Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s Popularity Nosedives After Indiana “Religious Freedom” Bill

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A Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research poll released on April 13, 2015, finds that Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence’s popularity has taken a nosedive since he signed a right to discriminate “religious freedom” bill into law. Although the Governor backtracked slightly in the face of opposition to the law, his decision to support religious-based bigotry in the first place, has not been forgotten by Indiana voters.

The poll finds that only 43 percent of Indiana voters now believe the Governor is doing a “good” or “excellent” job. This contrasts sharply with the 62 percent of Indianans who approved of the Governor’s job performance in February 2015, according to an Indiana Association of Realtors poll. While the two polls were not done by the same polling firm, the dramatic disparity in the results suggests a pronounced drop in support for the Governor.

When Indiana voters were asked a more direct question about whether or not they had a favorable or unfavorable impression of Governor Pence for signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, the results were even harsher. By a 53-38 percent margin, voters said Pence’s decision gave them an unfavorable impression of the Governor.

By a 2 to 1 ratio, Indianans disagree with right to discriminate legislation. 62 percent of Indiana voters do not think businesses should be allowed to refuse service to someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, even if it “violates” the owner’s religious beliefs. Just 31 percent feel the owner should have the right to discriminate based on his or her religious beliefs.

The survey also found that in a rematch between Republican Governor Mike Pence, and his 2012 Democratic challenger, John Gregg, the hypothetical race is tied at 47-47. Pence’s decision to stand loudly and proudly on the side of anti-gay bigotry may have impressed right-wing Christian conservatives, but it may very well cost him his job if he runs for re-election.

Governor Pence’s plunging popularity should serve as a warning to red state governors around the country that while bigotry may help them curry favor with right-wing evangelical voters, it’s becoming a sure fire loser with the general public. Republican politicians haven’t seemed to grasp the political consequences of standing on the wrong side of history just yet. However, if voters who show up at the polls say the same thing as the voters who are answering the polls, the GOP should get the message on election night.

24 Replies to “Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s Popularity Nosedives After Indiana “Religious Freedom” Bill”

  1. Of course it nose dived. When you start messing with peoples money that would change a whole lot of opinions.

    Just goes to show you what the so called Christians truly believes in

  2. Of course they didn’t do it in a vacuum. The good ole boys got together with Pence and he told them vote on it and I will sign it. You don’t introduce something unless you know you have the votes and can win. Exception to this rule is the drunk one Boehner and his crazy caucus

  3. The final Indiana law, after revision, is still a piece of caca. The non-discrimination clause in it is only applicable to those areas where they already have laws on the books disallowing discrimination. Everywhere else can still refuse service to anyone based on sexual and gender identity.

  4. Indianastan is irreparable and it’s sinking like the titanic, buh-bye bigots

    And I’m sick of paying for them

    But the disdain that Indiana Republicans often express for “big government” rings false because according to Wallet Hub, Indiana receives $2.01 from the federal government for every federal tax dollar it contributes and receives 33% of its funding from Uncle Sam. Indiana Republicans can hate coastal Democrats all they want, but without the federal tax revenue Democratic areas generate, Indiana would have a hard time functioning.

  5. Ok That evil moron sign the law TRUE BUT!!! we also need to look at were the law originated from AKA the state house and the law makers there in. The ones who crafted and voted for the bill should also be in the same boat as Governor Mike Pence

  6. Pence is the master of his downfall due to his obsession & mistaken belief that the USA is a conservative country that wishes to become more conservative. He should resign & go live off the millions he’s acquired from the backs of those less fortunate before he can inflict more damage & hurt on the country.

  7. I agree with your article and we Hoosiers think Pence is a douch bag. Only 29% of Hoosiers voted in the election which he barely won. Please, Hoosiers are NEVER referred to as Indianans.

  8. let this be a lesson to any other hate peddlers. I just heard Indiana has hired a professional image consultant to undo the damage this lunatic GOP tea party clown unleashed in the state. Indiana will need more then image consultants to fix what thy have done… it is as if these righties have no memories whatsoever- I remember last summer it was Arizona with a similar bill and the Gov Jan Brewer ultimately vetoed the bill- a wise choice. when will people realize that appeasing a very small group of bigots, racists, and homophobes is not worth the tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue. it is insanity how the GOP continues to bend over backwards to make their hateful, uneducated, uninformed, unintelligent base feel better about their prejudices.

  9. all of these GOP and conservative clowns keep making the same mistake over and over and over. this nation is a liberal, left leaning nation no matter what the rightwing thinks. small case in point- anyone see the viral video of ted cruz giving a speech and no one applauded. look it up on google. it is hysterical. when these conservative hacks step into reality and out of their warm, cozy, rightwing whacko bird bubbles, this is what happens. this is the real world.

  10. Pence deserves to have his poll numbers tank. He was pandering to a minority of haters and decided he didn’t have to listen to the majority of his citizens. He signed the bill, then the backlash began, and he was left to try to mitigate the damage. I noticed that few, if any, of those in the pic at the secret signing came to his defense, but I can imagine they had his phone lit up and were telling him to “stand strong.” He folded, it was his only option—a majority of the nation was against him, a majority of Hoosiers were against him, and the business community was against him. The religious nuts got him to do their dirty work, then abandoned him. He should have found the courage to tell the right-wing lawmakers to forget the RFRA, but he’s a coward. He wants to be POTUS and is letting everyone on the right push him to do things he knows are wrong. Poor leadership. He’s Example #1 why voters should vet politicians thoroughly and show up to vote in every election.

  11. Just for you information, we are not ‘Indianans’, we are HOOSIERS.

    The press pizzes me off, more and more EVERYDAY!!!

  12. Moral to this story: If you do unpopular things (let’s say signing a law that allows you to discriminate) you become unpopular! Hey Bobby Jindel you might want to look at this before you make yourself MORE unpopular than you already are by doing the same thing in your state..

  13. A Muslim bakery in Dearborn, Michigan refused to bake a gay wedding cake. Somehow, I get the feeling they won’t be subjected to the same vitriol.

  14. A Muslim bakery in Dearborn, Michigan refused to bake a gay wedding cake. (The people on the cake eat each other.) Somehow, I get the impression they wont face the same vitriol.

  15. Pence was the back up for Scottie. Now he’s been moved to 3rd string on the Koch Presidential Candidate Team.

    First Mike tries launching the Indiana Right Wing version of Pravda. Then he mistakenly believes everyone is a gay bashing, right wing Christian.

  16. Yes, what sucks is Pence and his puppet legislators should have to pay for this PR firm out of their own pockets. Us tax payers will have to fund their blunder.

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