Rand Paul Launches His 2016 Presidential Campaign With A Big Lie About President Obama




Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) launched his 2016 presidential campaign with a big lie about President Obama that is so old that it was first debunked in 2012.

Paul declared, “I have a message. We’ve come to take our country back.” Paul said that the Washington machine that is “gobbling up our freedoms” must be stopped.

Sen. Paul stated that he has a vision for America that includes restoring prosperity to America by limiting government. Paul tried to channel the language of his daddy without sounding so crazy. He didn’t succeed.

One of Paul’s main themes is bringing a surgical approach to governing. Paul blamed the economic collapse on spending and debt, and blamed both parties and the entire political system.

Paul lied about President Obama’s record by claiming that President Obama has added more debt than all presidents combined. This talking point was debunked nearly four years ago by PoliFact, “In terms of both debt held by the public and total debt, the Obama administration has added less debt than the amounts in place when he took office.”

In fact, President Obama has cut the federal deficit by more than half.

The only piece of legislation that Sen. Paul discussed was his Read The Bills Act that would require Senators to read all of the bills that they would be voted on.

What was interesting about his speech was how Paul tried to walk the line between the establishment that he desperately wants to be a part of, and his father’s rhetoric. Paul’s agenda involved enterprise zones, lowering taxes on overseas corporations and spending the money on infrastructure.

The problem with Paul’s plan is that there is no incentive for corporations that are paying nothing to move their profits home and pay something.

Rand Paul’s “new way” sounded like the same old stuff. Paul is mixing standard Republican talking points like school choice with his dad’s liberty rhetoric.

Perpetually running for president is the Paul family business, and the worst kept secret for years has been that Rand is taking over for his old man.

It wasn’t his first lie, and it won’t be his last, but Rand Paul began his bid for the White House with a big Obama lie.

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  1. He himself does not have much faith in himself becoming president. As he had to get a special dispensation from Kentucky that he could still run for Senator if he looses the nomination for the general election.

  2. What do you expect from republicans? Honor? Integrity? Facts? Reality? Love of country? Patriotism?

    Republicans possess none of those qualities.

  3. Didn’t Cruz start out by lying too? It’s all they have. I was on some blog the other day and this guy kept insisting that ‘Obama’s debt’ was growing and growing, and none of us could convince him of the truth. They are so blinded by hate and greed that they buy every lie the GOP has told for the past seven years, and then blame liberals for ‘dividing the country.’ Um, no. That would be the GOP plan, thanks to old unelected lobbyist Grover and that traitorous pledge they signed in 2009. See, this crew didn’t become traitors when they signed the letter to Iraq; they have been traitors for many many years.

  4. Rand Paul is more of an image then a reality because that’s all he can be, and that image isn’t even that good.

  5. I don’t think he has that..the Constitution needs to be changed, and that is not happening…so we may get the best of both worlds: Rand not POTUS AND out of Congress.

  6. …welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! we’re so glad you could attend come inside come inside!! Right behind the glass we’ve got Rand Paul and he’s an ASS! Be careful as you pass! move along move along!…homage to ELP and the composition KarnEvil#9 on the Brain Salad Surgery album. What would one expect from one of the most delusional worthless politicians ever to draw breath!? Of course he started with a complete lie! And he will continue to lie and his ignorant followers will eat of the comedians dish promise crammed. And he will finish his miserable attempt to lead with more lies as well.

  7. Let’s see if he survives the questions about his education, the certifying board for his license, his flip-flops, libertarianism vs. conservatism, and what’s that on his head.

  8. Are you certain about this? The PoliFact article from 2012 referenced a point in time when debt was over 15 trillion. The national debt is now over 18 trillion.

  9. how come the party of personal responsibility needs an act of Congress to be forced to read each Bill?

    and how do you do that? sleep deprivation? water boarding? gun to the head?

    oh yeah… and what assurance do we have that the good ‘Dr’ Paul does it?

  10. Do they realize that they aren’t running against Obama? What they say about him won’t really matter.

  11. What part of paying for the Iraq war Medicare partd , and bush economic fiasco you people don’t understand?

  12. Paul said he wanted to pass a “read the bill” law.
    What may I ask has stopped him from reading any bill placed before him?
    seem to me, every thing he said he was going to do, has been proposed by the Obamas Presidency at least once.. What did Paul and the rethugs do? Killed any and all proposals. So Mr. (Dr) Paul. tell me what you really want to do to our country. BTW who is sponsoring you with large amts. of cash? We all know the Kochs have given millions 300,999,000 wasn’t it?
    There is no way I will ever, believe a thug has the betterment of the country at heart. Sorry Mr. (Dr) Paul, I am NOT buying it.

  13. That’s just it djchefron! President Cheney and his admin. never paid any of the debt back as he promised from the immense oil revenues. President Cheney just shoved the tab onto the Obama Admin. and claimed that Obama caused the entire debt BEFORE he became POTUS, and Steve and his ignorant ilk ate up the lie and now repeat it ad nauseum no matter how big a lie it is because that is all they have…LIES!! Grow Up Steve.

  14. We’ve once again entered into the land of ‘Binders full of ReThug BS’. The old ‘Etch-A-Sketch Zone’. Klown Kars have left the starting grid.

    Wish people would learn that what they spew when running for office is never what they plan to do. There is soooo much historical proof of this BS and we don’t even have to go that far back. In fact — just have to look at elections during Obama’s terms. ReThugs ran on jobs yet never voted for a bill that would truly create jobs. The House bills were BS and never moved.

    People should pay attention to fact the waste of taxpayer money on over 50 votes to kill ACA because they call it Obamacare & the hate for him is so high. The never ending obsession by ReThugs on ‘Lady Parts’, personhood, etc.

    I SHM at the what I call stupidity of so many that vote against their own needs/interests as they buy into the ReThug BS who use the same old promises every election and never have they followed through.

  15. YOU LIE! Rand Paul.

    WHY do they have to LIE? I’ll answer. They Lie because that’s the only tool in their tool box. And their base, not knowing the difference between lies and facts, believe them and are swayed. Call it mis-information propaganda for the sole purpose of fooling their likely voters into voting for them. Lying ba*tards. How can they win? Why do voters even vote for them? Only in America, only in America….;)

  16. *News Flash* to Rand Paul & the GOP, Obama isn’t running for president in 2016. And the US is in much better shape than it was when Obama took office thanks to Obama’s policies; no thanks to the GOP. They’ll be hard-pressed to find an area that hasn’t seen some improvement since the GOP was last at the helm & they collapsed the economy & started expensive wars.

    People are really tired of the constant blathering of negativity spewed at President Obama & instead want to hear a positive message of hope for the future instead of unrelenting criticism

    I get so tired of the Ted Cruzes, the Rand Pauls & all the other GOP talking mouths constantly harping on & screeching about all the problems Obama has allegedly caused while offering nothing but more problems as their solution.

    It’s easy to criticize & complain about the country’s problems & to make promises about how you’ll fix everything if elected. In practice, it’s extremely difficult to do the actual work.

  17. Another tea bag clown out of the starting gate ready to bite the dust.
    He won’t admit his own failures when he scores low in the first primary.

    Someone with $$$$, you’d think he’d get a better hair stylist.

  18. Mini-sprig Paul, also called Rand, is so far off-base with his lying, he has little chance of succeeding. Americans still have every freedom we’ve ever had! Restoring prosperity by limiting governmental excesses is straight out of “decaying sprig” Paul’s rhetoric. A surgical approach to governing is scary as Random doesn’t have a license certified by the century old American Board of Ophthalmology, but by the National Board of Ophthalmology, which he founded. He is the president, his wife is vice-president and his father-in-law is secretary.

  19. Rand, Cruz, & Rubio need to be trounced in the primaries. I’m tired of these anti-Obamas thinking that a first term Senatorial seat is a springboard to the White House. Nothing gets done in Congress because of all these asshats posturing and sucking up to the baggers instead of doing the job they were sent there to do.

  20. So true and one that should be mentioned by CBS, NBC and ABC every single time they speak about the debt, deficit or the budget.

    The Iraq war was supposed to be paid for by the oil.

    Instead it was put on the Chinese credit card, off the books, hidden, much like those coffins coming back, until President Obama put it back on the books.

    BTW, are we ever going to know how much “the surge” cost us? I mean how much money did it take to pay the tribal leaders to stand down so Bush could bleat that the surge worked?

  21. Because JCBlues, the party of personal responsibility can never be trusted to behave responsibly or honorably as they lack any standard of moral or ethical decision-making.

    The oversight laws the GOP loves to hate were put into place because of the GOP types who believe they can do as they please & can never be trusted to behave responsibly with fairness, honor & truth unless they’re threatened to be held accountable for their actions through rules of conduct recognized & enforceable by authority.

  22. The ReThugs have spewed throughout Obama’s time as President that he was not qualified as he’d had no experience as he was only a first termer. Difference — Obama does have his name annexed on Bills as co-sponsor — something not one of the Klowns you mention (Rand, Cruz & Rubio) have. Their only claim to fame is being obstructionists. Rubio adds ‘whimp’ to his resume as he whimped out on his name being attached to immigration. These buffoons have cost so much in wasteful taxpayer money it’s disgusting. Sadly the fact is their followers are so stunned and stupid, you could con them into buying swampland.

  23. Maybe they could, you know, actually work like the rest of us. Perhaps less time writing treasonous letters, sucking off Bibi, black tie dinners, junkets, outings, trips to the Middle East, Europe, etc. and more time behind the desk – putting in 50 weeks a year, 40 hours a week like us schlubs might make it easier for them to read the bills.
    I’m not a fan of Paul – I think he’s a dick, to be honest. But, I’m all for getting the people who we pay with our tax dollars to actually do some damn work.

  24. Because JCBlues, the party of personal responsibility can’t be trusted to behave responsibly or honorably because they lack any standard of moral or ethical decision-making.

    The oversight laws the GOP loves to hate were put into place because of the GOP types who think they can do as they please since they can’t be trusted to behave responsibly with fairness, truth, honor & ability unless threatened to be held accountable by law enforcement.

  25. The bit that offended me was when he said
    that he would negotiate with other countries from a position of strength and Obama negotiates from a position of weakness.
    Has he not read reports of experts who have said the Obama/Iran deal is masterful.
    On that subject, I want to understand the dems including Schumer who are prepared to
    vote with rethugs about this deal. Is there a petition anywhere that we can sign
    to tell the dems if they do not support the pres we will not support them?

  26. His campaign slogan, defeat the government machine. Didn’t he just help get the government machine re-elected last November? (Bitch McConnell) He’s such a slimy little turd, he’ll lie to your face and try to convince you made the mistake.

  27. I would like to ask this looney tune..who added to the deficit by shutting down the government last time??

    President Obama has done an excellent job DESPITE the GOPT.

  28. No need to argue using the facts against the Republicans- their minds (?) are made up.
    Take back the country? From whom? The Banks?

  29. Good comment, I would like to know who took our country that we have to “take it back?” The world is laughing at us, and it isn’t because of the Dems..that is for sure! The American extremist right is trying to take the country DOWN. They are such a bunch of BS. I cannot believe we have the clowns we do running for President.

  30. This idiot talks about the Constitution, but was one of the 47 and ended up being schooled about the Constitution and says he did it to help Obama.

    Rand Paul is a sad little man.

  31. What’s he supposed to do? Celebrate Obama’s presidency and lobby to abolish term limits?

  32. Lie, lie ? What does that matter. the Republicans have been telling lies about Obama for 6 1/2 years. The problem is that even though the lies have been proven to be lies, it doesn’t matter to the Republicans because their following believes all their lies and the more they tell them, the more the people believe this garbage. It doesn’t matter that Rancid Paul lied when he said that about Obama ,the Clown Parade ,so far with Cruz & Paul as it’s main characters they lie constantly with every statement. It’s what they doe-nothing but lie & lie & lie & lie & lie. You can expect more from Rancid Paul in the future. get your fact-checkers ready because the clown parade marches on….[WINK]

  33. What so many people fail to understand is that what ever a president starts during their term goes on until it sunsets or congress repeals that program. The national debt was 5 trillion when Bush took office and was scheduled to be PAID OFF by 2010 but Bush cut taxes for millionaires, got Medicare part D (which was not funded) passed and started two wars, one of which was illegal and not even the right country. The costs of all of that will go on forever unless congress raises the taxes back to the Clinton era rates, repeals Medicare part D and well there is NO fixing the trillions we wasted on the Iraq war not to mention the lives lost. The Last Bush budget in 2009 was 1.4 trillion in deficit. The deficit is around 400 billion now. I would say that cutting the deficit by 2/3 is quite a feat in a Depression that was also caused by the Deregulation of Wall Street by the GOP.

  34. I hope Rand wins the primary, so him and Clinton/Warren/Sanders can duke it out. Oughta be some great showbiz debates.

  35. Thank you Heidi for a concise explanation of the deficit. You made it easy to understand why we are in the shape we are in today.

  36. Paul failed to mention that when he says he wants to take our country back, he wants to take it back to the type of government in England in the 1500s and 1600s.

    His stands are at odds with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He wants government to micromanage people’s personal lives–who they can marry, what women can do with their own bodies. He is opposed to anything that would promote the public good.

    Paul wants to dumb down American public school students by offering inferior and failing charter schools or child labor home schooling.

    Paul repudiates the idea that government can be appealed to for redress of grievances. He repudiates the First Amendment. Yet he piously and sanctimoniously said he wants the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be followed. He seems to think that men are angels and so there is no need of government. Paul ignores the view of James Madison.

  37. Paul got no dispensation from Kentucky. His name cannot appear on the ballot twice. Presumably, he will run for Senate in Kentucky but his name will not appear for President in that state’s primary.

  38. Because I really want to know, I follow the Democrats opinion on Rand Paul. For the record. Rand Paul is the best qualified to get our country out of this mess. For years we are being brainwashed by the Mainstream News Media. The news media is control by the oligarchs and the GOP NEOCONS are in complete support of the elite oligarchs that control our country. For you info. The GOP NEOCONS hate Rand Paul they are working to get him out of the race, like they did it to Ron Paul. The NEOCONS are the supporters of globalization and the one world order agenda of the IMS and The world Bank. during the elections millions of Dollar are expended by the oligarchs to place in the White House their puppets that they will control, Since Reagan they are working in the demise of our country, so they can push the one world government agenda and control of the world economy. The building of economy blocks is part of this strategy. The NAU is next.

  39. Fellow Americans we must fight for our freedom, this war is about money and the ill power of the oligarchs. Civil unrest and public demonstrations will not win this war against the oligarchs; the most effective strategy is the use of our money. Our money is what made them rich and powerful and what we must do is; stops the flow of our money, to continue the enrichment of the oligarchs.
    A- Close your accounts on the following Banks and deposit in local Banks or credit unions. http://finance.mapsofworld.com/investment/banks/top-10-bank.html
    Banks Turning Accounts over to Police for Seizure

    B- Withdraw 80% of your investment and retirement account and form cooperatives to create local jobs, invest in real state, local manufacturing, farming ect.
    C- Support your local own business.
    D- Be an activist to stop the privatization of agencies that serve t…

  40. The truth is that Republicans and Democrats are the same, Democracy in our country is dead, This country is run by the oligarchs, our present system of government is a Plutocracy.

  41. Didn’t find a petition but did find Schumers web page and e-mail. sent one out immediately.
    Was rather simple. type Sen Schumer and pop there you are on a page with the info.

  42. I wish these sites would use age verification to allow people to post in the comments section. I’d venture a guess that 95% of the post here are kids aged 13-18.

  43. A. No age qualifications exist for exercising one’s First Amendment rights; and
    B. You’re wrong.

  44. Meanwhile on the side you support…
    Clinton wrecked Libya, armed ISIS, and broke numerous federal laws in concealing her correspondence from the public. She should be crawling into a hole to die. Instead she’s running for President. That’s politics today, folks.

  45. Wrecked Libya, armed Isis and Osiris and Horus, opened the gates of Ganzir, released the loathsome Igigi, and put craters on the Moon,*too*!

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