The Koch Brothers Have Picked Scott Walker To Be Their 2016 Presidential Puppet


The Koch brothers have selected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to be their chosen 2016 Republican candidate/puppet.

The New York Times reported:

Charles G. and David H. Koch, the influential and big-spending conservative donors, have a favorite in the race for the Republican nomination: Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

On Monday, at a fund-raising event in Manhattan for the New York State Republican Party, David Koch told donors that he and his brother, who oversee one of the biggest private political organizations in the country, believed that Mr. Walker was the Republican Party’s best hope for recapturing the White House.

“We will support whoever the candidate is,” said Mr. Koch, according to two people who attended the event. “But it should be Scott Walker.”

The Koch’s didn’t say why Jeb Bush isn’t their “chosen one,” but odds are that it is because Bush doesn’t need their money in order to win the Republican nomination. The good news for Democrats and left is that the Koch brothers are about to waste millions more of their dollars on a presidential candidate who can’t beat Hillary Clinton. The bad news is that thanks to the Koch owned conservative justices on the Supreme Court, there is no limit to the amount of money they can spend in their quest to get Walker elected.

Democrats don’t need any more motivation to work against Scott Walker’s candidacy, but it is clear that if Walker were to win, the Koch brothers would be occupying the White House. The most important endorsement in the 2016 race has been made, and it is Scott Walker who has won the Koch primary.

The Kochs have money, and a willing puppet, but the American people still have the votes to make sure that Koch hostile takeover of the United States government ends in failure.

42 Replies to “The Koch Brothers Have Picked Scott Walker To Be Their 2016 Presidential Puppet”

  1. The tea bag/repub LOVE stupid puppets, Bush was one and now Walker.

    Walker is a great KOCKSUCKER and he swallows!

    Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit

  2. just pull my little strings
    and I will kiss your ass
    i’m your puppet

    i’ll do anything that you want me to
    i’m your puppet

    lol this just keeps getting better – go Hillary !

  3. The Koch GOP Presidential Political “UGLY” Contest “Winner” is; Scott Walker!!! He is obviously their #1 Koch-Sucking, string-puppet!!! He will “dance” quickly when his puppet strings are pulled by the koch’s and screw “anyone” (for more “money” and more “power”) and not give a shit about it!!! In my opinion.

  4. LMFAO!!!!! the Kocks have figured a diversion…

    everyone follows and attacks the straw man with the dead eyes and no soul while they maneuver the real deal candidate in the background…

    ignore the man behind the curtain….

  5. Since it appears that he couldn’t even carry his home state of Wisconsin, and given his dismal record in that state, what chance does he have nationally?

    At best he could garner the 30-35% of the baggers, but be rejected by the rest of the potential electorate. The Kochs are throwing their money in the air and running out from under it. Of course, given the slate of goper candidates, what choice do they have?

  6. Yeah, the Kochs are going to waste millions on Scottie, just because they think that Americans are dumb enough to elect him president. And they think that they will be able to control Scottie, even more than they could control Jeb, or any of the other goper candidates. They are probably right about being able to control Scottie, but very much wrong about Americans being dumb enough to vote for Scottie, well most Americans anyway. And all that money they will spend in the 2016 election won’t be able to buy enough votes to elect their chosen puppet.

  7. Uhhh… Sugapea, You may have chosen the wrong end of the sow. A silk purse out of a sow’s *** is probably more accurate.[wink]

  8. No doubt the Roach bros would just love to have Walker as their bitch in the oval office. Horrifying thought isn’t it?

  9. Hmm…
    Given their current candidates…AND the state of what is considered ‘Republican’ now…

    I’ve thought since they’ve successfully chased all intelligent, moderate Repubs out of their party, this song FITS them to a T, IMHO…

    (They MIGHT want to check on getting legal permission to make THIS the official Teapublican theme/campaign song:

  10. The Koch Brothers are already in the White House and have been since Obama was elected. They’ve decided to rule this country from their offices or from their many mansions.
    I have pleaded with my representatives numerous times to have those two investigated and arrested for meddling in the governance of our country. No responses. At least Senators Sanders and Warren have the guts to speak out against them and against all the Koch Puppets in the Republican Tea Party.
    They’ve managed to bring back their father’s John Birch Society full force and are forcing all the agenda of that onto us via their Tea Party. The Republicans are such weak, greedy cowards, scared to death that they’re going to be outnumbered by other races, that they’ll do anything illegal to help the Koch Brothers with their agenda. They all need to be locked up together in one big cell.

  11. Serve them right, if this little crook is in jail by election time. Ask people in Wisconsin how they like living under this crooked weasel.


  12. Na, he will just get a “get out of jail” free card. Given to him, bought and paid for, by the Supreme Court ‘zealot’ justices.

  13. They’er buying America a cheep pair of shoes put together using slave labor; this mook is a dangerous sycophantic person with psychopathic tendencies; rules are made for others not him.

  14. I’m not that happy with the job the artist did in that picture. Snott’s left eye is a good inch higher than the right and is aimed across his nose.

    I’m sensitive because we were carpet bombed with airbrushed ads making him look like a normal person. He is nowhere close to being a normal person, in character or looks.

  15. Is there anyone who really believes he will ever see the inside of a jail? Suppose he does, what will the Koch’s do then? *900,000,000 million down the drain Or will they turn quick and support another? Their support only goes to those who can and will do the job required by the Koch’s. So my money would be on the latter. The Koch’s have money but a 900,000,000 loss would be hard to swallow even for the Koch’s! Wouldn’t be good for the reputation.

  16. I agree! In the Beast’s phoney call to Scutt , the KOCH imposter said they weren’t backing Jeb was because he didn’t need the money. Sell your soul to the devil Scutt,,HA HA HA HA Everyone should hear Walker’s strategy,,,,,,,,what a dick!

  17. LOL OMG! if the democratic party hired ME as a democratic strategist, the GOP would be begging for mercy! But I’ll be honest, I read my brother and sisters liberal comments here and I guarantee that 75% of YOU could formulate a campaign to DESTROY the GOP! just simply tell the TRUTH!! First, GET a DAMN television network that’s gets our message out! 9 out 10 media outlets are VERY pro conservative! WTF! why doesn’t the democratic party invest ALL their BILLIONS of dollars into getting out OUR message? The GOP OWNS the SOUTH! and we wonder why those folks are so brainwashed! If the democratic party got out the message, as well as they FLOOD our email addresses begging for DONATIONS, the GOP would be DEAD by now, fire debbie schultz and bring in Howard Dean!!

  18. Well, the last loser from Wisconsin couldn’t carry the state either (cf SNL skit supposedly about Romney where he laments that Ryan was a weight lifter–but couldn’t carry Wisconsin).

  19. Five Republicans are finalists in Koch brothers’ presidential pageant

    Five Republican presidential candidates are in the running to win over the Koch brothers: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, former Florida governor and dynastic scion Jeb Bush, and Sens. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. Arch-conservative billionaire Charles Koch confirmed that short(ish) list in an interview with USA Today, explaining what a candidate would have to do to win the Koch pageant and his share of the $300 million the brothers plan to have their political network spend on electoral politics in the 2016 cycle:

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