With Wisconsin in the Gutter, Failed Gov. Scott Walker Trolls The Obama Economy

While President Obama continues to set records for private sector job growth, all is not sunshine with the economy.

Naturally a wily Republican Governor whose state’s  GDP growth and personal income growth have trailed the national rate felt this situation was an opportunity to troll the President. Cue Governor Scott Walker (R-WI).

On Wednesday, Jason Furman, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, issued a statement after an advance estimate from the Bureau of Economic Analysis showed that real gross domestic product (GDP) grew 0.2 percent at an annual rate in the first quarter of 2015, noting that economic growth was hampered by “tepid foreign demand and harsh winter weather.” Furman made note that the global economy also played a part in dampening economic growth.

Or, as Governor Scott Walker would say,  TIME TO CHANGE LEADERS!

The probable Republican presidential hopeful trolled the President’s economy by tweeting, “Q1 GDP growth at 0.2%: Americans deserve better. We need our leaders to promote pro-growth economic policies. – SKW”

Ah yes, nothing says real leadership like total failure. Why put up with record job growth when you can have a Wisconsin fail sandwich?

Maybe Walker’s feelings are still hurt. In 2014, while campaigning for Walker’s rival, Democrat Mary Burke, President Obama touted the growth in new jobs nationally and hit Walker in his weak spot, “Here’s the problem, Wisconsin lags the rest of the country when it comes to job growth.”


To be fair, Walker knows economic growth. After all, in 2013 he took take Wisconsin to 49th in the nation, leading in economic contraction with negative numbers — Wisconsin was second to last with an index of -.74%. Forbes named Walker’s Wisconsin one of the worst states for business in 2012. Coming in so deep in the hole compared to the rest of the nation isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for Scott Walker’s Koch brothers economy — the one where the regular people pay more while Walker deregulates and subsidizes big business.

Scott Walker has done everything he can to cook the books, including changing the way the numbers are used so as to skew them in his favor and now that he’s on the national stage, he’s taken to blaming state Democrats for his economic failures. In fact, just today PolitiFact rated his claim that Wisconsin Democrats “for many years” controlled both legislative chambers and the governorship before 2011 as “False”, rubbing some salt in Walker’s wounds as he tried to escape his legacy of fail by noting, “Walker, though, is now in year five with Republicans gripping all three levers of authority at the Capitol.”

There is no one to blame but Republicans for Wisconsin’s economic state.

Marc Levine at The Journal Sentinel picked apart the claims in an opinion column laden with facts, concluding, “And now, while the Wisconsin economy continues to stagnate, the national economy is accelerating, with job growth during the final months of 2014 and early 2015 approaching the impressive rates of the 1990s. Wisconsin’s pace of job growth continues to lag far behind the national rate; in 2014, according to the latest BLS numbers, employment grew in Wisconsin at less than three-quarters of the national rate.”

Noting , “Wisconsin’s rate of job growth significantly trailed the national rate during all four years of Walker’s first term,” Levine wrote:

Wisconsin has consistently ranked in the 30s and 40s among states in the rate of annual employment growth since Scott Walker became governor in 2010, a major fall-off from the last year of the much-maligned Doyle administration, when Wisconsin ranked 14th. As I documented last year in a study, not only has Wisconsin’s rate of employment growth consistently ranked toward the bottom of states since 2010, but all of the net job growth in Wisconsin since the end of the Great Recession has been in low-wage occupations, in jobs paying less than $12.50 an hour.

Over the past four years, the state’s economy has consistently lagged behind the national economy on key economic indicators. Since 2010, both Wisconsin’s GDP growth and personal income growth have trailed the national rate. And employment growth in Wisconsin has underperformed the national rate by a staggering 50%.

I bet you want Walker to drive that car now. Lead us into the ditch, Governor Walker!

Wait, before you make up your mind — you might want to check out the details because this isn’t a one-off. Republican governors are associated with lower rates of growth, while state spending has a positive impact on growth.

So, let’s see. Do you want the guy who has proven that he can turn the economy around and has record private sector job growth numbers, or the guy who took a state that was doing okay and under his guidance, failed to keep up with national growth. The fail guy is the one throwing the hot potato of fail blame and trolling the President, you know, like winners do.

16 Replies to “With Wisconsin in the Gutter, Failed Gov. Scott Walker Trolls The Obama Economy”

  1. k… once again… Obama is NOT running for President…

    Obama DOESN’T control the weather and no economic policy of any kind can change that…

    trying to actually DO something by fighting climate change can help… both the weather and by providing green jobs in new technology…

    Keynesian economics actually DO work without having to resort to ‘dynamic’ scoring in order to end with the desired pre-determinded results…

    BTW… it was suggested that I freeze the bananas going bad on the counter… does making banana daiquiris count?

  2. I think I have this figured out. The more the clown car mentions the President they are thinking that Democrats will run away from his record of success and fight from a position of weakness.

    It worked in 2010 and 2014 because cowardly dummycrats didn’t stand and fight because lets face it even though they are Dems they are still part of the tribe of Anglo Saxons so they think standing up for a blackman that saved this country they will lose the street cred within that tribe.

    This coming election is ours to lose. The coalition is there. The issues are on our side. When all else fails just point out how batshit crazy they are. The question will be do Democrats have the heart to fight?

  3. Those that refuse to admit that Walker has destroyed the economy in WI. Will only be the base of the GOP that will vote for him no matter what. Only the insane will vote for the insane policies of Walker.

  4. Another thing also,too. Keep in mind how they touted their “leadership”. Also keep in mind the this whole first quarter, they have had the Senate and the House.

  5. Walker isn’t fit to be the POTUS’s caddy, much less his
    economic critic. Take away Koch funding and what’s left
    is mostly flatulence.

  6. We’ve had better, man… Hell, this country has been spoiled with success recently that the last quarter’s numbers is pretty much a bump in the road. That’s it.

    It’ll continue to grow while Walker will sit on the sidelines pouting that his crackpot theories are actually failing him and the state of Wisconsin.

  7. The national economy would be doing much better if not for the failed economic policies inflicted on their states by Republican Governors & Legislatures.

  8. Surely Wisconsin voters are aware that this uneducated kock puppet is a real loser and is no good for Wisconsin, or are they all blinded by the new sports ground thingy?

  9. I totally agree. It’s what worked for them during the pass midterms. The Democratic politicians showed no back bone and was so naive. If they had any common sense, they would have rode the President’s coattail instead of avoiding him. They would not have lost control of the Senate and probably gained a few seats in Congress and Governors offices across the country.

  10. Let’s see for the past 30+ years we have been living under the umbrella of the trickle down theory. The exception was the breaks between when the DEMs held the WH. Strangely, while under the GOP WH, debt and deficits did not matter as we had slow to no growth economically, with only the wealthy gaining ground financially. During this time the 1% wealth growth has tripled as the middle and lower wage earners have declined or stagnated.

    Each time we have had a Dem Pres., trickle down was shelved and the economy improved the debt & deficit %s went down (no, it did not disappear, % wise it became lower). Not as quickly as we’d have liked, but better than before.

    GOP State GOVs for these 30+ years have had economies that are in the toilet because of following the trickle down theory of governance. WI has shown as other GOP controlled States that trickle down is a disaster but they still hold on that we just need to give it time – it will work. Yeah, & I got a bridge for sale.

  11. When they tried to get get walker recalled the voters said no even though million and millions of dollars was spent on the effort. a few years later he was up for reelection and he won with a even larger vote. ask yourself if he is as bad as you say he is why do the people like him so much in Wisconsin. Also he is number one or two in most presidential polls. I have read all the negative and positive facts about walker and I believe the positive outweighed the negative. Just my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  12. You are correct that the people of WI did re-elect Walker, however your use of polls to show Walker in the lead is incorrect.

    Those polls were taken of people who identified as Republican ONLY. In polls taken of people of ALL parties, Democratic, Republican and Independents, Hillary Clinton outpolled Walker by a minimum of 10 points.

    You think that Walker, having dragged his state to the bottom in job creation and wages, is a positive? What, in your opinion, is a positive about that?

  13. republicans are in control of congress obama doesnt legislate he vetoes laws unbecoming to our nations it people and job creation. obama can only lead the republicans to water like a o s , or horses, but he cant make them drink they were to busy trying to elect netanyahoo to the presidency in isreal instead of keeping the home fires burning and trying to start a war with iran .

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