House Republicans Pass Bill That Would Take Away Health Insurance From 1 Million Workers

paul ryan

House Republicans passed a bill would take away health insurance from at least 1 million workers by a vote of 252-172.

The deceptively named Save American Workers Act would do the exact opposite. According to the CBO, the Republican backed change in the ACA would cause 1 million workers to lose their private health insurance. Half of the workers impacted would not be able to get new health care coverage so that they would have no health insurance. During the debate on this bill, Republicans trotted out some familiar Obamacare lies.

Twelve Democrats joined Republicans in voting for the bill. No Republicans voted against the bill, and three members voted present.

Paul Ryan claimed that ACA was devised by central planning and had a secret agenda to destroy the economy. House Republicans ignored the fact that the economy is growing at its fastest pace in more than a decade in order to claim that the work week as defined in the ACA is killing jobs. Republicans tried to cover for the fact that all of their predictions concerning the economic impact of the ACA were wrong by suggesting that unless this bill was passed all, the economy was going to crash and burn under the weight of the ACA.

Throughout the debate on the House floor, Democrats tried to inject reality by pointing out to Republicans that they are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. There is no crushing weight of Obamacare that is harming employees. The real goal behind this bill is not to solve a problem, but to create a new one. Republicans aren’t trying to save American workers. Their mission is to weaken the successful health care law by any means necessary.

President Obama has already threatened to veto the bill, as Republicans may have changed the bill’s name, but their goal wasting time trying to destroy Obamacare remains the same.

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  1. Paul Ryan looks like Eddie Munster, about to take flight.

    And Obama’s veto pen is sharpened up, ready to go. Thank God!

  2. This is just the beginning. How is it that a political party can be so out of touch with reality? And I agree, who are these 12 Democrats who agree with this fantasy?

  3. Obama’s veto pen is going to be busy over the next two years, these dumb dumbs are not going to stop….smh.

  4. Kick those 12 Democrats to the CURB now!
    Who are they? Names please. Those are the Democrats who will spoil the leverage we have. They are the ones who will stand with the Republicans with every nasty bill they bring up.
    Anyway, Kill the Bill—VETO POWER, Mr. Obama. Hope your pen is full of ink. ;)

  5. Well of course they did…because that’s what they do. Take things away from the American people and send the spoils to Wall Street.

    It’s 2015…same as 2014…and 2013…and so on.

  6. Here is the list

    Brad Ashford (NE-02)
    Ami Bera (CA-07)
    Jim Costa (CA-16)
    Henry Cuellar (TX-28)
    John Delaney (MD-06)
    Gwen Graham (FL-02)
    Dan Lipinski (IL-03)
    Patrick Murphy (FL-18)
    Scott Peters (CA-52)
    Collin Peterson (MN-07)
    Kurt Schrader (OR-05)
    Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09)

  7. 1. brad ashford NE
    2. ami beta CA
    3. jim costa CA
    4. henry cuellar TX
    5. john delaney MD
    6. gwen graham FL
    7. daniel lipinski IL
    8. patrick murphy FL
    9. scott peters CA
    10. collin peterson MN
    11. kurt schrader OR
    12. krysten sinema AZ

    ‘Congress’ app in play store…

  8. Some of the Dems who voted yes did so due to procedural issues to get the bill onto POTUS’ desk and vetoed.
    You can call this bill The PopaJohn’s bill since he is one of the biggest opponents to his franchises having to pay for insurance on workers with less than 40 hours.
    Additional Companies backing this bill
    Hobby Lobby
    Sam’s Club
    & Several others.

  9. And That is the reason why Republicans would consider this bill, to save the corporations money.

    They do not want to have to pay for health care for their employees, while they have the best care available. Typical, “I’ve got mine, to hell with you”.

    I remember Papa John complaining about the ACA when it was first proposed. He was upset because he figured he would have to raise the price of his pizzas by 5 cents. So how much would it cost him? Zero $s.

    So why is he and others like him complaining?

  10. This is all fine because President Obama is in office, but what is going to happen after he’s out of office? These turds will still be around, then what?

  11. Paul Ryan, should pay back all the social welfare he lived off of from his youth, as well as educational expenses that were more than likely paid for by the gov..and now he gets a salary from the gov.

    What a hypocrite. He has his. This guy is such a punk, and he is an idiot with a mentality of a 16 year old.

  12. Those are more purple districts in CA.
    Scott Peters in CA-52 is the one just south of Issa’s.

    Mine is CA-28 with Adam Schiff

  13. How did the article leave out the fact that this bill would, according to the CBO, raise the deficit by $57 Billion over 10 years? Responsible legislating by our family friendly Repubs there, eh?

  14. When is it going to stop??? Man the are just getting warmed up!! The only hope is that these lazy assholes only work 5 weeks a year. The less time there in session,the less time they have to shaft us.

  15. Ok. Just a little troll ranting here,
    Papa is not spelled with an O
    Pens don’t get sharpened (messy)
    Ask Jonathan Gruber about Death Panels
    All of Congress has ‘theirs’
    Anytime ANY Congress is out is better

    And Finally
    Unicorns shit Rainbows; you will be waiting a really long time for a gold brick

    Have a fine day all!

  16. THANKS Tani, this is jut what I was looking for.
    Collin Pederson voted for the SS take away.
    Remember this people in MN….in the next election……
    Collin Pederson the biggest blue Dog in MN…..
    All you farming people, In his Dist. You do collect SS when you retire do you not?. Think about that!!

  17. Hypocrite is way too nice a name for Paul Ryan. something with slime, maybe dog poo included would be more appropriate?

  18. Finally folks, this is just the beginning of the rethugs plan. We have two more years of this. All we can hope is they work less then the number of days planned. The only trouble with this is… they still get paid, still get the time needed to be allowed retirement and medical they, lose nothing!!

  19. Just change the way benefits are required to a per hour worked contribution to the workers benefit fund. Any shortfall made up by medicaid or the employee (sliding scale) for those who actually want to work part time.
    This way business can hire part time as needed rather than as a dodge.

    Better yet, medicare for all who want it as an option.

  20. I want to know the names of the Democrats that went along with this BS? People, remember all this when voting time comes around again. Someone put these Republicans and Tea Part members in office. This country is being destroyed through hate. They would rather see us all destroyed than work for the people.

  21. Paul Ryan and his mother received Social Security survivors benefits (if I remember his statement correctly). When he was receiving benefits he also received these benefits until age 22 as long as a full time student. His mother still living she is still receiving widows benefits and he wants to stop the benefits of We The People. Why doesn’t he stop taking a salary and have the rest of his buddies do the same.

  22. Republicans, and the plaintiffs in the King v. Burwell case, want to convince the U.S. Supreme Court that striking down the federal subsidies for all the people getting health insurance through the federal health insurance exchange under Obamacare wouldn’t really do much harm. A new study from the nonpartisan RAND Corporation think tank says otherwise, finding that 9.6 million people would lose their coverage if their subsidies were taken away.

  23. the bill will be vetoed and the gop tea party idiot nutcases baggers dont have the votes to override the veto in us senate so gop tp will lose on this waste of time passing bill cuz it will not become law

  24. so what docker in us senate they need 67 votes to overrirde obama vetos gop has only 55 seats so the veto will stick

  25. One of those asshats newly elected from NE. will be a one term representative if the democrats have their way. He shafted us and we won’t forget come time to vote.

  26. How about taking away the healthcare for Congress. No, lets take away their pay and all benefits and fire their sorry, thieving, psychopathic asses.

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