Bernie Sanders Demands War Tax On Millionaires To Pay For GOP Military Spending Increase


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is demanding that Republicans pay for their proposed $96 billion increase in military spending with a tax increase on millionaires.

In a statement, Sanders said:

Republicans have been telling us for years that because of high deficits we have to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, nutrition and virtually every program that benefits working families. On the other hand, their concerns about deficits seem to disappear when it comes to war and defense spending. The Republicans took us into protracted wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – and ran up our national debt by trillions because they chose not to pay for those wars. Instead, they put the cost of those wars on our national credit card. Yesterday, Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee voted for an increase of $38 billion in defense spending – all added to the deficit.

The Republican Party is going to have to end their hypocrisy with regard to deficits and the national debt. They are going to have to be honest with the American people. Wars are enormously expensive, not only in terms of human life and suffering, but in terms of the budget. If the Republicans want another war in the Mideast, they are going to have to tell the American people how much it will cost them and how it will be paid for. This is an issue that I and others intend to raise forcefully during this week’s debate on the Senate floor. I strongly expect that there will be amendments demanding that Republicans tell us how they will pay for another war.

Sen. Sanders isn’t just demanding the war tax. He is going to force Republicans to vote on it by proposing a war tax amendment. The way the Vermont senator has handled the Republican budget is the exact reason why Harry Reid gave him the top Democratic seat on the Senate Budget Committee. Bernie Sanders has waged a tireless battle against the Republican budget all week long. After Republican war hawks, led by Lindsey Graham, threatened to blow up the budget over military funding cuts, Republicans caved, but now they are going to have to deal with Sen. Sanders pointing out their hypocrisy at every turn.

If Republicans want their $96 billion, they are going to have to pay for it. Sen. Sanders was correct. Republicans claim that every single social program that benefits middle-class Americans and their children must be cut, but they were able to find $96 billion under the congressional couch cushions to make war hawks like Lindsey Graham happy.

Bernie Sanders is holding Republicans accountable to what they claim their principles are. Republicans are demanding that spending be paid for, and excess military spending should be no different. Republicans aren’t going to be allowed to throw more war spending on the nation’s credit card.

The message is clear. If Republicans want a new war, their beloved millionaire “job creators” are going to have to pay for it.

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  1. The final takeover has arrived by the billionaire Koch brothers. In less than 5 minutes of my TV bring on, 2 Koch commercials have ran, touting they are responsible for job creation!!!! Let the brainwashing begin!!!
    Interesting how they market their takeover. Our economy is good, let’s take credit! Keep the dems message from getting out, by creating false scandals keeping the dems on the defense!!!!
    Dems better get on top of this!!!!!

  2. In addition to the GOP paying for war, make their offspring serve in the war first and foremost, before anyone else.

  3. I see Bernie has been reading this site. But to shut this war talk down I say tax every income over 10 million at a 90% rate. Hey if it was good enough for the greatest generation fighting for civilization and militant Islam is suppose our greatest threat then pony up for America and her children

  4. Prioritize the draft too. Kids of republicans and the ultra wealthy go first are the ones who are on the front lines. Make the draftees of democratic, and middle class famlies NCO and officers.

  5. 90% of their gross income is letting them ofdf too easy. Tax them at 150% of their net worth instead starting off with the Koch family.

  6. Thank you Bernie Sanders for a voice of reasoning! Time to cut funding to Israel to fund their wars too!

    Don’t know what is going on, but it keeps saying this is a duplicate post. Have not posted before! ?????????????????

  7. Its not like they can’t afford it; Also quit with the entitlement Bull shit ; another thing is we should have a draft before going into another war;also Sending Money to that warmonger Yahu has to stop.

  8. if the neocon fascists want another unpaid for war, maybe two, they need to reinstate the draft. then we’ll see if the spamericants have the stomach for russia and iran in their face. the MIC and the corporate fascist media are on the war path and seeking another conflagration. lets see you kiddies get your draft card, and then called up like a good little soldier….

  9. We don’t need a draft. We should be thinking about how to shrink the armed forces down by closing all those bases around the world, and in the states. They are not needed. Take all that money and give it back to the people that need it most, Us!

  10. No wonder America is becoming the shit hole of the world, Conservatives literally destroying the lower class and creating the largest income inequality and federal deficit. 9/11 was literally an inside job (nano-thermite case going to court in the Supreme Danish Courts) to go to war with no established relation on document and that falls on Bush, and Reagan literally made the tyrants of Wall Street of today, like literally left and right they just shit on humanity. There needs to be a purge. Oh and to top it all off Obama-hating with no facts and arguments that drive around in circles with no facts, ignorance and stupidity really goes to show how racist, bigoted, and hateful the right wing really is.

  11. Here is a thought… instead of trying to get creative on ways to collect more money for war… how about we just stop being war mongers…

  12. You have a great point but as long as the 1% can make money from it then we are just cannon fodder. Now if you take away what they value most, their money then the village would be singing a different tune

  13. I agree with the “war tax” to cover the financial expenses but how are they going to pay for the loss of life and limb?

  14. Up the life insurance for military who are on active duty, as well as support for wounded veterans and their families. Make those items part of the cost of war.

  15. Well, If you are hitting the big, greedy buttheads with a War tax…why not ADD a ‘Veterans Care/Veterans Welfare’ Tax/Fund to the mix to make sure the vets are taken CARE of?

    Hammer the MIC AND the rich chickenhawk warmongers with BOTH taxes, and they’ll have MORE of an incentive to change their ways…and NOT like war QUITE so much, since it’s draining THEM dry financially. :)

  16. Why is it when I tap on the ‘like’ button I get this little miniscule share menu whose entries are so small that I cannot selectively tap on one of them?
    And, why would I want to share something so trival anyway? With whom, may I ask?
    This whole sharing phenomenon has gone beyond ridiculous, or maybe I am just way out of step with the times.

  17. ok you raise taxes on the top one percent of the people. They are usually the ones who give the jobs to everyone else. goods and services will go up there will be layoffs to make up the difference. Doing this just hurts the other 99 percent. few people take bernie sanders seriously. unless they are the far left in the country. actually I don’t think bernie sanders is serious about this. It is all about publicity.

  18. Since all the oil in Iraq is being sold to the Red Chinese, and millions of American middle class jobs have been moved to Red China to help their economy boom, and ours to decline, then Red China should use their troops, and their wealth to fight ISIS, not the USA. Maybe Red China could pay the 96 billion to our military so we could do the job for them. Another thought, Red China loans the USA billions in loans to offset our huge debt. Maybe they could just write off the loans as a trade for oil from Iraq after we wipe out ISIS. Follow the wealth (money), and you can understand all politics on this planet.

  19. I agree 100%,start off with the KochMonsters & make them pay since they are trying to buy America & their dynasty has doubled since Obama took office. Now they are running bogus advertisements all over America..They need to be sent to he// to fill their reserved places.

  20. Why do they need more money. Clear back in 2013 the budget for discretionary military spending was already 57% of the whole budget. SNAP and other forms of social programs was only 2.2%. What does that tell you about their priorities. I would say Republicans are war mongers. Just my opinion thought and I’m a registered Republican that does not identify with the politicians now identifying themselves as such.

  21. Again I have to say get your numbers straight. The military budget is 16% of total budget. 57% of discretionary spending.
    This year our budget is $3.97t of that $637b went to the military.
    By the way I too am a republican that’s disgusted with the GOP.

  22. Sounds like a good start! Pattern it after what Warren Buffet did, he gave 90% of his wealth to charity. So let’s Tax (take) 90% of existing wealth for anyone with a net worth of 1Billion or more, and tax any additional money they make at the same rate, no matter where they try to stash it. People making from $250Million on up, take half, and tax additional income at the same 90%. I bet we could afford infrastructure improvements (producing <1% unemployment) and healthcare and higher education for everyone, and probably wouldn't need to even reduce the ridiculously huge military budget. But we should.

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