a damn about the people in their states.

  5. I’d like to see the trolls out here. Tell us that these historical facts aren’t REALLY what they appear to be. Tell us how the “lib-rul” media twisted the real facts to make this President seem like he’s quite tame on this issue. Tell us. We’ll be waiting.

    And wouldn’t it be nice if some rightie(s) would actually admit that their party’s leaders and pundits have this all wrong? It’d be great to hear, but you can’t. It’ll just kill you to even think that this President isn’t doing anything wrong.

  6. The Republicans have nothing to offer to the USA. They don’t wanna accept the fact that the man Barack Obama is so powerful in this battle than all of them put together.

  7. Tell us that these historical facts aren’t REALLY what they appear to be.

    Sure..but since it’s late and I’m tired, I’m staying out of the legal weeds tonight and the parts LaRaza never likes to mention.

    I’ll just posit this…at what point does deferred action go from being prosecutorial discretion to simply not enforcing the law? The line DOES exist SOMEWHERE.
    And scale matters. At some point quantitative change becomes qualitative.
    Beyond a certain point (as the President himself has said in the past) selective enforcement of our laws amounts to – in effect- repeal of their provisions.

    Obama graduated from simply not enforcing the law two years ago with DACA. The proposed expansion of DACA to amnesty for perhaps 10 times as many illegal aliens would represent a decisive change in our political system. There’s no getting around that.
    Which past “precedent” represents a wholesale nullification of federal immigration law?

    Hint: There isn’t one.

  8. I’m a little confused. Reagan signed a Bill that was passed by both houses of Congress and now you’re calling that using executive authority? And it is equivalent to Obama ignoring congress and going his own way precisely how? The article wasn’t very clear on that equivalence.

  9. Your kidding right? This is FoxPravda. They have said for years Obama killed coal. The great Bush killed coal, they lost 75% of their production in 2008. In two years of Obama coal production increased 300% and record earnings for coal companies. 2014 will be the fourth year these records were broken and the highest production in twenty years has the coal companies still laying off even more coal workers. And yet those in Kentucky and West Virginia will swear to you its Obama. Of course the same miners have a collapse killing their friends and family where thousands of violations were ignored for years and they will still blame a black President for their problems. Go figure.

  10. Us citizens who had parents that were illegals were left out of the bill. So Reagan essentially told Congress to screw themselves and did by executive order what Congress refused to do. If it sounds familiar it is because both George W. Bush and his father did the same thing. And it is why while the right will complain not even the most radical of the Cruzpublicans would dare to day these children should be thrown out with their parents. But FoxPravda will make sure to not tell this because the President is black. I would like anyone to explain any other reason a legitimate news organization would not mention this.

  11. The House will impeach Obama because they have the votes and the hate. I’m not sure lawyers have anything to do with it. Then it will be on to the Senate for a vote to try him. The repubs won’t have enough votes to do that. They need 67 (2/3rds) to do it. Sound familiar? It’s President Clinton’s experience all over again. Thanks for not voting left leaners.


    I Challenge my Generation to Inspire Future Generations.

    Yours in Christ, Sonny Scroggins

  13. Read it again, Ward.
    “A year later some members of Congress offered up a legislative fix to include the now-legal immigrants’ family members in the IRCA, but it failed. So when Congress failed to do the humane thing and keep immigrant families intact, Ronald Reagan took it upon himself and changed the policy under executive authority, and “prosecutorial discretion” to extend the protections against deportations.”
    Still confused? [WINK]

  14. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), Pub.L. 99–603, 100 Stat. 3445, enacted November 6, 1986, also known as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, signed into law by Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986, is an Act of Congress which reformed United States immigration law.

    Another liberal lie debunked. Or do you not know the difference between a law and an EO?

  15. Jr, the law didnt cover family members. The great traitor Reagan used an EO to add that in.

    You are excused for not being able to read

  16. I like it! Or maybe strip the Teahadists of their citizenship and have them mow the lawns of the newly legal immigrants.

  17. What kind of drugs are you on Sonny? sheeze! Way too much FOX viewing Sonnny..way way too much..walk away slowly and there may be a chance for you in life.

  18. It’s too hard for them to admit their white counterparts are the ones letting them die and abusing and using them. That’s why. They’re like an abused woman who stays because “she loves him”. As usual..since the beginning of time. White men raped white men went to jail for it. Murders? Black men went to jail for life or death for white mans crimes. White men rob banks and the citizens to boot not one white man goes to jail for it. Simple as that.

  19. I am so sick of the GOP being blamed for stopping immigration reform when the real problem is the Demoncrats don’t want the comprehensive part. Looking back, what happened in 86 was an abject failure that should not be repeated. The problem is the left wants to open immigration to all with no accountability and no checks and balances. This country cannot support an indefinite population; our natural and economic resources are limited. When the Dems come to the table willing to compromise on their ridiculous demands, immigration reform will sail through both houses.

  20. Nowhere are the terms “high crimes and misdemeanors” defined in American law. They are what the House says they are. The House can pass a Bill of Impeachment for whatever reasons they choose.

    Meeting the 2/3 of Senate required to convict at trial is a completely separate issue.

    Just remember that impeaching Obama is not “showing that the GOP can govern”. They can kiss any 2016 hopes for the White House and Senate goodbye if they vote impeachment. Possibly the house as well.

  21. Maxie
    no one in their right mind is suggesting Impeachment except progressives vainly trying to stoke the flames of misdirection.
    One thing the author got completely wrong is that Reagan signed the bipartisan Immigration and Control Act of 1986. that while granted amnesty at a price favored heavily a strengthened border. Something the Democrats went back on then and now could not care less about. This is really about importing a new voting block to ensure that one party corrupted rule will be the norm. Ironically similar to what most of these people are trying to escape. Sadly there will be no desire to assimilate, learn English, our history or any of the sacrifice that into the founding of this country. I understand most progressives care little for history or real education anyway.

  22. You are a f@cking liar!!!! Obama has deported more people than your lover boys Reagan and bush. Don’t believe me then use the Google dumbass. I am sick and tired of you ignorant mother f*ckers who live in dumbfukistan talking about things you know nothing about. Just STFU TILL YOU CAN LEARN TO TELL THE TRUTH

  23. Well, Sonny, looks like you’re writing in tongues. Many born-again, spirit-filled, liberal Christians see any love for your brothers in your pronouncement.

  24. Let me say this s..l..o..w..l..y for you: READ the whole thing. The information about the law was the INTRO to what Reagan actually did. READ the whole thing carefully and you will find this info also:

    “There was a problem with the new immigration law that bothered Reagan’s conscience because it did not include spouses and children of the 3 million immigrants the law affected.

    A year later some members of Congress offered up a legislative fix to include the now-legal immigrants’ family members in the IRCA, but it failed. So when Congress failed to do the humane thing and keep immigrant families intact, Ronald Reagan took it upon himself and changed the policy under executive authority, and “prosecutorial discretion” to extend the protections against deportations.”

    See? No “liberal lie” – just the FACTS.

  25. There may be some similarities in these cases, but one very important aspect is missed. In each of the scenarios you list, the legislative process had been allowed to complete itself first before disagreement on implementation provoked executive action. No such legislative process has completed yet. The President wanted certain things but Republican representatives strongly disagree, so no bill was passed. The proper thing to do is continue the established political process until something is passed. What the President is doing is basically saying, since they won’t do things his way, he will disregard their governmental role and do things the way he wants on his own. That is different and much more problematic

  26. Texas Rep. Joe Barton on NewsMaxTV’s America’s Forum

    Dont need to say any more. He is as whacked out as Ghoulmert and Cruz

  27. Ummm Ward Smith you might try reading what was written. Reagan signed the immigration bill that did not let the families (spouse and children) come to the US legally to join the new legal immigrant this in effect broke up families, Reagan used executive order and prosecutorial discretion to NOT deport or restrict the immigrant’s family from joining him/her here in the US. This was in spite of the law that did not extend a path to citizenship to them.

  28. Obama worshippers using their own time and money to help the downtrodden is laughable. Godless people don’t know what true charity is. Their idea of charity is using force to confiscate wealth. Well Obama gets richer, the ghettos grow.

  29. In God’s court of law. Obama will loose. The reason Jesus hating lovers of sin applaud Obama is because he appeals to their anti Christ minds.

  30. Will loose? Failed homeschooling I see. And I bet you just find it hilarious that you would deny people healthcare, food because that’s what your super duper baby jeebus would do? No wait he wouldn’t do that so who is the Jesus hating sinner asshole

  31. How irresponsible of her parents to break the law and put her in jeopardy. Thank God she’s still breathing.

    I was raised in poverty by a single mother. Thank God not Obama for truth and compassion. My mother never taught me to hate the rich but to use my God given hands too work. Those who think they can break the law and should have others pay their way are eternally blind.

  32. Knowing Jesus will get you to heaven. Believing Obama will lead you to hell.

    Jesus calls sinners to repent.

    Obama rewards sin.

    Jesus didn’t demand Cesar extort money to bribe other’s with. In a story Jesus very clearly revealed he didn’t come to divide wealth. God blesses a cheerful giver. Not one who is coerced into giving. That’s tyranny, not charity.

  33. You have your head up somewhere else if you seriously believe the GOP is not on the devils side. Remember the bible tells us to be aware of false profits? The GOP says they care about people, however they punish them to make Obama back off on bills that will help them.. How do you see God punishing Obama for trying to feed and cloth poor children and their parents. The list goes on and on about what the GOP will do to stop the good acts of President Obama . If you do not acknowledge that,then you are living in a bubble and haven’t been keeping up with reading about all the accomplishments Obama has completed for the good of the people. God would not want women to have to get paid less for doing the same thing, God would not want people to go without medical care and have only the wealthiest of people get good medical care . It is the wish of the GOP , GOD would not support the wealthiest of people and shun the poorest, nor the middle class.. READ YOUR BILE BETTER THAN YOU HAVE

  34. What story? Since you have proven you don’t know what Jesus said are we suppose to take your what you say as gospel/

  35. If Obama acts by making law then it is an impeachable reason to do it. Only Congress is allowed to make law. Obama will lose on this in the Supreme Court like he has lost badly in the past there. What part of the President not making law do you not know? Josh Earnest cited “facts” today about past presidents doing what he is doing. It only takes 1 second Google search to see that it is a lie. President has to act with Congress only on making laws.

  36. This brief history lesson just proves that amnesty only begets more illegal immigration.

    It is not reform, it is not a solution, it just continues to damage tax payers.

  37. Wow the stupid must be strong with you
    Illegal immigrants benefit the U.S. economy

    But what about the immense strain on social services and money spent on welfare for these law breakers? The Congressional Budget Office in 2007 answered this question in the following manner: “Over the past two decades, most efforts to estimate the fiscal impact of immigration in the United States have concluded that, in aggregate and over the long term, tax revenues of all types generated by immigrants—both legal and unauthorized—exceed the cost of the services they use.” According to the New York Times, the chief actuary of the Social Security Administration claims that undocumented workers have contributed close to 10% ($300 billion) of the Social Security Trust Fund.

    Just say you don’t want any brown people around and be done with it

  38. what life if it’s 3/5th-git over yo’self uneed2 take sum-meds utalkin crazzz_SYITZATRYIN 2GIT YOUR NAME OAY UNO-NEVER MIND IF I DIE YESTERDAY C GOD’S FACE_THA POPE IS CIMIN2 AMERICA #GRUBER

  39. Are you capable of having a discussion without your childish incessant name calling!?? Aren’t you from the ” compassionate ” party??? And no I’m not a Republican I’m an independent.

  40. So I just have a few questions for all of you that seem to know…What are all the so called illegal legal’s going to do for work, work in the fields harvesting grapes and vegetable for your dining table. Or perhaps work at McDonald’s serving you your fast food. And I ask what about health care I hear they will not be given assistance in that direction is that true? And why aren’t we pulling out of the middle east holy wars and putting our effort in helping South America clean up there country so these illegal legal’s can have some freedom and peace in their own country is it because we need the Cartel.

  41. The problem is it isn’t Clinton all over again. This President did not engage in an indiscretion, which arguably empowered the GOP to proceed with their case.

    No, far from it: In this case, they could care less if there is ANY evidence to impeach. In fact, they simply want to ensure they tarnish his name, discouraging any future minority from running for this office.

    Perhaps I am wrong, but then again that is the exact perception they leave, and we all know; perception IS reality!

  42. I will encourage you to listen Rush Limbough he might help you wake up and live the reality with issues with substance.

  43. Is that you pooky? Man I thought when you lost your trailer you was down and out glad to see you are just as idiotic as ever

  44. DJ Chefron seems to have it’s panies in a wad. You can’t take anyone seriously when all it does it call names and hurl insults. Not exactly the way to get your arguement across. Every point made is a moot one.


  46. Wish we could have a main stream media TV station that would be willing to make these statements so that more voters would see the hypocrisy of the Repubs. I hope Obama uses as much executive order authority as he can between now and January 2017. Excellent article!!

  47. Where to start with all the misinformation and lies you’re trying to promote? How about the idea that allowing families to remain together will create more voters? Not for years to come and only if they become citizens after the required amt. of time. I see that you’re obviously blind to the GOP’s voter suppression tactics that they have been using to eliminate Democratic voters. What gives you the idea that progressives don’t care about education? It’s the RWNJ’s who are rewriting textbooks to include the idea that our country’s Constitution is based on the Bible and that only Christianity is acceptable to them. Progressives care deeply about history but they don’t like the RWNJ’s who want to twist it to suit what they wish was true. They have deified Reagan and yet President Obama has done many of the same things and they obstruct his advances at every turn. They are trying to ruin the U.S. but their numbers are dying out, thankfully! You are very misinformed & u…

  48. As far as impeachment goes, I believe it was first mentioned within the first 100 days of President Obama’s first term in office. To pretend that the GOP wouldn’t like to impeach him is preposterous. It is a frequent topic of discussion and often promoted by RWNJ’s despite their being an obvious lack of reason to do so. History will look kindly upon President Obama’s accomplishments despite the RWNJ’s who have tried their best to ruin him and in doing so, have prevented our country from succeeding at a much greater rate but yet he has turned things around DESPITE the GOP’s obstruction. He will be remembered as a successful President while Boehner will be considered the worst Speaker to ever wield the gavel in Congress w/o any accomplishments to speak of, that will be his claim to fame, not one to be admired.

  49. “For any American who has been conscious over the past six years, the idea of a Republican, or any iteration thereof, displaying tenderness, compassion, and empathy for people is laughable if not a complete fallacy…”

    YES, because as only Fascists know best, only force – from a centralized and powerful state – can set one free of your misery.,

  50. American “freedom” from economics to media journalism is 20ish to 40-something in the world – according to various sources – and falling.

    Thus, the Tea Party people I personally know are leaving for freer countries, sooner or later. They don’t see hope, freedom or opportunity they value coming ‘home’ again during their lives.

    CONGRATULATIONS! The Liberal-Fascists have won!

  51. That is too hilarious! The tea party leaders are pushing religion, the tea bag people are left out in the cold by their own leaders and you blame it on the left?

    It cant get much richer then that!

    BTW, good riddance to the tea bags, they never were for freedom other then their own

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