Hillary Clinton Slams Arkansas Religious Freedom Bill Saying It Would Permit Discrimination


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Just minutes before Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) announced that he would sign the Arkansas RFRA bill that restricts liberty for certain Americans but only if changes were made to it to reflect the national law, former Secretary of State and presumed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton urged Hutchinson to veto the bill. The bill is similar to the Indiana “religious freedom” excuse for discrimination law.

Secretary Clinton tweeted, “Like IN law, AR bill goes beyond protecting religion, would permit unfair discrimination against #LGBT Americans. I urge Governor to veto.”


The Arkansas legislature passed a bill on Tuesday that is similar to the infamous Indiana law, which supporters (and of course the press) call “religious freedom” laws. These bills have less to do with religious freedom than they do with feeding red meat to the GOP base by denying freedom to those the base disagrees with, while emboldening corporations with more “freedoms”.

Ironically, Arkansas’s largest corporation is Walmart, and Chief Executive Doug McMillon came out against this bill. Walmart has learned some hard lessons about public relations in recent years – lessons elected Republicans seem largely unable to grasp. In a statement, McMillon said, “[Tuesday’s] passage of HB1228 threatens to undermine the spirit of inclusion present throughout the state of Arkansas and does not reflect the values we proudly uphold. For these reasons, we are asking Governor Hutchinson to veto this legislation.”

This isn’t Hillary Clinton’s first go at coming out hard against the discrimination contained within these liberty-killing laws/bills. On March 27th, she tweeted:

With many of the Republican 2016 candidates so far supporting the Indiana version of giving liberty to discriminate against others under the guise of religion and most of the public disagreeing, Hillary Clinton just fired an easy missile into the foolishness that is the modern day GOP circus. This is a losing issue, so naturally the majority of the Republicans will be or have been forced by their base into backing it.

This is what happens when people are allowed to believe that letting other people have liberty to do things they don’t agree with is somehow an infringement on their rights.

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  1. After seeing the backlash from Indiana’s passage of their discrimination law, if Arkansas jumps off the same cliff, they will deserve everything they reap out of it. Do they actually believe that if they pass their bill, they, unlike Indiana, won’t face massive boycotts?

  2. Hey there, public pressure can work on even the Republican governor of Arkansas. Or maybe it’s the Walmart pressure that worked. In any case, Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced late Wednesday morning that he will not sign the license-to-discriminate bill passed by his state’s legislature. Instead, he called on the legislature to change the bill before sending it back for his signature.

    “I’ve asked them to recall it and change the language,” Hutchinson said at a news conference, a day after Arkansas legislators approved the measure; attempts during the legislative process to bar discrimination against gays and lesbians failed.

  3. If these religious nuts want to write our laws, then they need to start paying taxes to fund these stupid laws. If not, they need to pay for these religious beliefs from their church collection plates to get their beliefs laws of the land. Time to tax these churches! And vote these nuts out of office.

  4. All we need- is for a non-christian religious entity to use the self same “law” to discriminate again Christians, and you’ll see a fire lit under the asses of the Republican Controlled Legislature(s).

  5. Damn straight. If they want to mix politics and religion, they can pay to play just like everybody else.

  6. I agree with a previous poster. Since Religion is creeping(or bowling over) Equal rights for all. They should no longer have tax exempt status.

    They collect every week tithes from their church members. LET them live by God’s blessings a stay out of politics. What ever happened to the “little church in the wild-woods”. Look at the present churches in the USA HUGH GLASS EDIFICES, HUGH CATHEDRALS, and HUGH TEMPLES. Seems to me they have way to much money already. Use out tax dollars to feed, house and render medical aid to the poor.

    Religion in the US has become a mockery to the world at best, and hypocritical at worst that we are no better than other radical religious beliefs.

  7. Time for some Reasoning sessions in Indiana. Lively up yourselves, people. Indiana isn’t interfering with your free practice of religion anymore.

  8. Let “Ellen” Gowdy poke around her email server in search
    of benghazi dirt until his fifteen minutes of notice are over. Hillary’s coming for these pseudo-public servants
    and all their stonewalling tactics can’t prevent it. The ob-
    vious lipstick on their RFL pigs just makes it easier for her.

  9. Indiana’s and other States’ So-called “Religious Freedom” laws are scams to elevate some religious views over that of others. “Religious Freedom” laws are contrary to the Constitution and the values and intent of our nation’s founders. At no time did our founders intend that religious rights should ever preempt civil rights, yet that is exactly what these “Religious Freedom” laws do. These laws in effect, establish a theocracy.

    It is the duty of the federal government to step in when citizens’ civil rights are violated by State laws. That is not an “overreach.” It is a legitimate exercise of power to protect the liberties of all citizens.

    Pence’s “fix” still leaves the door open for Indiana businesses to discriminate against other religious groups whether Muslims or Wiccans. Outright repeal of this law is the only acceptable alternative. The other recourse is for the judiciary to rule the law unconstitutional. This “fix” amounts to an attack on …

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