Morning Joe Is Destroying MSNBC As Young Viewers Refuse To Watch Joe Scarborough



MSNBC loves Morning Joe, but the show has lost so many young viewers that Joe Scarborough now has lower ratings than CNN’s Headline News.

Dylan Byers of Politico reported:

As of today, MSNBC, a network already beset by catastrophically low ratings, has spent eleven months with fewer daytime demo viewers than HLN, the CNN sister-network that is home to personalities like Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew.

Adding insult to injury: HLN’s ‘Morning Express with Robin Meade’ has now bested MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ in the all-important 25-to-54 demo for a full year, with 116,000 in the demo vs. Morning Joe’s 78,000 in April. That’s an even wider gap than the daytime averages of 113,000 demo viewers in daytime vs. MSNBC’s 82,000. (‘Morning Joe’ has more total viewers than both HLN and CNN’s morning programs).


Morning Joe may have more total viewers, but those viewers are older and the exact opposite of what MSNBC was supposedly building with their “Lean Forward” strategy. When young news viewers (age 25-54) would rather Headline News than MSNBC, there is a huge problem.

The management at MSNBC remains clueless to the real reason their viewers have abandoned the network. Instead of giving liberal and progressive viewers the kinds of programming that they want, Phil Griffin and company have decided to that their best plan for the future is to fire or reassign their liberal hosts, while sticking with Morning Joe.

There is a huge and underserved liberal/progressive news audience out there. This audience doesn’t want to wake up to Joe Scarborough and company delivering three hours of Beltway conventional wisdom and Republican talking points. NBC News itself loves Joe Scarborough. Morning Joe was in the running to replace David Gregory on Meet The Press, and he has been promoted to host in waiting if and when Chuck Todd flames out on Sunday mornings.

The young viewers that MSNBC is so desperately coveting hate, Joe Scarborough. Liberals and progressives of all ages have for years viewed Scarborough’s morning show as a hypocritical insult from a network that claims to be on their side.

Morning Joe will never be the answer to MSNBC’s ratings woes.

101 Replies to “Morning Joe Is Destroying MSNBC As Young Viewers Refuse To Watch Joe Scarborough”

  1. I’ll take the raving lunatic over Morning Joe any day. All I’ve ever heard from him is the same old Republican talking points. If I wanted to listen to that garbage I’d watch Faux Noise. At least Schultz will call out anybody, even the President, if he feels they are wrong.

    And putting Ol’ Joe in as a host-in-waiting for Chuck Todd is adding insult to injury. I quit watching MTP when Gregory took over and I haven’t gone back. And won’t until they get someone who feels it IS his/her responsibility to call out Republican lies.

    Well, if they continue to lose viewers, its their own fault.

  2. I’m far from young and I refuse to watch Morning JOKE! Hey Scarborough, get thee to Fox News where you belong!

  3. When Comcast took over MSNBC, I wrote them and said that this would mean they would be leaning even more right. I also advised that they should have more left leaning commentators like Keith Olbermann and Martin Bashir — you saw what happened to them. Joe has way too much air time and his opinions belong on Faux. Plus, he has too many hours in a time slot that is important. Also, he is extremely condescending to Mika

  4. Joe needs to GO! I watch many of the weekend and evening programs, but cannot stand 1 minute of Morning Joe…. just a copy of Faux News

  5. I used to be please to see a moderate right-leaning show….they used to have a balanced approach, with right and left represented. Now its just the same old right talking heads, Joe treats Mika badly (and she is a lot smarter than him).

  6. Billionaire propaganda is so so important to nbc that msnbc can take a hit and they are living up into their obligation to change our democracy into an oligarchy ; Joe the schmo has no morals so they are using him and his money hungry cutesy co host.

  7. Joe over the top arrogant..has P envy (not penis but Potus) his mission is to undermine our President…shallow,bully,overbearing jerk

  8. I love Ed. I find he fights for us, The American People!
    With far more passion and truth than most and he is out there proving it!

  9. I am definitely not a young viewer but I refuse to watch Scarborough. I do watch TV often during his time slot (3 hours!?)&(*^&) but it is never Morning Joe.

  10. Joe needs to GO! Another not too young viewer and I have switched to most any other station than Joe and even Mika. I really have TRIED to support her…

  11. Joe Blow is about as much desired as a morning ulcer.

    American Management- systematically running the company into the ground and still collecting their bonuses.

  12. I love the show…without Joe. When he isn’t there, it is amazing! I have watched and cringed at his whiney, spoiled, boyish comments, interruptions of guests who are trying making good points, I have been amazed that the show continues with him. Everyone else is great! Joe needs to go!

    Hmm..that sounds like a good rallying cry!

  13. Bring back Keith Give RM much more time as well as some others like Shultz GO FOR IT Joe is an arrogant entitled dumb Rep He’s liket he kid I knew in the 50s who were simply brats And when they pushed me I kicked their asses He is a PUNK. Mika is a light weight and she should be more forceful.

  14. I use to watch all the evening programs and go right into Morning Joe. I stopped watching all of it because of Joe Scarborough and Nicole Wallace. Can’t stomach them!

  15. This article , was spot on. People in general are sick to death of Joe Scarborough’s Republican talking points. I switched to CNN New Day .What a relief that was. Joe Scarborough will be the death of MSNBC. Too bad Mr. Griffin can’t see this.

  16. I used to record Morning Joe- Now I never will watch it again. Joe is such a conceited frat boy who has no respect for Mika or most of his guests. Even when he asks questions its still all about him – what a Neanderthal

  17. Joe Scarborough is a pompous, arrogant, self-absorbed jerk…He spends half of every show talking about when he was in Congress…Who cares? Most of his guests are old tired conservatives…Mark Halperin is a hard right jerk who Scarborough gives a regular platform…I’m 62 and I think the show is out of touch…I don’t watch him

  18. I really don’t understand why people can’t listen to a different point of view? What does anyone get out of listening only to people with the same point of view? I’m a conservative but yet I watch msnbc so I can see what others think…Joe at least presents a different side. By watching morning Joe has helped change my mind on some issues and helped solidify my thoughts on some!

    I will never understand people who only appreciate freedom of speech as long as they agree with your point of view?

  19. So many people have said they would like to see Keith Olbermann and Martin Bashir come back but management is deaf. They had passion and intelligence and made watching MSNBC exciting. Now, with a few exceptions, it’s just plain boring.

  20. Al Sharpton is such a self serving blowhard. His time is long past. He loves the limelight. He is not beneficial to MSNBC in any way. Get rid of him.

  21. Why Anyone continues to watch this ILK is beyond me Anyway…whether msnbc….cnn…faux news and All the other shows presented as News.Nothing but Blabbering Pompous Idiots sprouting HOT AIR!!!!!….and it’s Putrid AT THAT…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Would rather listen to Ed Schultz than Joe Scarborough any morning! Joe is one of the more arrogant, self-serving and self-promoting talking heads on TV today. And his cohost is an embarrassment. Maybe her father is intelligent but she is fulfilling the “dumb” blonde role…and doing a sterling job at it!

  23. I wish I had the money to start my own network to provide a platform for the Olbermann’s, Bashir’s and Maddow’s to report freely and accurately.

  24. Don’t give the kids ALL the credit. I am old and refuse to watch Joe. And because of him and What has happened the last few years I refuse to waste what time I have left watching the whole channel.
    I was still reading Kardashian Post once in awhile after it was sold out to AOL but I am sick of that one too.

  25. I can’t understand why Phil Griffin continues to stand by Joe Scarborough, despite the ratings. It’s almost like NBC News President Deborah Turness’ blind faith in David Gregory to save Meet the Press. We all know how that turned out (not that dim bulb Chuck Todd is any better).

    I wonder if Griffin or Turness ever listened to any viewers.

    Like Gregory’s blind cheerleading for republicans on MTP, Scarborough’s constant talking over guests (and Mika) has ruined Morning Joe.

    I switched to CNN in the morning for more hard news, and I don’t plan to go back to MSNBC.

  26. I agree, Al’s expiration date is long past. They have some great young talent but have no idea how to use them. Joy Reid was a breath of fresh air, but MSNBC dumped her like yesterday’s garbage. I used to have MSNBC on all day and now I rarely even turn it on.

  27. I appreciate a different point of view when it is presented in a well thought out manner. Joe’s presentation is pompous, arrogant, and over the top. His smugness renders any point that he is trying to make moot. Delivery is the key and Joe’s delivery is HORRID!

  28. It’s a shame that young liberals cannot accept the views of the other side, granted Joe Scarboro is not the answer!

  29. I thought maybe it was only me who was sick of Joe but nice to see I’m not the only older person who can’t stand him.Mika hates Hillary so replace her with someone who does not agree with Joe Bozo.

  30. Watching MSNBC management kill its viewership by clinging to a show long-unpopular with even loyal viewers… it’s like watching Dem candidates talk progressive to get into office then kill their middle-class voters with consistently neoliberal corporate-pandering job-killing public-school-killing action.

    Throwing out the baby with the bathwater (Joy Reid). Burying Steve Kornacki, the guy who broke bridgewater, on early Sat morning. Rachel, Ed, Chris Hayes only reasons I hang in. Ronan is a decent reporter but milquetoasty. Clinton-panderer Mathews should be put out to pasture. Sharpton needs to retire. L O’Donnell: meh.

  31. Deserving its own comment space: THANK YOU for calling out this ridiculous excuse for a 3-hr show, Morning Joe. Scarborough as someone above said so well “bullying frat boy”. Mika… thanks commenter for informing me of her far-left views, maybe I’ll give her another shot? I find her cloying manner so gagging I always switch the channel when she starts to talk.

    Here’s how I found your article: frustrated after watching Joe destroy his own show today for the millionth time (a great line-up discussing Baltimore), I googled Morning Joe looking for company [found many hits at MJ… terrible, awful, sucks, etc] Agree w/poster who needs this kind of agita first thing in the am.

  32. What you say is true. However few people are watching anything on MSNBC. There are other shows with even fewer viewers than morning joe. They must change the programing or the network will die. Advertisers will pay very little money for shows that only a few hundred thousand viewers watch.

  33. I turned it off this morning. He’s just an ass. To make it worse, he’s grotesque to look at. No appeal. If it wasn’t for Rachel, I would be done with MSNBC.

  34. I am 72 yrs. old. I, too, intensely dislike Morning Joe because of Joe and have written MSNBC several times about his self-aggrandizing, his pointless points, and his misogyny. Joe is about 6’4″ tall and is proof that tall men garner more (undue) gravitas than a mere mortal under 6′. BTW: His weekly salary is @ $100,000. That is exactly how much MSNBC would have to pay me to watch the show.

  35. Mika and Mike Barnacle are the real lynchpins of this show. Joe is a self centered, more impressed with himself than the viewers are of him.A Whining, ill-mannered blowhard not reflective of a True Alabaman! Screw Joe and Yes get him out!

  36. Forgot to add-I’m 68! Make a good cup of Jo’ but he can spoil the flavor. I shut him out from my morning viewing 9 months ago; once in rare morning when local news lacks, I go to MSNBC in the hope that the light might have come on in his simple brain but loan and behold, has not happened as of last Tuesday 21st April. Needless to say, did stay tuned more than 1 minute.

  37. Morning Joe is actually not doing so bad. it’s shows such as the Ed show and Politics Nation along with All In that are really getting hammered in the ratings. When you’re pulling in less than 35K viewers in the demo like The Ed Show and All In occasionally do and you’re getting clobbered by Cheers reruns it’s time to try something different. The fact that they Still haven’t fired Schultz Hayes and Sharpton is the reason the network is circling the drain.

  38. LOL, bub47. Why should liberals be forced to listen to xenophobic, homophobic, bigoted, greedy, selfish, mean-spirited Republicans? Your party is going the way of the dinosaurs, but I am scared that you will destroy the planet as you desperately cling to whatever power you currently wield.

  39. Love Rachel, Love Lawrence

    disapproval greatly with goodbye joe pathetic
    chuch todd on meet the koches ; laughable
    right leaning programming will not work bye bye msnbc I will follow Rachel and Lawrence wherever they go!

  40. I used to watch MSNBC every day, but I’ve hardly watched them since they canned Keith Olbermann. And mousy Mika B. is an embarrassment to us women and to Democrats in general.

  41. @paul and YOU probably think FUX NEWS is real news, you simple minded zombie!, go checkout what FOX NEWS is registered as with the FCC, go checkout it out @paul, they’re filed under ENTERTAINMENT!! why is that @paul?? tell us @paul, WHY? why would a legitimate ”NEWS” agency file under ENTERTAINMENT? now watch this ladies and gentlemen, @paul, won’t touch this post! right @PAULIE???

  42. Wouldn’t you prefer a host that calls out Republican lies and Democrat lies and any and all lies, for that matter. I’d love a show where politicians, regardless of the letter after their name, would tremble at spewing BS. MTP was much more like that when Tim Russert was host.

  43. Joe is the single reason I don’t watch MSNBC anymore. I complained a few times but nothing ever changed so I abandoned that network.

  44. MTP was much more like that when Tim Russert was host.
    Is the same Tim Russert who knowingly pushed Cheney lies on Iraq that led us into war?

  45. I am an older viewer and have now stopped recording Joe and Mika. The show used to have more balance, even though I don’t agree with anything Joe says. The show has become unbearable, stacked with conservatives and just promoting republican talking points as well as out and out lies and misinformation. The two of them hate the Clinton’s and are using their show as a forum to denigrate them and make sure Hillary doesn’t become president. I’m not listening to that crap any longer. I watch Washington Journal instead.

  46. Emphasis on more. Even the best in the media will do the wrong thing sometimes just like any of us. He had an earned reputation for being an equal opportunity aggressor. It would be extreme and out of touch to argue that wasn’t true for him.

  47. I’m a loyal MSNBC viewer and watch every show but his. When are the execs going to realize that he is one unlikable asshole? Bring back Martin Bashir.

  48. Who gave YOU the right to categorize FOX NEWS?
    MSNBC has one moderate/conservative and the rest liberals and he’s the one destroying the network. That’s comical! You guys are dumber than a bag of hammers !! ha ha ha

  49. In my 77 years, I have been around the block a time or two. Plus I have a BA in economics and an MBA in finance. That means I am smarter than the average bear.
    You ever hear of income inequality? That is the reason that those of us who are liberal or progressive can’t stand the likes of Faux Noise and Morning Joe.
    Aren’t the bonehead and mad Mitch doing a great job? You might think so. I don’t.

  50. Joe Scarborough should be in JAIL instead of being on TV everyday….please do something else with the (old) blond eye candy. Get her job selling Mary Kay products!

  51. This response was meant for bub47 but posted elsewhere on the thread. So I will try again.
    In my 77 years, I have been around the block a time or two. Plus I have a BA in economics and an MBA in finance. That means I am smarter than the average bear.
    You ever hear of income inequality? That is the reason that those of us who are liberal or progressive can’t stand the likes of Faux Noise and Morning Joe.
    Aren’t the bonehead and mad Mitch doing a great job? You might think so. I don’t.

  52. I think plenty of young lib/pro’s can listen to the other side’s argument.

    What they can’t tolerate is Joe; an arrogant, self-righteous moron.

    I’ve tried to watch it. But it’s like a train wreck. And if I have to sit through watching him berate or be dismissive to his female hosts for much longer I’ll explode.

    HE is the one who is dismissive to his co-hosts views. He’s a real jerk when he argues with them, and ensures he cuts them off mid-point just to be ‘king of the show’ and get brownie points with (if any) republican watchers for ‘beating up the lib’.

    The show is disgusting.

  53. Joe is really hip with his kakis and loafers with no socks.He deserves credit for not socking his moronic gf Mika in the mouth.She is by far the most unprepared,vapid idiot on television.She with her “deserved” 4 million dollar salary.Yesterday she said Freddie Gray was murdered by the police.Joe just sat there and didnt argue.Using such inflammatory words is disgusting.But again it’s what I expect from such a moronic woman,pretending to be one of the peoples.Maybe the police did injure Freddie.She should know better but she doesn’t.Shes pathetic.

  54. I too have stopped watching Morning Joe. Joe Scarborough is like finger nails on a chalkboard. He is an arrogant blow hard. He constantly talks over everybody. When they do have younger commentators in the show, he talks over them own and hardly ever gives them a chance to join the conversation. And Mika just sits there like a timid child, allowed to speak only when Joe gives her permission. Usually its the same old talking heads at the table. And I don’t know what Mika will do if Elizabeth Warren doesn’t change her mind and run for president. Mika is a Hilary hater. I wish they would bring back Keith Olberman. And I love Ed Shultz. I too am an older person.

  55. I totally agree with some of the veiwers I watch msnbc round the clock but Joe and Mika are getting on my nerves you dont have to ask how they feel about the Clintons they spend all their time trashing her also he treats his quests like dirt dont let them speak just wants everyone to agree with him and cuts them off if they not Republicans

  56. There are so many good, progressive personalities who can bring a true message the liberals want to Stephanie Miller, Bill Press, John Fogelsang. Many many others. If we want to hear an anti Obama -anti Hillary tirade we can go to FOX. Mica has become Joe’s Gracie Allen only not funny…there are some good folks on MSNBC , like Ari, JDB, the Cycle crew and Thomas Roberts. A good place to start

  57. I am not a young viewer, but I also have stopped watching Morning Joe as much as I wanted to support it!! Joe goes off on rants that are rude and completely uncalled for. He puts the guests on defense, on the days he takes “his meds” he is completely rude, one of the most narcisitic men I have ever seen on TV. I am done! Sorry!!

  58. this is representative of the fight between right and left. one side never stopes hammering away at their lame thoughts. while the other side looks weak because they try to understand every point.

    the right does not try to understand…they want to RULE not govern.

  59. Mighty Joe Young is filthy rich thanks to MSNBC. He earns in the $4 million dollar range, $100K per week. Hows that for adding insult to injury!

  60. Joe shouts down and puts down anyone who disagrees with him and lately Mika seems to be on the ‘me too’ train. I used to watch the show because the guest were informative but now the guests are not allowed to finish a sentance unless Joe and Mika agree with what is being said. Someone needs to jerk a knot in Joe for sure.

  61. I too have abandoned “Morning Joe” because of Joe! Here in Colorado I turn to “New Day” on CNN. Joe would fit right in over at Faux News. Can he dislike the Clintons anymore than they do? He rants, talks over his guests and comes across as very arrogant. Where is the balance?

  62. Mr. Ed (ref. sitcom of the same name)is a joke. What are his audience numbers compared to ‘Morning Joe’ or to any of the FOX news programs.

    ‘Morning Joe’ is the only MSNBC show that doesn’t appear to be a subsidiary of the DNC. I loved when Joe ripped into “skippy” Dean about the Clintons.

  63. Here’s an idea for a morning replacement show…some sort of comedy political show, a la ‘The Daily Show’, that comes prepacked with its own audience…

    Hmm, let’s see.

    Oh, yeah, it’s The Stephanie Miller Show.

    Now playing on Sirius XM, and The Free Speech Network.

  64. It isn’t Joe Scarborough’s more moderate views on events that is dragging MSNBC into the toilet, it’s wacko’s like Mr. Ed, Al Sharpton, Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow and O’Donnell that have failed to generate any audience. Heck even the comedy channel has better audience numbers than MSNBC. That has to be an embarrassment for management.

  65. Morning Joe is a disaster ,its ridiculous.

    The blowhard is sporting a pompadour(must be going to Donny’s barber ) Joe is all of fifty.

    Mika, the would be model poses and shows her legs on a stool. She must be close to fifty.

    I am nearly eighty not eighteen and I just can’t watch it.

  66. Morning Joe is ridiculous. A disaster for MSNBC.
    Joe the blowhard is sporting a 3″pompadour.
    Mika displays her legs not her intellect…
    I’m nearly eighty and I can’t bear to watch it!

  67. Iwant Joe to tell us about when he was in Congress. We have to listen to this crap 3 hrs. so come on Joe why did you leave Congress you never tell us that . im sure you wont either Bully

  68. I know… why can’t they model this show after their evening shows. They don’t need ratings. They need to keep confirming our biases so we won’t try thinking for ourselves. Move Sharpton to the morning. That’ll fix everything.

  69. I am a dyed in the wool liberal (and I’m also a 60-something)and I watch morning Joe because I want to see what the other side is doing.

    My criticism of Joe is that he filibusters every conversation instead of letting his guests talk. He makes too much noise and does not express enough substance.

    I do not oppose right-wing polemics. I do oppose right wing noise. Let everyone make his or her best case on the merits and turn down the noise.

  70. it is amazing to watch how many YEARS the MSNBC executives are willing to continue to deny what a stupid decision it was to make Joe the centerpiece of a regular show.

  71. Joe’s conservative views are annoying but not intolerable. It’s his ego and his preening vanity that are intolerable. In that respect the lefty Michael Eric Dyson is equally unwatchable.

  72. hate the show to early for theater! And while your at it send chris Matthews with him! but I’m not expecting real progressives to fill this void, don’t expect msnbc to work against their interest.

  73. And by MSNBS loves Morning Joe, you mean Phil Griffin, period! correct? I do not know one Liberal, Progressive, Democrat who can stand listening to Joe spew his RWNJ BS. CNN, BBC, local news … anything but the arrogant, blatantly lying snot.
    Martin Bashir was one of your better journalist. Note I do not use journalist to describe many media entertainers.

  74. To understand why management is not catching on first one needs to identify who management is. I really must note that NBC is also slipping quickly and management there may be a problem.

  75. Joe blatantly lied outright and while Mica kept quiet Joe’s flunkies lied right along with him. He never heard Fox calling people certain names. Too bad for Joe there are tapes of exactly the words Joe nor his flunkies ever heard. So please do not insult your own intelligence with posts such as what you want us to accept here.

  76. I am a 76 year old MSNBC viewer, from Massachusetts, with many years behind me watching Morning Joe. I gave up on MJoe a few months ago — and then last week Joe asked Barnicle if FOX News was all over Obama and his administration constantly and Barnicle said he had not noticed. Barnicle has been a favorite of mine for decades but that did it for me — even Mika has been kissing up to him just too much lately. Joe is sickening when he gets into “When I was in the congress we did this or that”.. He is too much of a narcissist to be in front of more that 100 people. He belongs on FOX News with their group phonies.

  77. Good idea — about putting Bill Press on Morning Joe — and maybe replace Mika also —- she was one of my favs for years but this Hate/Hilary stuff is just too much.

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