Boehner Alienates WW II Vets By Inviting Japan’s PM To Speak on Emperor’s Birthday

Boehner alienates WW II vets

Leave it to Speaker of the House John Boehner to alienate World War II vets by inviting the Prime Minister of Japan  to speak before a joint session of Congress on April 29.  That just happens to be Showa Day also known as Hirohito’s birthday.  Aside from alienating World War II vets, Boehner provoked the wrath of usual friends like The Washington Times and Newsmax.  Not bad for a single invitation.

In a statement announcing the invitation, Boehner said:

Abe’s “address will provide an opportunity for the American people to hear from one of our closest allies about ways we can expand our cooperation on economic and security priorities,” Boehner said in a statement. “That, of course, includes working together to open markets and encourage more economic growth through free trade.”

The issue here is not who was invited, but like part of the problem with his invitation to Benjamin Netanyahu, the timing is really bad. In this case, Boehner shows a total disregard for what April 29th symbolizes to World War II vets.

As Jan Thompson, president of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor Memorial Society explains :

For many World War II veterans who suffered through torture and imprisonment in Japanese detention camps, “the wounds are still healing — and some may never heal.

Thompson goes on to spell out the significance of April 29th to WW II vets who were POW’s in Hirohito’s Japan and who are members of her organization.

The members of our organization are fully aware of the significance of the date chosen for Prime Minister Abe‘s address. The POWs [70 years ago] all had to bow in the prison camps to honor the emperor on that date,

Aside from being the date of Hirohit’s birthday, April 29th is significant because the Allied International Military Tribunal for the Far East convicted  Hideka Tojo, Japans Prime Minister in WW II and other Hirohito government officials for war crimes and sentenced them to death.

Still, loving the troops and Republicans say they do would mean recognizing that perhaps its a bad idea to ask the PM of Japan to speak on a day that continues to haunt surviving World War II vets.

According to the Washington Times, Congress doesn’t want to discuss if it Boehner even bothered to consult with surviving World War II vets or surviving family members.  If he did, evidently he didn’t care about the effect of the loaded symbolism that comes with the timing of this invitation.

Comparatively, it makes his invitation to Netanyahu look like the height of sensitivity, even though that invitation alienated a majority of Americans and Israelis.

Is there anyone John Boehner and company hasn’t offended? If so, it’s probably a matter of time before they do because in Republican world being sensitive to people has become so Democrat.

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  1. I would say that not all WW2 Veterans will be upset but those who survived the Pacific theater will have issues with this. Of course a different date would have been more respectful but we all know that Boehner and the Republicans have no respect for anyone but the imbecilic right wing. Mor proof of the right wing mantra when it comes to our nations defenders, “Use em’ and lose em’!!

  2. Oh, and by the way. Some of the WW2 Vet’s will not be insulted. Those are the Reich Wingers who would believe or probably DO believe that Obama is responsible for starting WW2 or that Obama is responsible for their deaths some how today as a result of Republicans taking away funding for Veterans.

  3. Who gave Boehner to make high-level invites to our country? He needs to be indicted on conspiracy charges immediately before he totally sells America out to to the god he bows and services on his knees, the Koch Congress(brothers). Clearly he has an interest in starting war… possibly defense contracting company like Cheney/Halliburton. Weve been down that road called CORRUPTION.

  4. Boehner will do any job except the one he was elected to.

    The GOPOS need to read their job descriptions. And the constitution.

  5. While it was an extremely bad choice of dates, I have a few questions of my own.

    Why does Boehner think he has to invite foreign leaders of state to come here and school us, the American people, on how we should conduct OUR business. Did Boehner inform or advise the President of his invitation to the Prime Minister, or was this another go-behind-the-back invitation? Is this another push for TTP? How much money does he have in this agreement?

    Personally I’m pretty sick of Boehner acting as if HE were President instead of our legally elected President.

  6. FIX FUKUSHIMA !! FIX FUKUSHIMA !! 400 tons of radioactive waste water leaks from FUKUSHIMA into the Pacific Ocean EVERY SINGLE FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS…10,000 dead sea lions wash up on California beaches…The very last thing we should be doing is cozying up even more to what is now the world’s worst radioactive disaster we may EVER live to see. BONER GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS.

  7. What’s behind Boehner’s actions? We all know everything he ( they) do is political. What’s he hoping to accomplish? Really?

  8. that’s what he gets for trying to conduct foreign policy which he knows nothing about! The dummy should have ask the state dept. for protocols when inviting foreign leader and l’M sure they would have advised against 4-29

  9. Everything is Obama’s fault he even said so. Obama was eating cookies & milk & tried to dunk the cookie but it was too big for the glass & Obama said, “Thanks Obama.”. Obama finally accepts responsibility for every problem being his fault, lol!

    Boehner’s alcohol soaked brain is containing to show how unhinged he is & how unmanageable his life has become. It’s really sad, the man needs help & he’s not helping his party. Still, they deserve everything they get.

  10. Reminds me of Irving Zisman in Bad Grandpa- “Just tell them your grandpa is old and doesn’t know what he’s doing” Boner to a T

  11. Boehner does not care for anyone but himself. He thinks by having Abe and Netanyahu speak to congress makes him look good. It doesn’t it shows what a disrespectful thing he is.

  12. I don’t blame obama for anything other than saying 6 years ago to campaign followers that amnesty was bad for America and he was against it. now he bluffs congress even when the majority of polls i saw showed the majority of Americans were and are against it but now paying tax dollars for it when we have enough homelessness and hunger in America. I also blame him and the dems for deceiving other members of congress about ACA when even pelosi said on the news that we need to pass it in order to see what all in it. polls also showed that the majority of Americans were and are against it but now are stuck with the bill. The majority of Americans polled are in favor of keystone but obama has heard from those who voted in Nov as well as those who didn’t vote. So he vetoed it. America is bankrupt yet we give money to the UN and other countries even those who hate us, and that money is needed in America. They elected officials do not vote as the voters wish they only vote their own agen…

  13. Alejandro: You have posted this same nonsensical comment on several articles.

    Still make no sense.

    Were you home schooled or perhaps attended the Oral Roberts or Pat Robertson college (????)?

  14. “I don’t blame obama for anything other….” than everything he has done in the last seven years. If Obama did it, it was wrong.

    Typical Faux Noise watcher and Breitbart reader.

  15. You should read bills before southeast off. 1. Obama’s immigration plan does NOT offer AMNESTY! Got that? Also, polls show majority want immigration reform Got it? 2. Millions of people now have “Obama care”, and want to keep it. They have been demonstrating in front of the Supreme Court demanding the Court not to gut it. 3. People were lied to big time about the jobs Keystone-XL was supposed to create. Nebraska Has two lawsuits to block it, and the Indian Nations say they will consider it an act of was if anyone tries to cross their land. Keystone-XL is extremely dangerous. You might want to read up on why Victoria Province wouldn’t let the Keystone-XL on their land.

    I’ll pass on the rest of your rant about things that were in place waaaay before Obama’s time.

  16. To Alejandro:


    You, sir, write unintelligible gibberish. Why on earth would any human being want to display his own stupidity to the rest of the world is beyond my ability to comprehend.

    Please, educate yourself before you point at yourself while screaming “I’M AN UTTER FOOL!”

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