Delusional Lindsey Graham Has No Chance Of Ever Being President

There is nothing as offensive to most people as an egotist that continuously attempts to enhance or exaggerate their own importance, power, or reputation, and it often is the result of some innocent remark or act of another person. There is no person in America as self-aggrandizing as Senator Lindsey Graham whose self-imposed image as a brilliant foreign policy and international relations genius informs him he can be president. Of course, Graham’s only solution for dealing with the world is fear-mongering Americans into believing that pre-emptive wars and American boots on the ground is what makes America a world leader. Graham has been an avid supporter of George W. Bush’s invasion and occupy foreign policy that embroiled America in two protracted and unnecessary wars of aggression to kill Muslims. Conversely, Graham has been a very vocal critic of President Obama’s successful diplomacy that has kept America out of several wars Graham’s warmongering cohorts promoted relentlessly; particularly against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On Sunday last, Graham stated categorically that because President Obama finally relented and agreed to sign legislation giving Congress a say in reviewing the nuclear negotiations with Iran that he “doesn’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell that this framework will get approved by Congress.” Graham went so far as to reveal that he knows the minds of both Republicans and Democrats in Congress because “no Republican or Democrat is going to allow that to become final.” That is why the President should have forced the House and Senate to override his veto of legislation giving Congress a say in the negotiations; not because Congress will actually affect the outcome of the P5+1 deal with Iran, but because it would have shut Republicans like Graham’s bloviating for the time being.

It is worthwhile to remind Republicans that as Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif already noted, Republicans cannot stop the deal with Iran. Zarif said “the current negotiation with P5+1 [Britain, China, France, Germany Russia and the United States] will result in a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. It is not a bilateral agreement between Iran and the US, but one concluded with five other countries including all permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, and endorsed by a Security Council resolution.” It is also not a treaty the Senate has authority to reject.

Now, if all-knowing Lindsey Graham is the pre-eminent foreign and international policy expert he portrays himself to be, he would comprehend that the United States Congress has no say in whether the deal ‘has a snowball’s chance in Hell’ of being approved. Besides Graham’s god delusion that he knows exactly what is in the minds and intentions of all Republicans and Democrats, he said that he, and only he, is qualified to handle Middle East foreign policy.

What Graham actually said was that no-one, not Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton, or any Republican is better prepared to deal with nations in the Middle East, particularly Iran, than Lindsey Graham. He said “I’ve been more right than wrong on foreign policy,” and that “the Lindsey Graham worldview and view of foreign policy will always beat Barack Obama’s view of foreign policy and Hillary Clinton’s view of foreign policy.” He also said because America has not invaded the substantial number of countries he wants to invade, and there are many, “the world is literally falling apart.”

The truth of the matter is that since he has been in the Senate as a self-proclaimed foreign policy genius and advocate for several wars against several nations, Graham has been wrong at every turn. In fact as foreign policy warmongers go, Graham makes crazy “bomb everybody” warmonger John McCain look like Mahatma Gandhi advocating for world peace and harmony among nations.

Graham is notorious for trying to scare Americans into supporting perpetual American wars of aggression against every nation on Earth except the country where his true allegiance lies, Israel. In fact, next to Israeli warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu, there is likely no greater warmonger than Lindsey Graham. The man’s self-aggrandizing opinion of himself as the wisest foreign policy genius on Earth is only second to Netanyahu; the foreigner Graham emulates in pushing for American wars against Muslim nations throughout the Middle East. Graham, by his own assignation has crowned himself America’s preeminent spokesman on national security and international relations issues even though he is always wrong; but that is not how Graham sees it according to his statement on national television last Sunday.

Graham’s only foreign policy prescription for America can be summed up as true leadership means having the resolve to use force as a first choice, and that there is no diplomacy without bombs and Americans sent in harm’s way. In Graham’s view, not waging preemptive war is ineffective, a sign of weakness and indecision, and squanders the ability to strike fear in the hearts of the world’s population. Graham said the only way to prevent the “world from literally blowing up” is more American wars. Graham subscribes to Netanyahu’s appraisal that “we live in the most dangerous times imaginable.” Apparently Graham is unaware of World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War, or any other eras or events he was alive to remember.

Lindsey Graham has been wrong about everything in the Middle East from the duration of the Iraq War he claimed would be over in a year, to the “existential threat to America” from a non-nuclear Iran. Interestingly, in 2013 he put his foot in his mouth and slandered the nation he loves above all others, Israel, and saidThe last place in the world you want nuclear weapons is the Mideast. Why? People over there are crazy.” The only place in the Mideast that has any kind of nuclear arsenal is Israel; something a renowned foreign policy and international relations wonk certainly should know. But that is Graham’s dysfunction; he is no more of a foreign policy expert or knows any more  about international relations than a rock.

Graham claims he is 91% sure he is going to make a run for the White House and is basing his qualifications on his ability to warn Americans about the scary and dangerous world because America is not waging wars on several fronts in several nations at once. Lindsey Graham is never going to be president, is never going to win the Republican nomination, and Republicans and Israeli-Democrats are never going to thwart the P5+1 deal with Iran because they are not members of the United Nations Security Council; period. They are delusional bloviates whose foreign policy acumen amounts to trying to frighten Americans who, after two unnecessary Middle East wars, have figured out that Republican warmongers are the only existential threat in the world.

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  1. I doubt he can go very far in a candidacy with *that* party before a rival jerks open a closet door, and what falls out may not be a skeleton.

  2. I think he should make a run for the Presidency. Maybe after the dismal outcome for him in the primaries, his ego will be knocked down a notch or two. He won’t get much Republican support nor any Democrat support.

  3. Never say never. There are so many stupid and ill-informed voters out there anything could happen!
    We had W for eight years!

  4. Once Schieffer retires, will the new host of “Face the Nation” have Ms. Lindsey and lumpy little Johnny McCain alternate on a weekly basis? The Sunday bash Obama” shows have these two clowns on speed dial. Graham has the repub. sneer down pat, just like Dickless Cheney.

  5. He would make the world a much safer place. Obama’s foreign policy is scary- you don’t negotiate with Iraq

  6. Little Lindsay was not much more than a clerk in the SJA when he was in the military. Of course his buddy McCain never saw any action except when he crashed his plane in a rice paddy and was pulled out by a Vietnamese farmer. He spent the war in a comfortable cell co-operating with the enemy.
    These two have for so long imagined themselves to be great warriors they actually believe it now.

  7. Tell me if you can, why shouldn’t we negotiate with them? Did I miss something? I’m still at a loss as to why we or any other nation has the right to dictate to Iran what they can and cannot do within the borders of their own country; and why there should be any negotiations in the first place. And if you’ve comment is based on some assumption that we can’t trust them, then turn it around. Why should they trust us? Does 1953 ring a bell?

  8. Every once in awhile I read a piece I want to save. This goes in that file. Thank you Rmuse. I wish some enterprising person with the intelligence and the tools could find out how much stock all the politicians and just as importantly their STAFF has in the war businesses. That is something that America NEEDS to know much more than what some bimbo of either sex is up to for publicity.
    I would like to see the TRUE body count for Israelis and the many countries they are constantly invading. We need to count Iiraq too. That was certainly an Israeli war.

  9. Yes, W occupied the White House for eight long, embarrassing years but he was NEVER elected. The cabal known as the supreme court appointed/anointed him in 2000, and Rove’s election fraud put him back in 2004. Most of the American electorate who were willing to vote elected Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004. AND, Obama twice!

  10. So true. Even with the strides this country has made, it’s not ready for a closeted gay president. [WINK]

  11. Your statement makes no sense. I suppose Iran is free to pursue a nuclear weapon, but then aren’t we just as free to impose sanctions on Iran? Would this be dictating what they do within their own borders? If Iran developed a nuclear weapon and unequivocally stated their intent to launch it at the U.S., would a preemptive strike on their launching facilities be dictating? Or, do we not have the right to take any action until the Iranian launched nuclear weapon enters our airspace? I can live with the wrong/misguided, but not necessarily illogical stance that Iran would not use a nuclear weapon if it had one, but to flatly proclaim that Iran has a right to a nuclear weapon and we have no right to oppose or try to stop it, is just breathtakingly absurd.

  12. The man feels as if it incumbent upon him to ‘remind’ his god to bring about the End Times.
    And they call us arrogant.

  13. quite frankly senator graham, you are a treasonous, gutless coward who belongs to the infamous GOP 47 Traitors. no one should take what you say seriously. you are a marked man and your treason will be your undoing. America will not forget the GOP 47 in November 2016.

  14. They said the same thing about Ronald reagon. They said he was a war monger, to extreme to be president. That he didn’t have a snow ball chance in hell of being president. The democrats were elated when he got the nomination. he carried 44 states and today is one of the most admired of past presidents. So don’t you think it is rather silly to say that someone gas no chance of being president. By the way I am far from being a Lindsay gram Graham supporter.

  15. My statement makes complete sense. Again, what right do we, or any other country, have in telling Iran what they can or cannot do within their own boundaries. How many other countries tell us what we can or cannot do within our own borders? I’d say that would be zero. But we, the U.S., have the right? Why? We’re so much better than them? If anything we should ask their forgiveness for what we did to them in 1953. There is only one country on this planet that has ever used a nuclear weapon against another people. We hardly have the moral high ground here. If we want to be concerned about some country with nuclear weapons, I’d focus on Pakistan.

  16. And to further the discussion, why should be we allowed to impose sanctions? Again, how does their internal doings affect us? Do we own Iran? Are they one of the countries we give billions to? (Shouldn’t we be insisting Israel open up their nuclear industry to inspection? We give them billions. We’ve demanded it of Iran and we don’t give them shit.) A country blustering is not worth the energy to respond, and since they have no way of launching a bomb that would reach us, it’s just posturing. We’ve made great mistakes in the Middle East and we should stop interfering. All we have to do is get a coalition of other nuclear countries and send a jointly signed letter to Iran alerting them that if they develop the bomb and use it against another country—they’ll only do it once. But, if they wish to pursue nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, we, along with the rest of the world will be happy to help.

  17. We didn’t negotiate with them. We went to war and look at the situation there now. Of course I understand that you meant Iran, but don’t expect me to listen to your advise when you don’t know the difference between the two. [WINK]

  18. What’s YOUR alternative to negotiation???

    What made the world safer in the 60’s: negotiating with the nuclear-armed Soviet Union, or NOT negotiating with it?


  19. Do you also understand that the deal being negotiated is to PREVENT Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, not to ALLOW Iran to develop nukes? Are you that ignorant, or are you just being disingenuous?

  20. I’ll say to you what I said to John, above:

    “Do you understand that the deal being negotiated is to PREVENT Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, not to ALLOW Iran to develop nukes? Are you that ignorant, or are you just being disingenuous?”

  21. Hey John! You just proved how ignorant you are to what’s happening in the world.
    You said:
    –” Obama’s foreign policy is scary- you don’t negotiate with Iraq”—–

    Iraq? !!!!! Iraq ? !!!!!
    Who’s negotiating with Iraq at this time? It’s the deal with IRAN ! Read. Or try to understand what’s going on, without stooping so low with ignorant comments that shows you are NOT aware of who’s who. Its just your lust to bash the Obama administration without merit that you mirror the FOX, Lindsey Graham talking points, albeit getting the country the P5+1 are negotiating with WRONG! But you being the Right Wing dumb Republican it proves one thing: Y’all don’t know $#IT!

  22. “today is one of the most admired of past presidents”

    That’s true only on the right. He is and was disliked on the left. Do you realize he authorized weapons to be sent to Iran? This deal was made to win him the election. Did you also realize he actually raised taxes when necessary? He could never clear a Republican Presidential primary in today’s extreme rightwing Republican Party.

  23. djchefron, Really? The U.S. has had Iran on the State sponsored list of Terrorist Counties since 1984 ! Who do you think is sponsoring terror? (hint yoyo-they are found in the initials ISIS)
    You can look at Dept. of State, Google, or ask most 7 year olds !!!!!!!!

  24. You know what I ask you to list the terrorist activities of Iran not what the state department said. Hell they had Cuba on that list for political reasons but not North Korea. Child please, you are not talking to someone who is not educated

  25. Well you are either to stupid or lazy. So here it is for you:
    Terrorism: to spread fear or terror with violence or propaganda.
    Iran is a terrorist state. Ask the marines. 241 killed in Beirut, at the direction of iran.
    But I don’t feel like listing all them so…

    There is a reason that we had them on the terrorist watch list since the 70’s.
    So are you stupid or just to blind? Im going with stupid.

  26. Ahh dumbass can you prove that Iran or Syria was behind those bombings? I didn’t think so. But what I do know is your President didn’t give them the means to protect themselves and after 2 attacks that President turn tail and ran. Now who was that president? Your god Ronald Regain

  27. djchefron- So you choose to defend the terrorism of Iran and Assad’s tyrannical Syria. You are a special kind of ignorant POS aren’t you !!

  28. No . I do not defend bullshit. I look at facts not propaganda. Your dumbass read and believe what they tell you and you cant say for one minute is this true

  29. There is no one who represents a Southern Momma’s Boy better than Ole Lindsey! She may have been the one who implanted these delusions of special greatness in his little head. It’s a wonder he got where he is today but then again walking in the shadow of John McCain may have been the only way he has succeeded…Time for both of them to be put out to pasture..

  30. Look, IF Lindsey were to be elected President (In the Republicans’ dreams) Who would be his First Lady? Or will him/she be THE First Lady? You know he’s not married to a woman. So he would have to decorate the White House on his own.——Wake up Republicans. SNAP! It was just a dream, Lindsey is still a Senator with no hopes of EVER becoming President (Commandress-In-Chief) ;)

  31. Do you remember when senator Tom Cotton threatened to break the treaty once Obama left office? You accuse iran of being treaty breakers, but no, that’s what we do. And once we break it, it’s broken, and Iran can do whatever they want.

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