Boehner and McConnell Bomb On 60 Minutes When Asked For GOP Alternative to Obamacare

boehner mcconnell 60 minutes obamacare

Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a disastrous appearance on 60 Minutes, the lowlight of which was their complete inability to discuss the Republican alternative to Obamacare.


Speaker Boehner went on a dodge and weave filibuster when asked what the Republican alternative to Obamacare was, “Providing more access we could have done without taking control of the entire healthcare system. When you look at Obamacare, it’s a perfect example of what Washington does. It’s a one size fits all approach for the whole country all driven by Washington bureaucrats. I’ll bet they’ve hired tens of thousands of people between the IRS and over at Health and Human Services just to run this. All of the decisions, all of the rules decided by Washington. We have a wide, diverse country, and I just think it’s time for us to look at this differently. For those who don’t have access to affordable health insurance. Helping those at the bottom I think we’re all for it, but we don’t need Washington to ruin the greatest health delivery system that the world has ever known.”

CBS’s Scott Pelley asked again, “So how do you do it? What’s the Republican plan?” Boehner answered with a weak, “We’re, We’re working on this. Having discussions amongst our members, got a lot of divergent views about how best to go back to a doctor/patient relationship that’s revered.”

Pelley kept hammering away and said that this is one of the biggest criticisms of the Republican Party is that they know what they are against, but can’t tell people what they are for. McConnell said that Pelley was mischaracterizing the success of Obamacare and claimed that the ACA will fail. McConnell said that the chances, of getting rid of Obamacare with Obama in the White House, were slim, but that Republicans were going to make the effort.

Pelley replied, “You don’t have an alternative.”

At this point, Boehner jumped back in and pushed the same old Republican ideas of letting people buy insurance across state lines and medical malpractice insurance reform. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell went on the most watched television news program in the country and promptly fell on their faces. The truth is that Republicans have no replacement plan for the ACA.

Boehner and McConnell both talked about getting rid of the ACA, but what they didn’t mention is that a bill that they each voted for funded Obamacare for another year. Republicans have created a new disaster for themselves on a weekly basis since they have taken over Congress. The new Republican majority was supposed to get things done, but instead has been consumed by ineptitude and infighting while being constantly outmaneuvered by President Obama.

Republicans have had almost six years to come up with an ACA alternative. They have had even longer to come up with a plan to reform health care. The Republican plan is to return the country to a system where tens of millions of Americans lack access to health care, and those with insurance are one medical crisis away from bankruptcy.

The Republican Party has no alternative. Even worse, they treat the American people like they don’t have a clue.

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  1. No big deal, unless this gets aired during an episode of Duck Dynasty or a NASCAR event ,their base will never know

  2. Only Mitch McConnell would call 10,000,000 (more than twice the population of Kentucky) additional insured citizens a disappointment.

  3. Greatest health care delivery system the world has ever know?????? On what fucking planet, last time I checked we were just above the African continent on the “SUCKS BALLS LIST”

  4. Healthcare has created jobs! What is wrong with that Mr. Speaker? (you just said it yourself).

    As for one size fits all…not quite, there are many options with ACA. Furthermore, at least “all” in included..not like only the 1% is included in your playbook.

  5. So…………….they obviously didn’t go over this at the Koch strategy meeting for winning!
    Let’s watch and listen close to consistent messaging. So far all they do is emotional selling, I’m one of you, to the brain dead!

  6. My Response to 60 minutes:
    Thank you Scott Pelley, much better than Leslie Stall’s interview last week calling Obamacare a failed policy.
    How can it be failed when uninsured rates have dropped from a high of 21% to 12%? How can it be a failed policy when over 10 million are insured when they were not be before? Let me tell you what is failing. The Republicans have tried 50 times to repeal the ACA. Now they are trying to make it mandatory to work for 1 company 40 hours to qualify for health insurance which would take away insurance from 1.5 million workers. This is criminal… but what is deadly is the 22 Republican Governors refusing to expand Medicare killing 27,000 people a year for lack of treatment. Do your homework. The Title should be Republican Health Care polices Kill.

  7. In spite of their BS;they have nothing;nothing for the poor, nothing for the middle class, nothing for disabled vets,nothing for jobs ,nothing for roads and failing infrastructure ; what would we expect from the people nothing between their ears.

  8. The republican party no longer serves the U.S.A. or its people. They are now actually like a malignant cancer that is destroying this county from within so that their “Religious” and “Elite 1%” Corporate Masters can then “takeover” and Rule 99% of us. The Peons and Serfs. Forever. If we all just sit back and allow them to (like the 2014 Elections). Look at what they are openly, without shame, doing to us now people. Stop them before we actually have no choice in this matter. Our lives and our kids futures are at stake. In my opinion. Throw all of these crooks out of our Govt. Offices.

  9. Actually Boehner, America doesn’t have the best health care system the world has ever known. We rank number 37 in health care worldwide.

  10. Lesley Stahl? Am I thinking of that lady who was an established reporter when Hector was a pup? The one I saw reporting from 42nd Street as I was rushing to the New York Public Library to research my master’s thesis? The one who must be in her mid-seventies? She doubtless has medical coverage for all the needs of her dotage. And, since she can afford to, maybe she’s falling into just that!

  11. C’mon – Today’s republican party does not want people to have health insurance if they cannot afford a premiums charged by an unregulated market. It is acceptable for an insurance company to charge higher premiums if a person has a uterus. Cancelling an insurance policy when a person becomes ill is a sign of a well run business.
    While they have no intention of replacing the ACA, they cannot say it out loud.

  12. I LOVE my ObamaCare and I’ll be damned if the Republicans send me back to the pathetic health insurance we had before.

  13. McConnell had been touting medical malpractice as an area of reform for a long time, but it has nothing to do with health care insurance. (McConnell is out to protect hospitals anyway.) Years ago, McConnell was heard over live TV telling his viewers that insuring the 40 million uninsured was not the issue.

  14. praying [PREYING] and the laying on of hands…..that’s ALL they got for the populace, WHILE WE pay for their ‘cadillac’, gold standard healthcare

    Alan Grayson characterized the gop/tplibertarian plan perfectly when he stated their plan for the public was to “Die and DIE quickly’

  15. This is another example of the modern day Republican worship of free markets. I do agree that most of the time, free markets work better. But that’s not always true. Before Obamacare the number of uninsured in America was something like 47 million. Now it’s down dramatically. It’s clear that the free market system of health care didn’t work. Obamacare isn’t perfect, but it’s a whole lot better that what we had.

  16. the GOP has had six years to come up with a valid alternative to the ACA. and they have nothing. no ideas. no plans. no policies. these clowns are so far removed from reality.

  17. c’mon folks, let’s call a spade a spade. Republicans are against it because its all about who gets to take credit. If you rally behind the president, you keep Democrats in the White House. It’s no more complicated than that.

  18. The Alternative to Obamacare:

    Get Sick and Die.
    Preferably before you collect a Dime from
    Social Security.

    The Government has taken Billions from Social Security to balance the Budget.

    If we all Die before using Social Security, then the Rich folks won’t have to pay TAXES to pay back what they Took from Social Security.

  19. The republican party is in shambles..they are reaching for unattainable straws. They have no clue what their own party believes in or even stands for anymore. Historically, the democratic party has consistently had candidates far more intelligent than candidates from the republican party. A debate with any candidate running on the Democratic ticket would be a disater for the Repubs.

  20. that has been my question to all the obama-haters when talking about the ACA. what is the gop’s alternative? the usual answer i get is “the gov’t shouldnt have to provide insurance” all we have heard from mitch and co are ” we are going to get him out of office [fail] and overturn obamacare!”[another fail]. i also don’t personally know of anyone who lost their job because of ACA. maybe one day the world will wake up and see that the pursuit of wealth and power is a waste of time and resources. we should be in the pursuit of knowledge; all of mankind working together. i know, that sounds like utopianism. oh well…

  21. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t the AHA the idea of the GOP? This is their plan! They were for it until they were against it when the uppity n—-r in the White House liked their idea, then they threw their own idea under the bus!
    Now they have dug themselves so deep, they cannot approved of the very plan that they have been attacking, without fear of the RWNJ’s threatening them!

  22. Ironic Boston Massachusetts was voted NO1, the healthiest city in the nation. Ironic the first city and state to make the Affordable Health Care act law.

  23. Ted “Calgary” Cruz’s Alternative to ObamaCare:
    “Just sneak into Canada for free healthcare like my parents and the Palins used to do.”

  24. That’s what Alison Grimes, Natalie Tennant, Mark Udall, and other Democrats should have done this past election. Had they all rallied behind the president, they would have won and the Democrats would have kept the Senate.

  25. And Mr. Boner, exactly how does preventing people from getting redress when they are the victim of medical malpractice, HELP the people of America?
    The truth is, these stooges won’t have a plan until the Koch brothers tell them what the plan is.

  26. You have to just shake your head and wonder who these guys think they are talking to? I’d be levitating if I were in Scott Pelley’s seat! Here’s the translation”…just let our friends in the insurance industry deny insurance for pre-existing conditions, cancel policies when people get sick, deny claims arbitrarily and keep all the premiums, and have 50 states with 50 different sets of rules so they can make more money and contribute to our campaigns.”

  27. Both must be banking on 60 minutes and their viewers not to of sat through the 2010 bipartisan health care meeting that’s been made available on Youtube which exposes them for the obstructionist they are… they and Paul Ryan have been waging war over this issue for pure political reasons since many of the issues they claim need addressing have been and, are a part of the ACA they claim are not to deceive anyone listening that may not know.

    They are intentionally attempting to deceive rather than be honest…

    For those who would like to educate themselves, here is a link to those meetings with the president that proves who they are and where they are coming from…

  28. 2 bought & paid for AHs: Mitchy by his Chinese wife’s family, and “Da Boner” by the tanning and whiskey industries. And WHAT do they care? THEY have “Cadillac” insurance paid by the taxpayers, and only work about quarter time for their $165-175 thou a year. Now ain’t that special! But I LOVE this interview. To a few “on the fringe” conservatives, it might – most likely not but….. – wake them up that neither of these clowns give a rat’s rear for them. One can but hope. Well, at least, this interview will be good material for the Dems come 2016.

  29. Um.. err, plan? Who us? Well um, err.. blah blah blah. Wow! Just another a reminder that they focus more on creating hate and divide than they do on finding solutions and helping.

  30. Actually, the Republicans have had at least since 1993 when Hillary Clinton proposed the outline of a plan. Part of their problem is that Obamacare is based upon a Heritage Foundation plan from decades ago. Still the only truly viable option is the “Medicare for all,” single-payer with negotiated prices for pharmaceuticals and openly listed costs for medical procedures. And insurance companies must be removed from the equation.

  31. Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2 – You mean not ONE of these Super-Duper Republican Presidents initiated a non-employer health care plan that would cover Americans? But know we’re suppose to believe they intend on doing it. Liars – everyone of them.

  32. I too love having coverage under the ACA. I would have had it on Jan 1 ’14 had it not been for the refusal by the morons in the MO state Lege to accept Medicaid expansion. But I finally got it on May 1. I’ll be eligible for Medicare in November but until then, I’m insured! It’s been great!

  33. “I’ll bet they’ve hired tens of thousands of people between the IRS and over at Health and Human Services just to run this.’

    So it’s also a jobs program? Game, set and match to the President! ;)

  34. While I agree with your sentiment, I must call you on the specifics of your statements. I grew up in AK. There is no “sneaking across the border” to Canada from Wasilla, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau or any “moderately” populated “town” in AK. The nearest route from Wasilla is a 14 hour drive to White Horse (which doesn’t actually have any hospitals in the first place) and the nearest Canadian hospital in in Alberta almost a 40 hour drive east!

    Don’t give the GOP and their ilk any reason to doubt the validity of your opinion by using unrealistic claims is all I’m saying.

  35. An individual in his position, and he doesn’t even know that we in fact don’t have the greatest health delivery system in the world. We in fact should have, but we don’t, and that’s just sad. What a pair these two are.

  36. Americans hating Americans, but, loving money and power.
    America is its people, failing to acknowledge this simple fact is imho legalized treason.

  37. Not at all. While it’s easier to say that, the reality being pretty complex, the only part that came from Heritage (when it even HAD ideas) is the mandate, and that’s a part of Medicare and would be of any universal plan.

    The reality is that ACA is far better than the Romney plan that gave everyone $200 credit no matter the cost. ACA has a sliding scale linked to income making it far more like the proposed CA single payer scale. ACA also mandates coverage – not at all present in Romneycare – for dozens of preventive and screening tests. Romneycare covers almost nothing. You have huge deductibles in Romneycare, much smaller ones in ACA. Romney had $15,000 deductible BEFORE anyting kicked in, but ACA has the no cost stuff with $3500-6000 deductibles for any large-scale treatment such as cancer.

    So no – this is not the GOP plan. It’s a damned sight better.

  38. I have been trying for 6 years to educate my family (brothers, sisters and sons) about the business genius of the ACA. My words fall on deaf ears. I have a biracial grandson who is planning to become a plastic surgeon. Two sisters have gushed over him but turn right around and speak poorly about the “blacks” on Facebook. I told my grandson that if he ever lays a finger to help either sister it would be a waste of talent to try and beautify either sister. They have hate in their hearts and nothing will help them. When the beloved family spouts their hate for the poor and needy, I object to their nasty words because I represent the least in this society and they all say they don’t mean me… I always ask “then who the hell are you talking about”. These are the people you want to reach out and teach? Forget it, they don’t want to know anything more than how much better they are. This is a learned behavior because they grew up just like me.

  39. The leadership of the Republican party has lost all sense of the American public and these two dimwits are salient examples of how out of touch they are particularly after six years of doing absolutely nothing. The reality of it is, there I no place for the Republic party in American and both Boehner and McConnell realize that. What little they have left of their diminutive base they incite with inflammatory rhetoric all while failing to govern for their constituency. Republicans are scrambling now to change the momentum…sorry guys… over and we all know it based upon your lack of ability to govern.

  40. Aaron,

    Exactly! Those of us who were out in the field knew what was going on, tried correcting the course, only to have candidates running away. The GOP has NO alternative, because the law is their idea. It is kind of difficult to come up with an alternative when the law the party argues against had its etiology in their think tank called the Heritage Foundation!

  41. they are more concerned with status than statistics. GOP plan? Get sick, die, one less poor person to take from money from us.

  42. And many of us Kentuckians wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to hear him do it. Too bad more of us didn’t turn out for the election…

  43. mdag suggests getting rid of Fox news, aka Faux News. A splendid idea. Imagine! Get rid of Faux News and texting, and we might have a literate citizenry.

  44. Two points so far to Boehner and McConnell:

    1. We do NOT have the best health care system in the world…except for drug companies that make a big profit;

    2. Talk is cheap!

  45. None of this really matters. The only important underlying factor is that God is on their side.God Bless half of the U.S.A. !!!

  46. So they want to get back to the doctor patient relationship – that is unless you are a woman, then they want complete control of your uterus, your contraceptives
    etc. Dr Turtle and the orangeman are both idiots.
    I understand a device has been found on the White House grounds, probably a republican terrorist, like Boehner!

  47. LOL I have to laugh that you think the democrats will use something like this in 2016. I would then have to ask why they haven’t been using it all along. This is nothing new or unusual. Why did the demos use NOTHING in the last election? All of the GOP ads were full of lies and deception and not a single democratic ad challenged any of it. Here in Iowa for instance, Joni made a big deal out of the Demos having females working for less, while at the same time bragging to remove minimum wage! But did Bradley fight back and explain? Nope. If the demos aren’t going to fight back, then how can they win at anything?

  48. Obamacare WAS the GOP’s alternative.

    They introduced Senate Bill S. 1770 as an alternative to Hillary Clinton’s health care plan back in 1993. Eighteen Republicans co-sponsored it, and only two Democrats.

    One of them was Bob Dole: “Well, we have an individual mandate in our plan. We have an individual mandate as opposed to the employer mandate.”

    The only time the GOP opposed the individual mandate was when Obama became president.

  49. Sorry about this change of subject, but I hear that the killing of an Iranian General over the weekend is thought to be the action of Israelis, could Netanyahu be already trying to drag us into war?

  50. I like the idea of making healthcare available to everyone. The question is at what cost? Maybe this is something a well organized and wealthy government could provide. The harsh reality is that our government is incredibly wasteful and is trillions of dollars in debt. Will our children be saying “thank you for the healthcare and trillions of additional debt”?

  51. Thank you so much Elle B for posting the correct term (ACA) Affordable Care Act! I don’t know who created the term Obama care! However, I do appreciate you referencing the correct term for the health insurance for millions!

  52. LOL…I love the way Scott put it…they can tell us what they are against but can’t give a better version…they can’t…because almost every piece of that bill was from the repubs. If they would start contributing some common sense ideas then maybe just maybe I could respect them again. But no…they keep doing what they have done the minute they realized Obama was going to win…set out to kill everything he tried to do…didn’t matter if they liked it or not or if it was a great bill…they are determined to see him fail which means they want America to fail…they are the nazi party.

  53. I still believe in a Medicare Care plan for all Americans with a single payer system in place or instead of ACA or “Obama Care”…

  54. Yes you the Rich have the best Health care system in the world. I think that what you mint to say Boehner. But what about the people that can’t affordable health best health system in the world.

  55. Oh Will, they both KNOW that we don’t have the best…. They need to feed the base more BS. They are not stupid – they’re conniving.

  56. There they go again, calling out government as the greatest evil of all time. Funny this is, If Obama were the PM in the UK, he would be run out for being too conservative.

    BUT always remember, this is a representative government and so we all do the best to make this a country we can all live in. It is not a liberal country nor a conservative country.

  57. They’ve “been working on it” for five years. Five years…no 5 year plan, hell not even a 5 month plan. Just let them die… that’s their plan.

  58. In seeing the interview, I like how the republicans blame Obama for having the fastest rising debt of any President. They seem to forget that his beloved predecessor forgot to include the cost of two useless wars on the books, and racked up the country’s credit card. So Obama decides to pay down the two useless wars, reduce record deficits, stabilize health care costs, and wants people to have some access to College, as no College education is a death sentence in a advanced global economy. So lets see, you have education, get a job, pay some taxes. Good ole mictchy looks like he needs plastic surgery on his face, that waddle is disgusting, and johnny boy needs to stop with the orange spray on tan. lol The republicans are totally clueless, even in thier appearance. lol

  59. Actual op-ed headline: ‘End Obamacare, and people could die. That’s okay.’

    Making the case that it’s okay if repealing Obamacare kills people appears to be the new front in pro-repeal arguments. The American Enterprise Institute’s Michael R. Strain takes that one to the op-ed pages of the Washington Post, hinging his case on the notion that if the government really cared about keeping people from dying, the speed limit would be 10 miles per hour. The speed limit goes much higher than 10 mph, so therefore the government also should be fine yanking health care from millions of people.

  60. These idiots don’t think we know that REAGAN originally authored this bill, so it basically is the repugs bill. And, ten million people really takes a bite out of those uninsured. Since these idiots want to cut medicare, how dare they talk about it and want to start another program like that just so that they can cut it later as well. They play us all for fools.

  61. If I remember correctly I was the rethugs themselves who gave this bill the name Obama care. Thinking, that by trying to demean the bill it would fail. So Obama care became the name all use. The under handed method used by the thugs failed big time….ACA is the name on the bill passed but Obamacare will be forever used by history and the people.

  62. “It’s a damned sight better” That church lady is solely the reason the thugs dislike it. aaaaand it’s not their idea.
    Medical coverage for the masses has never been on their agenda. Talk has always been just that, TALK. Used in elections only.

  63. Republicans have been working on their version of ACA for 6 years. Speaker Boner’s comment reminds me of when Nixon was running for president in 1968. He said he had a secret plan to end the Vietnam War. It got him elected so he used it again in 1972.

  64. And unfortunately, Will, that will be true as long as medical treatment is considered a benefit, not a right.

  65. Their plan is simple:
    1. elect a Republican president.
    2. Repeal Obamacare
    3. Enact it’s exact duplicate and then claim credit for it after the GOP president signs it.

  66. More people would be covered under the ACA if so many Republican governors hadn’t refused funds to expand Medicaid. They intentionally excluded people just above the poverty line – in other words, low income working people – from an opportunity to have health coverage. I know a guy who quit his job of more than a decade to start a small business, thinking he would be able to get affordable insurance while he’s getting his company off the ground. Nope. Dude lives in Texas.

  67. If you have ever have to deal with or know a BS-ter, you can tell right away that you are being Bu// $hited by their mannerisms, their spoken word salad (like Sara Palin),The pauses (looking for another lie to throw at you), and the sound of their voice (not genuine)—-you KNOW you are being taken for a ride down the Bull manure path. These two are masters of the BS. It shows. And we hear it.

  68. As a Canadian I watch the U.S. health care debate with
    Interest. Our system has flaws, like long wait times for elective surgery but when my nephew needed heart surgery, and when my brother needed heart surgery, or when I go for a colonoscopy or a regular visit to my family doctor, the bill for service is zero. And as a senior my drugs are only the cost of the dispensing fee.
    Little wonder the socialist politician who introduced Medicare to Canada is highly revered.
    There is however one common gripe. The high cost of hospital parking.

  69. Uh…beg to differ. Whitehorse does indeed have a hospital (Whitehorse General Hospital).

    At any rate, if Americans cannot get past the “socialism” shiboleth, then your healthcare “system” will continue to be driven by the, as I like to call it, medical industrial complex. You’re terrified of anything smacking of “socialism” — yet you accept public schools, public roads and bridges, medicare and social security. How much better off would EVERYONE be with universal healthcare? Your pocketbook would appreciate it — much better to have everyone pay a little more in taxes than having insurance and pharmaceutical and hospital complex companies charge you the earth, well, at least for those of you who can afford it. Do you realize that a good third of your healthcare bill is devoted to administrative staff trying to figure out which insurance co. you have, and what it will re-imburse? Compare that to a measly 3 to 4% it costs my government!

  70. They should have been called on the statement, “. . . the greatest health delivery system that the world has ever known.”

  71. Absolutley What is really scary is how Boner says all the decisions, all the rules are being decided by Washington. Is he not one of the leaders of that group??? Duh and!!!!

  72. Republican politicians are always screaming about Tort Reform.
    According to the National Center for State Courts, tort cases comprise only 6% of the nation’s civil caseload, with Medical Negligence claims accounting for only 3% of the tort subsection.
    It’s kind of like these drug companies telling you that every American should get vaccinated for meningitis, when in reality, only about 4,000 Americans contract meningitis each year.
    The conservative politicians sure know how to turn nothing into something, but NOT in a good way!

  73. Let’s be clear, neither of these creatures give a good god damn if people die from lack of healthcare, they will step over the bodies in order to get the $$ from those who support them. In short, they are cold uncaring Bastards.

  74. GOP alternative to Obamacare: Halt illegal immigration, send troops to Yemen and Iraq, reduce taxes on business and the wealthy, reverse the decision to improve relations with Cuba. Oh yeah, outlaw all abortions.

  75. You see the irony in his statement too. Interesting after year of drafting anti-ACA legislation labeled “job killing”. Was he confused or just could not think of a lie quickly enough.

  76. I did not know President Obama was President of France. Every study shows France has the best health care system if you are not wealthy.

  77. I’m thinking that question caused John and Mitch’s sphincter muscle to close and somehow it caused temporary dementia.

  78. They have ideas however a majority of voters would not agree with them and the rejection would be as damaging to their psyche as the election results of 2008 and 2012.

  79. We have had had tort reform in Texas. Health care costs have NOT gone down. The only that was “accomplished” is the no one can sue a doctor for medical malpractice anymore because lawyers will not take the cases, due to the cap on payouts. You can have life long impairments with the accompanying expenses, eventual, death due to malpractice and you can no longer be compensated.

  80. Hello Mr. Goodwin- I have a conservative friend who tells me that his in-laws are Canadian and their healthcare is terrible,with long waits for everything,including urgent,life threatening situations.
    His information is supposed to be direct and I have no direct Canadian ties,so this bad view of his troubled me as I would like to see everyone have basic access to medical care.
    Thank you for your first person opinion,although I will not convince him of anything.

  81. No alternative offered from two men with guaranteed life long health insurance. You were elected to serve, not be served.

  82. Boehner talks about “the greatest health delivery system that the world has ever known.” I think he meant the “most expensive” since the US spends by far the most per capita for health care. Despite these high costs the US does not get better results like higher life expectancy or lower infant mortality than countries with “socialized medicine” in Europe and elsewhere do.

  83. This is supposed to be bad – “I’ll bet they’ve hired tens of thousands of people between the IRS and over at Health and Human Services just to run this.” ? Jobs are good so what is Boehner saying? What he is saying is not how his words read but what they imply in the coded language of intolerance; and the bombshell code-words are ‘IRS’ and ‘Human Services’ and their ‘known sin’ of equal opportunity hiring meaning some of those jobs will go to minorities. Boehner’s words are intended to incite the Republican base – the non-OnePercenters who can’t afford health care but who are easily trip-wired to switch thinking about health care and become instantly enraged over race. Boehner’s statements are deplorable and contribute nothing to solving our health care issues but they are what has become expected after Obama’s election.

  84. Healthcare jobs with the government are paid for by taxpayers. ACA was a forced tax. Not everyone gets coverage ,I didn’t qualify. Some of the plans at the bottom tier cost $5,000.00 a year with a $6,000.00 deductible. I did the research myself.

  85. For 75 years, it was said that Roosevelt’s New Deal saved capitalism. By softening the rough edges of the free market capitalism with reforms such as social security and unemployment insurance, FDR may have prevented adoption of much more radical changes.

    75 years from today it is unlikely that anyone will think Obama saved market-priced medical care. Rather, he only prolonged it, and that will not be thought of as a good thing. In the developed world, market-priced medical care still exists only in the USA. It is only a matter of time until market-priced medical care joins communism, slavery, racial segregation and fascism as systems that no longer exist in developed nations.

    The USA is the last holdout with market-priced medical care not because of any inherent conservative or free market ideology. Rather, as the wealthiest nation that ever existed we are the last ones who can afford it….”

  86. I support ACA and I am on Obamacare. But I do have to agree with Sunny. The silver plan that I am on costs $5000 year it just went up from $4200 last year. I am not too thrilled.

  87. If that is the case, why is the medical malpractice insurance is so sky high, forcing many doctors to abandon their practice altogether? Hate tort lawyers and their democratic supporters (btw I am not a republican)

  88. Lying is NOT free speach

    How Stupid Happens
    “Over Half of ALL Statements Made On Fox News Are False,” “Fox News wins battle for most-false cable network.”!

    We need this back:
    The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced.

    Reagan’s Veto Kills Fairness Doctrine Bill

  89. You know Google can be your friend while fox makes you stupid

    It Ain’t the Lawyers: Medical Malpractice Costs Have Been Dropping
    But what if I told you that your health insurance probably costs more than your doctor’s malpractice insurance? I’m serious. How do I know? Well, to start with, I’m a doctor who pays for his own medical malpractice insurance, and this is my bill. That’s right — $3,549 is the total I’m paying for my malpractice insurance for all of 2013! I bet some of you pay more than that for your car insurance.

    Damn can you tie your shoes without help?

  90. Once again “helping those at the bottom” (in other words, screw you, middle class, not only are you on your own but you have to pay for the nonworkers too), and perpetuating the myth that we have the best healthcare system in the world. Just more lies. I’m not a big fan of Obamacare either, but seriously, if the GOP wants more votes, they have to stop lying, burdening the middle class, and come up with viable alternatives.

  91. Sunny, ACA was not meant to benefit every single person in the USA. The ones against it were the ones who had coverage probably by employers. It was to benefit people mostly who could not afford their self-insured plan and/or who had preexisting conditions and would not be covered.

    With that said, if you did not meet criteria for ACA, then what did you do about coverage until that became an option?

    This ACA is not going to serve every single person, it is like anything else.

    Taxpayers pay for jobs? Well, if you like living in a country where you have access to bridge, roads, etc., then we all pay taxes. Jobs were created, that is the good part for those who were unemployed. Just because something doesn’t benefit you, does not mean it is a bad thing.

  92. Isn’t this special
    New CBO estimates project even lower Obamacare costs

    The Congressional Budget Office reports that a continued slowdown in the increase of healthcare costs has helped reduce the deficit, and that a key component of that slowdown—Obamacare—has actually cost substantially less than originally estimated in its first full year of implementation.

    New calculations by the CBO lower the projected costs of providing health care to millions of Americans by nearly $200 million between the fiscal years 2015 and 2019. Douglas W. Elmendorf, the director of the budget office, attributed the changes to the “slowdown in the growth of health care costs,” and lower projections of government-subsidized premiums.

  93. “greatest health delivery systems that’s ever existed”

    What?? Ours is good at care but leaves many people hitting the ER for care and is horribly expensive compared to the rest of the developed world. In fact, we’re the only developed nation NOT to have nationalized healthcare and we spend DOUBLE per capita compared to what they spend.

    It’s time we did the same and nationalized healthcare and scrapped all these for-profit health insurance companies, who provide no care, but are actually just middlemen taking 20 cents on every dollar spent.

  94. The Republican leaders know that all they have to do is continue pandering to the dumb misinformed people of this country.

    This will keep working as long as the people stay dumb and misinformed.
    This is why they have Fox Fake News and AM radio cult leader talk shows (that filter out all callers with brains).

    When the general public stops stuffing processed poison junk food into their fat faces and grows brains, maybe this nightmare of a dying world will end.

  95. Although they have failed 50 times, these guys are about to waste more American tax dollars in many more attempts to shut down ACA also know as Obamacare. Surely, they do not wish to win the 2016 presidential election because their arrogance sheds poor light on Republicans pursuing the presidency in 2016.

  96. The American Taliban knows it wont pass the Senate much less a veto but they are doing this to throw some red meat at the idiots who make up their base by saying see we did try to repeal it and then its on to benghaziiiiii

  97. In August 2013, Rep. (Doctor) Phil Roe (R-TN) visited his district and announced he had developed a replacement plan that was being shopped around to businesses and the Chamber of Commerce. I believe he even said it was “starting to get traction.” Never heard from him again regarding his “plan.”

  98. No Andy, it is the Democrats who lie. You obviously have consumed the Kool-Aid, believed the propaganda and are truly uninformed. I feel sorry for people like you. When you depend on the government for your life, you have no life.

  99. Unfortunately it will keep going up. When progressives (like Obama) eventually run all private health insurance companies out of business, which he plans to do -stated so in an SEIU meeting in 2007 – and there is NO competition, all you who think the ACA is wonderful, will truly regret your stance. When there is no competition, rates will rise dramatically. And if this is so great, why will 29-31 million still not be covered? You need to do some serious research. This is NOT good for this country. And, by the way, I pay my own health insurance, my employer doesnt. I believe in supporting myself, not depending on everyone else to do that for me. And, I am surely not the 1% – that group is mainly democrats and friends of Obama’s. Do the research!!!

  100. Now we know why you are a CON. Before the ACA rates were going up an average of 10%
    Premiums grew average of 10% before Affordable Care Act

    ObamaCare premiums slated to rise by an average of 7.5 percent

    Now one of these things are higher than the other can the homeschooled bagger pick which one?

  101. Unfortunately, Moongal, I doubt you even know what Tort Reform is and I sure don’t remember anyone saying every American needs to be vaccinated for that! And Republicans really do that? Like the War on Women? Only War on Women is done by Democrats – women in the White House NOW are paid lower than men (research it!) I doubt you know anything about Teddy Kennedy and his War on Women when he ran off a bridge years and years ago, and left the woman he was with in the car to die. You want to talk War on Women? Look at the Democratic party. They have been GREAT to make what they do look the fault of the Republicans. When it’s in plain sight, people become blinded by it. They are notorious for this – they are notorious for their lies, they are notorious for deception (ACA is one of the biggest deceptions put on the American people, and people like you are, unfortunately, able to see that — until it’s too late). It’s really sad that there are so many incredibly uninformed people.

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