America’s Skyrocketing Debt: Real Problem, or Just A Republican Excuse to Oppose Everything?

Over the course of 2020, the federal government spent a massive amount trying to deal with the economic fallout of the pandemic. Republicans and Democrats agreed that in the face of crisis, America needed to put the fire out first, worry about all the water they were using later. But in 2021, people are beginning to worry about these giant costs, especially coming on top of the existing federal debt. Republicans say it’s a looming problem, Democrats say that’s just an excuse to oppose progressive priorities. So who’s right? Or do they maybe both have a point? Manhattan Institute budget expert Brian Riedl explains in this edited transcript. read more

It’s a Trap! Is Using Reconciliation to Pass the Dem Agenda a Giant Mistake?

The Senate is about to use a trick called “reconciliation” to pass Joe Biden’s Covid relief bill.  Many Democrats want to go further and use this arcane rule to pass all kinds of policies that would never otherwise make it through – a rise in the minimum wage, climate policies, infrastructure, etc. But Tori Gorman, a budget expert at the Concord Coalition, says that might be a big mistake. read more

Republicans In Chaos As Failed Speaker Paul Ryan Can’t Get Conservatives To Pass Budget

It turns out that Ryan is also failing, and failing big time, when it comes to even the smallest of efforts to pass a budget and restore some semblance of an image that the House is doing its job. After weeks of delay, with a looming April 15 deadline, Ryan is looking at a fractured House hijacked by extremists who are dismantling the normal course of business yet again.