Poll: Hillary Clinton Comfortably Leads Mitt Romney And Crushes Jeb Bush


A new Democracy Corps poll revealed some very bad news for Republicans as Hillary Clinton leads Mitt Romney by a comfortable margin while she crushes Jeb Bush as voters remain openly hostile to electing another Bush president.

Clinton leads Romney 49%-43%, and she leads Jeb Bush 52%-40%. The voters surveyed for this poll were very opposed to another Bush presidential candidacy as the former Florida governor had a 2 to 1 negative to positive approval rating. Only twenty-one percent gave Bush a positive rating while forty-three percent rated him negatively. Only John Boehner (-27) and Mitch McConnell (-24) had lower net approval ratings than Bush (-22) in this poll.

According to Democracy Corps (D):

Riding both an improving political context for Democrats and a more favorable demography in a presidential year election, Hillary Clinton opens with a six point lead over Mitt Romney and double that margin over Jeb Bush. Both parties are unusually consolidated at this very early point in the election cycle with 87 to 95 percent support for their nominees. But Clinton holds an early edge among Independent voters (44 – 39 percent combining Bush and Romney trial heats). More broadly, she builds her margin on strong support among ascendant voters including youth (67 – 25 percent in the combined measure), people of color (77 – 16 percent) and unmarried women (62 – 33 percent). There is a significant and predictable gender gap here (16 points). As has consistently been the case in recent presidential elections, the marriage gap among women is bigger (22 points).

The coalition that elected Obama in 2008 and 2012 remains in place, despite the setback in 2014. Along with Clinton’s impressive support among white college educated women (56 percent Clinton, 39 percent Republican candidate), this coalition is big enough to produce a national win in 2016. The key tactical issue now is whether Clinton can protect and grow this support, and if she can produce a large enough win to recover Democratic losses from the last cycle.

The Democracy Corps poll reveals that the rising Obama dynamic that has been seen in other polls is lifting Hillary Clinton while keeping the Democratic coalition in place for 2016. Mitt Romney’s decent poll numbers are attributable to the fact that the Republican Party has no front runner, which makes the most recognizable name the person that conservative voters are most likely to select at this early stage of the process.

It is clear that voters are not ready for another Bush to be president. Republicans are delusional if they think that they can separate Jeb Bush from the damage that his brother did to the country. The message from this poll is that Hillary Clinton is still in a strong position to be elected president. Mitt Romney isn’t the answer, and a Jeb Bush candidacy could be a total disaster for the Republican Party.

Obama’s growing popularity is not only helping the Democratic Party, but it is setting the stage for potentially another historic Democratic presidential victory in 2016.

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  1. Do we want another Moderate Republican Clinton in office?

    Remember, Bill NAFTA, repeal of Glass-Steagall, Clinton?

    Can we get a de facto Liberal, please?

    No more dynastic succession, please….

  2. these rightwing clowns have yet to come to back to reality. they think their small, midterm victory has given them some sort of mandate which is the most absurd argument they could make considering the 2014 midterms yielded the lowest number of voter turnout in about 65 years- since ww2. and if the GOP wants to know what a real voter mandate looks like, look at Obama’s record breaking electoral and popular vote win in 2012. that is a real example of voter mandate… and let me ask you righties, how did the GOP respond the will of the voters after 2012??? they didn’t. they never responded or even acknowledged what the voters wanted then and now they throw a goddamn temper tantrum over the fact dems refuse to work with them. it is crystal clear just who the GOP cares about. the very first bills passed in the new GOP congress have been anti-abortion and anti-women’s health bills, the Koch brothers keystone pipeline, and the GOP have voted to gut social security for millions and million…

  3. If you just take the Democrat-Republican and the liberal-conservative aspect out of the argument for a minute, Hillary Clinton is associated with a largely successful Bill Clinton presidency. Mitt Romney is seen as a standard GOP bumbler with delusions of his own competency and a like of wealthy friends and dislike for poor people. Of course Jeb Bush has got the name-stain. The Republicans tried hard to stick Hillary with the Benghazi thing and it never stuck.

  4. I am tempted to say that the Repubicans will never get a clue. Maybe in 10-20 years some Republican will stick his head up out of the muck for a second and say something like “Maybe we shouldn’t seem so greedy.” However that would only happen if this person was the offspring of a liberal and conservative.

  5. Wow, no actual responses to my post.

    Remind me, again, why, and how, Hillary is a Liberal?

    Thank you.

  6. I just hope that Hillary pays attention to what we Democratic voters want. We don’t need anymore of the neo-Liberal policies, we need more progressive policies, that will ensure that Democratic voters are enthused enough to get out and vote.

    I always vote because, IMO, any Democrat is better than a Republican. It is those people who get discouraged that need to be fired up and I don’t think Republican-lite will get the job done.

    Having said that, after the Republicans get going this next two years, that in and of itself may be enough to motivate a lot of the fence-sitters. I guess we’ll see.

  7. She is not a liberal whatever that means. Like Obama she is a pragmatist and I would ask you a question, What candidate would bring in down ballot votes? Think about it

  8. O…kay. So Left-leaning Independents (who hide behind the Liberal label, but really aren’t) tell me not to credit SoS Clinton with her husband’s successes, but it’s a-ok for those same left-leaning Independents to rake her over the coals for the bad policies that President Clinton was basically forced into signing into law. Hm.

    That said…if left-leaning Independents didn’t like those “moderate-Republican” policies, how about getting out the vote and vote Democratic? Then there wouldn’t be any Republican policies for Democratic presidents to sign into law, right?

    Once again, some people don’t get it that the president doesn’t draft and pass policy. Congress does, and if people can remember, there was a Republican controlled Congress under Pres. Clinton’s last SIX YEARS, too, because left-leaning Independents didn’t come out and vote.

  9. much as I dislike Hillary, she will be much better for those of us who actually work for a living than anybody the gop has or will run. what we don NOT need in this country is a person who got into office on a lie, who will further hurt those of us who actually keep this country afloat while the big boys play their money shell games.

  10. After what i’ve witnessed from the republican party ever since Obama took office I’ll take Hillary over a republican.

    Their behavior has been dispicable and very unpatriotic. Shame on them.

  11. Hillary has said she favors Obama’s economic strategy of working to expand the middle-class and enable more working class to move up to middle-class. She calls it “family-friendly” and I think that fits her overall style and public persona.

    She has the image as hawkish on foreign affairs, so whatever she says on the topic now will be quite interesting. After all, she has had SoS experience which is important.

  12. Don’t you just love what Jindal is doing, supposedly to shore up his foreign policy credentials , he is going to the UK to a
    meeting of an organization so crazy and right wing that it is A joke over there.
    As far as Jeb Bush goes I hope someone brings up Terry Schiavo.
    Miss Lindsay is whining about Obama’s foreign policy and saying it is getting people killed – as opposed to Bush’s?
    Lindsays military service was working in the legal office so I am sure he can win a war with the help of his husband McCain.

  13. LOVE it! You had me cracking up behind my desktop when I read:

    Lindsays military service was working in the legal office so I am sure he can win a war with the help of his husband McCain.

  14. The “Democracy Corp Poll” is neither valid nor reliable. With such an insignificant random sample – and the bias of the questions – the results are already skewed the favor the Democrats.

    Only a fool would give this poll and credibility!

  15. With a statement like that, you, sir are an idiot of the highest order. There is no chance you could back it up. Stop talking.

  16. I have read the comments here, and I think most of us agree that it has to be Hilary, one way or another. I would also like to ask everyone to consider all issues related to the Supreme Court. The republicans, together with Bush II’s appointees Roberts and Alito, are destroying the integrity of the Supreme Court. Assuming we leave out every other topic for discussion, we have to bear in mind that the survival of the integrity of the Supreme Court is at stake. Therefore, a democrat has to be elected president and if it is Hilary in this case, so be it. We absolutely have to save the Supreme Court.

  17. I cannot get excited over Hillary Clinton as she is a war mongering corporate elitist, the exact opposite of where the democratic party needs to be in these more dern times.

  18. “Poll: Hillary Clinton Comfortably Leads Mitt Romney And Crushes Jeb Bush.”

    Great! Don’t want another shrub in the WH.

  19. Continuing my post above…

    Great! Don’t want another shrub in the WH.

    However, we can’t let polls lead us. We still have much work ahead of us if we want to win the WH again in 2016. We also need to overturn Citizens United.

  20. When Hassan al-Banna graduated in 1927, he was appointed as a teacher of Arabic grammar in a primary school in Ismailia, a new small town in Egypt with a semi-European quality. It hosted the headquarters of the Suez Canal Company and a sizable foreign community. In Ismailia al-Banna started to preach his ideas to poor Muslim workers, local merchants, and civil servants, warning his listeners against the liberal way of life of the Europeans in town and the dangers of emulating it. It was here he won his first followers, who encouraged him to form the Society of the Muslim Brethren in 1928.

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    Obama and Hillary lie. Sharia Law is slav…

  21. “Sharia” signifies merely a “body of law”, somewhat similar to “jurisprudence”. There isn’t *a* sharia. I note, also, that you rather ignored the character of the Suez Canal Company. I daresay you would also assert that Iraqui hatred for Halliburton or Blackwater means every Muslim in the world wants to murder every Christian. Congratulations on your dyscogitation.

  22. You have anyway given cites. Pardon us if we question either the bona fides of your sources or your conclusion that the President and Secretary Clinton are Mooslamic stalking horses.

  23. There’s a good chance that any Repub or Dem elected will continue to ruin our country as they have been doing for years.

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