Boehner Stunt Backfires As NBC, CBS and ABC Don’t Televise Netanyahu Speech To Congress

netanyahu address to congress

Speaker of the House John Boehner and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s conspiracy to humiliate President Obama and dominate the news backfired as the U.S. broadcast networks ignored the speech and refused to televise it live.

Netanyahu’s speech has contained nothing new that the American people haven’t heard from neo-cons for decades. Netanyahu broke out various scare tactics with the purpose of frightening the American people into opposing President Obama’s negotiations with Iran on a nuclear deal.

Republicans were hoping that they could divide Democrats and garner massive mainstream media attention by inviting Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, but Boehner’s handling of the invitation has proven to be wildly unpopular with the American people. Television networks were also scared off by liberal and progressive Democrats who refused to attend the speech.

Speaker Boehner tried to use a traditionally bipartisan platform to pull off a partisan political stunt, and for once the mainstream media didn’t play along. Boehner’s big gambit to assert his power failed, and Netanyahu delivered a stump speech for the voters back in Israel.

The Netanyahu speech was supposed to be a game changer for Republicans that would halt President Obama’s growing political momentum. Instead, Netanyahu was forced to cave to the political pressure generated by Boehner’s handling of the invitation by praising President Obama for being such a staunch supporter of Israel.

To put it mildly, that was not what Speaker Boehner had in mind.

The Netanyahu speech has been a debacle for Republicans. After Democrats had done a great job of exposing the speech as a partisan stunt, the U.S. broadcast networks didn’t give up airtime to carry it live.

In other words, another day means another failure for John Boehner.

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  1. I’m sure Fox “News” carried every word live and cringed when Mr. Netanyahu praised President Obama, something he probably hadn’t planned, but added after all the bad publicity the speech was getting.

  2. Another epic failure for Republicans and John Boehner.

    But Republicans will scream “victory” then scheme another way to make poor people more miserable.

  3. Recently all the networks refused to give our own President air time for a speech. They would have really shown bias had they allowed this clown to address the American people nationwide. I wonder how it would go over if President Obama went to Israel and adressed their governing bodies and told them what they are doing to Palestine is wrong? BiBi would have gone balistic. Our President has too much intelligence and CLASS to interfere in other countries politics. Hopefully this stunt will be BiBi’s last hurrah, and he will be defeated in the next election.

  4. I was able to hear the first twenty minutes or so from my lair in South America. After that the NBC live transmission was apparently cutoff. All I heard were threats and saber rattling, reminiscent of the Reagan era. Nutentahoo is a right wing head case in the mold of GW. This was nothing more than a political speech engineered to persuade our President that he is going down the wrong path – peace rather than war. It is true that Iran doesn’t support the existence of a Jewish state, especially one that is imperialist in nature. Nutenyahoo’s malice toward Iran (and every other Arab state) is no less bothersome. Israel needs a moderate leader who sees peace, rather than war, as the solution.

  5. Maybe someone should suggest that the American people should have a say in who receives foreign aid? The Israelis have universal healthcare, paid for with US taxpayer money!! We would love to have that, plus repairs to our infrasctructure. Why send BILLIONS to this country that obviously scorns the US? Put that on the ballot, let citizens vote for or against this.

  6. I think, anyway you look at it, that’s a bad analogy. If Obama went over there and told Israel that they needed to stop Canada from bombing us, that would be a valid argument.

    Netanyahu came over here, whether for political reasons or not, with a speech about his country’s future, and the danger it is in. No one disagrees about the dangers a nuclear Iran would pose to Israel.

    If Canada wanted to blow us up, and Israel was our biggest ally that could stop them, I don’t think anyone would hesitate if Obama went over there to ask Israel to stop Canada.

    There livelihood is at stake, not ours. I think that merits Netanyahu’s speech (regardless of the political tie ins).

  7. Israel is as big as Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, yet they insist on engaging in provocations towards *all* their neighbors…and Bibi is trying to pull us into a war so he can keep doing it. No. If he wants us to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, we’re not going to do it for *his* benefit.

  8. Well it did accomplished one thing. Since his fellow American Taliban are having orgasms over bibi the liar they haven’t seem to notice his drunkenness got spanked by Pelosi and will allow a clean vote on homeland security

  9. I watched this speech on MSNBC,and my take on it? This was a political speech made for the Israeli electorate 3000 miles away. Everything that Bibi said could have been said after the election. Furthermore, the Prime Minister went on about, this is a bad deal, this is a bad deal, but he never explained what the alternative is. It appears to me, that all “Bibi” and his Republican cronies want is a War, and if it comes with a slap in the face to the President and this Adminisration, well then so be it. But there are several problems with this assertion. First no deal has been made with Iran, secondly “Bibi” could very well lose the election in two weeks, and finally if you follow history, we remember that “Bibi” was all in, to invading Iraq along with his do nothing cronies. (WE KNOW HOW THAT TURNED OUT. Think God that “Bibi’s” good friend Mitt is not in the White House. Think of what might have been? SCARY,SCARY,SCARY.

  10. This fiasco is showing that the AIPAC and GOP/Tea Party and some Democrats are working for a very narrowly focussed hawkish interest that wants to control the world through USA’s military at the expense of the USA working people. When will they ever learn that the planet is evolved and they cannot fool all the people all the time?

  11. The gop/teabaggers are getting worried. All the disrespect they have piled on President Obama, and people still support him. Now they are bringing in foreigners to pile on the disrespect in the form of BiBi. No, of course this is not political, of course not. Dealing with the gop all these years, it is getting easier to read between the lines for the SANE people among us.

  12. Clearly that’s not true. If you actually follow geographical history, it’s quite opposite. They controlled basically all of the Sinai Peninsula, and gave it up. They gave up entire control of the Gaza strip, and have multiple Islamic controlled cities that have Israeli protection within their own country. Like it or not, Israel doesn’t want to hurt anyone. They just don’t want to be blown up.

    Iran wants to blow them up. That’s a fact. Speeches by high leaders with Iran confirm this. No one likes Israel, because they are a different people in a region dominated by militant Islam.

    I know I’ll get downvoted to oblivion, and that’s ok. This will be my last post.

  13. “I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” – George McGovern

    Ever since the imperial wars of aggression against the oil rich began I have wondered why Iraq and Afghanistan and not Egypt/Lebanon/Saudi Arabia. It’s like the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor on 12/07/1941 and in response America declares was on Argentina and Chile. It makes no real sense. I get it that Al-Qaeda/Taliban are a real threat, but instead of a reckless overreaching power-grab by the US perhaps a less kneejerk and thoughtful approach would have been better.

    Now all we have to show for the new American crusade is…

    • Over 225,000 human beings dead, which include US military personnel and civilians trying to live their lives in an already difficult situation.
    • $6 Trillion in US spending
    • Estimated $450 billion in veteran spending far into the future
    • Total disdain of a large percentage of the rest of the world

  14. Oh snap!!! Bibi done stepped in it and now like the drunk one he followed goes down in flames

    Obama Has Officially Had It With Benjamin Netanyahu

    In other words, “Fuck you.” But the president wasn’t done poking needles into this particular hot air balloon. He added that:

    “[Netanyahu] thinks that the best way to do that is either through doubling down on more sanctions or through military action, ensuring that Iran has absolutely no enrichment capabilities whatsoever. And there’s no expert on Iran or nuclear proliferation around the world that seriously thinks that Iran is going to respond to additional sanctions by eliminating its nuclear program.”
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  15. Time for us to take a look at Pelosi and Reid.

    There’s no way they should have been at that speech.

    This is probably why those two let the Republicans run over them after Obama was elected in 2008.


    The President may have the last laugh on them all if Netanyahu loses the election.

  16. The capital of Jordan, Amman is less than 70 miles from Tel Aviv. The west bank shares a border with Jerusalem. It is not possible to nuke Israel without killing tens of thousands of Muslims through either the direct blast or lingering radiation fallout.

    I think the fears of an Iranian nuclear attack against Israel are greatly overblown. If the Jordanians whose capital city would be poisoned by radiation are not worried why should we be?

  17. 4 Things more Dangerous to Israel than Iran’s civilian Nuclear Enrichment

    Iran is just doing what Japan, South Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Sweden and Spain have done– develop nuclear reactors to generate electricity. By doing so, Iran can save its oil and natural gas for export to earn foreign exchange instead of eating its own seed corn. None of the countries just mentioned, who have their own nuclear energy programs, has a nuclear bomb, and no one is particularly worried about them getting one. As the former Israeli defense minister admitted, Iran would have to kick out the UN inspectors before it could turn its civilian enrichment facilities toward bomb-making. No country under active UN inspection has ever developed a nuclear weapon.
    Read More

  18. Any way you slice it this was about Bibi, not Isreal. Same old crap, short on proof.
    I saw part of the speech, and at one part all repugs stood and clapped. Even though both my senators are douches, Rand Paul did’t stand. I applaude him for that, but I wonder if the tea zealots can forgive him.

  19. It’s OK that the anti-American alphabet networks didn’t carry Netanyahu’s speech. FOX News carried it and you can bet that where people went to see it. FOX is more watched than the other TV networks anyway.

    The American people want the truth and the alphabet networks ceased giving them truth during the Vietnam war. They either lie about or simply do not broadcast anything they don’t want the American people to know about. They’re in the bag for Obama and soon or later it’s going to backfire on them and it’s for sure I’ll be laughing when it does.

  20. They could have just played an old speech made by Jr. Bush. It would have saved a lot of money and time. Nothing new here at all.

  21. If MSNBC, CNN, and Faux News air it, how much of a failure is it? Americans are still hearing the speech.

  22. If Netanyahu did not have an ax to grind, if he meant “no disrespect to the President”, then why did he interject himself into our politics, why, when approached by Boehner, did he not notify the President? Instead he had to sneak around make all these arrangements in secret.

    You can keep on believing that Netanyahu is only trying to save his country, and yeah, maybe he is, but he better quit using the U.S. to put boots on the ground to fight his battles for him. He has already been there and done that. He is no more to be trusted than the Republicans that set this crap up.

  23. The biggest problem Bibi has with this deal is that he is afraid that Iran will become a player in the Middle East, and he doesn’t want that. He has been saying that Iran will have a nuclear bomb in six months for the last 20 years. He knows his BSing, but it always worked in the past, not so much these days though.

  24. You do know bibi yahoo has been lying to your dumbass since 2002? Damn you people are ignorant
    Netanyahu’s Expert Testimony on Iraq in 2002

    Following his first term as Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu testified to Congress on Sept. 12, 2002 as a private citizen, and advised Congress that a U.S. invasion of Iraq would be “a good choice.”

    It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.

    Mark Twain

  25. This is not Netanyahu’s scheme, Obama should have hosted him himself, but he is too busy fraternizing with the real enemies. Netanyahu and Israel are the only democracy in the Middle East, they treat women like human beings. Most forms of Islam in the Middle East treat women as property, at best.

  26. Why are people even writing about this?
    Boehner got Netanyahu to speak before
    congress OK. Boehner did not even let
    President Obama know.
    For all those people who think it is
    just terrible they didn’t go listen to
    him they knew what this was all about
    Boehner. Hate for President Obama will
    bring the Republican party down in flames.

  27. As long as he continues screaming “viable threat”, the free money from America keeps rolling in. I thought the gotp was against welfare, oh yeah, except when its for them.

  28. You know being ignorant is no way to go through life. It was bibi ambassador a former right wing republican who set up the speech.

  29. Netanyahu is really the Israeli REPUBLICAN. He fear mongers to the extreme. WMD in Iraq anybody—No! Iran wants to develop Nuclear BOMB—so he says, but the truth is: There is NO WAY Iran would bomb Israel IF they themselves did not want to commit Nation Suicide. Imagine what would happen TO THEM, plus all the neighboring countries next to Israel (Arab), Jordan in particular; in effect they too would be pulverized or suffer radiation fall-out. That whole region would be radioactive. So, I don’t think the Iranians have that in mind. They are not stupid. They only say they want to “wipe Israel off the map” figuratively… and every non-thinking person falls prey to the scare talk. Netanyahu and his Republican friends constantly bring this up. So give me a F’ing break. Iran don’t want no Nuclear bombs. You know who we should be afraid of with those bombs? Russia and Pakistan. Hmmmmm think about it. Just look into Putin’s eyes. That’s who should be watched veeeery c…

  30. Due to the fact that Bibi has about 200
    nuclear weapons, enough to obliterate that part of the world I think it is time we cut off any military aid to his country, we need our tax dollars for the good of American citizens. Israel has national health insurance, the rethugs keep telli8ng us we do not need it, that charity will take care of the poor, well it is time for charity to take care of Bibi and we take care of the US.

  31. Netanyahu’s war must be stopped now: The real story behind his speech to Congress

    The media has focused attention on the rude way that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made his appearance in the U.S. this week, as though the real issue is hurt feelings between him and President Obama. This is a mistake that misleads many into thinking that the problem is about respect for our president or concern that Netanyahu is using this trip to promote his election chances in Israel, where “standing up to Obama” might enhance his electoral chances when the Israeli public chooses a new Knesset in two weeks. Watch as the media’s next angle becomes a sigh of relief when Netanyahu makes apologetic sounds about that rift.

    The real story is far more worrisome. Netanyahu is here to push the U.S. toward another Middle East war in which the U.S. would be the proxy for what Netanyahu (mistakenly) thinks is Israeli interests. And Americans are going to have to stand up and say “NO” both to Netanyahu and to the militarists in both parties who are all too happy to generate another war, this time against Iran. If Netanyahu succeeds, it will be a disaster for all Americans, and an even greater disaster for American Jews.

    Let me explain.

  32. Saddam’s Iraq treated women like human beings, too. That’s no defense of Israel and its fascist, genocidal track record.

  33. What a load of bull! Netanyahu knew that he was NOT following proper protocol by coming here at the invitation of the speaker of the house and bypassing the official leader of the free world! He only altered his rhetoric and his speech a bit when he saw the negative reaction form the majority of Americans. His concern for Israel may be genuine, but his actions certainly were NOT! Many Israelis, both leaders and citizenry, also disagree with his point of view AND his affront to the President of the United States. He and Boehner got caught in the trap they thought they were laying for the President. Stop trying to defend his indefensible actions.

  34. You guys act like there is only those news outlets you mentioned where people can get their information. Guess again.

  35. The last time Boehner notified The Whitehouse that he wanted to invite Netanyahu to speak, it took one month to get a reply and then they told him to do whatever he wanted. The attack dogs in the Democratic Party do the American people a disservice and their Party.

  36. They just happen to the largest viewership in the US. Contrary to your idiocy only 1% of the total US population watches that lying cesspool known as fox

  37. Actually, saying that “it is a fact” that Iran wants to bob Israel, then “it is a fact” that Israel came into a land that wasn’t theirs, took over that land and killed alot of folks while doing it. “It is a fact” that Israel is not even remotely interested in peace, in compromise. It’s the my “God is bigger than your God” syndrome. They are no better than Iran. “In fact” they could be seen as worse: they took control of something that was never theirs in the first place.

  38. @ Flynn Maxwell. How old are you man? Bibi sat and said they were a few months from getting a bomb for as long as he has been in Israeli politics, after he left America. The Mossad said he lies out his ass. He even said in Bush’s lead up to his personal Vietnam, that Iraq had nuclear weapons. Even if he thought Iran was close to getting the bomb, a real one, not the ACME cartoon one, he still goes against all intel. and the speech could have waited another month. I won’t call you derogatory names, however, a little education might help you.

  39. They won’t stop supporting Israel because of the long tentacles that put funds into their pockets. I am an advocate of Israel, and her right to sovereignty. I also believe Palestine should have a homeland, but how to get it done is beyond me to know, and it looks as though they can’t solve the problem either. I still support Israel, but this shit Bibi pulled was overreach. You can’t just walk into another country’s Congress, and tell them what to do because you have “doubts” about what they are doing, and ask us to go to war on those suspicions. I really don’t think people would be so upset if he had had clearance. But no, he and Boehner went behind the President’s back to commit a traitorous and nefarious act that is “Unprecedented.” No where else in the world would this be allowed, and shouldn’t be allowed here. No, no, no.

  40. How is everyone missing the real point here? Israel isn’t afraid of Iran’s pathetic nuclear program, Israel’s had warheads for damn near 50 years. They simply don’t want the economic sanctions to be reduced. And the republicans are kissing Netanyahu’s lying ass ONLY because it makes Obama look bad.
    Don’t be sheep, my friends. Acknowledge the truth.

  41. How can you call it a News Network, when FOX doesn’t? What’s wrong with you? They’ve even conceded as much, but you insist that they’re news anyway? It’s “Propaganda.” It shouldn’t even be over the air-waves. It’s damaging people like you, and causing you to make wrong decisions and vote against your own self-interest.

  42. Actually, the “alphabet” networks have FAR bigger audiences than Fox. Fox has the biggest share of the CABLE networks.. but only a fraction of ANY of the “alphabet” networks.

  43. Hilarious…if anyone believes that in today’s day and age, these three networks break the bank they are foolishly naive’. Netanyahu was historic and showed incredible leadership. Boehner did the right thing!

  44. No need to spin, it was historic and exhibited incredible leadership. We need leadership like this in our country.

  45. Why do you hate America and if you could pick that gray matter of yours who will pay for the war these idiots are leading us in?

  46. Fox, The Entertainment Channel, wouldn’t know the truth if it reached up and slapped the lot of them in the face!

  47. What was important? Giving your national interest to a foreign country? The fifth column is alive and well

  48. But pray tell what was his strategy for dealing with Iran. This is going to be good if you answer

  49. I noticed an article on HuffPo today that Bibi’s speech was on a 5 minute delay and to be reviewed by Israeli media before broadcast. Seems the Israeli media wants to be fair and would block anything Bibi said that could be construed as campaigning.

    Israel probably saw little of this debacle.

  50. This is simply not true. I watched the entire speech on ABC. The speech was poignant and addressed the issue currently on the table of how negotiating with Iran is a dangerous prospect. Few are willing to admit our failure with North Korea, and Netanyahu reminded our politicians, which is a proper comparison. The only difference is that Iran is much more volatile. He also hit on an valid point – that Iran is not trustworthy in our “war” over terrorism. They are simply another faction of it. We say we do not negotiate with terrorism – but apparently we do not hold fast to that platform. I am pleased that Boehner invited Netanyahu – we need more than the propaganda being spewed over our news channels.

  51. Did you listen to his speech? He covered the strategy to put in place instead of rushing through with a bad deal.

  52. His strategy, as is supposedly already that of our nation, is not to yield to terrorism. Not speaking about war, or conflict between territories, but terrorism. Downright dirty, hateful, without reason/cause/mercy, terrorist mindset.
    Nuclear power is not the only source available. If we really wished to work with them – we should be looking at spending the money to offer alternative power source development – just as we are here in our own country. This way, we would not even be discussing the possibility of nuclear capabilities in an admittedly terrorist nation. But, then, there wouldn’t even be a discussion because that is not their goal.

  53. Whats the big deal with Iran having nuclear power any way, they just want electricity and the ability to grow economically?

    We have nuclear power plants all over the US and we haven’t used a bomb on anyone since the 40’s, and to the best of my knowledge none of the other 9 “nuclear” countries have used them either.

    Just the thought of what “could” happen to Iran if they use a nuke would be enough to dissuade them from trying it anyway. Plus, if the deal goes through there would be world inspectors making sure they are following the treaty rules.

    Seems Bibi is just trying to blow smoke up our arses to me. And eh, so what if he might be right? It’s just the land stealing, murderous country of Israel that would be at risk anyway.

    We should trust our great friends in Iran and give them a shot at a long life of prosperity.

  54. LYING Faux Snooze is more anti-American then any of the other networks.

    Liberals get their news from many sources
    ABC, CBS, NBC, AL JAZEERA, PBS, NPR, BBC, RT, when you combine their ratings it would surpass FOX.
    Conservatives get their “news” from 1 source FOX Snooze, the lying network

    The Lies That Will Kill America
    “Fox News is its ministry of misinformation, the fake jewel of the News Corp. crown, a 24/7 purveyor of flimflam and the occasional selective truth.”
    Rupert Murdoch Calls Fox News Viewers Morons & White Trash
    …O’Reilly, also laughing, then joined in by saying, “Hey, how many Fox viewers does it take to change a light bulb? None, they all refuse to change the bulb because they prefer living in the dark.”

  55. Damn another quisling who doesn’t pay attention. First North Korea suspend their program under Clinton when your cod piece wearing boyfriend came in and cut off all talks did they went for the bomb and after Iraq who could blame them
    North Korea’s nuclear weapons

    Closing Pandora’s box

    Now since we already established that you don’t know jack please tell us what was bibi’s strategy for dealing with Iran?

  56. So what terrorism is Iran involved in now and if bibis goal was about terrorism how come he didn’t mention this
    Israel now has al-Qaeda on its border in the Golan Heights. The rebel Jabhat al-Nusra or Support Front, which holds the Golan, has declared allegiance to Ayman al-Zawahiri and al-Qaeda central. Mr. Netanyahu does not seem perturbed by this development, even though al-Qaeda is a brutal and highly destructive terrorist group that killed nearly 3,000 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis and Syrians. In fact, the Israeli military has targeted the enemy of the Support Front in Golan, Lebanon’s Hizbullah, but hasn’t hit al-Qaeda with air strikes. If al-Qaeda is holding territory and it is bordering Israel, I’d say that is a security issue. Iran is very far away and has no plausible means of attacking Israel, and even in the unlikely scenario where it developed a bomb, would no more be able to use it than the Soviets were able to use theirs against the US. In fact, Israel is massively well armed by the US and has its own nuclear arsenal, and isn’t really threatened by a guerrilla group like the Support Front, just as it isn’t really threatened by Iran. What Netanyahu wants is continued Israeli hegemony, which Iran’s nuclear enrichment program threatens symbolically
    Things make you say Hmm…

  57. How uneducated you are.

    If a muslim woman is raped, she is stoned for letting it happen.
    A woman is OWNED by her man and he can beat her to death without any repercussion.
    In most Islamic countries women can’t drive or vote.

    They are anti-abortion.
    They are very supportive of the death penalty.•
    They oppose the separation of church and state.•
    They believe religious doctrine should be taught in school.•
    They tend to believe women should have fewer rights than men.•
    They oppose “multiculturalism”.•
    They consider homosexuality as evil and believe gay marriage should be outlawed.

  58. Haha! Your tendency to minimize and ridicule is funny. Either way, your choice to overlook the validity of the course of discussion being the CAPABILITY for a nuclear weapon is forgiven.
    But, it is true that the chosen method of problem solving these days is tertiary, rather than preventive. So your mainstream ideal is understandable.

  59. It’s not Obama’s dark skin, but what his dark skin represents that evokes hatred without bounds and limits. President Obama’s power of them and the realization that their status as a privileged class is coming to an end are the real reasons why they disrespect President Obama.

    Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white conservatives their hatred of president Obama masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back.

  60. another example of congress not working with the President or each other and continuing the decline or our government. good going mr speaker

  61. You know who else has the capability to produce nuclear weapons? Japan, South Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Sweden and Spain and just about every country that has nuclear power plants but signed the NPT. Do you know what the NPT or Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons is? Do you know who has not signed it? I give you one guess

  62. Clearly, you already have your mind made up, and refuse to listen. There are countless countries that have been struck by terrorist activity who have numerous allies and several resources. Your arguments are notably one sided and unfortunately invalid.
    But, I suppose time will be the truth-bearer in this issue.

  63. Iran has been THREATENING with nuclear weapons for decades, Bibi has said for a decade Iran is close to having them – for at least a decade. Sanctions are the way to go and with the UN inspectors.

    Israel has had nuclear weapons for decades now and we’re feeding them $$$$

    If you believe this is hilarious, why don’t we send your tea bag ass to the middle east, and take Boner with you and then he can do that kissy-face and make it all better.

    Reagan advisor on Tea Party Republicans ‘They are really rather stupid and not very well read’

  64. He’s a war monger, plain and simple.

    He’s trying to drag us into a war with Iran to help him.

    “I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” – George McGovern

  65. How is sneaking around, behind the President’s back, showing “incredible leadership”?

    How much better would the relationship between President Obama and Netanyahu be if Netanyahu had called the President and told him about the invitation Boehner had given him to speak to congress?

    There is NO trust between these two people and Netanyahu’s conduct sure as hell shows why.

  66. Iran is Israel’s bogey man now…..without Iran they don’t get American Defense Dollars. Simple.

  67. This discussion all comes down to worldview. “Where you stand is a product of where you sit.” Bibi has the moral high ground, the strength of his convictions and understands what leadership is. If only the United States had such decisive leadership without the constant whining from the White House and both parties. I would welcome a leader like Netanyahu, whether Dem or Rep.

  68. If you really think Iran needs a nuke for power then, you are sadly mistaken!! With all the oil etc. do you REALLY think they need nuclear power to sustain life!!! Get real!!! THERE IS NO GOOD reason for them to have nukes!! But, they already have them so, does not matter at this point!!!

  69. Don’t that so called brain matter of yours think that they would want too sell their oil for hard currency? Damn you people are stupid

  70. Joan, You do know it is impossible to confirm your “facts” of Israel’s nuclear arsenal Yes, the Iranian Foreign Minister has accused Israel of that, but the ICAN lists them as possibly having around 80 nukes. Due to their policy of deliberate ambiguity though, we really do not know how many IF any.

    It goes along the lines of a person is less likely to attack someone if they THINK that person has a gun

  71. Silly boy that was a deliberate message to Iran that despite Obama not being present today that he has had a continuous cooperative relationship with Israel. I am sure Obama was livid over Netanyahu’s fulsome compliments and gratitude as it puts him in an unfavorable position in talks with Iran.

  72. Didn’t you listen? He very specifically said do not allow Iran to obtain Nuclear capability as long as they demonstrate aggression to their neighbors and verbalize aggression to their neighbors and israel. Do not negotiate with them because they are terrorists. Do not agree to anything that enables them to develop nuclear capability unchecked. He was pretty succinct the speech would have been less than 20 minutes if they did not stop several times to allow the standing ovations to subside.

  73. What country has Iran invaded and occupied in the past 150 years. Do not let them get nuclear weapons? Exactly how will he do that? Ahh if Iran agrees to inspections I hardly think that means unchecked. The stupid is strong in this one

  74. A leader of a foreign country telling our congress what we should do and that our elected leader is doing is wrong to standing ovations of congress never thought I would liv e to see this

  75. Get a clue. No one watches CBS,NBC or ABC, FOX is # 1 News Network. It was great to here real leadership speak.

  76. Got more ballwashing than Bush did after bUsh speech after 911. Go figure
    There’s no arguing with wingers on this stuff, so I looked at another fairly recent speech delivered to a joint session of Congress, one that no Republican could possibly criticize: President George W. Bush’s speech on September 20, 2001, nine days after the 9/11 attacks. Surely that speech, also before a majority-Republican Congress, would have been greeted with a great number of rounds of applause — right?

    Well, here’s the tally:

    Bush, nine days after 9/11: 31 rounds of applause
    Netanyahu today: 43 rounds of applause

  77. Celebrating over something that is normal? Seriously? I guess people claim “victory” whenever they can.

  78. By putting our country first! In all the gulf wars how many Israeli soldiers died on Iraq/Afagn. soil? The wars were to protect Israel at our expense! They get to rule the area and we pay with oour lives …very nice deal for them. Here is what he thinks of the USA –> Yup he thinks “America is a thing” than can be moved! He is getting a ton of value foe the price they pay!

  79. Who does Iran threaten besides Israel? Bush too out the only real historic enemy of Iran and that was Iraq. Now Iran OWNS Iraq and its much closer to Israel. It could all be one country called Iranq.

  80. You’re wrong there. Not one news network carried it out. FOX did not air it either. However, BBC America aired it.

  81. You weren’t really paying attention when you was watching the speech. You should read the transcript. Some people get distracted by all the applause and standing ovations over nothing important mentioned. He mentioned nothing of what you wrote. Read the transcript.

  82. How is your analogy a valid argument? Canada is not bombing America nor occupying American soil nor mistreating Americans and treating them like less than human.

    Netanyahu’s speech had hypocrisy written all over it. Everything he claimed of Iran is what Israel does to the Palestinians. And let us not get started with how they treat the Sudanese refugees. Israel is a racist and an apartheid state. They are in no danger. They are the ones causing the dangers in that region.

  83. Flynn Maxwell:
    “gave up the Gaza strip” ?!?!?! Are you serious?

    The airport has been shut down. A wall was built all around Gaza. The people of Gaza are not allowed to leave, they are not allowed to travel, they are not allowed to swim off into the sea as they are closed in by military ships at the waters. They are not allowed to trade their goods with other countries. Their water supply is limited and Israel shuts it down as punishment whenever they see fit just to provoke them. Their food is rationed. Just a couple of weeks ago Israel opened a damn and completely flooded Gaza. Protestors in Hebron are shot with live ammo and killed; their houses are sprayed with skunk chemicals in order to make their lives miserable enough to make them leave. The children are attacked on their way to school with stones and dogs, and the Israeli police does nothing. The only time they lift a finger is if and when a Palestinian tries to defend themselves.

  84. Some Christians don’t follow everything in the Bible, some Jews don’t follow everything in the Torah,some Americans don’t follow everything laid out in the constitution, some Muslims don’t obey everything revealed in the Qu’ran and lived by the prophet (peace be upon him).

    If a Muslim woman is raped the Islamic law would mandate the rapist gets stoned(if he was married) or one hundred lashes and banishment for one year if he is not married. As for the woman, she is not be punished since it is clearly not consented. This is what Islam mandates. If you mean some Muslims don’t obey this, yeah you’re right some Muslims don’t follow this Islamic ruling and do whatever they want and sometimes get away with it and many times don’t.You’d probably have to actually live in a Muslim country to see how Muslims actually live and the punishments perpetrators get since thats usually missed by the media.

  85. Right. And if you don’t like it, then you don’t live there. Each country has their own rules and laws. How would you like it if another country invaded America because they don’t like how the white American elites are mistreating and discriminating against the minority Americans who pay the majority of the taxes that carries these lazy rich people who cannot even lift a pinky to wash a shirt?

  86. Islam does not support abortion and in most cases, it is not permissable unless the mother’s health is at risk. In other cases, it is not permissable. If that is considered anti-abortion(or even if it’s not), there are plenty of people from all faiths and walks of life who are “anti-abortion,” such as Catholics. If you even look at gallup polls, as recent as last May, you’ll see about 50% of those polls supported abortion only under certain circumstances (probably mother’s health etc) and the other half was split between pro-life and pro-choice.

    If you google pictures of anti-abortion marches, how many of them are Muslim led?It’s not fair to say who is Muslim or not just by their pictures because despite what you may think, Islam is all for multi-culturalism. It’s why you can find Muslims (born/converts) throughout different parts of the world. Just look up a pilgrimage video and you’d see Blacks,whites, Arabs, Koreans, South East Asians standing next to each other side by…

  87. A part from Saudi Arabia there isn’t a single Muslim dominated country that forbids driving and I can assure you there are countries with far greater Muslim populations that Saudi Arabia.

    Muslim women can vote and there have been/are Muslim women who served as the presidents/prime ministers of Muslim dominated countries. The only areas where voting is limited or restricted are in very tribal areas where societal (and traditional) views surpasses everything including religion, culture, and what the people themselves want . Those people do may not allow voting for women or for either gender or may only decide on what to follow/prohibit solely because it’s what their families have been doing for decades and not because of religious/political motivation.

  88. Saying Muslims are allowed to beat their wives to death and Islam is pro-death that’s like saying every American cop is allowed to beat every Black kid or homeless man to death.No, a murder is a murder and there are tons of verses(just check out Surah- An Nisa 4:93) and sayings of the prophet state the punishment for murdering (an innocent person) is hell. I don’t know how seriously you take Hell but for the practicing Muslim (who are the true representations of Muslims), saying it is their greatest fear is an understatement. Every case that involves stoning or any other form of death penalty also requires testimonies and eyewitnesses and the cases to be confirmed before proceeding so no despite the disgusting behaviors of some groups (who are hated by Muslims as well), murdering sprees are not condoned in Islam at all.

  89. Islam is opposed to homosexuality and firmly believes marriage is between man and woman but once again that still goes back to personal preferences and a belief shared by all of the main faiths. Just as people may be opposed to/supportive of abortion due to religious/familial/personal views, in the same way they may also be opposed/supportive of homosexuality regardless of if they are Muslim,Christian,Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or someone who does not even believe in religion.

    Feel free to check or AnsweringChristianity for any rulings I missed:

  90. The stunt backfired because it wasn’t right what they did. Glad to see that most American were not stupid enough to fall for that crap. How you going to say you are American and serve in the government of the people for the people and not follow the rules. The bible is true. Don’t dig a ditch for others you maybe the one who fall in it. Ps 7:15 They dig a pit to trap others and then fall into it themselves.

  91. Lastly, I only wrote out all of the replies because it is important to distinguish people who actually practice Islam ( follow the guidance found in the Qu’ran, the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him and the knowledge of current/past scholars who have studied Islam in depth) versus isolated or even common incidents that occur in Muslim dominated (or non-dominated) countries by so called Muslims.

    I genuinely mean this, it would be great if everyone actually properly interact with Muslims, read a translation of the Qu’ran (not just try to pick apart one verse)/or did research for any questions they had regarding any Islamic ruling or anything related to Islam because often the media or a few groups of so called Muslims completely distort the message.

  92. Or even the way Ethipian Jews are treated in Israel. I remember reading an article from last year about some of the birth control Ethiopioan Jewish women were forced to take and the videos of the Ethiopians being attacked despite being Jewish ..So much for being “the only democratic [ and “non-racist”] ” country in the Middle East.

  93. Netanyahu is a dangerous psychopath and ALL the Congressional Benedict Arnolds who attended have proven to be fascist, anti-American TRAITORS and it is time THE PEOPLE treated them as such.

  94. Sorry, you’re wrong. Fox did air it. I watched the whole thing. It was a great speech. Too bad the others were so afraid to let people know what’s going on in this country.

  95. While cable news covered the speech Tuesday morning by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a joint session of Congress, the broadcast networks stuck with their regular daytime programming, and shifted news coverage to websites or cable.

    In New York, ABC viewers saw “The View,” CBS viewers saw “The Price is Right” and NBC viewers got “Access Hollywood.”

    CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Al Jazeera America all took the Netanyahu speech live, as did CBS News’ streaming service CBSN. ABC News streamed the speech as well.

  96. Faux Snooze aired it. Some Fox affiliates may have aired it too but my Red state Fox affiliate DID NOT broadcast it, that would have cost them too much advertising revenue. Subsidizing Netanyahu’s re-election bid is not more important to local Fox affiliates than the bottom line.

  97. Yeah, but that did not matter to Netanyahu at all. What he saw, was an opportunity. You may argue it’s about his upcoming election, but you got to admit, everyone knows Netanyahu has been obsessed with Iran ever since he was seated in office. His words and concerns are genuine. You can say many things about Netanyahu, but he is not stupid. Even prior to when he was elected he was right on in predicting the outcomes of certain (Israeli) strategics. Beyond the “Nothing New” rhetoric, lies a simple little truth that some Americans could find challenging to confront or comprehend.
    This speech opened the door for public discussion because it allowed ‘content’ in.

    In our days, content is unpopular, but it is also harder to ignore when one is “forced” into it . I personally think the WH and its supporters are not too happy about that.

    Maybe it did not pan out as Boehner may have visioned, but nonetheless, it might work out for him just as well after all.

  98. You can say that, because you do not understand the ME. But that does not make you right. Both Egypt and Jordan object Iran having nuclear. Both are as worried, and both have a good reason to. Since when exactly muslims’ terror considrer other muslims?

    Finally, it’s about power. No one wants to mess with a nuclear country (See: N.Korea).

  99. What about the CONTENT of the speech? The list of Islamic extremists’ actions since 1979 killing Americans on ships in army barracks, in office buildings etc is incontrovertible. The “Deal” with Iran is too good to share apparently. Do you
    WANT Israel to be destroyed by an atom bomb? America is next we are told over and over. If ideas different from ours cannot be considered, we have already lost our freedom.

  100. Netanyahu Just Did Obama a Big Favor

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did President Obama an enormous favor Tuesday. Given the opportunity, on perhaps the world’s biggest political stage, to articulate the best possible case against the nuclear deal currently being negotiated with Iran, Netanyahu came up empty. He whiffed. His shot sailed so wide of the rim that it went up into the bleachers and struck a small child in the face.
    Read More

  101. Within all the rhetoric, the only thing to be determined is that Netanyahu is trying to once again manipulate America to continue serving his best interest. Iran is anti Israel, so he wants no agreements made with Iran and for America to go to war with Iran. He used the Congress like a puppet for his own “State of the Union Address”. The naïve Republicans didn’t realize that they were only welcoming the Wolf into the Hen House. They allowed him to address the issue of America should be at war with Iran and not in trying to work out any agreement involving Nuclear Armament. He used the heck out of the Republicans and made them look like idiots in the end.

  102. Who are they going to invite next to address Congress and try to score political points?

    Who in the GOP thinks this stuff up? Why would they think anyone would go along with willingly trying to embarrass Our President? I don’t care who is in the Office you have to respect the position.

    I bet Vladimir Putin would like an invite from Boehner also to lecture our President.

  103. Maybe the more Fundamentalist Christian TP/GOP Representatives and Senators should convert to Zionism, become God’s chosen people, move to Israel where church and state are not noticeably separate, and have the ability to vote for their political hero(s). Their personal forum ideals would be realized and maybe our country’s legislative bodies would again work.
    However, Israel has a compulsory health care system (rated 4th in efficiency in the world under the National Health Insurance Law . . . .

  104. Dear Mr. Speaker,

    I am sorry and sad that you are the House Speaker!
    I am appalled of the conduct of the House toward Mr Netanyahu and all indications are that you loved every minute of it and took no actions to bring civility to the session!!!!!!

    He blasted the President and all the Republican cheered him on, as if the President is a criminal!

    What was criminal was the actions of the Republicans.
    It will be a long time before I consider voting for any Republican again!!

    Sincerely, Jim Breen

  105. It was lies on top of lies on top of scare tactics. This is the “leadership” we had under Bush – Remember the “what color fear flag should we fly today” era? We don’t need to go back to this.

  106. He doesn’t mind taking millions of dollars from American tax payers to support his rogue state, but then comes to the United States to undermine the President. This is one truly evil man.

  107. The Speaker of the House openly violated the so-called Logan Act that was signed into law and enacted in 1799 by President John Adams and codified in 18 U.S. Code § 953. The Code addresses precisely what Speaker of the House John A. Boehner did in conspiring with Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress to defeat the measures of the United States in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States.
    The Logan Act prohibits any “Private correspondence with foreign governments” and reads; “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall b…

  108. March 3rd,2015 The DAY of SHAME
    On this day the republicans brought an outsider into AMERICA’S HOUSE to fight their FAMILY fight for them . Boehner brought a foreigner into AMERICA’S HOUSE to argue a FAMILY dispute. The republicans brought an alien presence into AMERICA’S HOUSE to tamper in FAMILY policies. Those were not “standing ovations” …. they were yellow-bellied-groveling In front of the entire World the republican party groveled to an alien politician, in their desperate, failed, attempt to publicly shame the President of the United States. The republicans SHAMED America and destroyed what patheticly tiny scrap of honor congress had left.

  109. How about when the Israelis attacked the American ship Cole & killed Americans? Guess you stood up & cheered that too didn’t you?

    The GOPTP also love Putin, and would cheer just as loudly for him as they did for Bibi.

    Can you explain your parties love for foreign leaders? I think it’s time for you to move to those countries so you can really be happy. Can you say Anti-American CONS? That’s exactly what they are.

  110. Now that’s not true. and evidently you did not watch the speech. But regardless, Netanyahu never meant to make it a partisan issue because for his it’s a bi-partisan issue. This is the product of the media infused by few offended democrats, who think being offended carries more weight than a Nuclear bomb.

    Obama said in 2010 and I quote (public information you can look up yourself): ” Israel will always have our backs”. Obama in the 2012 AIPAC:
    “No Israeli government can agree to the existence of nuclear weapon in the hands of a regime that openly threatens to annihilate it” he said,
    and added “a nuclear Iran is in defiance with American interests”. If Iran was in Mexico. Would you say the same thing?

    So now he wants Iran to have it and to manage it for 10 years? Why would the “greatest friend” allows for his ally to be under such threat?

    That’s the point of the speech. Its about america and it’s about Israel. Not partsian. Watch it, it’s pretty flawless.

  111. Only the ones with guts and were smart listed to the PM speech on fox news. Just to know from their own ears what was really said (and) not what they were told to believe. Take this anyway you want.

  112. Take this anyway you want.
    I take it that you are illiterate and cant read the transcript and was mesmerize by the constant ballwashing that you really don’t know what the war mongerer said

  113. I watched the entire speech on FOX, and there was plenty of commentary following it. I am so disappointed that the rest of the stations chose not to carry it, or to even make mention of it. I thought the news was the news and not subject to partisan politics.

  114. Israel has nuclear weapons now, so why is Israel so afraid of Iran. I say let Israel stand on there own two feet, they don’t need us and I for one am sick of sending money to them when he gives our POTUS the middle finger.

  115. Fox News did air the speech. I watched it, recorded it and watched it again with my children as I want them to know what a strong leader looks like and sounds like.

  116. So you are raising your children to be fifth columnist? Traitor I hope you got your flight booked on EL AL they could use more cannon fodder

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