Delusional Lindsey Graham Has No Chance Of Ever Being President

There is nothing as offensive to most people as an egotist that continuously attempts to enhance or exaggerate their own importance, power, or reputation, and it often is the result of some innocent remark or act of another person. There is no person in America as self-aggrandizing as Senator Lindsey Graham whose self-imposed image as a brilliant foreign policy and international relations genius informs him he can be president. Of course, Graham’s only solution for dealing with the world is fear-mongering Americans into believing that pre-emptive wars and American boots on the ground is what makes America a world leader. Graham has been an avid supporter of George W. Bush’s invasion and occupy foreign policy that embroiled America in two protracted and unnecessary wars of aggression to kill Muslims. Conversely, Graham has been a very vocal critic of President Obama’s successful diplomacy that has kept America out of several wars Graham’s warmongering cohorts promoted relentlessly; particularly against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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On Sunday last, Graham stated categorically that because President Obama finally relented and agreed to sign legislation giving Congress a say in reviewing the nuclear negotiations with Iran that he “doesn’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell that this framework will get approved by Congress.” Graham went so far as to reveal that he knows the minds of both Republicans and Democrats in Congress because “no Republican or Democrat is going to allow that to become final.” That is why the President should have forced the House and Senate to override his veto of legislation giving Congress a say in the negotiations; not because Congress will actually affect the outcome of the P5+1 deal with Iran, but because it would have shut Republicans like Graham’s bloviating for the time being.

It is worthwhile to remind Republicans that as Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif already noted, Republicans cannot stop the deal with Iran. Zarif said “the current negotiation with P5+1 [Britain, China, France, Germany Russia and the United States] will result in a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. It is not a bilateral agreement between Iran and the US, but one concluded with five other countries including all permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, and endorsed by a Security Council resolution.” It is also not a treaty the Senate has authority to reject.

Now, if all-knowing Lindsey Graham is the pre-eminent foreign and international policy expert he portrays himself to be, he would comprehend that the United States Congress has no say in whether the deal ‘has a snowball’s chance in Hell’ of being approved. Besides Graham’s god delusion that he knows exactly what is in the minds and intentions of all Republicans and Democrats, he said that he, and only he, is qualified to handle Middle East foreign policy.

What Graham actually said was that no-one, not Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton, or any Republican is better prepared to deal with nations in the Middle East, particularly Iran, than Lindsey Graham. He said “I’ve been more right than wrong on foreign policy,” and that “the Lindsey Graham worldview and view of foreign policy will always beat Barack Obama’s view of foreign policy and Hillary Clinton’s view of foreign policy.” He also said because America has not invaded the substantial number of countries he wants to invade, and there are many, “the world is literally falling apart.”

The truth of the matter is that since he has been in the Senate as a self-proclaimed foreign policy genius and advocate for several wars against several nations, Graham has been wrong at every turn. In fact as foreign policy warmongers go, Graham makes crazy “bomb everybody” warmonger John McCain look like Mahatma Gandhi advocating for world peace and harmony among nations.

Graham is notorious for trying to scare Americans into supporting perpetual American wars of aggression against every nation on Earth except the country where his true allegiance lies, Israel. In fact, next to Israeli warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu, there is likely no greater warmonger than Lindsey Graham. The man’s self-aggrandizing opinion of himself as the wisest foreign policy genius on Earth is only second to Netanyahu; the foreigner Graham emulates in pushing for American wars against Muslim nations throughout the Middle East. Graham, by his own assignation has crowned himself America’s preeminent spokesman on national security and international relations issues even though he is always wrong; but that is not how Graham sees it according to his statement on national television last Sunday.

Graham’s only foreign policy prescription for America can be summed up as true leadership means having the resolve to use force as a first choice, and that there is no diplomacy without bombs and Americans sent in harm’s way. In Graham’s view, not waging preemptive war is ineffective, a sign of weakness and indecision, and squanders the ability to strike fear in the hearts of the world’s population. Graham said the only way to prevent the “world from literally blowing up” is more American wars. Graham subscribes to Netanyahu’s appraisal that “we live in the most dangerous times imaginable.” Apparently Graham is unaware of World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War, or any other eras or events he was alive to remember.

Lindsey Graham has been wrong about everything in the Middle East from the duration of the Iraq War he claimed would be over in a year, to the “existential threat to America” from a non-nuclear Iran. Interestingly, in 2013 he put his foot in his mouth and slandered the nation he loves above all others, Israel, and saidThe last place in the world you want nuclear weapons is the Mideast. Why? People over there are crazy.” The only place in the Mideast that has any kind of nuclear arsenal is Israel; something a renowned foreign policy and international relations wonk certainly should know. But that is Graham’s dysfunction; he is no more of a foreign policy expert or knows any more  about international relations than a rock.

Graham claims he is 91% sure he is going to make a run for the White House and is basing his qualifications on his ability to warn Americans about the scary and dangerous world because America is not waging wars on several fronts in several nations at once. Lindsey Graham is never going to be president, is never going to win the Republican nomination, and Republicans and Israeli-Democrats are never going to thwart the P5+1 deal with Iran because they are not members of the United Nations Security Council; period. They are delusional bloviates whose foreign policy acumen amounts to trying to frighten Americans who, after two unnecessary Middle East wars, have figured out that Republican warmongers are the only existential threat in the world.

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