President Obama Sends A Strong Signal That He Will Veto The Republican Budget


House Republicans saw their budget dreams go up in smoke as President Obama is already signaling that he will veto the unpopular, but freshly passed House budget.

In a statement the White House said:

Budgets are about priorities. This evening the House Republicans made clear that once again their priority is to cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires and return our economy to the same top-down economics that has failed the American people before. House Republicans voted in favor of locking in draconian sequestration cuts to investments in the middle class like education, job training, and manufacturing. House Republicans also failed to responsibly fund our national security, opting instead for budget gimmicks.

The Republican priorities stand in stark contrast to the President’s plan to reverse sequestration and bring middle-class economics into the 21st Century. Through critical investments needed to accelerate and sustain economic growth in the long run, including in research, education, training, and infrastructure, the President’s Budget shows what we can do if we invest in America’s future and commit to an economy that rewards hard work, generates rising incomes, and allows everyone to share in the prosperity of a growing America.

The President has been clear that he will not accept a budget that locks in sequestration or one that increases funding for our national security without providing matching increases in funding for our economic security. The Administration will continue to abide by these principles moving forward.

The budget showdown between President Obama and Congressional Republicans could be the most significant budget battle since then President Bill Clinton vetoed the Republican budget in 1995. At the time of his veto, Clinton said, “With this veto, the extreme Republican effort to balance the budget through wrongheaded cuts and misplaced priorities is over. Now it’s up to all of us to go back to work together to show we can balance the budget and be true to our values and our economic interests.”

Both President Clinton and President Obama mentioned priorities for a reason. The budget is never about dollars. Budgets are about ideology and priorities. The 2015 Republicans are repeating the behavior of the 1995 Republicans. They are trying to use the budgetary process to force their ideology on a Democratic president. The stage is being set for an epic budget throwdown the likes of which the country has seen in almost two decades.

President Obama message to Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell is clear. If the Republicans want a budget fight, they’ve got it.

18 Replies to “President Obama Sends A Strong Signal That He Will Veto The Republican Budget”

  1. Why do Republicans hate me? I worked and paid taxes for 49 years. I served in the Army for almost three years (two tours in VN) 66-68. What did I do to them that they now want to cut my Social Security? What did I do to them that makes them want to deny me healthcare? Why do they insist that I must accept theirs as the one true religion? I guess I should be grateful that I am a white male and therefore immune to their profiling and persecution although beating the elderly cannot be too far in the future based on their current path of hate and overt discrimination.

  2. Someone is still going to have to explain to me, slowly and with graphs, why any intelligent, informed, compassionate American would vote for the f’ing GOP?

  3. Well, they went and done it. They pissed off this great grannie! You do your thing, Mr. President! Veto their freakin’ bill. We have your back as you have ours!

  4. They still push the same old budget for the rich and corporations and act insulted when people who are actually looking out for America’s interests tell them no. Veto it Mr. President. Senate Democrats and Independents will have your back on this one. If the Republicans cause a shutdown as a result, the American people will have your back as well. Proceed Republicans. This went well for you in 1995 didn’t it. Oh, that’s right, you have a little trouble with remembering history.

  5. I would send a strong signal too! And President Obama should indeed veto this dangerous budget, a GOP budget designed to fossilize a rapidly-deteriorating infrastructure in the USA. It’s time to SPEND to re-build America’s highways, rail lines, water and pipe lines, air traffic control, hospitals, schools, and so much more. And by the way, this would create MILLIONS of new jobs and provide income to millions more, who would then pay TAXES back to the federal government (and state and local governments too). Let’s get the USA moving once again!

  6. Sorry to say Billy, you did your duty to Country but now considered unimportant to the RethugliCons/Teabaggies. You’re not rich and influential so you’ve been consigned to the dung heap like the rest of the masses.
    Stand tall and hang in there.

  7. Perhaps we could get America to invade America? That way we could use the Metastasized Military Budget on our Infrastructure.

  8. What is WRONG with the Republicans! ??? Why is their thinking so toxic? Nothing they stand for seem to catch on with the majority of Americans (including some Republicans who don’t disagree with the base openly). Openly hostile to new ideas or progressive plans. Their whole goal seems to be one that lines their pockets and those of the 1% (tired cliché)but seems to be true.

  9. I suggest you call the gop and ask them. I don’t understand it either.

    They claim they support our troops but I expect they are hoping our troops will be killed in battle. Then they don’t have to deal with them when they are injured or reach retirement age. But we the Liberals will fight for your rights.

    Thank you for your service, Billy. I lost my cousin in V.N. six days before he was due to leave V.N. for home. It’s still heartbreaking.

  10. From on Great-grannie to another, Brava! I’m pissed off too and I let my President know that I’ve got his back too.

    I also keep passing on to others to give someone a ride to register to vote at City Hall, and on Election day to give someone a ride to the polls. Not all of them are within walking distance from home.

    I even called my senators and the White House with this suggestion last year. I hope this time they will suggest this to the American people.

  11. It happened after LBJ signed the VRA (before the fascist five tampered with it). The Dixiecrats then switched to the Republican Party took it over, and stunk it up.

    Ironic that they did the same thing when Lincoln passed anti slavery. The Southern Republicans became Democrats and stunk up that party for a hundred years.

    Anyone else see a pattern in this?

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