MSNBC Elevates Rachel Maddow To News Anchor


Viewers’ dreams of Rachel Maddow someday hosting Meet The Press took another step forward as new MSNBC advertising refers to as a news anchor.

According to TVNewser,

You won’t likely see MSNBC host Rachel Maddow filling in for Brian Williams on “NBC Nightly News.” While Maddow is usually described as the “host” of a cable news show, she is rarely called a “news anchor.” Her own NBC bio describes her as a “host”-and never even uses the word “journalist.”

So it’s worth noting that a new MSNBC promo flips the script, describing Maddow as a “news anchor with a big personality. She’s smart, funny and passionate.”

It is an interesting change, and one that reaffirms MSNBC’s commitment to Maddow being the center of the network. Maddow has been anchoring the network’s election night and other big event coverage, so it isn’t inaccurate to refer to her as MSNBC’s news anchor.

The problem is that Rachel Maddow continues to lose viewers because she is surrounded by a lot of shows that people aren’t watching on MSNBC. The network managed to lose 6% of its total viewers and 8% of its younger viewers during the midterm election last month.

Chris Hayes’ 8 PM show has been sinking the entire primetime lineup and pushing cable news viewers towards CNN by the thousands. It is a good idea to make Rachel Maddow the center of the network. It was a bad idea to remake the network in her image by hiring a group of low rated Maddow clones who have caused the ratings to plunge.

Instead of highlighting and emphasizing Maddow’s uniqueness, the network has watered down her impact by trying to recreate her success with several other hosts.

NBC News has held the position that Rachel Maddow can’t host Meet The Press because she is too partisan, but the elevation to news anchor is another step into journalistic territory.

The MSNBC ship continues to sink, but Rachel Maddow’s star is still shining bright.

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  1. I don’t understand this idea of blaming ratings of one show on the shows that surround it. Don’t people have 1. clocks and 2. remote controls? You tune in to the show you like and if you don’t like the one that follows, change the channel. Why is that so difficult?

  2. Rachel’s too partisan to host Meet The Press?? That didn’t stop them from giving Chuck Todd the job!

  3. I wish her program was on earlier, like maybe replacing Chris Mathews. She comes on last in their line up, the stupid prison shows come on after her show ends.

    As much as I like her show, we’ve ususally switched to something on prime time network by the time she comes on.

    I think she and her team do a lot of research and put a lot of effort into her reporting.

  4. It would help if msnbc would get rid of the most depressing show in the universe….LOCKUP feels like it’s the end of the world. Not what people need right now since everything else feels like that too. Human beings need some light every now and then for god’s sake. Not more devastation.

  5. Rachel is too partisan? Perhaps, but at least she states it and tries to be fair. Chuck Todd is as partisan as they come, and has no journalistic integrity. That didn’t stop NBC from handing the venerated MTP to that hack.

  6. I always liked Chris Hayes knowledge and presence.

    However move Rachael to 8 pm and get it over with. Dont kill your star

  7. I think Chris Hayes compliments Rachel’s show very well! He brings energy and intelligence to conversations in his own unique way. Why do other hosts have to be clones of Rachel?

  8. Oh man!!! I don’t know where to go with this – but will try. She has been the one person I could tune in to who I knew I could get the full story from. One of the beautiful things about her was when she gave inaccurate info – the next night she would clear it up. Such a refreshing facet of her delivery.
    I don’t know what the hell has happened with MSNBC the past couple of years – I have given up trying to figure it out.
    All I can do at this point is to wish her well – she is a dynamic lady and an honest person.
    The one regret I have about her is she never took that extra plunge and researched the Palin scandals that are still prevalent today. It would have been worthy of something like “The President’s Men”.

  9. Her show is the most researched on cable news. She beats every FOX cable news network host by a thousand miles and CNN (for the most part) just doesn’t have the chops. Rachel has a doctorate, for pete’s sake. When she makes a mistake, she corrects it gladly. You don’t see that happening much. The only thing I might wish is that she slow down just a little bit. She’s not as speedy a talker as Chris Hayes (who’s over the top in that regard), but she can go a little too fast to keep up sometimes. Give the important details time to sink in, Rachel!! :D Move her up to the 7pm slot so I can watch her at 6 central time. Too many people swap to regular entertainment channels during her current time slot. mho

  10. I watch Chris Hayes, and think he’s smart……Maddow is good too….to tell you the truth, ever since Lawrence O’Donnell had his accident, I stopped watching MSNBC regularly. It’s my go to news network, but him being off network for so long….I haven’t gotten back into it. Remember Lawrence’s monologue about the Romneys before his accident……this is the reason I adore Lawrence O’Donnell. Please watch through its entirety.

  11. Congrats to Rachel!! TRMS should switch the time slot now filled by Hard Ball. Bring Martin Bashir, Keith Olbermann, and Cenk Uygur back to fill other slots!! Get rid of Morning Joe (sorry Mika but, you’ve turned into Joe’s lapdog), put the Lawrence O’Donnell in that slot. MSNBC needs some hard hitters!!..

  12. I love Rachel and I agree she is awesome and needs to have a better slot like Chris Mathews. I love how her staff research everything and educate us. She is outstanding in her field and could host Face the Nation, or Meet the Press. I know a lot of people that watch Rachel rather than the evening news!

    We feel like we can trust Rachel!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rachel and I hope she does not lose the 9:00 p.m. slot. I watch from 8:00 pm. on.. I LOVE Chris Hayes why someone bad mouths him I do not know. He is brilliant as is O’Donnell. MSNBC sure elevate Rachel the Great but I and many others LOVE both Chrises and Larry too!! Great line up. The best.

  14. I still think that liberals, progressives & many Dems just do not watch political shows like the right-wing does & it is the same with political talk radio. With Limbaugh, don’t know how, but those people listen to him everyday. Liberals & Progressives seem to have other things they would do rather than listen or watch political shows. They might once in a while but it is not a religious thing like the right-wing does it. That said, we are every bit as informed as the right & probably more so because we get our information online, overseas news along with the other sources here.

    Maybe I am wrong but as for me & other progressive friends we are all alike regarding this. I would rather be outdoors, at a movie, in a pub throwing darts, drinking beer with friends more than politics.

  15. I love Rachel Maddow but can no longer watch. Her rapid fire speaking with no pauses pushes my anxiety level through the roof. She seems almost manic to me at times. Same with Chris Matthews. I much prefer Lawrence O’donnell or Chris Hayes who are CALM.

  16. I, personally, can’t stand Chris Matthews. He is a loudmouth and obnoxious. When he gets excited, he even spits and drools. They could replace him with Rachel and I wouldn’t miss him.

    I like Chris Hayes. he always seems prepared and does well with interviews. He did an excellent job with the Ferguson reporting. Maybe they need a better lead-in for him too.

    As for Rachel Maddow, MSNBC couldn’t have made a better pick. She may be partisan, but she has always been fair. And she doesn’t take well to political double talk. It would be most interesting to see her take on Joe Scarborough.

  17. Matthews and Sharpton drove me away from MSNBC a long time ago. Matthews should be dropped on a deserted island

  18. The only people hurt in Lawrence’s accident was him and his brother…..was his accident pay back for this shellacking monologue? Seems weird now looking back!

  19. Chris Hayes was and is fantastic on the Ferguson story. He’s won me as a fan with his fairness and integrity covering this. Get rid of Chris Matthews…

  20. Yes yes, yes. Cannot handle Morning Joe for even a minute. He is beyond help and Mika has become totally brain dead. How they are still on is something I can’t understand.

  21. Move Rachael to 7, Lawrence to 8 and Chris to 9. (Central times) Rachael and Lawrence are my favorite!

  22. I like Sharpton but he doesn’t have to shout so much. Get rid of Matthews. His understanding of the world stopped in the 1960’s or 70’s. He has NO feel for the evolving America and is nearly as bad as the people on Fox longing for America as it used to be. Note his JFK (or “Jack” references) and Reagan books. Both celebrate an America that’s gone and not coming back.
    When he laments that the Democrats aren’t stressing working class whites from Ohio and Pennsylvania with Ed Rendell, what are Blacks and Latinos to do – wait our turns as usual other than vote for Hillary Clinton?

  23. JD, that’s never been the way TV has looked at this. They see it like in the regular type TV shows – whether it be comedy, drama, etc. When they schedule say 30 Rock with Tina Fey, they want the prior show to be strong like Parks & Rec in order to draw in viewers too in order to keep you on their station. They see it that if you are watching another network, chances you won’t change to another network/cable station and also may be the chance a show you may watch on another network could be a movie being 2 hours, thereby of course missing both. They don’t look at scheduling by way of the clock. Remember, Olbermann was Maddow’s 8pm lead in to her show — and I like many, was tuned to MSNBC for at least 2 hours.

  24. I do have one criticism: Why talk about abortion each and every day to the exclusion of so many other policy areas? Not every woman is going to have one for any number of reasons. Linked to this: For once, why doesn’t she ever discuss adoption and adequate child care as issues that might broaden a definition of the word “choice”.
    I’m not “pro-choice” or “pro-life” as they are narrowed and fought about, I suppose.

  25. Maddow is not the right person for Meet the Press. She’d be a loss to MSNBC and truthful research and reporting. MTP would confine her far, far too much as she’s the only one that exposes so many stories we’d never hear about. Meet the Press is built to interview the same old politicians week in, week out. Then the roundtable. Would be the worst move she’d ever make if she was offered and accepted it.

    I agree – bring back Keith & Martin Bashir. Another who was good was Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, who had a show on CurrentTV. She spoke truth too!!

  26. Off topic, but speaking of shows, Candy Crowley is leaving CNN..thank goodness. Bet she goes to Fox where she belongs.

  27. Indeed, “too partisan”? Is that NBC-speak for “actually challenging falsehoods and demanding clarity from guests”?

    Not even Andrea Mitchel is as consistent as Rachel Maddow about inviting both conservative and progressive guests on her show, and questioning them with equal fervor.

  28. I watch MSNBC a lot and like Rachel. However, it is pushing the realm of reality to call her a news anchor. She’s a partisan hack just like all the rest of the commentators on MSNBC and Fox.

  29. I agree. Most Liberals, Progressives, and Dems are probably well rounded. Our brains can fathom more than 1 topic at a time, everything in its time and place. Unlike the Right…they are brainwashed with all the wrong political information.

  30. I love The Rachel Maddow show,but I would like her in an earlier time slot.She could replace Morning Joe for sure and would not miss that show.

  31. Hi Pat, Rachel is a strong and smart woman that I love. My guess is that covering anything “Palin” is like reporting on Bozo the clown (no insult to Bozo), it is just tabloid news. And Rachel usually does not dive in the shallow end. Thanks.

  32. When Rachel restates and restates, people better understand what she is talking about. It also helps the watchers to remember better.

  33. Rachel is the BOMB, so keep her around to blow up chit as needed. she is deep, humorous and knowledgeable. i’m sure she and her staff are pre-show nerds (lol). for sure bring back martin bashir, he was another hard hitter.he backed up his bite in only the way a Londoner could. put joye ann reid into primetime or at least the opener to primetime. i like ari melber, he did a great job filling in for lawrence. and lastly, do get rid of matthews, he doesnt know what he’s for or against, just as the wind blows. AND ONCE AND FOR ALL, JUST LIKE TODDLER, GET RID OF MOANING JOE AND HIS SIDE KICK!!!
    thank you.

  34. Keep Rachel in the evening line up, but at an earlier time slot. Get rid of Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews – both are just far too obnoxious for me. Put Lawrence O’Donnell on Meet the Press. And please, please stop with the lockup crap on the weekends .. it is nauseating.

  35. They should have never moved Ed Schultz from the 8pm slot, and better yet they should never have let Keith Olbermann go!

  36. Excuse me, Bill F, but I “resemble that remark”…being that I’m looking forward to my 81st birthday in March!! I love Rachel Maddow…she is actually the only one I watch consistently. I don’t “do” Fox or CNN and don’t care for too many of the other “show hosts” or whatever title they have this week. Too many are there strictly for the political angle and fall flat for anything else.

    She is an intelligent, talented lady and keeps a great sense of humor around her as well. Hard to beat.

    I must say that I would hesitate to pull her from what she does to play host on Meet the Press…she’s too good at what she does, why toy with it?

    My time on MTP is quite limited as I don’t enjoy one-sided political hacking…but I do, on occasion check in just to see if anything’s changed! Maybe it’s just time to retire the show? I know, shocking thought! [WINK]

  37. Put Rachael on earlier. She is on too late.
    You are wasting her talents.
    Put her on after the Reverend or after The Ed Show.

  38. Rachel has been the constant in all the fields of chaos. Chris Matthews constantly interrupts his guests which is very annoying to the listener, much less the guest, Rev Al yells all the time, I really like Chris Hayes, and Ed is wonderful – except he is starting to yell too – but he is THE voice of the American people with his visits and interviews. I understand the PASSION for sure!! Todd needs to go to Fox. Rachel is no more partisan than the rest of the news and takes responsibility for it and shows both sides…pro and/or con…the mark of a true and VERY intellectual professional. She is courteous to her guests and both truly apologetic and sympathetic when the need arises and does not take the fall for errors…which is a LOT more than most do these days. We can’t all be perfect – but just to have several more Rachels would be great!!

  39. No she doesn’t come on last. Lawrence O’Donnell does and way too many people don’t watch his brilliance.

  40. MSNBC would be wise to move José Díaz-Balart to Prime Time and also move Rachel to the 8 slot..if they do not give her the chair on MTP José Díaz-Balart would be the best move…He has taken the Run Down to 2 hrs and its one of the best on any of the news chans

  41. Chris Hayes is wonderful and just before Rachel is perfect. I tune in for them. Cannot stand Matthews why is he always so obnoxious? I check in on the yellers in the early evening, but I just can’t take it. Ed is yelling more than ever, then Al who always yells, and then Matthews who is rude, only wants to hear himself, obnoxious, and loud — it is a horror. We try to catch Lawrence but he is so full of himself sometimes I just can’t take it. I also like the woman in the middle of day (can’t think of her name) dark hair, always friendly, used to sit in for Lawrence sometimes. Why can’t it be smart, sharp TV like the 8-10 slots all day? and for God’s sake WHY IS JOE STILL THERE?

  42. I like TRMS she is a good explains and this way I catch up with the every thing that happened throughout the day. All in with Christ is shapping up to be very good. The Last Word should be shown Monday through Fridays. I began my day with MSNBC after morning Joe takes a hike. There are one I would love to see come back because he did nothing wrong except to call out Sara Plain he used her own words against her Martin Berkshire was very good. Some don’t like Sharpton or Ed stating that they yell I disagree with that they are both loud people and passionate about what they love and that’s the citizens Matthews is argumentative with his guess and it is true he can be a bit confusing. I think that their supervisors have a lot to do with the way something turn for the worst. No matter what work we do unless we own the business we have certain Reg. that we must follow. Same with MSNBC.

  43. It really doesn’t matter what silly title they give her.. She still has to do what she is told. My problem is NOT with her or anyone you mentioned..but this. I just went to check the TV guide. At 4AM there is Meet the Press..with Chuck Todd and the bit says the moderator interviews a leading public figure…David Gregory. And THAT along with Chris Matthews and that Joe creep is why I don’t even have MSNBC on my channel list now. I actually like some of the people named in this article. But they still have the same people calling the shots that puts Chuck Todd and the rest in my face if I watch that network. Life is too short, I had rather watch I love Lucy reruns. I must not be the only one. I caught it out of the corner of my ear there’s actually going to be a special of I Love Lucy reruns soon. Those are about as real as anything we hear from NBC.

  44. Ahhh there’s the rub.. Speaking the truth. Do a little research, look up who controls ALL the networks. How it is all just like a big spider web with a small group of people controlling what we are allowed to know. Doesn’t matter if it is MSNBC or NBC. The same men we don’t even know their names control it. And all of the MSM. The only reason they allow Maddow the little leeway she has is for profit and even she is very tightly controlled. She is allowed to go a little farther than some to get attention off what we SHOULD be seeing.

  45. Old presentation tactic: tell ’em what you’re gonna tell ’em; tell ’em; tell ’em what you told ’em [WINK]

  46. I think I agree: on MTP she would be confined by the role of moderator. OTOH, she would ask questions that the last two lapdog coward hosts wouldn’t ask. She’d hold republican leaders’ feet to the fire, all right–a nice change of pace that would be!

    OTOH, perhaps she exercises greater influence in primetime than Sunday morning. Do younger viewers that is, the rising generation of voters – watch MTP? I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m in favor of her being located where she can do the most damage to the fake conservatism we’ve had forced on us for nearly two generations now.

  47. MSNBC fired Keith Olbermann, the one who brought Rachel Maddow as guest on his program a number of times.

    MSNBC fired Martin Bashir for being honest regarding Sarah Palin.

    I now rarely watch MSNBC as I no longer find them a reliable news source.

  48. If MSNBC would bring up their line-up starting with Martin, Ed, Rev. Al, Lawrence, Rachel, Keith, & throw Chris at the end. They will have the evening line-up sew up. Then stop trying to censor every word that would offend the GOP-T-Billies.

    They would kill Faux/CNN..

  49. Elaine, I am old and white also but do not consider myself part of the MSM base. Thankfully there are people in our generation who are progressive.

  50. Maddow would be awesome. She does her homework and points out any errors that might happen on her show. It would be like the show’s beginning. Don’t get the negative posters here at all.

  51. Here’s the problem from my perspective, ALL the evening programs (starting late afternoon with NOW) show the very same content, same sound bites, same experts, only the host changes. So, rather than watch the same subject matter from 4pm to 11pm, I just watch Maddow cause she has the best presentation (IMO). I do tape the other shows then blow thru them the next morning looking for anything different but I can usually get thru all of them in about an hour. Side note – I don’t care for Chris Matthews and his constant droning out his guests and I ALWAYS listen to Lawrence’s “Rewrite”.

  52. It would be a super idea for a few folks to swallow their Pride, reign in their Egos,and convince Olbermann to come back.

  53. I agree with all that Chris Hayes is smart and his show is honest, comprehensive and fair, and he, his guests and his show have great integrity. All good.

    But it is TV, and in fact the show does get a little tedious, a little, yes, wonky, and covers a lot of the same stories that Maddow and O’Donnell do later. In fact, it may be too intellectual (in the positive sense of the word) for many viewers–that’s not an insult to the viewers, it just reflects on the nature of the medium. Where Rachel is “hot” (in the TV sense), Chris is “cold.” Rachel has personality, wit, charm, humor. Chris rarely shows any of those characteristics, which are necessary for a TV show–whether we like that fact or not.

    So I can see where Hayes would not attract a real wide audience, even if what he is presenting is so much needed, more so every week. O’Donnel is more vibrant, more engaging. Maybe they should give O’Donnell the 8 slot and put Chris on at 10.

  54. Rachel Maddow is brilliant, without question! I think she needs to be in a better time slot. Perhaps, Matthews, Maddow, Olberman and then O’Donnell? They’d knock ’em dead!! Morning Joe is an absolute loser. Move Chris Hayes into that slot and watch the ratings. I think if MSNBC loses Rachel the network is dead meat. Oh by the way, I’m well over 65, white male, she does not just appeal to young adults. Her reporting is well researched, she is equally aggressive on liberal and conservative guests and I like it. Yes of course she is progressive, but damn proud of it and I love her sense of humor. Drink up Rachel, you’re awesome!

  55. I used to watch more NBC news on the internet when the site gave all sorts of video clips listed on the left handside of the video. And the response to open the video was quicker. (My computer is always the same, I cannot blame the computer for the slowness!) When Chris Hayes was an expert called by Rachen on economic matters mostly I felt the competence and the fluid dialogue between the two. Since Chris has his own show I think he performes less well. As for Rachel… Well, I’m missing to watch her since I’m unable to reach her videos’!

  56. I have tried to listen to Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes. I don’t agree with most of what they have to say but it is interesting to listen to. That being said I cannot watch their shows because of they constant arm flailing and hand flitting. Maybe back off of the caffeine a bit.

  57. Anti- choice laws against women are the equivalent of how Ferguson cops treat young black men.

    Just like voting, the right to control one’s own body is a fundamental Constitutional guarantee. Even for women.

    You can’t forbid an abortion any more than you can forbid someone to walk on the streets.

    You can’t force a woman to endure 9 months of pregnancy and her life any more than you can shoot a 12 year old with a BB gun.

    That is not your decision to make. You may ‘feel threatened’ by their actions, but that’s your personal problem, not theirs.

    A woman’s eggs are hers, to do with as she desires.

    So, yes. If you are a woman, and people are attempting to enslave you, you get pretty testy on the subject.

    Until women have full rights of citizenship, we will not be silent.

  58. It’s amazing to me that being fair now a days is being a far left extremist. Just because the conservative far right have become fundamentalist extrimists doesn’t mean that the opposite side has done the same thing.

  59. I don’t understand why Chris Hayes is getting such low ratings, especially compared to CNN.
    My preference would be Martin Bashir, followed by Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and Lawrence O’Donnell.

  60. Morning Joe is better suited for FOX and I don’t even have FOX programmed into my channel lineup.

  61. Rachael Maddow isn’t partisan one way or the other. She tells the truth about the issues. She investigates and confirms and if she’s wrong on a subject she admits it. You have her confused with faux Noise that has won the right to tell lies as their first amendment right. She calls out the ignorant and shines a light on the racism. No, the clowns at the head office wouldn’t dare put her into the anchor seat at Meet the Press because she would call bullshit just what it is instead of playing kissy face with the KKKoch KKKlan KKKonservatives. Thank you, Rachael, for being who you are.

  62. Rachel is definitely my favorite on MSNBC. Having been elevated to news anchor, she should be included on the MTP panel on a regular basis. But the RWNJ politicians would probably not agree to do MTP when she’s on the panel. She knows the issues too well.

  63. I don’t think Rachael Maddow would be a good fit for Meet The Press simply because she would be to constrained. She is best suited for the reporting she does now, however, I do agree MSNBC needs to bring back Martin and Keith. I admitt they were a bit rough at times but compared to what is coming from the Right(FOX NOISE)they have been a couple of pussy cats. MSNBC also needs to “Can” Rev Al. I’m tired of listening to him shouting on TV. That’s one reason I cut back to only Hardball, The ED Show, L. O’Donnell and TRMS.

  64. I love her show but don’t have cable. I USED to watch it ALL the time on but today NOTHING absolutely NOTHING on that site will run for me, all it does is buffer buffer buffer. Useless to try and an watch it IMO

  65. What you are saying is logical, but people don’t really use logic when picking their shows. You watch a station and if the next show looks interesting you have to chose to stay there or move on to what you were going to watch. eventually people will chose to stay on the station they were on because that is less work and curiosity wins. Lazy, I know, but it’s TV.

  66. I don’t know anyone having problems changing the channel, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a remote or a DVR. I record Rachel every day, as well as the Daily Show, and Bill Maher on Fridays. I use to record Keith Oberman every day also but then MSNBC stuck their heads up their ass and fired him, MSNBC forced me to change channels when they did that!
    Rachel would be the best replacement for the evening news, I would go back to watching it, she would be great on MTP, far better these last two guys, their the reason I haven’t watch that show in years.
    Yes Rachel is the best, and needs to be in prime time, not at the end of the night.

  67. Rachel Maddow
    has raised the bar to a higher level! Because of her, I’m informed, because of her, exposing the lies and flip flops, of our representatives on both sides, of course! I can now vote for who I think will help move us forward.

  68. Jason Easley hates Chris Hayes and slags him at every opportunity. He is either unwilling or unable to say why or what it is he has against Chris. He is allowing his own personal bias to color his writing, shame.

  69. About time slots. Not everyone lives on the east coast and the whole world does not have the ability to DVD.

    Rachel is on at 6pm in California, 5pm in Alaska and 4pm in Hawaii. Because there are no repeats on Fridays MSNBC is basically a 4 days a week proposition everywhere except the east.

  70. Could it be that her rating are failing because people are starting to find her as equally patronizing as the rest of MSNBC? Journalist . . . yeah right

  71. why would anyone want to watch a network that follows all the others that latch onto one subject, like Sharpton recently has with the Brown case and masturbate it to death and beyond. Nobody wants to sit through that day after day after day. Now, let’s see how long it will be before NBC and all the other “news” outlets turn the Sydney gunman into an infamous historical figure for other little gunmen to look up to by dissecting him and his life story on every show, every day for the next month. At least. And this is what they fit in-between commercials. the question is why anyone watches TV anymore!

  72. Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz are, in my opinion, MSNBC’s two most valuable heavy-hitters, with Lawrence O’Donnell not far behind. They are true assets for getting the REAL story behind the conservative clap-trap, and I would love to see their three shows aired back-to-back. Chris Matthews is good but he sometimes flaunts his intelligence and experience in the political world a little too much — sort of a liberal version of George Will ! Chris Hayes is improving, but I still find his pattern of speech a little on the dull side. I miss Keith Olbermann — yeah, he was obnoxious, but he had passion and fury for the truth, and it made his show entertaining.

    As ol’ Ed would say “Let’s get to work !”

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