Three Minutes Of Terror for The Koch Brothers As Bernie Sanders Storms Sunday Show

bernie sanders abc this week

It was a terrifying three minutes for the Koch brothers, as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) took on the Kochs directly and delivered a message of populism that struck at the heart of their oligarchic plot to buy control of the federal government on ABC’s This Week.

The short segment on Sen. Sanders highlighted the Vermont senator’s anti-Koch message, “It is likely in a very short period of time that the Koch brothers themselves will have a strong political presence than Democrats or Republicans.”

Sanders was asked by ABC News if he thought this was a winnable fight. He answered, “Well, I think that’s a fair question. I don’t want to tilt at windmills. I’ve got so much to do. I just think that out there, there are so many people who are hurting, so many people who disillusioned, so many people who are viscerally upset that they’re working longer hours for lower wages and the billionaires are getting richer, and they need a voice.”

The ABC segment was short, but it was a good introduction for the rest of the country to Sen. Bernie Sanders. An introduction isn’t needed for liberals and progressions, but it was interesting to see corporate-driven Sunday shows give any airtime to Bernie Sanders.

This Week didn’t dwell on whether or not Sanders will run for president in 2016. They devoted much of the segment to his message. It was refreshing to see Sen. Sanders not treated as a novelty or dismissed. As the country has reacted to the Great Recession by drifting left in its economic thinking, Sen. Sanders’s message resonates more with the country’s basic economic populism.

Bernie Sanders is the last person that the Koch brothers want to see on a network Sunday morning show. Sen. Sanders (I-VT) did more damage to the Koch conspiracy to buy control of the federal government in three minutes than almost anyone else could have done in ten.

Studies have shown that the Sunday show guests are mostly white male Republicans. One of the reasons why a potential Bernie Sanders presidential candidacy could matter is it could generate a lot of mainstream media attention for the issues of income inequality, money in politics, and the looming Koch-backed oligarchy that is attempting a hostile takeover of nation’s electoral process.

In a media realm where Republicans dominate, Bernie Sanders sent a lightning bolt of populism through the pro-Koch drumbeat of Sunday morning talk.

Sen. Bernie Sanders remains the Koch Brothers’ worst nightmare.

53 Replies to “Three Minutes Of Terror for The Koch Brothers As Bernie Sanders Storms Sunday Show”

  1. This man speaks for the majority of us! If he runs, I will support him however I can. And though always aligning myself with the Democrats, I am finally willing to accept the title of Democratic Socialist! Run, Bernie, Run!

  2. I like Bernie Sanders. While I’m not so hot on socialism, ( it has no price system..).Sanders, like Elizabeth Warren…Rand Paul AND Ted Cruz all voted against the crominibus bill. BTW, the conservative icon, Milton Friedman suggested public financing of elections. What’s missing from Sanders’ argument against the Koch bros influence is whether it’s the size of the influence or the KIND of the influence as there’s billionaires supporting liberal candidates and causes like Steyers or Soros..

    Koch Bros is way down at #55 on the list for political contributions from organizations..

    And they’re way down the list at #24 for individual contributors..

    Looks like it’s really ideology to me, and not the AMOUNT of influence, as the Koch Bros are small fries in comparison to liberal donors…

  3. The Kochs Will Spend Nearly $1 Billion on the 2016 Elections, but Deny It

    I wonder who are the other 54 who will spend more?

    Milton Friedman? The lover of Ayn Rand who got her inspiration from a serial killer? You are either ignorant or sick

    Ayn Rand, Hugely Popular Author and Inspiration to Right-Wing Leaders, Was a Big Admirer of Serial Killer

    Her works are treated as gospel by right-wing powerhouses like Alan Greenspan and Clarence Thomas, but Ayn Rand found early inspiration in 1920’s murderer William Hickman.,_hugely_popular_author_and_inspiration_to_right-wing_leaders,_was_a_big_admirer_of_serial_killer

  4. It’s not surprising you didn’t bother to link directly to the text of the bill.
    Another Republican pipe dream that penalizes poor people and does zero to address income inequality. Plus, the legislation, even if it gets signed into law, becomes null and void if the Sixteenth Amendment is not repealed within seven years of being signed into law. The law would end all funding to the IRS by FY 2019, the law would be nullified by 2022, which means the federal government would not be funded.

  5. I don’t deny it djchefron, but if you add up the numbers, liberals are not being shortchanged in the least. I knew about Rand’s fascination with Hickman BTW. Rand was a human being, and FAR from perfect. She took “diet” pills…or what we here in SD call “critter” or “gofast” for 50 years. Her Randian group was a total cult. She was a for freedom of expression and freethought, but would banish any group member for crossing her in a second. She didn’t like libertarians..she thought they were anarchists, she disliked Reagan, and she was a statist. But her philosophy was basically Aristotelean and her ideas for how government should be formed or arraigned were very clearly Lockean…. NOT Calvin (Calvinistic) or Hobbs (Hoobesian..) She did have a screen play that was made into a blockbuster starring Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal…and her “Atlas Shrugged” was rated the second most influencial book after the Bible..BTW…

  6. Juan, it looks like you are giving an example of confirmation bias instead of how much influence the Koch Brothers have. Your link for “Koch Bros” is Koch Industries, not David & Charles Koch themselves. Your links also fail to account for the multiple layers of their organization that move dark money anonymously into Super PACs that don’t require disclosure of donors. In that regard, the Kochs are without equal and that includes George Soros.

  7. and her “Atlas Shrugged” was rated the second most influencial book after the Bible..BTW…

    And that is what is wrong with the world today

  8. I couldn’t agree with you more djchefron. Books written thousands of years ago by starving goat-herders in the desert should be seen for what they are… Fairy tales and mythology.

    Did I leave out something?

    Ok, ok…Atlas Shrugged is a dystopian fantasy too, but Rand was quite clear about her stance on corporatism.. and Fransicso’s money speech illuminated her stance on fiat money… and Galt’s speech …extremely tiresome and repetitious..showed her clear aversion to religion, among other things… 30 thousand words in Galt’s speech alone… Trust me, you’ll get tired of it after reading it 8 times!!!!

  9. It seems to me that you agree with progressives more times than not but yet you defend conservatism. Why is that?

  10. Koch brothers are paying ISIS so that America go to war
    And some in the GOP are too . War is how they make money.

  11. My TV was on this am when Bob Scheiffer and his regular guest McCain were on, Scheiffer, with his smirk on his face was repeating all of the rethug talking points and McCain as usual was running down the pres big time, I had to switch off before I threw something at my TV.

  12. You can’t read very well can you? That blasted bill eliminates Corporate tax as well as cap. gains tax. When that revenue goes away, who do you think has to pick up the slack, or BAIL them out if you will? Please don’t tell me you are this big of a moron.

  13. I don’t know djchefron. I’m a mixed bag. I think I defend traditional conservatism, and I don’t like big-government solutions. But I can see where, well where I think, today’s conservatism is screwed up. You might not believe it, but I voted for Obama in 08. and then Romney in 2012… I think progs are right on social values… but reich-wingers on economics… Might not help much, but my views are constantly changing. Maybe I should call myself an independent????

  14. Juan has a real argument, but it falls flat when you look at Steyer, who funds candidates for 1 specific thing, the environment. Other billionaire singular contributors have their own and it is always 1 issue and not trying to buy the way our Democracy or representative republic works. Huge difference.

  15. Juan, good point, but you have to realize, unions, corporations, Chamber of Commerce, and those on Open Secrets list are donating as a legal entity directly to political Party’s, while the true problem is the “issue related” organizations, that do not, by law have to have their donators as part of public record, or Open Secrets. Koch and others spend billions on these groups, have been found to finance them and organize them, that marginalize people with their issue related ads, (birth control, union rights, marriage equality, and others), that divide the general public.

  16. Juan, I also felt that way, but you have to realize that many government functions are provided where a “profit” motive is non-existent. U.S.P.S., Flood control, Rural electricity, and the internet would be far behind todays standard if the Federal Government was not entitled to regulate them. I always say to ultra conservatives, libertarians, which you appear not to be one of, that we would still be the original 13 colony’s if their philosophy ruled supreme.

  17. Juan — If you reply that you approve Democratic social values, then you would have to agree with Social Security and Medicare. When you say that you approve of reichwing economic policies, then you are, to say the least, confused. The GOP would LOVE to get rid of both. Reichwingers talk the talk about their so-called fiscal conservatism,and yet they do not walk the walk. Their fiscal conservatism always takes a back seat when they are in power — just read your history. You’ll soon discover that the GOP spends other people’s money as though it grows on trees in a very, very large forest, while the Democrats have to come in and clean up the mountains of sawdust the GOP has left on the ground.

  18. Take your pick djchefron. My biggest beef is with SSI. There is no doubt that the idea behind it is moral, but it’s 12 or 13 percent of one’s income. (that’s debatable of course as the employer pays half, but that could go towards a higher wage…) Anywhoo, you pay in with today’s dollars and get paid back in 40 years (or so) with vastly deflated dollars. Plus, demographics have switched since it’s inception…more people receiving benefits and less and less paying in. Plus, government borrows against the SSI fund, and that borrowing must be paid by the very same tax payers who will eventually receive those benefits. I see it as a Ponzi scheme. Plus the CPI is manipulated, or the contents of the bag are changed to reduce the inflation numbers so that COLAS, cost of living adjustments are lower… A certain SSI recipient I know got her increase for this year and it was about 100 bucks… but that certainly doesn’t cover the increase in food prices…

  19. Please show us one Country that works well with out a strong central government. You can’t because it doesn’t exist. In fact here in the US we tried a weak central government under the Articles of Confederation. It failed and had to be replaced with the Constitution.

  20. Gotta love his message. Not sure he is the right messenger. We need a populist president to make changes that require tough decisions. Decisions that big corporations’ lobbyists will not like and fight against. Is Bernie the right candidate for that kind of fight? Maybe. Is there a better candidate? Probably. But you will not get a better message and if the only person willing to push that message is Sen. Berni Sanders (I-VT), then he has my vote.

  21. Juan – You are now just pulling numbers out of your ass. Your friend’s SSI increase was ONLY $100? That means she is pulling about $5800 per month SSI. The average SSI monthly payment is $1200. The increase for 2015 was 1.7%. You figure it out.

  22. Her increase was 89 bucks Biily… and that’s for the year. Don’t ask me why… I have no idea…You think a 1.7 percent increase covers the 19 percent rise in food costs???

    And for djchefron…

    “COLAs are based on increases in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W). CPI-Ws are calculated on a monthly basis by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

  23. Juan, both Left and Right actually want big government; they just differ in what they want Big Government to do. They both want welfare, they just differ in who/what should get it. The Right throws out the term small government, but wants to regulate birth control, oppose certain social reforms and spend as much as possible on welfare for big business and defence. As to individuals, most of us are going to be conservative in some areas and liberal in others – and that’s not a bad thing; we each have a right to have varying shades of political philosophy. I for one would love to see Bernie in the White House, though I doubt it could happen under the current system, more’s the pity…

  24. My work here is done…. well except for the Aussie. I think the democrats need to take a walkabout, and think about the federal reserve system, and just imagine how much money has been plied into the banks…even the Sheilas here should see that croc in the lake, (in the outback..) Now you go throw a shrimp on the barbi… I have to go find a phone-booth to change clothes…

  25. Juan, much of the political manipulation money that comes from the Koch brothers is filtered through non-profits and think tanks.

  26. Juan pull your head out of where ever you have it.
    The Koch donate way more in dark money, money that has no trace, undeclared.. what do you think the 899,000,000 is???

  27. One may pay into SSI for 40 years or so with “today’s” dollars and be repaid in”deflated” dollars some time in the future, but if one lives more than 4 or 5 years collecting SSI, one will have recovered all the money they put in, with interest, and then some, if they continue to live. The SSA sends out annual statements, showing how much you have paid in every year since joining the workforce, and what you can expect per month when you retire – it’s elementary school math.
    Reagan’s administration is responsible for the raiding of the SS Trust Fund, and it still goes on, but we are borrowing from ourselves, theoretically supposed to pay ourselves back, and I believe that happens to be a large part of the National Debt – but it’s better than borrowing from China.
    And it shouldn’t be about the money – we as a nation have the responsibility to care for each other, if we fail, what kind of nation are we?
    BTW, I collect SSI, my COLA increase was $22/month after taxes.

  28. Bernie Sanders is great, but I don’t think he’d get enough votes in a Presidential run. He would though, make a great VP. Clinton-Sanders would be a very strong ticket.

  29. How about actually being “Fair & Balanced” and change your Organization parameters from when records began to 2014 – and Koch Industries jumps to #16.

    Same with individuals – change to “Hard Money by Family” – and the Koch brothers climb to #17.

    And that is JUST the money that has to be declared.

    But when it comes to Dark Money, the Koch brothers can scream from the rooftops:

    “WE’RE #1 … WE’RE #1 …”

  30. I like what Bernie Sanders has to say but there are not enough voters who would, like you, accept a socialist as President of the United States. And Sanders is a dual citizen of Israel and people are not going to vote for someone who has a sworn allegiance to another country. It won’t happen. Israel is a pox at this moment in people’s minds and the idea of a President having a divided loyalty to any foreign country is repugnant.

  31. John Stuart Mill (1806 – 1873) was a British philosopher and economist. He was probably the most influential philosopher of the nineteenth century”. Here is a John Stuart Mill quote:
    “Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.”
    That quote explains why there are everyday people (read Faux News watchers) in the Republican Party.
    Quite a few Democrats didn’t bother to vote in the 2010 midterms but the “everyday people” Republicans sure did. Guess which party drew the Congressional Redistricting maps. Was there “Gerrymandering” to exacerbate that many everyday people will continue to elect conservatives against their own best interests. YOU BET.

  32. He is a Democratic Socialist, not just a flat out socialist.

    There’s a difference. You would do well to read up on what it means and what Bernie stands for and ask yourself if you agree.

  33. Thank you Senator! You have no idea how much your confronting the Koch bros. and letting America know what they’re up to means to so many of us. We’re behind you all the way. Bless you, Sir! :-)

  34. you apparently don’t know or don’t care that Rand smoked a pack of cigs a day and died of cancer > when she was very ill and had medical bills, she went on Medicare. Not too ill to be a taker?

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