House Republican Steve King Doubles Down On Poutrage By Tweeting Racist Obama Cartoon

steve king

Anti-Muslim witch hunt expert Representative Steve King (R-IA) knows a Muslim activist when he sees one. And this is why he took it upon himself to do the classiest thing possible for an elected lawmaker — tweet out a cartoon of President Obama wearing a turban.

The Republican Party getting its crazy on (h/t Talking Points Memo who pointed out that the cartoonist has a history of “dodgy racial content” and this cartoon was published in TownHall on Thursday):

The President is asked in the cartoon, “When you say our country must never forget, are you referring to 9-11?”
And just like a liberal who relies upon facts and history to inform his opinions, the President answered, “No. The Crusades.”

Conservatives got their poutrage going in full gear after the President reminded them about the Crusades. Burning, torturing, fining, and imprisoning people (to paraphrase the Thomas Jefferson, another turban wearing Muslim apparently) only counts as evil when a Muslim does it, according to Republicans. This explains why they are so uninterested in the horrific violence white Americans enacted against African Americans in this country and can’t stop screaming at black people that racism is dead and they should shut up. Terrorism is only terrorism when it is aimed at white people. DUH.

Let us not forget that it was President Obama who got Osama bin Laden while the Republican President invaded a sovereign nation based upon a lie – a deliberate lie, not a conflation or misunderstanding of intelligence. But hee-haw y’all, TURBANS!

This is par for the course for the Bachmann-adjacent cray of the House of Representatives and Steve King, who is currently keeping an enemies list of Republicans who wronged him by distancing themselves from him after the tea party Republican accused DREAMers of being drug mules with “calves the size of cantaloupes” due to all of that pot smuggling he imagines immigrants do. (Speaker John Boehner called him an “a$$hole” for being so obvious about Republican racism — this stuff only works when it’s couched in language like “tax cuts” and “entitlements”!)

Sure, Republicans eventually weed them out when they get overly exposed as totally crazy and unethical, but that only happens after a few trips down McCarthy lane and a federal investigation or two. After all, what is more American that accusing other Americans of not following the state religion?

Oh wait.

Well. Republicans believe the President is a Muslim — contrary to all evidence and fact — and this is bad because we judge Muslims on the basis of the extreme cases, but we do not apply the same logic to mass shooters or Christian extremists who bomb abortion clinics and kill doctors, because LIFE. The sanctity of life. The sanctity of SOME people’s lives.

Just like the founders intended.

Chances are that if one must resort to an ism (racism, sexism, etc) to shut discussion down, one may not have a legitimate point. TURBANS! #2016GOP

39 Replies to “House Republican Steve King Doubles Down On Poutrage By Tweeting Racist Obama Cartoon”

  1. King is deflecting because Obama was correct about Christianity. King cant stand being schooled by a black person who may have muscular legs unlike his wimpy white ones.

    Why does King always look like a crazy person on crack?

  2. And yet with all of this kind of daily PROOF!! we Democrats and Liberals are the ones who are racist according to the GOP. Conservatism IS not only a mental disorder but now a national mental health problem.

  3. I just have to ask, as adults in what used to be the free-est country in the history of man kind, every body does realize that most Muslims don’t wear
    turbans and that there are other people who where them.

  4. I’m waiting to hear the republican outrage. I’m waiting to hear King’s sorry apology and resignation. I must be kidding myself.

  5. Just so you know, there are conservatives with different views than the Christian right. Take the TeaParty, or “baggers” as they are so affectionally called here. The TeaParty movement generally started in 84 when a congressional pay raise was suggested by congress. A radio station initiated a protest where teabags were to be sent to legislators supporting the raise, and they were sent, by the thousands. Ron Paul cemented the term in his Presidential run in 08, and ran on ending the Fed and fiat money expansion. But now the TeaParty has been infiltrated by Koch money, who aren;t real Libertarians.. They’re oligarks who’re seeking political advantage. And the TeaParty has also been diluted from it’s original limited government stance by the religionists, who present themselves as strict constitutionalists but ignore the first amendment which separates Church and State. It’s the very first one. Not sure why they missed it…

  6. Is there any question ? The “take back ‘Merika”, mantra is/was a thinly veiled racist attack on the President. To conflate Health care with the black guy in the White House was the only way to defeat/undermine needed reforms. The lies associated will be “truths” willingly accepted by the Klan base.
    Who in History was ever made to produce a birth certificate? the Secret Service vet all running for President and Barrack was vetted for his previous job as Senator. But the “useful idiot” base isn’t very logical, otherwise they’d realize Hillary would have squashed him like a bug if he didn’t meet the criteria for office.
    The willingness to believe the inane wedge issues the GOP has as it’s platform is unfathomable. Soon the Koch’s will have bought all of Capitol Hill and then ,Boom, goes the Dynamite.. No health care, jobs ,education,EPA,IRS,social security, medicare,etc.
    Just the very poor and the very rich, a second “Gilded Age”.
    Back then we fought and died for…

  7. Learn Your American History: Christianity and Slavery’s Fucked-Up Relationship It was such an inevitable reaction that you gotta figure President Barack Obama was just trolling for shits and giggles. At the National Prayer Breakfast (motto: “I guess I gotta pretend I’m not an atheist for a little while”), Obama made a speech that was full of the kind of humility that, you know, the Bible asks of people. He said that Christians need to stop being such smug fucks about the superiority of their faith over Islam: “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.” – See more at:

  8. Whatever happened to shouldn’t speak ill of the President while troops were in the field. Perhaps we should ask the Dixie Chicks or Phil Donahue.

  9. Wow, I got four likes on my assessment of the current manifestation of the TeaParty, even with admitting I’m a registered republican. The right has many problems in my view. The first and foremost is attempting to foist religious values on an evolving electorate, and not focusing on the basic tenants of conservatism…IE savings, hard-work and thrift.. Clear, beneficial things like those will never change, but mythology is going the way of the Mastodon, no matter how hard we want to believe in such nonsense…

  10. Tea bagger came from them because they stapled Lipton tea bags to their hats making them look ridiculous and ignorant since most can’t even spell or construct a proper sentence.
    The republican party has been hijacked by extremists who don’t have a clue.
    The good republicans I know of are the EISENHOWER republicans, like my parents. He was a war hero, but they didn’t realize he was a LIBERAL REPUBLICAN who taxed the shit out of the wealthy and corporations, paid off the WWII debt and built the interstate highway system we all use but, at times loath, today.

  11. There’s NO question to that, they’ve been wanting to take back American from that black man in the white house.
    The tea baggers are all racists and bigots and can’t stand anyone that isn’t a STRAIGT, WHITE, CHRISTAIN MALE, women are second class and are to be used solely as incubators and everyone else gassed.
    President Obama has been called:
    communist, socialist, Kenyan, muslum, boy, nazi and it’s disgraceful.
    The entire world looks at them in amazement and discust, and the majority of the U.S. does also.

  12. With Scalice at his side with their white sheets on.

    To the pundits, the southern CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS “crossed over” to become the CONSERVATIVE “dixie”crats because of Lincoln and then crossed back over to become CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS again due to LBJ.

    The CONSERVATIVE “dixie”crats created the KKK.

  13. I kinda doubt King was being a racist. I think he was being a jerkwad-asshole, pandering to the Christian Right…

    Islam is not a race BTW…

  14. Eleven likes on my take of the current TeaParty, and four on my take about mythological religion. Thanks. But trust me, you won’t be so keen on views of economics. I’m perfectly fine on liberal social views, but think Laissez Faire is the way to go as far as economics. The government does need to regulate pollution, privide a clean water system,..the roads etc… IE… where ever the market falls short, but needs to keep their grimy hands off free-trade as much as possible. No bailouts… no subsidies… no special interest favors etc etc….

  15. If the Republican party does not immediately call for the resignation of Steve King, they may as well say they support and agree with him.

    And, if we remain silent and keep letting them treat the President of the United States any kind of way without denouncing this for what it is – treason – what’s to stop someone as hateful and as unchecked as Steve King from taking the next step by assassinating the President.

    We need to speak with one voice and contact as many people as we can in Congress to get rid of Steve King.

    This is truly a new despicable low for the Republican party.

    And, sadly, for America too.

  16. Really ???? You think King’s next step is assassination?


    do those oxi-contins have an indent in them so you can break them in half????

  17. I know, huh?
    I don’t recall anyone making fun of Chimpy Bush.

    He was given free passes ad naseum.

  18. Sorry about that one… Yvonne. King just proved himself to be a piece of you know what… but not an assassin..

  19. This so in so is a LOST SOUL. He, by ALL Means needs Mental Help. Seriously he is a REAL LOOSE CANNON just waiting to go off! Of course he is Not alone. He comes w/ a group! There is The Gohmert, Yoho, Palin, Cruz, the long gone Bachman, Boehner, McConnell, etc, etc, etc….

  20. Sure, after all all Bushie did was avoid the draft by getting daddy to get him in to the “Champagne” Unit of the TANG then go AWOL when he had to take a drug test, then toss thousands of people out of their homes so he could finally make some money building a stadium without being an incorporated money funnel for daddy from “Bandar Bush” (3 “oil companies” that never produced a drop of oil before Bushie bankrupted them). That’s some of it…

  21. We are not against dissenting opinions here. If someone with a firm grasp on reality voices a different opinion, and does so without using hate speech or making claims that are provably false, then we’ll support that. We probably won’t agree on much, but the dialog that can from that is always welcome.

    JMHO, of course.

  22. I actually think you might have more in common with the liberals than you think. I could work with ALL of the economics you just spouted, especially the bailouts and subsidies. There is more common ground that the average person will admit, but the GOP likes it this way. I have never understood why the GOP is SO interested in our personal lives, they are SUPPOSED to be the party of freedom, I don’t see them that way. They want to regulate women’s bodies, whom one can marry, etc. That’s not a FREE COUNTRY…If the people, who believe the things you do, Moderate Republicans, and the democrats could just get PAST all the bickering our congress does, we could probably fix this country for the better, but the RICH don’t want that to happen, then they would have to play fair.

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