Legislative Paralysis Strikes Capitol Hill Under New Republican Congress


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Despite a successful November election, where the GOP increased their majority in the House, and took control of the Senate, the new Republican dominated Congress has proven unable to pass significant legislation. Since taking the reins in both Houses of Congress, the Republicans have only been able to pass two pieces of legislation. By contrast, in 2007, when the Democrats were in a similar situation, after retaking the U.S. House, they had managed to pass six pieces of legislation by this stage. The Democrats managed to push through three times as many bills then, even though the White House was still held by Republican President George W. Bush.

The two measures Republicans have been able to pass into law, included funding a terrorism insurance program, and passing a noncontroversial bipartisan bill related to Veterans mental health. Many other bills have crumbled under the weight of partisan infighting. Squabbles between the hyper-partisan GOP House leadership and the somewhat more moderate Senate leadership have generated back and forth rhetoric, but little in substantive accomplishments.


The House and Senate were able to garner enough votes to send a Keystone XL Pipeline approval bill to the President. However, the White House is likely to veto that measure, and neither the House nor the Senate has the votes whipped up to override a veto.

Republican Congressman Mick Mulvaney (SC-05) summed up Republican underachievement, when, he said, of the pipeline vote:

Is it the most important piece of legislation facing the nation? No. But it is an opportunity for us to prove that we’re able to work with each other and govern, and it is a good test of whether or not the president is interested in doing that as well. We have to learn how to crawl before we can walk, and walk before we can run.

Meanwhile, as the Republicans are still learning to crawl, the nation faces a looming budget shutdown over the funding of Homeland Security. Republicans are divided over whether to derail funding to punish President Obama, for his executive order on immigration. Republicans also failed to pass an anti-abortion bill, because although the GOP Congress is almost entirely anti-choice, a few Republican lawmakers objected to not exempting rape and incest victims from the bill’s abortion ban.

Many members of the new Republican majority campaigned on ending gridlock in Washington. However, while they proved themselves able campaigners, they have not yet proven they are actually capable of governing.

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  1. the only thing the Republicans have really learned to do well is whine and cry like a bunch of babies… they’ve had 6 years of practice at that…

    learning to crawl and walk will take at least a year… that is if they’re actually on a par with a normal growing baby…

  2. The TP/GOP is busy pushing their party first and only style legislation. The public will see that the TP/GOP cares nothing about helping the USA.

    By the way the so called Veterans Mental Health bill was so watered down by the TP/GOP. That Veterans have been already warned not to expect much from it. See that is what the TP/GOP do all the time they put a nice friendly name on a piece of legislation. Then they gut it and pass it. They have been doing this for years to us veterans.

  3. We already knew they were incapable of governing anything. The gotp is a joke, they dont even understand the law(Boehner constantly threatening to sue the president over nothing that would ever stand up in a court of law not to mention, no lawyer would even take the case). The ONLY agenda the gotp have is to screw Obama, and not in a good way. To their despair, hes smarter than they are. Barack has schooled their asses.

  4. These a-holes are now off for a WEEK to observe Presidents’ DAY. We need a way to force them to work a normal schedule like the rest of us have to. Anybody outside the Beltway would lose their job if they mirrored the congressional work ethic.

  5. So what else is new? Did we really expect the GOP majority to change their stripes even after winning the majority? Meanwhile our country still hangs on to the audacity of hope of President Obama.

  6. Actually the TP/GOP gets people to vote them into office. They then use all of their power to try to destroy the Government. Think about it, their main talking point is that the Federal Government does not work. Thus, if you put them in office are they going to do anything to help the Federal Government work, NO. They then go home blaming everyone and everything else for the Government not working.

  7. They call seniors, veterens, disabled that receive assistance “lazy”. The only lazy I see is the gotp in Congress, they take more time off than even Bush did – which is pretty hard to do and still get a paycheck. They’ll be back in time to vote themselves more farm subsidies or a tax cut for their wealthy donors – They are after all, the Cock-bought congress.

  8. So, what happens to the GOP/TP when they make government so small they can drown it in a bathtub? Without a government how are they going to govern? Without a government how are political entities like ISIL to be fought?

    Do they know the definition of anarchy?

    1 a : absence of government
    b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority
    c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government

    2 a : absence or denial of any authority or established order
    b : absence of order : disorder

    Is this what they, Grover Nordquist and the Koch supporters are looking forward to? Or do they think THEY will become the government?

    There have been many books written about the future of corporate run governments. NONE of they show a positive outcome for the average person.

  9. I think the veterans suicide bill was written by democrats before they left for Christmas, I think it was held up by republicans. could it be that they held it
    to give themselves bragging rights about doing something.

  10. Republicans are incapable of governing.It conforms to their narrative that government is bad and must be privatized.

  11. It’s so easy to carp and complain that even Sarah Palin can do it.

    Trouble is, although Republicans are good at frothing and foaming, they have no aptitude for solving problems.

  12. I hate to sound like a fatalist but why wouldn’t they shut down the government and cause a growing economy to slow down?

    They’ve done it what once and nearly twice bought the nation to default and still the American voting electorate rewarded them handsomely with big majorities.

    If it works for them why stop?

  13. Yeah, I was going note that technically, this means that the Democratic Congress did 6x as much work at this time, as one bill should have passed last session.

  14. It’s about trying again and again to bring down president Obama if the economy suffers they will blame Obama.
    They will never admit to their wrongdoing, just look at Raphael Cruz who filibustered $25 BILLION away and blamed president Obama and the democrats for it.
    They will be in deniel of these:
    Obama’s Numbers (January 2015 Update)
    The economy has now gained nearly five times more jobs under President Barack Obama than it did during the presidency of George W. Bush, and the unemployment rate has dropped to just below the historical average.
    Real weekly earnings are up 1.7 percent, thanks in part to a plunge in gasoline prices.
    Corporate profits have nearly tripled, and stock prices have soared.
    Nation’s budget deficit falls to lowest level since Obama took office

  15. The way the President handles these guys cracks me up! It’s part of the reason I like him so much! He has a great amount of patience. Don’t know if I could do it it’s been constant for 6 years on every decision our President has made. I’m about tired of those idiots!

  16. Seems like they shopped till they found a crooked judge to block the immigration deal, my question, if this is brought by 26 red states does it mean that the rest can start registering hispanics?

  17. So at this point, why should we even take them seriously as serious people? They are not. they are a party of grifters. They are clearly not interested in compromise, or good government. They just are not. That should be obvious. Rational people would recognize the difference between what can pass, and be signed by the President, and what cannot. So, they are not serious, or not rational. It is all about gamesmanship, and paying off donors, for them.
    Reasonable people would compromise, and not force either/or solutions. It is not, “we do it 100% our way, or nothing at all.”
    There is room for rational people to try a blend of ideas, i.e. compromise.
    a “let’s try your ideas, mixed with our ideas, and move the country forward.”
    That does not happen, because one party is completely sold out to corporate interests, who do not want anything close to full employment, because that creates upward pressure on wages and benefits; and lessens corp control over workers and prof…

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